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Rentals April 5, 2011

Filed under: Blueberry,Jeogeot Chilbo,Norum,Shubelik — baker Blinker @ 10:27 am

Something’s gotta go (see post title), and it’s probably my 1536 rental in Shubelik, pictured below with cabin perched high on a hill above the Linden Sea. Not written in stone yet, but it’s most likely the logical outsie of the bunch. Never really explored the surrounding region that much either, despite the obvious beauty.

Dogpatch (Norum) will stay for now, but that’s the cheapest of the 3 in question by a considerable margin. And such a great view from the second floor across my old Noru land! But I had to delete the ghost train discussed a bit here.

Below is pictured my newest rental, in Blueberry and also on the Sansara continent, like the Shubelik parcel. This is in a real nice area as well, and more toward the center of things (Shubelik lies on the southern edge of the continent).

So I think I’ll keep Dogpatch and the unnamed Blueberry house. It goes without saying that Pietmond is still around, of course.