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3d (4d?) Corsica — 1st stab October 18, 2010


Corsica Prime equals both state of Pennsylvania and Elephant combined. One obvious overlap or key of linking two coordinations is Elephant, Pennsylvania and Alexei Panshin.*

When Peter moved to Corsica Prime from Big I. in the Comet Archipelago (5th or 6th child of purple alien Hucka Doobie), he came to find or create GREEN. He established the central circle of the klein bottle shaped continent first, where the 4d cross is made. He knows that the stem of the bottle before it enters the interior of the bottle in our 3d translated model would be the same as the “Elephant’s Trunk”. He creates the Ephant sim and mtn. to mark the trunk. He coordinates Pennsylvania with Corsica Prime through the Egg Hill sink: this is the CENTREING. Egg Hill =s (weakened) eye. Ear is strong, in contrast, like an Elephant’s Ear. Chasm Deep becomes where the continent folds back on itself in the 3d model. Egg Hill sink is at least a remnant version of the circle marking the crossing of the bottle back on itself. This crossing also shows up in Peter’s Hill (gleaming white) cross, and like Egg Hill sink, is representation of an eye and also directly connected, likely, to Hackpen Hill white horse which is All White Horses — alignment between *4* white horse eyes. 4-in-1 or 4orrin1 or Foreign One (because it is so odd it appears “foreign”, another play on words).

Peter’s first and perhaps even greatest work (?) is the Great Plane of Bill, a twin of sorts of Ephant’s Trunk. First elephant must be reduced from granite topped mountain size (Billyfant) to hill size, just below mtn. but still not mtn. (Greentop). On this hill lies an ant, which is Baker Bloch which is Martin which is Peter. Ant is opposite of elephant in size, but yet is included in the eleph*ant*’s name. This downsizing of Mountain to (Mole) Hill is the beginning of Peter’s great mission in Corsica: to create a Plane of Bill that twins Billyfant, the stem of the bottle. The Mountain that becomes a Mole Hill becomes mobile as well — ability to move about because of slightly decreased size. Like Howl’s Moving Castle, but a less bulky, trimmed down version (like I just bulked down the Blue Feather to move it directly atop Greentop Hill). Actually, the Blue Feather comes from Howl’s Moving Castle as well: when Howl becomes completely covered in blue feathers he will not be able to change back into human form. But his face remains unchanged when Sophie finds him near the end of the film.

Peter’s creation of the Great Plane of Bill comes about when the Linden grid passes through the region, after it has just passed through Comma Islands with the permission from Bracket Jupiter and his queen (Stephie McQueen).

“Circle” (cross) of Peter’s Plateau region which also seems to include Egg Hill sink (also Greentop?). In this circle, Peter answers the question of, “What came first, the Head or The Trip?”


* Preface to Farewell To Yesterday’s Tomorrow here, signed by Panshin in Elephant, Pennsylvania:


E(le)phant’s Trunk October 15, 2010

Why didn’t I see this before? E(le)phant’s Trunk!

Ear of Beer, which is probably same as Chasm Deep sink, is a representation of an elephant’s ear hole, and Corsica Prime’s central granite plateau that Egg Hill and Chasm Deep sinks are depressions within is the ear flap. Hints: both are gray.

Nose of Rose!

The Eye (of Rye) is displaced, but nevertheless has been matched to Ear of Beer through 1/9th “Martian” sims.


Why did The Bill design the Elephant’s Trunk/Nose of Rose of Corsica Prime, and the granite central plateau as an elephant’s ear? Something to do with memory? Horton Hears The Who? (elephants have keen hearing). Continued memory of SL when it is done and gone?

Additional thoughts:

Egg Hill sink, then, could represent the weaker eye/seeing capacity of the elephant (eye is shaped like egg, after all).* Eye of Rye is merely to double Ear of Beer/Chasm Deep sink, and to point out its significance.

