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Baker Can’t Decide on Aotearoa; Sapphire Heads To (Comes From?) Reaction Grid February 11, 2010

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Is this property unique? Or can we, The Bakers, rent or purchase something similar or perhaps even better at some future date, perhaps this summer?

I noticed that all the land I use to rent in Noru is now up for sale, and 4/5ths is available for rent again. Don’t think I want to go in that direction still, though.

So I continue to sort of be undecided about how all this will play out. I *will* keep the 2 Pudding Hill 1024 parcels now, whatever. Just don’t know if Aotearoa will be lumped in with them, and, on a more minor note, whether I’ll keep the 1024 parcel in Villeneuve — most likely will have to let that one go if I keep Aotearoa. But you, my loyal reader or readers, have probably heard enough about my recent deliberations on this subject.

On a different topic, Sapphire Cornfield, a ruddy complexioned woman with manly attributes (think Wilsonia Foxclaw here) has been born in another, separate world altogether now: Reaction Grid. I still don’t know much about this alternative or complement (whatever) to Second Life, but was very please to find out that visiting is quite easy. All you need to do is register an avatar here, and then follow the instructions for accessing the grid through the Second Life viewer here — at least that’s how I accessed it. And believe me if a non-techie like me can do it, so can you.

I’ll report more on this subject when I have time to poke around that grid more. Looks very empty so far. And as I understand, Chilbo is attempting to create some sort of presence there. Very interested to check that out.

Sapphire walking through an empty camping spot.

Update, 2/11/10:

I think I may have found solid justification for keeping the Aotearoa property for at least 1 more month. It’s tied to this giant map of the US above the Blue Feather Gallery.

Soon to show up on world maps!