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Mare Secundus, 02 September 11, 2010

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4 major islands are above the one Baker just visited, forming the upper curve of the “2”. 3 of these are about the same size (4000 sq meters?) with the 4th, making up the very tip of the “2”, being about 1/2 to 1/3rd their size. Each has some unique aspects.

The first one up from the largest island of the complex features what appears to be a large nest with 3 yellow, silk-like eggs within.

A number of large tree trunks also appear on the island, along with a rock dock area and a smaller, domed building above it (not pictured). A duplicate of this building also appears on the largest island, not covered in my former Mare Secundus related post. No planetarium this time; only an empty inner sanctum. Another Mole work in progress? Could be.

Baker finds what first appears to be the back of an omphalos just off the west coast of the next island up in our “2”.

But when he rounds the hill he comes face to face with none other than the “Queen”, once more, who has made many appearances in underwater locations around mainland SL by this point. This particular “Queen” statue has either been buried in a mound up to her head, or else had her head removed elsewhere and then placed on this underwater hill.

The prominent feature of this second island up from the largest in the archipelago is this 15 meter high, dome topped tower. When I first saw it from a distance, I thought the object had a definite feminine look to it, but up close: less so. Still, it could be connected with the Queen’s head just to the west; good to keep that in mind at least.

The 3rd, similarly shaped island — just going around the curve of the “2” once more, holds perhaps what are the remains of an ancient fort. No intact structure there, though. More big tree trunks, however, which aren’t present on the island just visited with the tower. Oh, and a giant *unfelled* tree, obviously of the same species.

Fountain in the sea in the curve of the “2”. I’ll have to go back and take more snapshots of the many underwater scenes missed in this particular review.

Another such giant, living tree appears on the 4th island at the tip of the “2”, along with a considerable flock of flamingos standing in a shallow pool of water just in front of it. I’m counting 37, but at only 3 prims apiece. Quite handsome and well done for such low allottage.

Map of the central part of Mare Secundus and the islands in question. When taking the picture I’m standing on the underwater hill topped by the Queen’s head.


Mare Secundus, 01

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Beauty spot on the western shores of the Baker sim peninsula. Especially like the inlet with the small island, and also the waterfall. The parcel appears to still be a work in progress, having only been purchased earlier this month.

Cool, flat sculpture (“Eye Giant”) in Fudo not far northeast of Baker. It lies near the southern end of a narrow but long mountain range paralleling a 3 lane Linden highway through a number of sims, including Gama, Fudo, Daikoku, Kojin, and Hotei.

Now to Mare Secundus, starting not far east of this long ridge. Below, Baker has actually flown over to Suisin, just below Okinu, to view the new islands at the center of this sea from a distance first. And, yes, a significant section of these islands actually lie in the northern part of Okinu. No more Okinu glyphs, true (insert saddy face here) but the upshot is probably more impressive anyway, as I’ll attempt to demonstrate.

First off and to reinforce: this is a chain of islands and not just one island. But together they form a distinct shape; that of the letter “2”. I didn’t notice this upon first seeing the new islands in the sea on the inworld map, and only realized it when researching the sea through writings of others. This “2” is also approximately 1 sim high and a bit less than 1 sim wide, but itself is spread out over 4 sims, including Okinu, Thurston, Zolezzi, and Oehler. The largest of the numerous islands is split between Okinu and Thurston, and perhaps takes up about 9000 square meters, or about the size of my land in Otaki Gorge. It lies at the sw corner of the “2”.

Probably the most standout-ish feature of this island is a mysterious rocketship called “Icarus”, which actually sends one into space, or at least the atmosphere, when you sit in the booby rigged captain’s seat. The trip is very short lived, as you are ejected almost immediately after launch and fall several 100 feet back to the island. This seems to be the archetypal “Icarus” aspect of the trip, I assume.

Oh, WAIT. Baker Bloch is retesting the rocket today, and finds that it actually takes one to a different *world* about 1000 meters up. Perhaps some bugs have been worked out in the meantime (?) But, yes, this makes much more sense. Very impressive. I’ll *have* to include some pictures of this very soon.