Weak Eye/Weak “I”

Black and white statues (of “Peter”) in the center of the sink, in the new Edwardston Station Gallery, are sound (black) and sight (white) themselves. As the series are from Jasper County with Newton co. seat, Jasper =s domination of sound over sight for elephants. Jasper “encloses” Newton, and not other way around.

Study: Horton *Hears* The Who (and also complementary The Point of The Wall).


* Peter’s Hill and its white cross might also represent the elephant’s eye, since white=sight here.


Final thoughts for tonight: Peter’s Cross *is* the (white) eye, as related to the 1 White Horse are All White Horse idea of The King in Wiltshire. Is he still there with his Queen? Link: both are crosses, especial the eye of the white horse at Hackpen Hill. Peter must have had this knowledge as well.


Odder thoughts… well, just more thoughts… June 29, 2010

Gene Fade is the user behind Bracket Jupiter. A key link: both are from Jupiter, Bracket from the actual planet, and Gene Fade, aka “Mossman”, from Jupiter Rock, named so because of the presence of a large red “spot” on its surface.

Hucka D.:

So you found that part out as well now. You are moving quite fast lately!


Making up time for not having the best of computers to explore Second Life for so long, Hucka D. Not a problem now, especially in contrast to before.

Hucka D.:

With new abilities comes new problems. What does it mean that Gene Fade is the user of Bracket Jupiter? What are the implications?


Not sure. Oh, and Karoz, described mainly as Gene Fade’s son, created the fuchsia diamond as a wedding present for the King and Queen — King being the same as Bracket Jupiter here. Another “red spot” of sorts. You use to be able to see the fuchsia diamond as a reddish colored dot on the map of the Heatherwood sim.

Hucka D.:

Karoz was trained to be a jeweler, and then recruited by Bracket Jupiter or The King for this purpose, yes. But there was more.


Karoz was also the avatar of Gene Fade?

Hucka D.:

*Yes*. They had the same user. Two different stories; fused ending. Fuchsia.


We only have about 2 1/2 more years to wrap all this up, Hucka D. (laughs).

Hucka D.:

You’re getting more pieces. And then you should [create] the glossary. That’ll help. And more maps.


How about the castle in Piren Bistrano?

Hucka D.:

A forest was set up to protect and isolate. The castle existed mainly alone from mainland. It could, yes, communicate with Corsica across the small void there. A tunnel was even created. Kind of a cross between a pipe and a tunnel, really. The Piren Bistrano peninsula had a relationship of some kind with the Comma Islands before the Linden grid. (pause)


What of the Diamond Islands?

Hucka D.:

The what?


Oh, I seem to have jumped ahead in time somehow. It’s those chain of islands extending to the east of the peninsula we’ve been talking about, still on the Nautilus continent. Maybe… sorry.

Hucka D.:

Maybe the Queen’s broach is a [representation] of the Nautilus continent.


Of going… dang!

Hucka D.:

Of going beyond Nautilus, or so The Bill thought.


Maybe Ray the brainard is from Red Marsh (!)

Hucka D.:

That “bit of green” use to be the green head of Brainard. He picked the spot because of the proximity to the 2 seas. As you have Jupiter on the Comma Islands, so you have Mars on Corsica Prime just west of them.


In checking, my new digs on the Comma Islands (Intromoto) is just as close to Red Marsh, seemingly, as my Ephant rental was before.

Hucka D.:

No going back. But you did what you had to do. Waste.


Alright. So… er, did Bracket Jupiter *find* the head Brainard in Red Marsh, perhaps stuck in a hole in the ground?

Hucka D.:

*Yes*. Comet. It was his undoing. Or not.


This was after the marriage to the Queen. Hmmm… that image is almost worth creating a fake collage for, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

That really long peninsula Red Marsh is on (not the much smaller one with the Piren Bristano castle, mind you) wanted to become the 3rd Comma Island, but the isthumus that Red Marsh is a part of kept it a peninsula.


In the past… what is happening to our speech patterns??

Hucka D.:

In the past, this was different. A canal. Martian canal. Chronicled for the future.


