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Mos Ainsley September 23, 2011

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Post about Mos Ainsley from the fabulous Heterocera Atoll Information blog:

Scroll down to get to a nifty movie.

Nice to see the contents of the BB Blog getting a link or two elsewhere as well. 🙂


Weekend Projects & Beyond… February 12, 2010

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“Think I’ll head up to Blackmount Sink this weekend, Hucka D. Want to come along?”

Hucka D.:

I have some air mailing to do this weekend, but thanks.


Can you tell me more about Blackmount Sink in the larger scheme of things?

Hucka D.:

Why don’t you visit first then we’ll talk.


I haven’t made up my mind about Aotearoa.

Hucka D.:

Almost too late to turn back.


Yes, I suppose I’ll have to keep it and the Pudding Hill parcels and perhaps even the Yd Island parcel for yet another month. I don’t think a move back to Noru would be wise.

Hucka D.:

No. (pause) S U N K L A N D S (Hucka D. here spells out each letter distinctly).

bb (patiently waiting for Hucka D. to finish spelling):

Right. The tension between the sinks and all. Especially Big Sink versus the rest. I’ve been fleshing that whole story out in notes off this blog, as you probably know.

Hucka D.:

St. Nick of Barkley has many things to say to you. He is from Wazob. He would not say that. He would say he is from Sharon. But Sharon became absorbed into Wazob, just before he left.


Going along with the idea that Jeogeot is Wazob.

Hucka D.:

Jeogeot *is* Wazob for all intents and purposes. You’ll never go back to Wazob. That’s a childhood thing. Oh, you could go back to Edwardston, but you won’t take the toy avatars, and you won’t further that mythology. Not even for Bridee, or Monkey City. Sapphire made sure that the basic energy of Wazob moved into Jeogeot through Eunhaeng and environ.


Probably should make that a blog category, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Yes. And then Wilma too… important to bring her on in (the mix).


You said recently, I think, that Wilma has started to read this blog… part 13, or the Jasper section.* Is she still reading?

Hucka D.:

No, she became distracted and is working on the garden beside the house now. She is talking to Ruuster. She has a talking rooster for a pet now. She finds him entertaining.


She’ll have to read some of the books in the other house, obviously. I think she should start with those soon.

Hucka D.:

She has a long time. Years. Years.


But those two Eunhaeng houses are actually one house… that’s the trick. A light and dark version, like the twinned houses of Maken. Or Make Make houses as we’ve recently called them.

Hucka D.:

Resting spot. Sapphire has helped. She created the melding.


And also an opening back to England and the Lake District through Sampson’s Stones, Hucka D. I went there the other night, to that dry waterfall in Emerald Center, and the stones had been removed. I’ll check again when I think of it.

Hucka D.:

Melding has been made and anchored. Jeogeot… Wazob.


Leading us to St. Nick of Barkley.

Hucka D.:

For sure.


The possible schism with Ned of Barton, former partner, is quite fascinating Hucka D. How those old, old imaginary basketball player names transfer to a modern setting.

Hucka D.:

Yes. You should talk about Sapphire more now.


Well, I know considerably more about her back story. (to the reader or readers): She was born in the Micro Hole of Yd Island, as protection. Hucka D., stop me anytime you wish to make comments. Her father was Natha Neil Cornfield and her mother was Nata Lee Cornfield. She was destined to become the Princess of Jeogeot, like Ozma to Oz. But she “could not round the Korean Channel”, and the west part of Jeogeot became separate from the east. Kali Rift. Dan The Second separated off from Dan The First. Sunklands.

Hucka D (repeating):



I know that she lived in Yeot next to Floaty Pond. I know of another schism: between the Cornfields, or possibly just Natha Neil Cornfield, and Uma G. Uma in Meddledown, which is probably the same as Meddletown. Haven’t fleshed that all out, but there was a battle, perhaps a, ahem, naval battle, for a certain dimensional transport ship, perhaps called The Arab or at least 4n1 or Four-In-One or just Foreign One.