Then the other, prominent build on the island is a planetarium, where you actually have a moving model of the solar system. Not physics worthy (the outer planets are moving much too fast in relationship to the inner ones), but still fairly impressive. The rings of all the outer planets are clearly shown, and there’s even a comet wisking along an oblong orbit round the sun. The sun even has some flares emitting from it. Nothing much else in the building except some observing couches, where you can lie on your back and stare up at the stars. No explanation for what this is, and who built it and the nearby rocket ship. Why are the otherwise quite realistically depicted planets moving at such queer speeds relative to each other?

Baker also notices the legs of the rocketship have a quite equine appearance. Did the designers see a link between horses and spaceships?

Some shots from within the Icarus Rocketship. Very golden brown and shiny… much like the color of some horses.

Entrance platform.


Vehicles of Transport, Etc. November 11, 2009

After discovering a most probable link between Hucka D.’s so-called Uniko language and Unicode, Baker Bloch heads back over to the Okinu sim on a hunch, only to encounter, upon beaming in randomly, what looks like a question mark without the completing dot. Wasn’t Hucka D. just talking about the key character string “2E2E” being Unicode for a backwards or reversed question mark? I know it to be so.


More glyphs found that same visit.


Nothing happening yet in the Aotearoa sink. No surprise there, though. Still luving the view in the meantime.


Karoz is still over at Mos Ainsley, attempting to find further clues about the link between Uniko, Petemond and his possible alien origin. Here he’s hiking on the circular ridge surrounding the moon base, looking down the other side, away from the base, at some sea patternings there as well. Without the sharp angles of the quite unique Okino glyphs, though. Still pretty neat.


Also on this visit, Karoz finds an abandoned space shuttle in the waters of nearby Byeulddongbyuel, west of Quark star which is, in turn, just west of Mos Ainsley. Karoz immediately recognized it as a Space Base vehicle which you can freely rez there and ride around. Karoz had also heard stories of people flying the vehicles to the mainland. Apparently this one didn’t quite get there. Karoz was further very pleased to find out, after some adjustments, that he himself could resume the flight of this wayward vehicle, and set out not back to Mos Ainsley to return the ship, but further west instead. His idea: see if he could fly it all the way to Chilbo (!).


Now the first try (yes, there were two that night), he made it about 1/2way to Chilbo from Byeulddongbyuel, still a considerable distance. All was well until he found himself automatically rejected after entering a parcel requiring age verification to continue further. The space ship kept going without him. I assumed it derezzed somewhere along the way as well.


But Karoz had the “bug” by then, and enjoyed the only partially successful flight so much that he immediately returned to the Moon Base of Mos Ainsley itself to rez another, identical shuttle. His idea this time was to make it to the protected Korean Channel and then fly more south to reach Chilbo. He almost reached the channel before something went wrong again: as my computer locked up at that instant I was unable to pinpoint the problem, unlike before.



As I said, though, Karoz had some kind of vehicle bug by then, and also decided that night to head over to the Arcadia Asylum library in Cheonma, not far from Chilbo, and purchase whatever drivable/flyable vehicle he could find, all of which he knew would be absolutely free thanks to AA’s full perms/no-profit policy regarding her many builds. He subsequently went to a rez zone on Highway 10 just north, and after some experiments (forklift, etc.), found what he considered a *perfect* complement to the space shuttle’s look and feel in this simple bike, which you wear and ride instead of sit in and ride. He tested it out all the way to Chilbo and then even beyond a bit. My guess is that you’ll soon find a series of Karoz related posts on a bike tour of the continent in one form or another very soon (!). Unlike my other experiences with vehicles, this one — actually both — turned out to be much more satisfying. I certainly don’t expect the focus to be taken away from SL exploration on foot, but biking/shuttle flying (or whatever comes next) may make for a nice kind of complementary way of exploring. And it’s just a lot of fun, which is the ultimate point, I think.


