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Bloch head (Where’s the i?) March 5, 2008

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Oh, *I* see!


Finding The Niche Again?

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Walking the more northern water passages of Sansara, came upon this lovely bay centered by a volcanic island. When surfacing out of the water was surprised and pleased to see my first lemon tree in SL, that I recalled anyway.  Lemon trees have a special significance in my collage art… one was at the very start of my 10×10 art collage series which I’ve completed 7 of 10 “tiers” now.  The collage is called “Finding The Niche“. My guess at the time was that finding this lemon tree, and in this particular spot, meant something — leads to things deeper — and I believe that’s how it’s subsequently turning out.

What followed were several little experiments in collage using this lemon tree as a centerpiece of sorts (see above post).