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Big Island, Bliss Gardens, Otherland, Rabbit Hole September 27, 2009

Baker on the northern point of Big Island in Kopff, looking toward smaller island to the north.


As Baker stands on a knoll in-between all these island, his kopf, er, head just juts above the water.


‘Nother sunset scene on Big Island, probably in Kopff again.


This night, Baker desired a little more pizazz from his landscape, and thus teleported over to the always impressive Bliss Gardens Center. Now this is mostly just some basic terraforming, and playing around with the natural water level to create pools and such, but it’s still quite aesthetically pleasing, and there are some things for sale dotting the mainly barren landscape, like treehouses and giant pumpkins. Most of the things for sale at Bliss Gardens are instead found in the 5 sim skybox. Moving on…






… to Wilsonia Foxclaw in Otherland, specifically the very valley in which she was “born” in the context of this blog last January. I had thoughts of having her re-explore a lot of Otherland, but I think I’ll put that on hold now. Still, isn’t the sunrise blessed landscape incredibly pretty here?



The centered, full moon looking out of the amazingly deep Rabbit Hole in Blackmount.



Otherland 3d; Atoll Continent; Egan Sim August 19, 2009

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Thought I’d give out this helpful link (see under “helpful links” to right as well) because it gives a 3d rendition of Otherland Island #1 (right picture), where I lived this past winter. I don’t see my shack at the bay I lived on (just to the left of avatar’s left hand, the one standing on the map), although the map seems to be made at the general time it was there.

The Verloren Castle (larger structure surrounded by moat near the middle of the picture) is no longer on Otherland Island #1, but instead located within a 3 sim island nearby. It’s still in the Verloren sim, though, and you are still free to visit it. As I mentioned in this earlier post, Otherland was recently sold by the original owners/creators. Shame.

Some of the older posts from the Spinmass blog also give some interesting glimpses as to how the Atoll continent developed in 2005. Such as this one.

Well, here’s definitely one of those SL “aha!” moments, because unbeknownst to me beforehand, the very next post helps to explain the mysterious glyph I found in Egan which I recorded here last fall. So it was the phrase “Ben Wuz Here”, and did connect to Ben Linden, as I speculated at the time. Amazing! And another thing that’s now gone from the grid.

Hope the owner of SpinMass doesn’t mind me posting one of his images here, but it was too good to pass over the chance…



Karoz in Otherland, Nautilus City, Blake Sea June 9, 2009

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Teleported over to Otherland the other day to find this amazing switcheroo: the Hain sim just to the north of the Stephen sim, my old home and located in the center of what I call Otherland Island #1 in this blog, had been replaced by the Xabbu sim that use to lie several sims below the island. And besides that, the Castle of Verloren, along with the entire Verloren sim, had been removed from its former spot to the immediate east of Hain, and the next sim over, Pinswang, shifted into its place to meet up with Xabbu now. I’ve seen a lot of odd stuff already in SL, but this was a new one.

I quickly scanned the Otherland blog and saw no mention of what was going on, but I was able to located Hain and Verloren, along with one other sim, a considerable distance northeast of this main Otherland island.

And in checking tonight several days later when I’m writing this text, see that Hain has now returned to its old position at least. I’ll keep an eye out for the return of Verloren and report back here. It’s a popular SL destination, so I’m assuming it will be in its former position soon.


The SL map illustrating the changes I encountered that night.


I believe it was the same night that Karoz took his first visit to the Nautilus Island region, finding the underwater scapes surrounding the island very beautiful indeed, and he hoped he wasn’t taking up valuable log time from Baker Bloch that their common user could employ for further explorations of these waters. Baker Bloch later assured Karoz that he wasn’t.




While in the general region, Karoz also popped over to the Blake Sea to the east of Nautilus Island. Very interesting terrain there as well, but Karoz noticed he was getting unreasonably tired. This must the the random exploring fatigue Baker Bloch mentioned to him at one time. Best, then, to get back home to Jeogeot and Noru, and focus on the Korean Channel, Chilbo, and other sights in the more immediate area.