The Cornfields, NN, NL and Sapphire, who was then known as Turquoise (before the transformation), used this ship to move from Yd Island to Jeogeot through *the hole that has just been sealed up*. The Big Fish hole, consisting of 10 sims. They emerged beside Mos Aisley through the portal, ** and then lived on this moon of Jeogeot for a bit (purification) before taking the ship again to Yeot, where it either landed or dematerialized. There NN furthered his ship building skills by *retroengineering* what Uma G. Uma had made in Meddletown. The end result is another Arab or Foreign One.



Hucka D., I think I know what the leviathan is in the center of the filled in Hole now. It is the US magnetized in a particular way. Up and down and side to side.

Hucka D.:

Getting back to when it was opened, though… Micro Hole allowed Sapphire protection from its harmful influence… VILE influence… and… she became like the High Priestess of the Tarot, two in number. Two in one. 4n1. The Cornfields and Uma G. Uma lived in Meddletown together for a time. We are still keeping under wraps exactly what happened there but you are correct in that a conflict over a ship design is involved. A very important ship, one we’ve been calling The Arab in this blog, after its maker. Make Make.


Is Peter the creator?

Hucka D.:

We can only speak of certain aspects of this conflict (presently). You know that the ship was used to make the transit from Yd Island to Jeogeot and Mos Ainsley. Black Hole in all aspects. 10 to 6 to 3 to 1 and back. Time forwards and backwards — Wheeler and Wilson.


Uma G. Uma followed them?

Hucka D.:

*Yes.* Time travel. Then Yeot became balanced with Aotearoa sim in past-future relationship through the Go board of Jeogeot, as moved from Nascera chess board. Then finally scrabble came into the picture. Rounding the Korean Channel.


And I also know that Yeot, on the hillside above Floaty Pond, is where Turquoise became Sapphire, which means she also became Azure in that manner (since she remembered Turquoise and saw, in the future, Lapiz Lazuli). 3n1.

Hucka D. (reinforcing):

She saw past/present/future.


The *lightning flash* is the leviathan (!).

Hucka D.:

*Yes.* *Yes?*



It was painful…

Hucka D.:

… for her, yes. She knew future limitations. She knew of St. Nick of Barkley and Sunklands. She knew Dan The Second beyond Dan The First. She knew Peter.


Another thing to bring up here is the association of tiny Floaty Pool itself with a ship, perhaps associable with an egg-shaped double convex Go piece, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Egg… UFO… Cornfield.


I have a couple of questions, then, before we close this up for the night. Make Make: is it the same as the two Eunhaeng houses?

Hucka D.:

Perhaps… (pause)


Chilbo is more a Sapphire project, I’m also (picking up). That’s why she, in particular, is interested in the Reaction Grid.

Hucka D.:

Keep poking around there.


Something about that tree…

Hucka D.:

Thank you.


Thanks. Good night.


* Can be accessed in this blog as the Feb. and March 2009 posts of the 10×10 category.

** More on Mos Ainsley here in this blog. I think Hucka D. is going to soon stress a black-white yin-yang relationship between Mos Ainsley and the void sim to the northwest, also surrounded by sims Quark star and Preon star. It is a Black Hole, as he said. Mos Aisley is then a white dwarf?

Uma G. Uma (self portrait)


more Jeogeot-Maebaleia examinations, 01 January 13, 2010

Employing the timeline maps from the nifty Maps of Second Life site, I’ve now been able to chart, month by month, how the Second Life mainland formed from 2006 on.

Jeogeot, originally known as the Southern Continent, it seems, first shows up on this grid in 01-01-2006 according to month. I’ve also seen it referred to as the Korean Continent, because of its numerous sims named for Korean locations. It’s that bit of green at the bottom of the map below. To the top we have the larger masses of Heterocera (north) and Sansara (south), the two original Second Life continents, joined to each other by a sim-wide column of water.