Then shifting back to ol’ hiking Baker, a new structure was found in the Moa sim of Big Sink last night, but one quite familiar in another setting. For it’s the water part of the water/fire temple from Little Robert Plant Variant’s Nowtown, an exact copy sans the stream of lava and resulting steam when it meets the interior water, it appears. And the yoga place is gone, along with the tent just below it as described in this post from only a couple of weeks ago. Shouldn’t be surprised that SL changes so quickly but I always am for some reason.



Origin of SL? July 23, 2009

As I was telling my friend Flynn, I’m admittedly having a hard time getting re-interested in the Atoll continent, despite being quite pleased with my Horisme property and the remodeled Sylver Forest Galleries there (Gallery at the Temple of TILE and Edwardston Station Gallery in the main). Found myself just teleporting around the edges of the continent in an effort to get pumped up about it again. Beautiful underwater scapes, admittedly, but most look just like the other from water sim to water sim.

An exception to the same same pattern is this strange semi-circular ridge found around the center of the Piegler sim on the north edge of the continent.


It’s always fun to pop over to the Okinu sim to see what the mysterious glyphs there might have to “say” about any given, hot topic. Here we see Baker Bloch has teleported directly to 2 glyphs that might represent a square and right triangle respectively, which happen to be the 2 shapes or modules that the old Ubertemple (enlarged Temple of TILE) in Neith and the following Otherland temple were built with. For the new version of the Temple of TILE, I’ve replaced the right triangle design that comes from the old b_hivia of Gliese with the circular dominated design of the new gallery tower (formerly a separate but empty gallery in Noru).

Does this mean I should rebuild the Ubertemple soon? Simply don’t know yet.


Then when Karoz (there’s Karoz!) teleports to a pool with an interesting looking island in the “Lake District” of Maebaleia, he finds a hen sitting upon it. So many hen/chicken sightings in this district already! The Bill *must* be involved, somehow. This would be on the upper edge of Mabenogion.


Then just to the north, after crossing over into Lycanthorpe (a name I subsequently learned is another word for werewolf), Karoz gets his first view of what we are presently calling the Bluedrake Sea*, for the sim it partially lies within and whose name obviously resonates directly with the nearby Blue Feather Sea in my estimation (and Hucka D.’s and Plant’s as well). In short, I think Hucka D. is going to soon propose that, even though the Maebaleia is actually the 4th completed mainland continent, this particular area is even older than Sansara itself (the original SL continent according to the Linden timeline). How can this be? It has something to do with, again, master explorer and storyweaver Salazar Jack’s idea of a pre-Linden grid called Urtahra. I haven’t given a link to his blog in quite a while, so here it is again. To me, he’s a kind of father to all this SL-mythology stuff, and someone you have to deal with and know about and fully grok before moving on into your own theories on the subject, as a number of people have now (thinking of my friend Headburro Antfarm in particular — again a blog link if you’re not familiar with the tall, orange, horned dude yet).

But I’ll save more of that most interesting story until Hucka D. has a chance to unveil what I know is some kind of packet of information. We’ve already chatted a bit about the idea of a rebis, and that the sea is a rebis in itself, divided into light and dark regions, or male/sun, female/moon halves. I know this also might have something to do with the twinship of Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch (or what Headburro has called “The Bakers”, which I think takes in all of my extended SL family actually, in his way of putting it).


Not yet knowing the importance of this Bluedrake Sea yet, Karoz is still impressed with the surrounding landscape, with its nice, forested hills. Most of the land in the area appears to be owned by one group, offering rentals. Baker Bloch actually now rents from them — more on that coming up…


… Yes, here Baker is standing in the front lawn of his new rental, a small cottage. He has 100 prims to work with, but doesn’t plan on opening a gallery or anything, except maybe inserting some kind of pointer to the Sylver Forest Galleries and perhaps the Something To Chro About Gallery still in Healy as of this writing (going on 1/2 year, actually!). No, he just wants a base of exploration. I was impressed with the nice vantage of the surrounding region the property gives here — a specific selling point for me.


