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Darkside Fall, 02 October 26, 2009

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Temple of the Moon from the east.


Corner of Pentagon Rock and foliage beyond, what remains of it.


At Cathedral Rock now (just n. and e. of Pentagon Rock, I think), found this golf ball. Thought it could be a sign from the powers that be. Marble? Couldn’t figure out how a hit golf ball could roll backwards to under this ledge. Maybe placed there by hand instead?


Tombstone Rock and, below it, the opening through Cathedral Rock from the back.


Same opening.


This was a perhaps a quite queer photograph, taken from Observation Rock. There seems to be some kind of spirit hovering above the fern topped rock in the center of the photograph, which lies between the higher Observation Rock and Temple of the Moon (darker shape behind it). Is this perhaps the spirit of the temple? Or of the Darkside bowl itself? I like the way it almost seems to be standing in the center of that ring of ferns. I’ll have to think of a spiffy name for that particular, smaller but now perhaps quite central rock. Is it the actual omphalos of the bowl instead of the Temple of the Moon or any other rock?


Then it’s on to OzLand just above Darkside, further toward the top of Beach Mtn. Actually, the old theme park surrounds this top. Here are a few remnant trash cans and stone walls from the original Emerald City — all that’s left, basically. I like the way the trashcans seem to be lighted from within, independent of the surrounding areas. More spirits?


The remains of Professor Marvel’s balloon, still decorated with ribbons from a recent OzLand celebration.


This deer was actually tame, and just wandered up from nowhere and let me pet him. Such is the magic of Oz.


The entrance to the old OzLand theme park. Many stories here.