Snapshot1072_009smallerer to


Changes… Leaps… March 19, 2009

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Baker Bloch is becoming convinced that the refound portal in Bar Harbor will soon lead to another sl-to-rl conversion for him, like what happened in Uli almost precisely one year ago, thanks in large to Hucka D. (who went through the portal just before him). And through me, baker b., Baker Bloch knows where this particular portal leads to, or he’s pretty sure. This would be what I believe I called Portal #1 on RIVER. More very soon on that…



Yes, I gave up the Otherland parcel just last night. This was a goodbye picture to the bay, then… another bay.


As direct and instant compensation I found this 1024 parcel in Aplasta to rent. Already building something new there… again: description soon. 🙂



Otherland Island #1, Far East Hike March 14, 2009

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Otherland Hike (I’m there for ‘nother mnth., at least!) February 26, 2009

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This is not the first Otherland hike I made after deciding to keep the Gallery at the Temple of TILE in Stephen for at least another month, but the second. Unfortunately I botched the first batch of new Otherland photos (west to Irene, Zell, and Kapron) by accidentally leaving the “show interface in snapshot” toggle checked. I’ll try to make a hike in that direction and take more snapshots soon. In the meantime, I was able to cleanly record a shorter hike through Hain to the commercial district in Antibes, and then down the very nice, curving boardwalk that starts at the lower end of the Antibes commercial district and continues through Dulcie before ending in Anwin.

The first pic is of a well I didn’t know existed in Hain until this hike. Anyone speak Dutch? … never mind, I’ll just ask my neighbor sometime.:)


Here’s another picture of the only commercial region in the Otherland archipelago. Shame that such a pretty group of buildings lies basically deserted — don’t really understand the situation, admittedly.


A shot of the lighthouse in the bay fronting the district, catching the first rays of the rising sun.


Nice, if artificial, waterfall at the southern terminus of the boardwalk in Anwin.


From there it’s just a short hike over the ridge to Hurla Dontbee, who I don’t think has fully rezzed in when I took this snapshot.



Hiking OI1, Southeast 2 January 29, 2009

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Continuing from Hiking OI1, Southeast 1, then. Interesting chromatically colored house — *starkly* chromatic — just beyond the unicorn mentioned at the end of that last post. Perhaps important to note that although the outside is basically colored red, the interiors of each floor are painted in all the 4 TILE colors. The walls of the 3 floors of the house, from top to bottom, are singly painted red, blue, and yellow. In addition, the stairs connecting these 3 levels are painted green. All very bright and very chromatic, again, just like the colors of TILE are suppose to be. I’ll keep this house in the back of my mind, then, when writing about TILE in the future, especially considering various SL manifestations of the game/philosophy/religion.


Just beyond the garishly colored house Baker Bloch comes across this burning car and thrown passenger. Noobs, eh? Always into trouble. 🙂


We’re now at the very, very southeast tip of the whole Otherland Island #1, particularly marked by the islet pictured here which appears to be somewhat less that 10 meters long and totally devoid of objects. This would be in Fredericks, actually.


Moving west along the southern coastline, quickly leaving behind Fredericks and entering Gardiner, Blochs soon comes across this high speed, more darkly colored waterfall.


In climbing the bank here in an attempt to find the source of the water in the falls, Baker Bloch is greeted by the sight of a quite large, similarly dark body of water. In again checking behind Baker today, Wilsonia Foxclaw is finding that this entire lake, and also the waterfall, is part of one parcel, thus seeming to negate the legitimacy of a true Otherlander stream. That is, although the water level drops in this “stream’, no part is protected by the Otherlander group, and no part is shared by more than one parcel. In other words, all this could go away in the blink of an eye, as they say, if the owner of the parcel decides to pull up the stakes and move elsewhere. No, I won’t get attached, then, to this particular waterway, however pretty it might be. Interesting how much darker it is than the “regular’ water of Otherlander. But this should have been a tip-off for Baker at the time that this was an unofficial waterfall. Something to remember in the future!