By 01-01-2007, Jeogeot is still not complete, being slowly formed from top to bottom, essentially. One year on, the creeping formation of the continent, at least compared to those that follow, had only just started to move around the lower edge of what now is called the Korean Channel (the official Linden name).

What also surprised me is that the Sansara continent was still developing around the edges at the same time as Jeogeot’s formation throughout 2006. Compare this with Heterocera/Atoll Continent, which already stood complete at the beginning of 2006.

2 months later (03-01-2007), a fourth mainland continent begins to form to the east of any former continent. This would become the Maebaleia continent, also known as Satori or the Japanese Continent. This is also the first month that the Jeogeot continent has assumed its final shape, minus the filling in of the Korean Channel and the additional of Mos Ainsley sims about 1 year later (see below). To differentiate between what eventually turned out to be a whole eastern hemisphere of the mainland grid to complement the now almost completed western hemisphere, I’ll color the eastern continents pink in the maps to follow.

By 05-01-2007, the Maebaleia continent already stood complete. Compare its roughly two month creation to that of Jeogeot, which took well over a year. And by this time, even the continent above Maebaleia, Nautilus, was off to a good head start.

Slightly less than a year later (03-01-2008), the aforementioned filling in of the Korean Channel occurred, removing that central notch from Jeogeot appearing above. Difficult to tell from this map if the Mos Ainsley related sims, 3 in number, were added at the same time, but I’m assuming they were in checking other sources. You can also see that Nautilus is well completed by now, and also Corsica, the continent to the north, is rather slowly forming west to east, to be finished by 05-01-2008, at the same time the next continent, Gaeta, has begun. Interestingly, it took Corsica about 9 months to form after the quite quick creation of both Maebaleia and Nautilus in this hemisphere.

And the mainland grid as it stands today, with a completed Gaeta and an as yet unfinished continent to the north of Corsica, even. The still forming Zindra and the spanking new Nascera are not added in, I assume, because of space purposes, both being well to the east and southeast of this central continent cluster respectively.

Another important addition since 05/2008 is the Nautilus City/Blake Sea region, sandwiched between Maebaleia to the south and Nautilus to the north.

To be continued…


Chilbo Needs Korean Channel Needs Sunklands Needs Chilbo… (Reinforced) January 9, 2010

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The highest and lowest of the YEO sims are directly north and south of each other. This would be
Yeolmae (north) and Yeongheungdo south). Yeolmae almost touches northern coast of Jeogeot, just missing by less than 100 meters. Yeongheungdo *just* touches the southern coast of same, with its southeast corner barely extending into the ocean a couple of meters total.

On the below map, positions of these two north-south YEO sims are marked by an A scrabble tile (Yeolmae) and Z scrabble tile (Yeongheungdo). In-between we are able to exactly position the remaining 24 letter tiles of the English alphabet in order, since the two sims in question lie exactly 26 sims apart. In other words, 1 scrabble tile here fills the same space as 1 SL sim. To me, this relationship is meaningful, and equates the whole of Jeogeot (remember these two YEO sims basically mark the exact height of the continent along this vertical line) with our alphabet. Hucka D. has already indicated to me that this Jeogeot-alphabet(-scrabble) melding allows the link to SID’s 1st Oz to be made, with its own 26 individual “tiles”. And to TILE as well for the same reasons, falling back on the old theory that SID can be seen as the same thing as TILE.*

So finding this Jeogeot-alphabet relationship, I started playing around with inserting tiles in other places around the continent. My first thoughts were that perhaps the 5 remaining YEO sims (of 7 total) represent the 5 letters that only have 1 scrabble tile assigned to them due to their relative lack of use in writing in comparison with the others (j, k, q, x, and z). However, in experimenting further I fairly soon discovered what must be the most interesting additional relationship: the fact that the names of the 30 sims of the Korean Channel begin with all but *4* of the alphabet letters, these being c, t, v, and y.*** If we subtract the two sims lying outside the main 14×2 column making up this channel — the very similarly named Darcy’s Cove and Darcy’s Harbor — the weirdness is even tightened a bit more, since the same 22 letters appear out of *28* chances now.

