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From Chilbo to Genesis… October 17, 2009

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Karoz starts another dance in the jazz club in Chilbo. Don’t worry, though, he didn’t take it nearly as far this time…


Ancient Chilbo? (found in a neighboring shop to the club just before the dancing began, I suppose)


Soon the dance ended at the Crazy Diamond sim, where Baker Bloch heads sometimes when he’s itching for a twitch as well. Instead, Karoz touches something on the dance floor and suddenly finds himself in this nifty prog rock museum. The below pictures were taken in the large Genesis skybox section of the museum, very meaningful since regular blog readers may recall that Peter Gabriel (yes, young’ns, he was an original member of Genesis, when they were really *good*) has been mentioned a number of times now by Hucka D., and very recently again as well. Hucka D., or, sorry, Plant I believe, said that Peter Gabriel was the only musician of Sunklands that was *not* a variant of a RL counterpart (unlike Plant himself, for instance).


The Lamb Lies Down On, um, Broad Walk? Dunno. I assume it’s the same lamb, though, since it is surrounded by other early Genesis album images (see directly above and below for more). Has to be, don’t you think? Of course. Now, Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, as you may recall, is the audio source of Tronesis also mentioned a number of times already in this blog. Hucka D. had a fascination with it for a time while living on Azure Islands in Spring 08, shortly after he was “reborn” into this virtual world.


As usual, the ever resourceful Karoz remains a head of the game (sorry).