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Kidd Rd., Etc. (Sunklands) January 11, 2012

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Special December 17, 2011

“Sinkology is a word to be thinking of tonight, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

You want to open up a [small] college in Pietmond, as I understand.


Maybe. Branch of Crabwoo U. in Pietmond.

Hucka D.:

Don’t you think Peter[ SoSo] should be involved, then?


Again: maybe. Sunklands doesn’t seem quite dead, now. I’ve reexamined the Lill Burn Valley sim recently, for instance. It’s much different than in the days of the monestary, but not necesssarily a degenerative form.

Hucka D.:

Yes. It has degenerated. Become deenergized. That’s because the present tenants do not realize the power of the sink.


Oh, and quite interestingly another artist has interacted with my old land in Blackmount[ in another of the 6 Sunklands sinks].

Hucka D.:

Yes, that was another way to get your attention. Waterfall down to the pool that engulfed your camp there. Elevator — sorry, teleporter had to be raised above the water level to effect a proper transport [to the Edwardston Station Gallery]. The artist will examine all this. She needs to know about the power of the sinks. Sinkology. Sink in.


The theory goes that the Pietmond labyrinth — just outside the proposed building for the new college branch — plugs a similar flooding hole in my town. Plugs from above instead of on one side, as in a normal dam of sorts. But this type of flooding won’t occur in Pietmond as long as the labyrinth is in place. The Blackmount sink has been ruined in that way.

Hucka D.:

Yes. The artist will examine all of this. It is an Eerie Pond.


What of the other sinks? Second Sink or Oolamoo/Drews seems totally deenergized.

Hucka D.:

Not quite. Things could change there.


And Aotearoa, the one closest to Otaki Gorge and Pietmond, has basically always been empty since I found it almost 2 1/2 years ago. The center, I mean. That’s the location of the original Pietmond, I suppose.

Hucka D.:



But up on a hill above the sink, and not in the sink itself, unlike Pietmond.

Hucka D.:

Unlike Pietmond. And the last?


Big Sink. The strangest of them all, perhaps.

Hucka D.:

You know where Big Sink comes from.
You know it was created from the Big Ink incident in Far Past. You have Kidd Road as a new mythology bit. Big Sink still has energy. Kidd Road connects Big Sink with Blackmount.


I think I’ve theorized that *you* created Big Sink and perhaps all of Sunklands.

Hucka D.:

Yes. And then the 2 on the Corsica continent. They’re connected. Smaller Sunklands there. Not really a region but just a connection, as in a Klein Bottle. Nevertheless, Corsica is built around this center 3-dimensionality. And Maebaleia has its own sinks, but shallower and nearer the coasts. Crabwoo itself has a sink [Super Bowl = name?], the 13th discovered. And then Heterocera may have a legitimate sink in Sikkima, one you virtually lived next to for a number of months but didn’t recognize as such.


But no region like Sunklands.

Hucka D.:

There’s the Pond District on Heterocera as well. And the Lake District of Maebaleia. Corsica has the Plane of Bill and its bumpy little granite mountains dotting the landscape. But it all centers around Chasm Deep and partner Egg Hill Sink, the one Sachie lived in and energized. Still energizes.


Synchronicity, yes.

Hucka D.:

An egg is an eye. Orion’s Vale has its own, central eye, like Pietmond and Otaki Gorge.


Suppose it does. Or did. Is Orion’s Vale the most similar sink to Otaki Gorge?

Hucka D.:

In terms of who lived in each: yes. Two artists.


And Chasm Deep has a collection of artists living within now: the Metaharpers.

Hucka D.:

Join their group.


Maybe I’ll have an avatar devoted fully to the study of Sinkology, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:



Maybe a professor of Sinklogy.

Hucka D. (guessing further):



Yes. Maybe Wilsonia.

Hucka D.:

Maybe Karoz.


I need a Sunklands museum. A place of study as well. Special Collections.