I’ve simply listed out these 28 sims in alphabetic order at the end of this post to further illustrate the oddity. I would also say here that the names of the 3 additional *eastern* sims added to the Jeogeot continent at the same time as the Korean Channel, or the adjacent Quark Star, Preon Star, and the already considerably discussed Mos Ainsley, all begin with letters appearing in the Korean Channel sim names.**

I’ve also italicized the 14 sims names appearing in the left or eastern part of the 14×2 column, while leaving the remaining 14 from the right or western half without italics. This demonstrates perhaps interesting groupings or clusters of sims from each half in the alphalist (perhaps), and also the fact that each column of 14×1 contains 12 unique letters in and of themselves.

Kyat Lun
Kyun Kar

Qui Quon


* Here Hucka D. even states that the only sim removed from Jeogeot at the same time these 33 were added was named SID, although I have no proof of this and really don’t doubt that its just a symbolic gesture anyhoot.

** But I am kind of interested still in the idea of P (Preon Star) and Q (Quark Star) both sharing a border with the more famous Mos Ainsley, knowing about the expression “mind your p’s and q’s”. More on that later, perhaps, or not.

*** Maybe a relationship is implied with the 1-3-6-10 sequence of triangular numbers as outlined here. My thinking is as follows:


Vehicles of Transport, Etc. November 11, 2009

After discovering a most probable link between Hucka D.’s so-called Uniko language and Unicode, Baker Bloch heads back over to the Okinu sim on a hunch, only to encounter, upon beaming in randomly, what looks like a question mark without the completing dot. Wasn’t Hucka D. just talking about the key character string “2E2E” being Unicode for a backwards or reversed question mark? I know it to be so.


More glyphs found that same visit.


Nothing happening yet in the Aotearoa sink. No surprise there, though. Still luving the view in the meantime.


Karoz is still over at Mos Ainsley, attempting to find further clues about the link between Uniko, Petemond and his possible alien origin. Here he’s hiking on the circular ridge surrounding the moon base, looking down the other side, away from the base, at some sea patternings there as well. Without the sharp angles of the quite unique Okino glyphs, though. Still pretty neat.


Also on this visit, Karoz finds an abandoned space shuttle in the waters of nearby Byeulddongbyuel, west of Quark star which is, in turn, just west of Mos Ainsley. Karoz immediately recognized it as a Space Base vehicle which you can freely rez there and ride around. Karoz had also heard stories of people flying the vehicles to the mainland. Apparently this one didn’t quite get there. Karoz was further very pleased to find out, after some adjustments, that he himself could resume the flight of this wayward vehicle, and set out not back to Mos Ainsley to return the ship, but further west instead. His idea: see if he could fly it all the way to Chilbo (!).


Now the first try (yes, there were two that night), he made it about 1/2way to Chilbo from Byeulddongbyuel, still a considerable distance. All was well until he found himself automatically rejected after entering a parcel requiring age verification to continue further. The space ship kept going without him. I assumed it derezzed somewhere along the way as well.


But Karoz had the “bug” by then, and enjoyed the only partially successful flight so much that he immediately returned to the Moon Base of Mos Ainsley itself to rez another, identical shuttle. His idea this time was to make it to the protected Korean Channel and then fly more south to reach Chilbo. He almost reached the channel before something went wrong again: as my computer locked up at that instant I was unable to pinpoint the problem, unlike before.