Interesting, large rock beside the darkly colored pond or lake. And there’s another little choo choo (!), although this one wasn’t operating at the time of Baker’s visit (and still isn’t during Wilsonia’s current visit, although Wilsonia has found a cobweb fronted tunnel that the train track passes through Baker missed).



Hiking OI1, Southeast 1

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Baker’s heads south and then east tonight, in an attempt to cover more the southeast corner of Otherland Island #1. He hasn’t been disappointed with any sim of the island visited yet, and he isn’t tonight as well. Lovely landscape, and I agree with others that it may be the most beautiful estate in SL. But I could also be a little prejudiced because I’m an Otherlander myself now.:)

Along the east side of the otherwise thickly forested Stephen sim (most of which, however, is up for sale), there’s this swathe of unforested land, bordering Irene. Baker decides to head down this swathe in order to more quickly reach the se part of the island. Note the “manor house” to Baker’s left here, already mentioned in this earlier blog post.

I should also add that Baker has just walked around the sides of the mountain just above his cabin, already seen in this earlier, Stephen related post, compared, at the time to the somewhat nearby “Beehive’s Nest” or “Pithlit Mountain”, with basically the same elevation.


Traveling this swathe, Baker quickly reaches the Upper Falls on the southern border of Irene visited the night before, I believe. Here he’s already on the other side of the falls in Thargor, having traversed the stream at its top over that wooden bridge again.


Another, seemingly identical wooden bridge is found a little further to the south in Thargor. In checking behind Baker Bloch, Wilsonia Foxclaw (yes, Baker Bloch has yet another new checker!) finds that the bridge is at the bottom end of a quite interesting, approx. 100 meter long protected path, called the Thagor Path in the description, whose northern end commands a great vantage point of the Upper Falls. In the snapshot below, Blochs is sitting in a park-like area immediately to the east of the path, whose most interesting feature, among a number of ’em, might be this little 2 car choo choo train and accompanying track.


If not, it might be this colorfully lighted gazebo-like structure, called the Radland Tranquility House, complete with an upstairs patio and side-long aquarium, as Wilsonia F. just found out. Nifty! Baker Bloch (and Wilsonia, for that matter) will certainly be returning to this place sometime soon.


Then as he’s about to leave the park, Baker sees these flashing lights in the sky, which continue until he moves away. He thinks again: is it possible for ghosts and ufos to exist in a virtual reality? He doesn’t think that’s the case in this particular instance — scripts are probably to blame. Yet it reminds him to keep the idea of unexplainable phenomenon in the back of his head as he continues to explore SL. Certainly some odd things have happened already, although nothing totally unexplainable, such as — I don’t know — teleportation to a totally different dimension apart from SL through a portal. Oh wait: suppose that might have happened as well already. Maybe.


Another odd object found floating in the sky near the park. Looks like an irregularly shaped pane of glass (?)


Then this giant faucet, which is actually less mysterious to Baker Bloch, although he still desires to know the story of its manifestation, if there is one.


Then just inland from the faucet is positioned these several objects, including a framed hammer with the word “Erlanger” engraven on its wooden handle. And there’s actually another piano (white one) just to the north of the one pictured here. Why 2 pianos? Are these some kind of remains of an otherwise derezzed house? Or is there another, more mysterious story behind this hodgepodge collection (including the giant faucet)?


Baker keeps moving down the side of the waterway here, which, yes, is an official waterway of Otherland Island #1 in my estimation, since there is a protected elevation drop along its course (not explored that night, though). Since the source is in Thargor, we’ll call it the Thargor Waterway, in line with the coining of the Irene Waterway and Verloren Waterway before it. In quickly checking my map, we have several more official waterways to yet name and explore on Otherland Island #1, and even a couple on Otherland Island #3, for that matter.

Nice blue flowers and circle of ‘shrooms here. Just to the south, on the same parcel, Baker also encounters a red horned, red eyed, black coated unicorn drinking from a side pool (not pictured).


Looking back at the giant faucet from shoreline further south.