Pietmond Updates November 17, 2011

I briefly contemplated buying about 1600-2000 sq meters of land in southern Nautilus (continent), but with the enlargement of Pietmond that’s probably not a legitimate option now. I especially liked bicycling, through Baker Bloch, what’s called Route 13, a red brick affair several miles long and following pleasantly rolling hills and vales. Below finds Baker at the southern end of the route, before the bricks begin.

Another option that’s out the window in terms of virtual living quarters is the Blackmount sink, but I decided to include a picture of it here anyway because of the nifty Rabbit Hole silhouette in the background. Can you see it?

Now to restructured Pietmond: the largest building, the Temple of TILE, has been knocked down and replaced by the Pietmond South Gallery once occupying, true to its name, a more southern portion of classic Pietmond last winter/spring. Now it’s dead center in the community. The only art within so far is that of Kenneth Rougeau, as before (bottom floor), and also some additional artwork/collages by famed German surrealist Max Ernst, a personal favorite.

Quadtowers of TILE, or just TILE Towers, has been reinserted in its position from last month in the community, with much better views from the top now that the almost equally high Temple of TILE has been deleted. Still within: “Baker Bloch in England”. Come visit!

Pietmond from nearby Route 10.

Opening between the Home o’ Fibs and the Pietmond South Gallery, with Rougeau pictures dead ahead. In other words, the two formerly separate structures are now directly linked together — share a common wall.

Norum Gallery (Sadler exhibit) has also returned on the southern edge of town.

A brand new stretch of walkway in town beside the newly inserted Blue Feather Gallery. I’m still working on this project, but basically it involves moving all the art and maps from the version of the Blue Feather just deleted (existing directly underneath the similarly deleted Temple of TILE) to this location. I thought the rail was needed because of the steep drop to Baker’s left here.

Views of Pietmond from in front of the Blue Feather Gallery.

Oh, and the Norum Heights plaza and attached buildings have returned as well. It’s probably easier to state what *hasn’t* changed in Pietmond in the last 36 hours. For sure. But the biggest change is the replacement of the Temple of TILE with the Pietmond South Gallery at Pietmond’s epicenter, the bottom of the sinkhole.

And no labyrinth now. 😦

Or is there??


SL>Jeogeot>Sunklands>Pietmond October 18, 2011

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Pietmond is really perfect the way it is. I have all the galleries I’ve developed in place, plus a new, larger one coming up in the Galactic.

And I’m once more ready to just give it all away.

I might as well face it, I suppose, and say that my days in SL land*owner*ship are dated. Not to say I won’t still keep renting, or exploring.

So it’s going to come down to: How do I want to remember Pietmond by, and Sunklands? And Jeogeot?

Why the decision to leave? Simply very little support for the concepts, even Jeogeot. I’d love to just take Pietmond away from SL now and into OpenSim or the equivalent, but with my borrowed and altered structures I don’t think it’s that simple. Pietmond belongs to Second Life.

For a long time, perhaps even at the beginning, the ties with any one, particular place in SL have been consistent yet at the same time persistently tenuous. Actually Azure Islands and Otherland may have been my favorite virtual places to “live”, and both habitations came within about the first year of Baker Bloch’s existence. Obviously I’ve grown quite fond of Jeogeot and its Pietmond and also Teepot especially since then, but that closer sense of oneness with place has not quite returned. It’s been different…

In Jeogeot I traded home for community, however small and isolated that community was. Pietmond is all that I can ask for in that respect… as I said, it’s perfect in that way. If it cost nothing, then, sure, I’d say it deserves to stick around. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s quite worth the price I’m paying, for what I’m *currently* getting out of it.

My idea of what Jeogeot could be and what it actually is keeps pushing further apart. Splendid Chilbo had and still has more energy to borrow from, but it too has probably seen its glory days come and go. Chilbo as well, and on a larger scale obviously, should start to think about its place in virtual history as a reflection of the past. I’d love to read about all that.

Hucka D.:

Yes, you are correct. Chilbo has to go. Pietmond, I mean.