I wonder if the King attempted to create the canal? Why would he want a 3rd Comma Island to be legitimized? (pause) Maybe to give it to Karoz, his son, or figurative son?

Hucka D.:

There’s [yet] another King you haven’t dealt with yet. The strait your friend ujiyasu describes here separated the two realms of Comma Islands and Corsica Prime. It could have been a battle ground but it was not. Jupiter and Mars.


The King began his wanderings!

Hucka D.:

Leaving the Queen behind at Comma Islands to rule. And…

bb (jumping ahead again):


Hucka D.:

Yes, something was at Ephant. Laughing at him (laughs here).


I’m still not convinced he didn’t just write off Corsica Prime as a lost, barren cause.

Hucka D.:

Greentown. New-found-land.


Thank you.

Swindon, a place of death



Red Mars(h), Ephant… June 28, 2010

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So after Hucka D. and I chatted about a considerable number of things this night, ending with vague references to Red Mars and Red Marsh, I decided to revisit the Red Marsh sim through Baker Bloch. As in my first visit, I left none-too-impressed. But I found it interesting that the occupied plot closest to the center of the sim is called “Bit of Green”, a small but quite nice landscaped environment. Strong echoes of Bradbury’s Martian Cronicles and Greentown remained in Baker Bloch’s head as he walked the grounds, recalling that the 1948 short story “Mars is Heaven!”, later retooled as the 6th chapter of the Martian Chronicles (1950), is set in Greentown, another “bit of green”, if you will, in an otherwise barren “red” landscape.

While in the general vicinity, Baker decides to also drop in on his old Ephant rental to see what’s happening there. Seeing his old rental house available, he contemplates renewing his Ephant virtual existence — until he notices that the rental box is actually locked, as are the others also owned by BeyCor Estates in the same sim. Looks like another casualty of massive SL downsizing, like Baker has seen a lot of lately (Lill Burn Valley/Felix Meritis monastery, Pine Tree Square and Teasdale, the Kahruval Forest, and so on and so on); no return to Ephant as it was is now possible.


Peiland Gone, Ephant… Good For Now… October 16, 2009

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New structure at the bottom of Sunklands, since removed in the intervening time between the insertion of these photos and the creation of the attached text. Currently there’s nothing on the bottom of the Aotearoa sink. Could change in, well, a heartbeat.


The Baker Family’s first sighting of Santa this year. How exciting! And two of them ta boot.


And Belkie Bear! Now I personally run like hell when I see this bear approaching me in malls and stuff, but Karoz seems unfazed by the appearance. I hate Belkie Bear; long story (can’t remember it myself but it’s long standing… ask the wife). But, anyway, I don’t really think this is Belkie Bear pictured below. Here’s a comparison shot. No, in looking at it now this SL bear is obviously merely a bear in a Santa costume, and probably no relation to Belkie Bear at all. What a relief.


Some last shots of Big Island after I deleted the ground house, wrecked steamer, and about everything else except the palm trees.




The unframed portrait of Lord Chancellor Chesaw, now half buried in the sand where the house once stood. Will we ever know the full story?


Then after deleting all the non-vegetative objects on the Big Island property, hopped over to Ephant to decide that particular rental’s fate as well. I decided it will stay… for now. As I’m writing this text, the rent’s about up again, actually. Another decision time.



Ephant > Red Mars(h) October 2, 2009

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Unusually colorful grove of trees on a hill in the northwest corner of Garindan, not far at all from my Ephant rental.


Lost dog near the grove. Didn’t come when called to.


A view of Ephant Mtn. (which I live basically right next to now) from more central rental areas of Garindan, offered by XE3 Reality. In checking, it appears that the whole sim is owned by this real[i]ty company, in fact.


Then the next night Baker Bloch starts exploring from his Ephant house once more, but heads west, up an “arm” of the Corisca Prime island, toward and then beyond Klaatu this time, all the way to a sim called Red Marsh. Nothing really mind numbingly exciting found on the trip, mainly accomplished through flight, *except* perhaps that one time while looking at the SL map to see how far west he’d travelled, he noticed that his location on the map covered the “h” of the sim’s name he was then in: Red Marsh. This turned it, interestingly, into “Red Mars”, as you can see by the below snapshot I took at the time. I think it has to mean something… I have some theories I’ll share with the reader asap.


