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Wealthy Mtn. Again (For the Last Time in A While… Or Not) October 22, 2011

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This particular, beautiful autumn day, of which there have been many lately, took me to the headwaters of a stream tumbling in a southwesterly direction off Wealthy Mtn., as yet unnamed but known by me for a very long time. Just above what seems to be the spring source of the stream, at a larger rock, there appears clear evidence of stone stacking at some unknown, past date. More avatar activity?

And on the ridge just above this we have what I’m now calling Michael Too, the campsite of the person with the same moniker, actually. Confusing I know — maybe I’ll change the name of one or the other soon enough. In a post from about a month ago, I’ve already discussed the initial finding of this campsite, a discovery that has become elevated in importance for sure with what I later uncovered in nearby Dongoba in Frank Park. More on all that in considerable detail coming up (!)

Looking toward the campsite from near the base of the dead tree pictured above.

Hucka Doobie, in toy avatar form, photographed with a curiously yellow crystal in this light, from the center of the rock table in the compound. Hmmm… yellow with yellow.

4 dead batteries were found at the base of the similarly dead tree mentioned above. 6 dead batteries are now located in Tinsity, making another 2:3 relationship (reduced from 4:6). This, I believe, is another, synchronistic manifestation of Michael *Too* in relation to Wallace*3* of Tinsity, and the implications of shifting from 22 (or 222) to 23 (or 223). This has also been attached, more recently, to the shifting of Wheeler, 2, into Wilson, 3, with the basic idea being that I am Wilson, at least in potentia.

Nearby, curiously square shaped rock. There are many such curiously shaped rocks on Wealthy Mtn. and in the surrounding region.

An almost tame deer was spotted on the way back down the mountain.

More interesting rocks further down the mountain, in a small, steep valley on its south side not before visited by me, I don’t believe. Many new finds have occurred in the past several weeks, including the newest and probably even the most significant one: Dongoba. Sorry Tinsity, Michael Too, and Brook Too; you’re fantastic places as well!


Too>Three October 20, 2011

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Hucka D., I went to the public library today and found a Bones DVD with the episode The Man with the Bone. Thought it significant, so returned with the wife after work only to find that someone else had rented it out.

Hucka D.:

Wallace[3] does not want you to find that yet.


So I rented 5 DVDs, the max at one time, with Bones not included among them.

Hucka D.:

What replaced it? Might be important.


Umm, not Singing in the Rain. Not Mr. Bean. Not Grapes of Wrath. Not Stonereader.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Stonereader. Mossman.


Maybe. But I’m thinking of [pause] nah, it’s not that other one.

Hucka D.:

You were going to ask of Wealthy Mtn. and Oz and The Portal. The Portal was opened by Lisa the Super Rich Vegetarian at The Aisle on Quartz Brook. She projected Her Self There as a Golden One. It is like the Black Lodge ‘cept it’s not. When she did this — projection — Tinsity became a part of the Oz Globe but within The Moon. That’s why Wallace3 was there, similarly from The Moon of Jeogeot. In this way, Oz and Jeogeot coordinate.



Hucka D.:

What of Michael Too and Brook Too?


Er, I don’t know. (pause)

Hucka D.:

You must find out.



Hucka D.:

To get to Three you must pass through Too.


Maybe I should find the Ethopian woman writer/diarist he spoke of.

Hucka D.:

What else?


Visit the other campsite. Michael One (?)

Hucka D.:

No one else really cares[ that much] about Michael. He has been quarantined. (pause)


Did he…

Hucka D. (quickly):



He knew the magic of Lost Valley as well, then.

Hucka D.:

Absolutely. He spoke to spirits. Through the quartz, through the crystals.


But we should call him Michael Too.

Hucka D.:

Michael Brooks is the patron spirit of Wealthy Mtn., along with Lisa of course.

bb (after googling “Michael Brooks”):

So that should be his name.

Hucka D.:

Mike Brooks.


This is pre-blog info but also post-blog. Now.

Hucka D. (continuing):

Michael Brooks The Second.


What is the mystery of Lost Valley?

Hucka D.:

Hidden treasure. Out of inner city pressure.


Well I’ll be. New listing, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

All up in the air right now. A New Guy ghost deal-i-o.

bb (thinking back):

Michael Brooks, eh?

Hucka D.:

Grounded. Gold. Yellow. Grounded.


So that would be Skillet. Skillet Swamp, the [same as the] monster which guards the Gold.

Hucka D.:

These Too are One.


Oh, and that’s yet another source of the NEW (!)

Hucka D.:

New Guy, yeah. Needs to be taken to The River.


Who is Shark, then?

Hucka D.:

Society. Insanity. Inciety. Inner City. Pressure.


The thing that kills, that saps the life force.

Hucka D.:

The Black Behind. Sucking everything. There is nothing but.


