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Changes, Updates… July 5, 2009

Below is the poster Plant and I were talking about that I didn’t want to show in this blog. Changed my mind, just to remember what I’m talking about when I read this stuff years down the road for fun. 🙂


The other day I teleported into the Chromex sim for specific reasons I may get to in a moment involving my SL friend Flynn. I was quite surprised to see these gearchair automatons on the small peninsular of a beach in the southeast part of the sim, which I immediately recognized from Chilbo, particularly the factory on the northwest of town that Karoz visited on his second or third trip to that village, I believe. His tour of the factory is recorded in this May post.


I also decided to pop over to the recently opened adult continent known as Zindra. There are considerable expanses of forests, but all the ones I was able to check contain these 2 types of cypress trees first found in Nautilus City, I believe. And grass in places. Overall not too exciting a landscape, although I assume more trees may be added in the future. Some nice mtns. in areas, and I may change my mind on this, but for now I don’t see Baker Bloch spending a lot of time exploring muchof this continent. And Karoz is out of luck in that department since he has no pay information that Linden Labs can check to make sure he’s an adult. But he doesn’t seem upset about it (he’s still miffed about the same restrictions keeping him from exploring Nowtown, though — don’t think I’ve mentioned that in the blog yet).


Then it’s over to the Noru galleris to check out a couple new additions, including a rotating version of the Blue Feather Sea cube that first appeared, in non-rotating form, in the Something to Chro About Gallery as part of the “E” exhibit (more on that just above). Although I did delete the small, empty gallery #5 on the property (a modified Arcadia Asylum slum econo apt building, pictured here), I decided to hold of any more major changes to Noru until after the “E” exhibit is over in mid-to-late August or so. At that time, I will probably move the giant E that now hangs in the sky above Healy to the Noru complex.