Horses in Red Mars, er, Marsh. Thought Edna (RL wife) might like this picture when she gets to it. 🙂


Redcar means “(place by the) red marsh” from the Old English rÄ“ad “red” and Old Scandinavian kjarr. However the first part of the name could also represent OE hrÄ“od, (reed), giving a sense “reedy marshland”, referring to the low lying land by the sea on which Redcar lies.

Coverdale, lead singer of Deep Purper (Smoke on Water) and Whitesnake, is from Redcar and is kind of Robert Plant variant himself.


Ephant > Klaatu September 30, 2009

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I kinda went crazy with palm tree trunks within the Ephant rental, but still think it looks sorta cool. Don’t know if they’ll stay — it’s almost as if I attempted to turn my Big Island Victorian house inside-out, with palms trees being interior instead of exterior. Just a thought…


“Nother view of that perfectly placed waterfall originally found in Noguri on the Jeogeot continent. Again, the whole thing was copyable, which is unusual.




Heading west into Klaatu around the top of Mt. Ephant, Baker Bloch found a number of animals roaming the open land of Erebus and Dio’s Retreat, including this turtle (tortoise?) in a sand box. Baker Bloch made a mental note to look into the prices of animals for both his Ephant spot and also the Big Island land. He’s especially thinking about ducks for his small Ephant pond pictured just above.


Baker is staring at a rocky peak in Klaatu, its highest point. Not nearly as high as Mt. Ephant, though.


Heading back “home” over said mtn.



Ephant, Karoz…

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Several views of Mt. Ephant, just west of my rented house also in the namesake sim.



That’s my house in the background. Baker Bloch sits on the very top of Mt. Ephant here, wondering how to more effectively use it as a meditation spot.


A picture of his house from the rental store in a small medieval themed village. He may rent space in one of the stores of the village himself. Suppose, if so, he’ll sell some of my collages once more.


Poor Karoz — without a home now, or so he thinks. The rest of the family (Baker Bloch in the main) is reinforcing that Karoz’s home is the same as their home, just as was the case with Esbum before. But there’s some disturbingly similar behavior patterns showing up recently between the two which Hucka D. and I discuss in this post. I personally think it can be remedied by giving Karoz renewed exploring responsibilities, although I know Hucka D. is at least feigning doubt about this. Hope he’s wrong, coz I really like Karoz.


The start of Karoz’s crazy dance the night in question. It started in the jazz club in Chilbo, and continued across a number of continents, actually. Hope it’s the last, but may not be.

Poor Karoz.



Rental Searching… September 28, 2009

Another shot from Otherland, this time of an island in a homestead sim, one of a number offered for sale through the estate. The price for this one is 45 bucks plus 36 dollars “tier” per month. A little too steep for me… I’ll stick with Azure Islands homestead living for now. Still an option to think about in the future.


Previously unspied, 1/2way hidden tree planter in Loneos I thought I’d provide a picture of here.


Suset over the Atoll continent. Baker is just teleporting around looking at potential rental property this night…


… which included a visit to Jeogeot’s Zen City, the one Little Robert Plant Variant supposedly bombed at least once and maybe up to three times. Looks like there’s considerably more options to rent and buy in the area now. Still…


… Baker finally settles on a house in Ephant on the Corisca continent, a place he’d looked at a couple of weeks ago, actually, but found he had insufficient funds to rent at the time. Problem solved now. This is a quite nice 2 story house for the price (3 dollars a month). And lo and behold, the waterfall I was attempting to fit on my Noru property (just given up today — sigh!) slots in perfectly in a gully between the privacy wall and the front of the house. I’ve detemined this “perfect fit” must mean something… no surprise there.




More on Ephant soon!