A nearby gazebo providing an excellent view of the small inland sea partially in Bluedrake. As far as I can tell, the lake is wholly owned by the same rental group that I rent my cottage from. Might be important.


A long, cascading type waterfall dominates the west coast of the sea, below the lookout gazebo.


An overhead view of the cottages/houses on the north side of the sea at dusk.



* Hucka D. has now indicated to me that the name of the sea is actually Rebisee, particularly indicating the ending letter is “e” and not “a”, as you might imagine it should be.

** Sorry for the continued updates. Hucka D. states that he picked up on the wrong letters, and that it may not be Rebisee but Rubisea (one word), pronounced Ru-bi’-se-a. And now he thinks the sea was actually the color of blood at one time, hence the inference to ruby. May have had the nickname “Sea of Blood” at first. That’s all for now… stay tuned.


Red cards… Redbirds… Cardinals May 10, 2009

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When I first got a chance to fully absorb Nish Mip’s most excellent Fuchsia sim post, one I think should become a model for all future single sim examinations anywhere, I immediately hopped over to both Fuchsia and also Extasia (possible “twin” to Fuchsia, according to this post) to see with my own 2 virtual eyes the various mysteries and otherwise observations she had written about. I quickly summarized my follow up finds in 2 identical comments on both this blog and Nish’s own Big Orange blog.

Nish also mentioned the Okinu sim glyphs in her Fuchsia post, and compared them to the shifting textures she also found in Fuchsia. As a more concrete attempt to build upon her wonderful research after making my aforementioned comment, I decided to trek the ne-sw diagonal of that sim, as I had previously done in other locations, especially the Rubi sim that I use to live in with its mysterious TILE resonations. My idea was to walk this diagonal at least every couple of days, and to take snapshots of what had changed or perhaps even remained the same. However, let’s talk about a discovery I found on what I envisioned as only my initial walk in this study…

First I should mention that, just prior to this, I had Baker Bloch teleport around the interior Nautilus continent water sims to see if any were worthy of a similar study. I knew from my visits last fall that the underwater scapes of these sims contain interesting texture patterns; each sim also has its unique style of patterning. The closest to Okinu in this respect seems to be one called Quidd, at least among the ones that I checked (there are many). But still they’re not as sharp nor distinct as the ones in Okinu. So having retested the, er, waters out in another spot, I decided to give the Okinu sim all my attention in this direction. It still seems unique.


So about 2/3rds the way down Baker Bloch’s subsequent walk of the Okinu ne-sw diagonal he found this glyph that you just skirt the edge of to the west. This one attracted me more than the several others also seen from the diagonal because of 2 proximate, smaller glyphs off its southern end.


Somewhat surprising me (and Baker Bloch) in this area was a heart shaped glyph Baker Bloch had notably stumbled across before in this sim (recorded in this post), but with the color switched with the ocean floor backdrop in respect to that one, the heart being beige against a blue-green background now. Then next to it was a somewhat larger, regular diamond pattern. I immediately thought: hearts and diamonds — the 2 red suits of an ordinary deck of cards!



It was at this time that I began to think about that dizzily spinning bird in Extasia that I mention in my comment re Nish’s material, not only because it was a *red* bird but because it was also a particular kind of red bird according to its description: a *card*inal.

More to follow.



More Roamings, Misc. Stuff… May 7, 2009

The SL inspired abstract work of Bau Ur , who I met upon my first visit to Yapland. Very beautiful and moving. This is from Twilight’s Peace; her paintings are also found at the Palais du Gouverneur, Bourbon


Wilsonia was pleasantly surprised to find that the waterfall next to the Okinu sim was still there, with the inclusive parcel now providing a free inner tube ride that propels one over the end of a conveyer belt and directly into the waters of the Okinu sim some 30 meters below. Wilsonia quite enjoyed the ride!


Then she had to jump off at a certain point and take a gander at the glyphs she knew would confront her when reaching the bottom. Hmmmm… this one has an interesting sawtooth shaped jag to it.


Then it’s on to the Linden Memorial Island with Baker Bloch once again. I neglected to advertise in this blog that the island is now open to the public (!). More info can be found in this post from the official SL blog.



