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Something descends from on hi March 12, 2008

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The buzzing is overwhelming.


It descends and covers him with its enormous drone. A surreal shoe horn manifests around him in the clearing he is standing on. He is aware that the humming has possessed his very nature, is coming from within now, internalized. His body is growing larger along with his mind. The buzz is expanding him. blochlonghope010a.jpg

Like Hucka D. before, he feels additional knowledge from the future come flooding in. The droning is information. He knows that when one of his feet grows large enough to completely fill the shoehorn-like thing that he will be not here but… there.

The shoehorn thing suddenly locks in and fits.


“Hey, what the hey?? That foot is actually wet!!” Baker Bloch exclaims.

He knows he is at New Hope, the same place that Hucka D. went before him. And he knows that Hucka D. has brought him to this place through his own considerably enlarged power. He is at a beginning of the New.

After exploring several hours around the beautiful but rugged land below the beginning, mostly following the creek (three hours and 19 minutes to be exact), Baker Bloch happens across this strange but familiar sight.