As I said, though, Karoz had some kind of vehicle bug by then, and also decided that night to head over to the Arcadia Asylum library in Cheonma, not far from Chilbo, and purchase whatever drivable/flyable vehicle he could find, all of which he knew would be absolutely free thanks to AA’s full perms/no-profit policy regarding her many builds. He subsequently went to a rez zone on Highway 10 just north, and after some experiments (forklift, etc.), found what he considered a *perfect* complement to the space shuttle’s look and feel in this simple bike, which you wear and ride instead of sit in and ride. He tested it out all the way to Chilbo and then even beyond a bit. My guess is that you’ll soon find a series of Karoz related posts on a bike tour of the continent in one form or another very soon (!). Unlike my other experiences with vehicles, this one — actually both — turned out to be much more satisfying. I certainly don’t expect the focus to be taken away from SL exploration on foot, but biking/shuttle flying (or whatever comes next) may make for a nice kind of complementary way of exploring. And it’s just a lot of fun, which is the ultimate point, I think.


Then shifting back to ol’ hiking Baker, a new structure was found in the Moa sim of Big Sink last night, but one quite familiar in another setting. For it’s the water part of the water/fire temple from Little Robert Plant Variant’s Nowtown, an exact copy sans the stream of lava and resulting steam when it meets the interior water, it appears. And the yoga place is gone, along with the tent just below it as described in this post from only a couple of weeks ago. Shouldn’t be surprised that SL changes so quickly but I always am for some reason.



Mos Ainsley Revisited, 03 November 8, 2009

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*Then* if that’s not enough, Karoz finds the alien that he looked for before in May upon his first visit, but apparently didn’t look for thoroughly enough. For there it was, just as Baker Bloch photographed it way back in October 08, for a long time his only journey to this now well traveled southernmost of mainland continents. Jeogeot I mean, of course. Karoz is admittedly a little embarrassed for missing this obviously big piece of the puzzle now.


Two terminals again, one with the Petemond code or transmission ending in “2E2E’, and the second, to the right, with the 2 line “Outbound Feed”, once more. In addition, we have two new lines of code on the bigger screen above the two terminals, the top one called “Sequence ID” and the one just below that “Resource Locator.” Additional bits of information on this bigger screen also seem to indicate that the alien is considered humanoid, but of unknown species. Just like Karoz himself, I suppose — he can identify.

*Is* Karoz partly of this same unknown species of alien, supposedly on his mother’s side? He must find out!



And then the last seemingly important find for the night involves this greenhouse of sorts, growing three different types of plants as far as Karoz could tell: tomatoes, some kind of grass…


… and then more toward the back some type of sprouts, it appeared, on three shelves.


Nothing on the middle shelves, though.



Mos Ainsley Revisited, 02

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It took Karoz a bit to re-find the computer room, and to enter he had to rez a cube elsewhere and sit on it while I, his user, physically moved the cube into the room. Doors to it were still locked strangely, but I didn’t try very hard to examine all possible entrances and exits admittedly.

Nice 3rd story view of crater walls entirely encircling the space base.


Close up of one of the 6 terminals in the room. 5 contain this same data line of 112 characters ending with “2E2E” now much discussed elsewhere in this blog. According to the judgment of both Hucka D. and myself, this simply has to be a transmission from Petemond in some way, since he’s also ended two other “transmissions” with phonetic equivalents to “2E2E’, as outlined in this post just above.



The lone terminal of the 6 not containing the “Petemond” data line. This is instead a 2 line stream called “Output Bound”, found on the terminal to the right of the first pictured above, and on the same table facing out toward the crater walls.


The other 2 tables of the room, with 2 similarly placed monitors are against the window-less right and left walls behind the front table.


View of this upper room in relationship to other surrounding, lower structures.


Rrelationship with crater walls…


Mysterious low-res map between the front two terminals of the room. A map of Mos Ainsley itself? Might be.


Here’s a comparison shot.


Karoz lengthens his draw distance to take in the rocks perched on the far wall. Do even the alignment of these rocks in relationship to this room have something to do with Petemond’s message?




