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News February 5, 2012

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Michael Too may have returned to Blue Mountain. Darnit with a great big, helping spoonful of double darnit if so! That means I may be blocked from [working on] Norris/NORRIS/norris this spring. Deep double duty darnit. Both the wife and I thought we saw him hitchhiking on the road that our house is down on Friday. I’ll know soon enough.

If so, this means I’ll have to focus away from Norris, and luckily I live in a great place with nice big parks so there’s room for others besides me to create their own extensive outdoors mythology and not have it impinge *too* much on my own. It’s more Allen Knob (Norris *and* Whitehead Crossing and more) that will be affected. But maybe it’s not him… or he’s not really back. If so, though, Big News. I do not have The Freedom any longer. Not completely. Not at all completely.

I think this deserves a separate post from Second Life material.

What are the options if he returns, and even if that wasn’t him and we were both hallucinating or sumtin, he *could* return. He lived in that park for at least 4 years before disappearing this past summer/fall. The focus may shift to Quartz Brook. Maybe Secret Creek in Frank Park (Secreek). Maybe even the Trident Creeks region in far western Frank. Maybe Granddaddy Mountain (probably not — focus should remain in Frank and Herman Parks[, baby]).

I’m thinking of creating a new web site, and including the wife’s travelogue about her journey to England in 2010 with our mutual best friend. Along with this will be a site about “Baker Bloch in England” (my avatar’s journey to same, with some of the same locations involved, even), and also two sections, likewise taken from the Baker Blinker Blog, about the creation and flow of the Wheeler-Jasper series, the last in the “Collage 10×10”.

Parallels to the Paradox site:

Floydada (about Greenup series, beg of 10×10) par. Wheeler-Jasper section of blog (about Wheeler-Jasper series, end of 10×10) name of latter: “Baker’s Dozen”?

Edna’s Britain travelogue par. Edna’s Queer Eye stories.

Baker Bloch in England — no par.?

SID’s 1st Oz interview with Booker T. par. Oz/Floyd Paradox Interview?

Where are we on that?

Name of series is yet to be determined. Since all is England influenced, I suppose it could include the name Britain. “Britain, Britain, Britain”?