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Pietmond Progress, 02 March 27, 2011

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First off, the second first place winner in the Pie Town art contest to help redesign sister city Pietmond came in the form of a sculpture and not a painting. Isn’t it marvelous?! Thanks a huge bunch, Lennie Lee Stangant! Hope your school year (2nd grade) is coming to a successful conclusion.

I haven’t been able to consciously fit in any of the super suggestions sent in by Pie Town children yet. But unconsciously I’m sure they’re helping guide me to what certainly has been a redesign of the town by almost any definition, starting with the insertion of the large version of the Blue Feather Gallery into the heart of the town. Just today I lopped off the top two stories of the structure, as well as eliminating the Tower of TILE attached to it. Now I suddenly have — joy! — over 300 free prims to play around with. Lemme take a closer look at that winning sculpture, then!

The “Jeogeot through Art and Word” exhibit is still being shaped up within, which, after all, stopped in the middle of the building going upwards. And the Baker Bloch in England exhibit housed in the now deleted Tower of TILE is still found in its entirety both in successive posts on this blog and also as a separate set on my flickr site. So no really big loss there as well, I don’t feel.

The photo below shows a now empty, lower floor of what use to be the SoSo West gallery. But, again, no biggie in terms of removal since all of Mike Casey’s art within has been satisfactorily transferred to the Pietmond South Gallery (Floor 3).

And as you can tell from the next photo, the downtown region has remained essentially intact from its previous state, although both SoSo West and Norum galleries have been cleared of art. Julie Sadler’s pieces formerly located in Norum have been moved to Pietmond South (Floor 2) as well.

And Baker Bloch has a new, Pietmond home (!) It sits exactly on the former spot of Orange House, but uses up considerably less prims. Another option is simply to reinstate Orange House here. But the views are still excellent from the second floor, where Baker has set up his standard computer desk and writing table, along with some other, necessary appliances.

Mouseview look at the town while sitting in front of Baker’s computer.

Long Way has had almost a complete makeover in the last several weeks. Still working on all this — things may change more.

View from inside the Blue Feather, looking up toward the top of the shortened but still pretty high structure through a hole in the ceiling on floor 1.

Baker taking a break from Pietmond remodeling, but undoubtedly mapping out more changes in his head while seemingly at rest.


Pie Town responds… February 25, 2011

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… to my current dilemna of whether to keep potential sister city Pietmond around long term. Children at [delete name] school draw up plans of how to improve the design of Pietmond.

Notice on second place winner Sally Truber’s map, she proposes to narrow the distance between No Way and Long Way to increase park space in the north and south, along with adding a discothèque (red).

And Tommy Blooper’s winning entry maps out even more radical changes, envisioning a future Pietmond with a considerably larger downtown block and more cul-de-sacs for exploring and shopping possibilities. And, oh yeah, a discothèque.

Well done kids! I promise to look over all your efforts when I received them in the mail next week, compare them to what I presently have, and then move forward from there. Thanks again!

baker b.


Pietmond Sister City Search, Part 1 January 19, 2011

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In a renewed effort to find a sister city to Pietmond now that Teepot can no longer serve in that capacity, I’ve expanded the search to include real life places. 1st up is small but colorful and history rich Pie Town, New Mexico, with an obvious name resonance going on.,_New_Mexico

I’ll keep you posted how it goes.

Further questions: What can Pie Town give to Pietmond? How can Pietmond help Pie Town?

establishment of psychic connection