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Chilbo, Jeogeot (Other), Yd Island, Nautilus Cy., Steelhead (Briefly) January 2, 2010

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A low res shot of Baker Bloch sitting on the edge of Eschwan Park just behind his small office in Chilbo. The large, black schwa is positioned almost edge-wise to Baker here, visible just beneath the central trees.

Then its on to biking around Jeogeot. Baker — or I suppose I should say, I set Baker down at a basically randomly chosen point on one of the continent’s several roads: somewhere in the north central part of the landmass not extensively explored by Blochs yet.

But soon the landing spot didn’t seem so random after all, as Baker quickly came across — in Yeot (see above!) — another cache of the same Kou Umaga crafted maps he had just seen in Varieto. Too odd (once more)! At first I thought that this might be a new location for what Kou calls The Explorer’s Information Center of Jeogeot itself, which I’d seen on his map of the continent over in Varieto, a map also present in this smaller shop (directly in front of Baker below). I say “new” here because the dot marking the information center on the map is actually in Sunklands, quite a distance away from Baker’s current location. But later on I find that the Explorer’s Information Center is still in Sunklands; admittedly I still haven’t cleared up the mystery as to why the maps appear in this particular location, not owned by Kou himself or affiliated with a group he belongs to, apparently.

Baker keeps biking around Jeogeot in the immediate area around the map shop. A weird cloud formation encountered just south of Yeot (explosion?) doesn’t help to settle his nerves down.

The same night, again if I remember correctly, Baker goes over to the Villeneuve forest and finds yet another smoke/particle formation, this time from a set of bullets of some sort.

The Measure — what *do* these glyphs mean, if anything?

Another mission Baker wanted to accomplish the same night, I believe, was to hop over to Nautilus Island just below Yd Island and examine both the oversized and regular sized chessboards he knew existed there from his visits in the Fall of 2008. He decides to set down a certain distance from the larger chessboard and bike into the location, taking in the scenery a bit. On his way, he finds this rounded hill in the interior of the island that he didn’t know existed before — he thought this residential interior was totally flat, although he knew hills, especially one quite high example, existed more on the island’s fringes (coastlines).

A couple sims further north and west and he finds the chessboard, just as he remembered it.

An examination reveals that the black queen was not “on her color”, indicated that she should actually be switched with the black king to create the correct initial placements.

And the same situation existed on the regular sized chessboard found on the large, circular plateau of the island (the walled Citadel), within its central temple.

Then fellow explorer Nish Mip, after reading my post (or, more correctly, looking at the post photos, since I’m only creating the accompanying text several days later), pointed out that she’d seen the exact same object in Steelhead 2 days prior. Asap, I went over, then, and took this picture.