Corsica Continent Revisited September 7, 2009

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Karoz views part of the Noru gallery complex from in front of the neighbor’s theatre. Will be hard to leave this place…


Baker Bloch, nor any of The Bakers, have been over to Cowell and the Forest of Kahruvel in ages. So this particular Baker decides to drop in, only to find the lower level of the Cowell lighthouse in seeming disarray. Is someone searching for hidden secrets of the forest and village?


Then it’s on to the Corsica continent, a long way from the old lands of Cowell but perhaps related in inexplicable ways. Probably not, mind you. But here Baker explores one of the several, interesting and obvious isolated peaks of the continent. You can usually spot them by the granite textures within otherwise green landscapes using the very handy terrain view option on the SL viewer. This particular one is in Ephant; in fact, Baker Bloch attempted to rent a cabin on the side of this mountain, only to find that his Paypal account funds needed replenishing, which would take 3-5 working days. So that project is on hold right now.


Another very interesting place on the Corsica continent, this time in the curiously named Zap Cannon sim. Baker Bloch admires the asymmetrical nature of the village’s layout, only to later notice that the next sim to the west is called Symmetry.

But that’s not the weird part… As you can see below Baker Bloch found a rabbit near the center of this quaint Zap Cannon village, and his user baker b., instantly remembering Robert Plant Variant’s talk of rabbits just the night before, decides to pose him in front of it. Apparently the rabbit acts as a barista for this small, circular coffee shop on the main thoroughfare of the village, about in its center.


Then Blochs finds a larger double of this barista bunny in the belltower directly above the coffee shop, topping the highest structure within the village. Mirroring the idea that Plant had about Baker Bloch and Peter (Rabbit) being one and the same, Baker Bloch attempts to get inside its skin, or at least as close as possible (just for the purposes of the snapshot again, mind you).


Then upon further exploration of Zap Cannon, Baker Bloch is surprised by more rabbits, found in this room in a modernistic home a little to the north and west of the village just visited. Blochs realizes that this is some kind of message.


Baker Bloch rechecks the SL map to see the parcel where he found the room full of rabbits is immediately below a sim called Ubik. Well, that certainly rang a bell, because it is the name of his user’s favorite Philip Dick book, and one of his favorites of all time. The sim must have been named for the unusually titled book. A little later on, Baker finds another sim not too far away called Valis, obviously another Philip Dick reference (VALIS being one of his more famous books, and also the name of a trilogy representing his last completed works). But what didn’t immediately come to me at the time is that Zap Cannon itself may be reference to yet another Philip Dick book called The Zap Gun, one of his lesser known works.


Of course, Baker Bloch had to explore Ubik since he was right next door. A glyph containing strange lettering is found underneath some kind of huge rock structure that apparently occupies the whole ground portion of the sim. The parcel is called Lost Eden; the rock structure appears to be (as Baker Bloch is re-exploring it today) just a huge square block.

But through some kind of default landing point Baker Bloch is unable to re-find today, he discovers what seems to be the meat of this sim: a mall or mall-like square centered by this rather nice fountain area, including the cluster of huge, indigo crystals pictured below.


Then perhaps the most remarkable discovery: Baker finds that the house with the rabbit room is situated on a parcel called “Dick’s Rednecks”, seemingly totally unrelated to the fact that the sim directly bordering this Zap Canon parcel to the north is obviously named for a Philip *Dick* novel, as is, perhaps, even the sim the parcel is located in itself (Zap Cannon, a takeoff of “Zap Gun”). Coupled with the repeated rabbit sightings in the same area, and the fact that user baker b. just mentioned Philip Dick in a lengthy reply to Headburro Antfarm’s thoughts on his blog, one doesn’t wonder too hard why Baker Bloch is getting some cold chills at this point.


What has already developed from this is that Hucka D. is claiming Peter of Petemond or “Peter’s Mound” fame is from this general area, apparently, on the Corsica continent. And then there’s the most amazing overlap of the largest island of the Corsica continent with the state of Pennsylvania. Stay tuned for certain!