The same night, I believe, Baker Bloch visits some old stomping grounds in the Cecropia sim, namely the very green pool of water called the Grief Containment Pond, complete with a pipe that heads all the way south to ANWR. You can find out more about the latter here. Like ANWR, the Griefer Containment Pond is also listed as a Point of Interest for the Atoll Continent (Heterocera), but, as yet, doesn’t have any text on its particular page.

Anyway, back to Baker Bloch’s personal experiences with the pipeline that connects the two. Well, it does and it doesn’t. I’m pretty sure that Baker Bloch has walked in this pipe before, and I know Baker Blinker has. Before today, the Bakers were able to walk maybe a third of the way south toward ANWR before reaching a dead end. This day, Baker got stuck almost at the beginning. I’ll have to remember to send in the shorter Hucka Doobie to see how far he can now go. But at any rate, it seems that the pipe is narrowing, at least in places. More Sansara-Heterocera strangeness?


I don’t usually like to jump ahead of fellow explorers to areas they’ve advertised they wish to explore in the near future, especially to take pictures. But I did make this one exception. I’m sure fellow Sansara trekker Nish’s snapshots of the Fuchsia sim will be much nicer than mine, and the accompanying text will be much more journalistic.* However, I was struck by a *slight but perhaps still distinct* resemblance between this oddly shaped Linden created rook (chess rook, that is) structure near the western edge (left side of photo below) and my Darkside’s Temple of the Moon. I’m pretty sure I’ve been to Fuschia before, but I don’t remember this object at all, nor the forest that covers the much of the western part of the sim next to it. Hopefully Nish’s promised blog post concerning the sim will provide more light on this “mystery”.


Maybe it’s just the same combination of looking up through a crack in gray matter toward a blue sky. More research needed, perhaps.


Then it’s on to the “Something to CHRO About” gallery in Healy, but not with Baker Bloch this time, nor any of the familar, extended family. No, this is someone different: it’s the highly anticipated snapshot debut of *Karoz* that Hucka D. and I have been chatting about recently. As you can see, he’s very green. More on him later. Hucka D. has said several times that Baker Bloch and Karoz will be best of buddies in SL.


“Hey, I have pink hair now!” (Great… another comic in the lair.)


Moving on yet again, this time to Nova Albion, although I don’t think Edward Manray will be able to help me much with my examination of Sansara continent mysteries (thanks anyway for the im, Edward!), I decided on a whim to visit his office in a Grignano brownstone apt. building. There I spotted this prettily framed photograph hanging beside the front door. Judging by the appearance, this must be an ancestor of Edward Manray himself — is this gentleman, in a kneeling position, perhaps proposing to the queerly expressioned woman in the photo? Why is she looking directly at the photographer with such an expression? Luv to know the story.

On second thought, maybe Mr. Manray can help me out in some way. After all, I do know that Myst may be involved.


* Yes, indeed! Read here.


More Sansara Wanderings April 28, 2009

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Baker Bloch walks from the Temple of TILE in Hibdon to the large, forested island next to Graduation Island explored last fall. Only forest on this particular island, though. And rock. Lots of trees and grass and ferns and rock.


A little while back, Baker requested help from a detective agency based in Grignano concerning the “mysteries of Sansara”. Perhaps they thought the request was a little too broad or maybe a little too daft. Whatever, he hasn’t heard back from ’em yet.


Another forest, this time a non-Linden one in the Pomponio sim. This one covers about fifth of a sim, and is densly packed with pines. A strangely out of place wood prim sits in a small, square clearing in its center.



More evidence that TILE is everywhere. All Things, as Hucka D. put it.


Albion Park, quite near the forest pictured above. Not extremely large but nice. On granite, and next to the Pomponio Volcano. In fact, I would assume, without checking, that both the forest with the wood prim at its center and Albion Park both share a border with this *smoking* Linden protected volcano parcel. According to the land description, they also apparently hold SL College classes here at times.