Mos Ainsley Revisited, 01

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Well, of course Karoz wanted to revist Mos Ainsley after finding out about the Petemond transmission on computer terminals there, or what certainly *seemed* like Petemond attempting contact.

Some warm up shots of the Space Base before moving to the upper room with the terminals. Also: one more very important terminal was discovered by Karoz this same night… I’ll get to that in part 3 of this series!


A space base shuttle (interior above), that you can apparently get in and drive all the way to the mainland 2 sims north and east, if you want to.




Door can’t be opened — built into wall. Many sealed locks in the base cannot be opened as well. Some can, some can’t.


This one can.





Operating room? A nod to the famous 17 min. alien autopsy film from 1947?




4 Characters… November 6, 2009

“Hucka D., take a look at the last 4 characters of this transmission from a screen at the Mos Ainsley Space Base. This was taken in May by Karoz. Its “2E2E”. *Now…* take a gander at what Petemond said for this blog near the very end of part 18 in mid-August. Here’s the post, and I’ll just cut and paste the quote I’m talking about here, which is the last line he said.

Ickle dickle do de dum don’t da. Weiner eeple to two e two e.

This is the same thing (!) — 2E2E equals “two e two e”. Is the terminal somehow generating the text of what Peter said??? Very interesting coincidence even if not!

And can we speak of the probable relationship between this “coincidence” and the “Ruins in the Woods” exhibit now showing at the Temple of TILE in Aotearoa?”

Hucka D.:

Crabwood has a deeper intensity than Chilbo. Already a debate has occurred between 2 [foundations] about the role of Sunklands in future development. A friendly debate, of course, for this is Chilbo. You are a focus, and through you The Residents… all residents. Of Jeogeot I mean (smiles).

Chilbo has a chance to open up to a quite considerably larger scale. Beef up… up a notch… and so on. You have played a small role in their thinking, mostly unconsciously but there. The powers have decided… well, there’s obviously 2 ways to go. Up or down. “Up” leads to a greater responsibility for Chilbo in a Linden run grid. Chilboans and Lindens will move forward more hand in hand. “Down” leads to increasing isolation for Chilbo, a condensing toward its center and small town perfection. Chilbo will shrink to eventually just Chilbo, and then probably just wink out of existence or turn into something totally new. This is the wave breaking now, baker b. Sunklands plays a small role in this as I said.


What’s this got to do with the transmission on the screen at Mos Ainsley?

Hucka D.:

Go back there…


… Knew you were going to say that.

Hucka D.:

This is a message from Petemond. Petemond came into existence after the death of Peter the rabbit. He was refound. And… that’s not the last time Petemond said that phrase. Check please.


Ok. Yeah, I vaguely remember something else. Later on, when I was considering buying land in the Egg Hill sink of Corsica Prime.



Yes. Found it. This was immediately after the Corsica incident, as it was then called by you seemingly. But that was Peter, not Petemond, although the 2 seem to be 1 and the same.

Babble de boble hop tielly de winkle teu, e teu e.

Hucka D.:



There it’s “teu e teu e”. Phonetically identical, though. And, again, this is the last thing Peter or Petemond said that night. This was still considerably before my move to Aotearoa, so the New Zealand influence couldn’t have been so strong. Speaking of “e”s I have one snapshot to share with you tonight, maybe another in a minute.


Hucka D.:

Black and white; on and off. Karoz stares at the “e” from one direction, Baker Bloch the other. This is also the choice Chilbo faces now. Which way to look at the “E”. Do they look through Karoz’s home body eyes or do they share, in part, Baker Bloch’s more western-type Sunklands vision? The Korean Channel is a division point. Does Noru remain the limit of Greater Chilbo? Karoz is Noru. Karoz is Chilbo. And… what do you do with Karoz now? His fate hangs on the fate of others [as well].



What does this have to do with the “2E2E”?

Hucka D.:

That is a bird. Language of The Birds. Uniko, da.


Why was it on the monitor at Mos Ainsley?