Couldn’t return. It will always been Pietmond and Teepot spinning around each other if I don’t let it all go.

Hucka D.:

Correct. But does it have to go *now*? Can’t it wait until March? It’s going to be a long winter.


Hmmm. Maybe.

Hucka D.:

You may still have a proper Pietmond Phase II in store.



Hucka D.:

If you have nothing to lose then you can just get rid of ground structures as you like, or add them. You have The Freedom, a powerful thing.


What about Malyshkin?





[Baker Bloch] could just live here:


What I sort of have… (outside Noru) July 3, 2011


“3rd Time’s the Charm” Noru June 22, 2011

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My old Blackmount property still containing the bickering Newton and Jasper statues has been inundated again, just like it was last year for a spell. Same flooder? Dunno. Anyway, I just raised my teleporter above the water level so visitors can still access the Edwardston Station Gallery from the ground if they wish. Otherwise I’m not bothered a bit by the addition.

Moving on to Noru, I took Hucka D. and Sapphire’s advise and abandoned part of my land in Otaki Gorge to purchase all the remaining available property in that sim. Good choice I believe now! (see, for ex., Norum Heights related posts above) The picture below finds Baker in the midst of the larger of 2 disconnected areas I own in Noru, on the only legitimate sidewalk on my lands there and looking toward the SoSo Gallery with the Oblong collages, once more, a direct import from Otaki Gorge where the same has been deleted from my holdings.

Gallery Jack, containing 60 of the remaining 80 collages of my Art 10×10 (all but the Greenup series — see below), has been inserted at the other end of the short walkway, opposite SoSo. This structure was also originally found in Pietmond in Otaki Gorge a couple of months ago back now. Legend has it that when “Jack” returned to the gorge, Pietmond would soon be no more. And so it has passed: although I still own some land there, the town no longer exists, with only the central TILE Temple remaining from the many buildings populating that landscape in its heyday this past winter and spring. Sad… but now I have Norum, which is turning out to be just as exciting and interesting in a very different way.

Then the final 20 collages of the Art 10×10 are found in the ne corner of Noru on another piece of land I purchased. I believe. Once more, House Greenup, the central Victorian style structure in the picture below, is a direct import from Otaki Gorge, where it no longer exits.

And finally, the Blue Feather Gallery has been reinserted in one of its former locations beside the Noru Woods.

Baker admires the mostly vacant Hanja Infohub sims from one of his several Noru cottages. Using this longer draw distance he can see all the way into the center of these sims and the infohub itself.

So heading up now to even newer Noru additions, we have a whole, second landscape opening up in the sky above the first, or what I’m calling Norum Heights in this blog. Already it is composed of two, separate parks, connected by a central “guest galleries” region for my Gallery Jack/SoSo complex. These host galleries are also familiar to regular blog readers, being the old Pietmond South Gallery (Rougeau, Sadler, Casey, Max Ernst exhibits) and also Gallery in the Rocks (Stegokitty exhibit). More guest galleries might be added to this collection in the future.

But the picture below comes from the larger of the 2 parks adjacent to this central gallery area, dubbed the Mashed Potato Hills Park. The bee appearing to loom in the sky above the only water in the park is actually much more in the foreground that landscape, and is a holdover object from my old Noru builds last year, along with another, similarly sized but different bee seen in part to its right in the below snapshot. Both bees are about 10 meters long; Mash Potato Hills Park as a whole, is well over 100 meters in length and probably close to that number in depth.

Shot from the side of the larger of the two Mashed Potato Hills, called High Hill.

Baker standing beside a mysterious hole on the top of High Hill. More on all that soon.


Big Sink > (Sinncity) > Blackmount, 02 March 12, 2011

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30x30x30 is correct for the 10×10 February 24, 2011

Baker Bloch, along with me, thinks, “I got it right the first time.”

If the Edwardston Station Gallery can’t be in the middle of Big Sink, the middle of Blackmount Sink is as good as any location for it. The 30x30x30 cube turned out to be the right venue for my “Art 10×10”.