Then Baker Bloch popped over to the famous Forest of Kahruvel preserved by the Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust, specifically to check out the living quarters of Enja Mysterio, a long term resident of SL and apparently one of the few permanent residents of the forest. Turns out that I tied with Ms. Mysterio’s blog for the 94th most popular blog in SL, har har. What this means I’m not sure, but here’s the list in case you wanna check.

But in checking today more about Enjah another ahah! moment occurred. She and the detective I called up have one and the same user! Hmmmmm… well, that’s an interesting twist! Have to think about that more.


Baker Bloch also found another sim border fissure, perhaps as long or even longer than the one Wilsonia just found, but not as deep. Quite interesting; I wonder how many there are like this in SL? I know they have something to do with the much greater limits on terraforming that use to be in effect.


Such as we have an example of here! I don’t have time to send Wilsonia looking for these towering pointy peaks, but I can deduce from this snapshot they’ve got to be at least close to 100 meters high apiece.


Blochs’ also visits Wilsonia’s beloved Snow Region that night, taking this lovely twilight shot of ski slope with rocks, mountain, and moon.


A pop over to the Okinu sim, then…


… completed by a visit to Kissling. *More* weirdness here (as I found out a couple of days ago). A friend of *both* Ms Mysterio and my long time email friend Headburro Antfarm named Nish just posted about visiting this sim on her Big Orange One blog, as well as the Lusk sim. I’ll have more to say about that and Nish’s super-nifty Sansara explorings herself as soon as I have time. That’s all for now!



Wilsonia’s Sansara Roamings, 1 April 20, 2009

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OK I don’t want to get too far behind in my post text generation, so here goes. First snapshot is of the new Hibdon digs, next to the already much discussed Kerchal Forest. What a chatter he or she or it is! Here you have the second structure on the land — I’ve tacked on a 512 parcel to the immediate west to my rental fees on top of the original 2048. Unlike about all my other rental spaces I’ve acquired since the beginning of February, when my rental spree began, I can see keeping this for a long time, perhaps buying the property at some point. The only other land I can say that about is perhaps the Yapland rentals, which I now have *3* of: 1 1024 equivalent parcel with the Edwardston Station Gallery and the 100 collages of the 10×10, and then 2 on her famous art walkway, or my old space and then the most recently aquired space formerly owned by photographer Graham Guru, who has decided to focus on more rl projects for a spell. I don’t blame him — I think you have to have strong, specific reasons for keeping involved in SL and the art movement there. For strict photographers, it’s tough, because anyone can download innumerable photos from the Internet now for the base 10 lindens and slap it on a prim. As much as I like Edna’s photographs, sales have been low in SL, yea, admittedly almost nonexistent. Granted they haven’t been much better for my collages, but I think the differences are several. First off, I don’t allow people to download high rez images of my collages online, and in most cases I don’t offer any type downloads. So the collages you see in SL are sometimes the only way you, the viewing public, could view them in the first place. Plus I can’t house all 100 of my collages in an amazingly appropriate gallery space in RL like I can with the 10×10 in the Edwardston Station Gallery in SL. In that case, the gallery is now intimately tied into the art, enhances the overall work.

But I’ve gone on long enough about that.

The second and newest structure (greyish building to the lower right) is presently an empty gallery, again based on an Arcadia Asylum structure called slum econo apartments, which has a small 10×10 base but shoots up about 40 meters. Although I’ve put in new wallpaper, I haven’t decided what to put in this space yet.

I’ll get to the soon-to-be-opened exhibit in the Something To CHRO About gallery soon, whose pictures *may* be eventually moved into this space, or some other space on the Hibdon property. We’ll see.


But to Wilsonia’s explorations now. As Hucka D. and I have talked about in one of the more recent of those “We Better Chat” posts, Wilsonia is attempting to retrace most of Baker Bloch’s Sansara continent explorations from past times, a project created to reinforce the past to act as a pointer to the future, i.e., future Sansara explorations/mysteries/general experiences — now that the family seems rather firmly entrenched on this oldest of SL continents for the first time. It’s pretty exciting, really. Living *right next* to the Kerchal Forest might even be better than living *one parcel* down from the otherwise only slightly smaller Rubi Forest. It’s probably an apples and oranges decision whether one of these forests is better than the other, but I’ve done one; why not try the other when the opportunity arises. I couldn’t resist — we’ll see how “long term” the arrangement is, though. But I feel like I’m at least just as settled in as I was at Otherland, for example.

