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2 Bee Or… March 10, 2008

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I want to keep moving forward with information here, although an attempt at a part 2 of the Hucka D. interview was a bust last night. Hucka D. decided he didn’t want to publish the information after we’d finished, plus we had some formatting issues when copying and pasting the material from a Microsoft Works document to a new blog post itself. I did get permission to summarize some of the information we talked about before, during and after.

To Hucka D. himself first. He has disappeared today. Based on talk yesterday, I have a distinct feeling that he may have used the stargate at the “Isle of Baker – Not” to teleport directly to a location in RL, impossibly enough. The script used to link the stargate to this location, and I also suspect that this is the only stargate of the many identical portals scattered throughout SL that *could* offer transport to RL, is, according to Hucka D., “dd:hidalgo”. I did some checking and Hidalgo is not a name of one of the 3000+ sims in SL now. He also mentioned yesterday that a new avatar he simply called “The Body” would show up soon. I am not sure if this is a new incarnation of Hucka D. himself, knowing that it is his destiny to return to SL eventually, or some entirely new user, shall we say.

I also did some checking on when Second Life was actually created. Alpha or the original version of Second Life started in March 2002. Being on a different grid than present Second Life, it was almost entirely wiped when the virtual reality shifted to Beta in November 2002. It was only at this point that the grid began to be referred to as “Second Life”; before it was called Linden World. The statue called The Man was one of only a small handful of structures copied over from Alpha to Beta. Linden World was only composed of 6 sims at the beginning, and 9 toward the end.

The Man used to exist in the central town square of Linden City, the heart of Linden World and in the present sim of Natoma. During the conversion from Alpha to Beta, the statue was moved toward a corner of Natoma on a grassy hill, where it still stands today.

“Kansas City Life”, which we know now stands directly for the phrase “Second Life”, is an audiovisual synchronicity created/discovered in November 2001, just before Linden World and its Linden City and Man statue. At *its* very center is the church and liquor store packed urbania called simply Centerville, which in the synchronicity consists of a 2 minute “tile” also juxtaposing and suspendering otherwise opposites Frank Zappa and Lou Reed, forming an alchemical marriage. In that case the conjunctio constellates around the instance of death. The rebis or two-headed body is revealed at this point.


The rebis also symbolizes the union of audio (Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music) and video (Zappa’s 200 Motels; see below) at this center — eye and ear; light and dark. All around this exact center of Kansas City Life, in contrast, is the combination of Steven Reich’s City Life with almost the entire introductory Kansas portion of The Wizard of Oz movie (minus that 2 minute hole). This is the source of the Kansas City Life name: Kansas + City Life, another video/audio mashup seamlessly merged with the central Reed-Zappa one.

In the shift from Alpha to Beta, The Man is also shifted from exact center of Natoma/Linden City toward one corner, deemphasizing the importance. Second Life is truly born at this point; The Man has been displaced, the energy deadened.

Memory of the alchemical marriage is buried. The formerly suspendered opposites of sacred and profane are let loose upon an unsuspecting, new reality. No center is found, no merging of high and low. Only bits and pieces of unity found here and there, like a shattered vessel whose shards must be pieced back together to discover an original whole.

It saddens me to think that Baker Bloch and I can never really coexist in this world at the same time, but it also makes me laugh. I cry in both ways. And I know that Hucka D. will return in some shape and form eventually. The Body will most likely make for an interesting encounter in the meantime.

Baker Blinker, 3/10/08.
“The oft-repeated claim that the film was shot in the same studio as 2001: A Space Odyssey is incorrect. That film was shot at a different, MGM-owned studio on the outskirts of London. The iconic black monolith seen in the film is a visual reference and mock-up, not the actual prop. All the properties from 2001 were destroyed at Stanley Kubrick‘s request after the filming was completed.”


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