Hiking OI1, Southeast 2


Hiking OI1, East 2 January 26, 2009

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Baker Bloch continues east beyond the Irene sim, hiking around the south side of the mountain range separating Irene and Zell. Here Blocks is rather precariously balanced almost on the edged border of Zell and the sim of Salome to the south. He stares at a structure he’s run across once before in his explorations: what appears to be an empty, perhaps unfinished wooden structure. It almost looks like a multi-leveled dock of some kind, and perhaps that’s what it was intended to be. Whatever the case, there’s absolutely no interior furniture or decoration of any kind. Also the parcel it sits on has only about 1/6th the allowed prims… anyway, I’ve speculated long enough on the mystery, and don’t want to dig any further into perhaps what is someone’s private affairs.



The Zell sim is centered by yet another large lake, as are a number of Otherland Island #1 sims — Irene and Hain immediately spring to mind. Blochs is thinking like me here: there needs to be more vegetation around the essentially bare shoreline of the lake. But otherwise the view of the huge mountain range ringing the backside of the lake is really quite stunning. Baker decides to save a full exploration of this lake until later to continue is trek toward the sea.



Another large waterfall is found at the outlet of the Zell Lake, which Baker only views from afar. He’s now on a peninsula jutting into the Otherland sea itself on the east side of Otherland Island #1. This is in the Kapron sim.


Baker stands on the extreme east edge of the island now, staring at a satellite island just ahead.



Hiking OI1, East, 1

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So I’m going to attempt to catch up with the text of my Otherland hikes today.:) Baker Bloch heads east again into the Irene sim, wanting to more closely examine the very interesting topography of the Irene Lake centered within the same name sim and already discussed in this earlier post. His goal today is also to push through the Irene sim directly east until reaching the Otherland Sea. He accomplishes his goal, but not without spending more time that he allotted himself for in the Irene sim, which yields new discoveries.

A mold covered tree sits on a small jut into the Irene Lake. The interesting looking house in the background is called a manor house in the description, but looks more like a (small) castle in person. Not sure if I totally grok the style — still an interesting structure, though, for sure.


At the outlet of the lake near the southern border of the sim, Baker Bloch finds this pretty wooden bridge which allows journeyers such as himself access to the land on the other side of the stream without having to plunge into the January waters. But I guess it’s not really January here in Otherland, since the snow has melted, ha ha.

He’s looking directly at the tree pictured in the previous snapshot, btw.


Safely across the stream, Blochs sits in a small park owned, once again, by the Otherland group, admiring what’s called in the description the Upper Falls. I have quite figured out what the Lower Falls would then be, but I’m working on it. Upper Falls represents almost a 20 meter plunge (in two stages of around 10 meters apiece) from the Irene lake level for the Irene Waterway, as I’m calling it in this blog. A quite rapid flow to the falls as well… not sure how it picks up so much speed so quickly… just one of those magical things that can only happen in virtual reality, I suppose.


A very nicely treed walkway on the east side of Irene.


Then a longer shot of what the Otherland group has deemed the “Irene Waterfall” which represents the actual source of the Irene waterway to me, or, more correctly, the “spring” at the top of the waterfall would represent this source. This represents about a 10 meter plung into the east side of Irene Lake. Very nice!


A corgi dog named Smokey continuously attempts to paddle his way across the lake, never reaching the shore, though. Maybe the owner should add some scripts to the object!


Still in Irene, Baker Bloch comes across this small cave *inside* another (artificial or “unofficial”) waterfall near the sim’s southeast corner. Hopefully Baker isn’t trespassing when taking this snapshot… the cave is “outdoors” after all, though.


Standing in the extreme southeast corner of the Irene sim, Blochs then takes this snapshot of the waterfall he just walked through to get to the cave. Lovely pool in front of the waterfall as well, but just as unofficial a body of water as the falls itself here. I would consider a stream directly entering Irene Lake from this same estate (not pictured here) as also non-canonical, since it lies wholly within one parcel and contains no Otherland group protected passages.