So here’s Wilsonia at what may just be the eye of the hurricane that is the Sansara continent experience, or else the center of the labyrinth/maze unwinding all around this calm eye. This is the center of the Sea of Solomon, also at the exact center of the Solomon sim. It is also the most shallow part of the sea outside the immediate shoreline. The water level here is *just* above Wilsonia’s head, or about at the 2 meter level above the sea floor at this center. Perhaps interestingly, unlike most Linden sea or ocean sims, this one has a default landing point attached, which is this centerpoint Wisonia is standing on. This means, for those who don’t know, that anyone attempting to teleport into the Solomon sim at any location will automatically be rerouted to this center. This seems to reinforce the eye symbol… I’ll have to study that more in detail later, also keeping in mind that the symbol for Linden Labs itself is an eye in a hand, as famously depicted in the Omidyar glyph here, and in even another Linden owned water sim. Hmmmm… For the record, the Solomon sim is about 5 sims to the west of Omidyar and then an additional 2 sims to the south. Not too far, then.


As one learns in the first month of posts from the Baker Blinker Blog, Baker’s Island and accompanying Baker sim lies to the immediate west of the Solomon sim. In revisiting this “historic” island or isle, Wilsonia finds it much different from the way it’s pictured in the early part of the blog, though. It’s about here it begins to sink in that she cannot *really* retrace Baker Bloch’s Sansara explorations but merely go to the same locations on the grid that he was at… same coordinates that is. Baker’s Isle, or what’s called Isle of Baker at the time, I believe, is essentially no more, having been incorporated into this huge, temple-like structure of purposes unknown for Wilsonia. It’s impressive, but it certainly doesn’t have the same type of mysterious ambiance of the underwater ruins that use to occupy this same grid space, the site of Baker Bloch’s and the seemingly sinister Mr. Low’s several liaisons.

As an added comment to the Sea of Solomon information given here, I’d like to say that at the time of Blochs’ initial explorations in this area, the autoreturn for resident’s objects was set at a rather generous 60 minutes. Baker Blinker used this large window to rez a number of early structures to test them out, perhaps including the Misty’s Big Blue House that became the original dwelling for the Bakers on Azure Islands in the following months. Now the autoreturn is set at a much shorter 5 minutes, not long enough to use the sea for any kind of similar purposes. A shame. And the same thing happened in the Haworth water sim off the east coast of the Atoll continent (Heterocera), which use to have the same 60 min. autoreturn window but has now been shortened to 10. In fact, as Baker Bloch is testing it out now (as I write), one can’t even rez objects in the latter sim at all now, although they still can in Solomon. But after 5 mnutes — poof, they’ll be autoreturned to the creator. It’s perhaps a trivial fact, but still it seems to me to represent a general *regularizing* — almost a *demystification*– of SL to get rid of the little kinks that make it so interesting to me at least, and probably others as well. If it was just this inability to effectively rez objects in water sims alone, I wouldn’t bring it up. But other things factor into this decision as well, one obvious, blunt Coup de grace in the matter being that the new continents created after Heterocera and Sansara are simply not nearly as interesting. I tried to become involved in the Gaeta continent (newest one to rise from the sea bed) recently, but nothing really held me. Nothing mysterious, nothing eye popping at all. Let me know if you think differently, because I would like to understand the viewpoint of someone whose opinion leans otherwise. Not talking about estate property here, but mainlands — Linden owned. To me, and apparently others as well, Sansara, the oldest, is the best, and perhaps by a big margin over, especially, the ones past Heterocera.

Anyway, I diverge again.