Hucka D.:

Obviously someone is trying to get in touch with you.



I think this has to do with The Residents as well.

Hucka D.:

Plant is unavailable tonight. We better end.


Thank you.


Chilbo & Crabwooton June 9, 2009

The discussion about the 4 maps below has already taken place in this post, as created several days ago. So I’ll refer interested readers there instead of unnecessarily repeating myself here. Scroll down past the 4 maps to get to further explanatory text…

2nd continent larger w chilbo smaller

3rd continent w crabwoo smaller



Inspired by finding the powerful center of Crabwoo, which I’ll review further in a moment, Karoz decides to teleport directly into the center of the Chilbo sim to see what’s there. He encounters a very nice Asian-Indian style relief depicting an elephant and its two riders. For Karoz, this brings to mind the fact that the center of the Malyshkin sim, possible direct parallel to the Chilbo sim in the overall Chilbo-Crabwoo resonation, is on a parcel of land called “Kashmir”, another theme borrowed from the Indian sub-continent. I checked the wikipedia article for this geographic region, and learned that its extent today has been expanded from olden times to include bits of China, India, and Pakistan. Perhaps interestingly, I found, upon subsequently googling information about Asian elephants, that their ancient range was much larger than the present one, and included all the Indian subcontinent right up, it seemed, to Kashimir, but perhaps not including it. So another modern-ancient range variation here, except reversed in respect to each other (smaller to bigger for Kashmir; bigger to smaller for the Asian elephant), and also “touching” each other if time constraints are removed (modern range of Kashmir “touches” ancient range of elephants). This might be a little convoluted, but I’m just recording here the associations I’m having insights about. May mean nothing, but maybe not. My gut feeling, however, is that all this means something and represents true synchronicity. It has something to do with the overall Chilbo-Crabwoo resonation, and reinforces this resonation or this “touching” on another, RL plane this time.


This is the more precisely defined center of the Malyshkin sim and Crabwoo as a whole, apparently, as already described in the earlier post.


A new development, then, has Karoz teleporting inside this large temple skybox in a neighboring parcel to Kashmir. He immediately recognizes the product: it’s the same type that he and Baker Bloch had been looking for somewhere in the Neverov Art Gallery just over the northern boundary of Malyshkin! Could it be the same, exact skybox even?? It seemed unlikely, given that it is in a different sim. On the other hand — lemme check — while standing at the teleporter to the skybox at the center of the parcel, described as a “transworld coaching headquarters”, Baker Bloch can clearly see the Neverov Art Gallery to the northwest within his 96 meter range. In teleporting up to the temple, he finds that the teleporter now in front of him provides a wide range of selections. He discovers that the place Karoz beamed into the other day is called a holodeck.


Going back in time a bit, then, Karoz, when he finds the place, randomly clicks on the globe in front of him. It happens to bring up a map of the eastern hemisphere, with the Indian subcontinent directly in front of him. Again, these little coincidences might not seem much on the surface, but when you add them all together a broader picture is sketch, in my estimation. There’s something very odd going here.


Then to reinforce this strangeness, when Karoz accidentally falls out of the Malyshkin temple skybox, he happens to land right in the middle of two severed parts of one body. Where Karoz is standing below is exactly the point he stood up after the fall. To me, looking at it now, I think this represents a contrast, perhaps, between real reality and virtual reality. In real reality, Karoz, having taken a fall out of 500 meter high structure, would have truthfully become a bloody pulp like our severed friend here, and maybe even broke in two as well. In virtual reality, however, Karoz simply dusts himself off (a trait he shares with Baker Bloch) and continues on as normal.

I also notice that the red blood contrasts with Karoz’s blue-greenness much like the 2 parrots from the Wheeler 09 collage, which Hucka D. has indicated recently represent Chilbo and Crabwoo. Small resonances continually piled on top of each other become not so small after a spell. That is what’s happening in this case.