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Loose ideas… March 23, 2008

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… I’ll settle for these tonight.

* Lemon World and Lime World, i.e. Linden World, are actually a manifestation of one thing. Lime World is merely Lemon World turned sideways, creating a perpendicular relationship. I see this as “on the ground”, or spinning in a horizontal plane and not a vertical plane, three-dimensionally speaking. The axis of the spin represents the centerpoint of both. Behind each “stands” the blue holly, which may be the same as Baker Blinker in some way, transformed. Turned into a butterfly (blue holly blue holly blue… ).

The third collage of the Hidalgo series will help clear the picture further. What is the meaning of Greenup/yellow down? When is the tip top of true Hilo Peak removed, and when was it “put back on”? And is Lemon World (and perhaps Lime World) still within if it is presently restored or put back on?

I found this painting by Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo that could tap into the same archetypes that lie behind the relationship of the blue holly sometimes enclosing Lemon World (and perhaps Lime World behind that) and sometimes not.

The blue holly is a symbol of the unconscious. Is this also the relationship between Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker, the 2 SL sides of baker b.? Baker Bloch is trapped in Lemon World far above and beyond SL in RL, on the highest of the lowest of the mountains of our world. Baker Blinker exists at the lowest point of SL, the bottom of a deep fissue or a kind of Mariana Trench of that world.