Below shows Wilsonia at a rather prominent underwater peak at the corner of four sims to the southeast of the Solomon Sea (Kaminari, Cresent, Epimetheus, and then Baker itself), or in the only waterway leading out of that sea into other Sansara seas. To me, this is reminiscent of the center of a traditional 7 circuit labyrinth, with only one way in and out. I’ll have more to say about this comparison later, most likely.


Wilsonia also rediscovers another prominent underwater peak that Baker Bloch didn’t speak about at the time of its discovery in this blog, but one that Wilsonia supposed could have some attachment to the Ancients as well, since the top of it *just* juts out above the water level here. Is this some kind of related peak, then, to Hilo Peak?, she ruminates.


Then there was the inevitable revisit of the Okinu sim and its perhaps inexplicable, sharp edged and geometrically tailored glyphs of innumerable sizes and shapes. Wilsonia thinks back to the time when Baker Bloch found these glyphs (she has vague access to these memories, probably because they have the same user, baker b.), and the fact that the first two on the edge of the sim he encountered were both “L” shaped and in an isolated pair with each other from the rest. L + L then. Perhaps it stands for “Linden Labs”? she hypothesizes again. Were the glyphs trying to tell Baker Bloch something at the beginning of their relationship about the controlling ownership of Second Life and the inclusive grid? She also thinks of the heart shaped glyph Baker Bloch immediately came across upon beaming into Okinu briefly before heading to the newly risen Gaeta continent, a place his counterpart Baker Blinker was soon to visit as well. She thinks how Baker Bloch realized this was a symbol of the “love” between Baker Blinker and himself, and how it had been misconstrued by them as being intertwined with some kind of “physical” love, at least in a virtual sense of the word. Blochs and Blinks soon realized (as Hucka D. had to learn the same, afterwards, about Hurla Dontbee) that they were actually two aspects of one thing, and that while they would never be separate, they could also never be together in that way. They acted in unison in everything they did already, and still do for that matter.



Here is an example of a more typical merger of two sea bottom textures, without the sharp edges of the Okinu glyphs or the self contained, regular shapes. The Okinu glyphs, at least from my explorations, seem quite unique in that way in terms of mainland waterscapes.



Ross Sea Related Stuff… October 6, 2008

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Knowing that the Ross Sea lies directly south of the Okinu sim, Baker Bloch decides to re-examine the latter, once again, after finding what could be The Arab in the former. He decides to walk the diagonal of the sim, just as he did in Rubi. He decides he needs to walk this diagonal a number of times, but on different days and probably different weeks and even months. But on this particular day, the first time (and, up till the time of the writing of this text, the only time) he walks the left-to-right diagonal, he finds this glyph that could represent the ship itself, with its protruding superstructure (??). Probably not, but, again, I’m just recording this find into the blog here to cover all bases, just in case…

Interesting that you can peak under the water just above the Ross Falls…

Baker Bloch comes across this gallery near the southeast corner of the Ross Sea, which displays some photos of the prehistoric stone circle in the Lake District called Castlerigg, one of the best known and most visited of these kind of circles in England. Thought I’d note this since several of collages in the galleries also depict a Lake District rock circle, albiet a much less known one called ______. However, originally I thought the circle I had put my collages was Castlerigg… they share some similar qualities. Anyway, moving on…

This is not *really* Ross Sea related but was found by Baker Bloch while teleporting to various places on the Sansara map that looked “interesting”. Does the creator of this ship know, by chance, about the Mmmmmm civilization, though? Is he attempting to make fun of one of their goodmobiles with this craft in some way Baker can’t quite grasp? One the reasons I ask what probably seems to be these nonsensical questions is that the skybox structure Baker Bloch found this craft in looks on the map like a giant *tile*. You can see it here… obvious, eh? (and of the same color as the front of the Temple of TILE).

So a logical question to follow is: does the owner also know something about the game/philosophy/religion of TILE? Is there another Tilest in Second Life besides the wife and I??*

* In checking after writing this text, found the land is owned by a group called Coloverde Park Association. I joined for $10. I will report other things about this as they come up.


“10th!” April 17, 2008