It flitted across my mind just a minute ago to think about downsizing in SL, which means essentially giving up Pietmond. What would that do? Well, it would still leave me with the ESG, cube version (in 2 separate locations in SL now). It would perhaps leave me with Pietmond South. Maybe. I would still keep the Pietmond South Gallery, perhaps adding the collections of SoSo West, Norum, Something to CHRO About, and so on to it. I might keep Gallery Jack, inserting it next door as a memorial to Pietmond (in place of the Home o’ Fibs).

Maybe advertise the last month of Pietmond sometime soon. Hiking season is upon me. My focus will be outdoors at least till the end of May/beginning of June. I can rent additional space, then. And, gasp, I can actually *sell* the land of Otaki Gorge.

But all this is just speculation. I may not give up anything.

Pietmond is about emergence from the enclosed, island-like self into a peninsula self, beginning, really, with SoSo in early December. And connected with this it’s about TILE. I’ve been attempting to explain to Mike C. in more recent emails to him about the design of the labyrinth in the center of the TILE Temple, and how it is a direct representation of Dark Side of the Rainbow.

TILE is more than just the outer 4 colors of this labyrinth (red, green, blue, yellow), which add up to 26 units or separate tiles themselves, correlating with the 26 English alphabet letters. It has to have 10 more to complete, or the numbers 1-10 to make 36 total. The 36-Square is one display of this concept, the 36-Triangle another. Each contains truths and lies about the whole, which is beyond both.

Mouseview from Peter’s Rock: Baker walked the labyrinth, keeping the DSotR correlations in mind. He’s happier now.


Roaming… February 7, 2011

In southern West End (east edge of hill country), found this car with grass growing all over the driver’s side that I thought worthy of a photo. Or Baker thought worthy.

I was just teleporting around looking at available, mainland property to rent this night through the Marly Tomsen site, and came upon a parcel on the east lip of the Finnsteraarhorn sink, the largest of the two, identified sinks of Maebaleia. Turns out the land had just been bought by the Clarity Homes group, but while there I took some long shots of the sink itself, now basically empty since the whole, namesake sim is up for sale at about 2 lindens a square meter. If I were a rich man…

But I was also reminded of how shallow the sink was, actually, entering from the west (angle of below picture). You could perhaps still come up with a good case that it’s not a sink at all, although I’d still argue for legitimacy.

Then I also found land for rent right next to my old property in Blackmount, which is also tempting. Hmmm… While there I took a trick shot of the sink, seeming to contain a large pyramid that is actually a much smaller version hovering above the sink, only about a meter high.

But then, strange thing, one of the next properties I visited through the Tomsen site, perhaps the next one, was quite near another pyramid shape, this time a gold version with the top removed. But, see, very similar to the split pyramid in Blackmount with the all seeing eye at the top. Baker Bloch is, in this way, merely standing in, as it were, for this eye.

For the record, the Blackmount pyramid is at about the 145 meter level, or about 55 meters above the ground, and owned by Jefferson Steeplechase, as Baker Blinker is checking right now. It’s called an “Illuminati pyramid,” with a description, “From the Robert Anton Wilson Memorial”. And I found a landmark to this memorial right at the top of the creator’s picks (Xelin Trilling), which Baker Bloch has already visited before when originally finding this Blackmount pyramid several months ago.

Then,*guess what*, Baker Blinker is presently finding, in teleporting to that location, that the memorial appears to no longer be there but her alter ego, Baker Bloch has, believe it or not, more recently visited this parcel anyway for different reasons: it’s in Kusanagi and owned by the FTL group, where he, in exploring the West End Road, was looking at eyelashes to go with his dead *eyes*, but deciding that it wasn’t a match at the time. Eyes again, even, like the All Seeing One at the top of the Wilson related pyramid. There *must* be something to all this, don’t you think? I mean, SL is small-ish, but it’s not *that small. 🙂 And Kusanagi has already come up in other synchy blog stuff, as described in this post from last month.


Around Blackmount December 26, 2010

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