‘Cept it’s not.

223. OMG, that’s the width of the image! AND, it’s 2.23 KB in size (!!). How is that possible?



Herman Park October 19, 2011

FINALLY, a map of Herman Park showing all these fabulous locations I’ve talked about in this blog for years now. Included are the recently mentioned Wealthy Mtn. locations of

Tinsity/Green Oz Creek
Quartz Brook
Michael Too (Abandoned? Campsite)
BROOK TOO or Brook Too
Lost Valley (BROOK flows through here)

Also included are the historic locations on CREEK or TILE Creek, including Hand Spring (source of TILE Creek), New Hope, Jonesborough, Meeting Rock, 1st Tree/Great Meadow, and Drink Lake.

Other shown locations, featured in their own blog sub-categories, are Gnirps/Fox Brook (far right) and STREAM (top), both on or very near limits of the park.

Frank and Herman Park crop up in many creative guises, including the Newton series collage “Frank and Herman, Einstein!” (also known as “Charles, Currier and, Burl”).

The flat top of Herman Munster’s head represents a particularly clear borrowing. The lightning bolt shaped scar on his head may also symboliz TILE Creek itself, from Hand Spring high up on Yards Mtn. to Drink Lake bordering the town of Boulder. Then again, maybe not. At any rate, it’s obvious that *Frank*enstein stands in for Herman’s immediate and similar-sized neighbor to the west, Frank Park. Is Einstein, then, Boulder to their south?

Distance between Yards Mtn. and Wealthy Mtn. on this map, the 2 major peaks within the park, is about 1 1/2 miles.


Pietmond > Wealthy Mtn. October 17, 2011

Still digging Pietmond, of course. Working slowly on Galactic Gallery, aiming for an opening within the month. Need to still work on some of the notecards groundside.

Another great hiking day in these here mountains, and, again, accomplished mainly on Wealthy Mtn., a focus spot this fall. Tinsity will obviously remain the highlight find, but I’m checking out all sides. Some samples shots from today below.

This particular one is on a stream tumbling off Wealthy Mountain from the other side of Green Oz Creek that, for some reason, I don’t believe I’ve ever visited until today. Amazing place, and the big discovery of this particular day. It’s a tributary or perhaps even a fork of what I’ve called BROOK in various places in this blog, which resides in the Lost Valley north of Wealthy Mtn. Rhododendron stopped progress in heading further downstream, but still quite a bit of the brook, starting at the source high on Wealthy Mtn., remains in relatively open woods, with the main problem in access being the pretty steep descent into this side of the Lost Valley.*

Outside of travelling around the lip of the thing, this represents my first foray into Lost Valley this particular fall. The majority of the valley will always remain inaccesible because of thick rhododendron.

A somewhat more remote meadow nearer the top of Wealthy Mtn. Again, I can’t remember walking down in this particular direction of Wealthy Mtn. for at least years and years.

Looking back toward the top through the dying or now dead weeds.

Same meadow looking west to east.

Glistening, sunlit rocks in open forest near meadow, next to a tributary of Green Oz Creek actually.

Flat, greener land near bottom of same meadow, perhaps a future camping site of sorts. Should I even give it a name?

I’ve decided to take another day off of work tomorrow for more autumn hiking. Can you guess where I plan to go? 🙂


* Hucka D. later indicated that this particular creek is “Brook 2”, which shortly turned into a new name of “Brook Too” to match “Michael Too” just on the other side of the ridge. More on Michael Too soon enough.


Wealthy Mtn.: Green Oz Creek: Tinsity 03 October 10, 2011

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Bank just below what would have been the center of downtown Tinsity in olden days. Rumor has it — actually Hucka D. says this again — that Tin Man walked from his castle to his downtown office every day through the, more often than not, mucky land between, with ascent of this hill the only guarantee of relief. Hucka D. states this was a ritual that served the Tin Man well in leading the community. More on this: Hucka also relays to me that the castle predates the city, and… well, I’ll save more of that when Hucka D. and I have a chance to chat again. Maybe tonight.

Looking from the center of Tinsity toward Skillet Swamp.

The old Battery Park, with batteries still in place. These 4 batteries, a couple with two energetic children, could be said to represent the only current tenants of Tinsity, although they remain mostly in an inanimate stasis or something like that. I had to leave a piece of paper behind from the day before, which then disappeared sometime before the next day’s visit. This was how I first became aware that they were conscious beings, with a narrow but distinct band of communication then possible. One could say they were ghosts of sorts — more on that soon enough.

The region called Bones, which, well, contains a good number of actual bones, cow variety I believe. It is here that Hucka D. claims Tinsity’s version of a Money Pit was dug, with the idea of trapping Abbadon when it next attacked the city, which was called not Tinsity or Tin City but Gold at the time. Again in Hucka-speak. 🙂

The biggest, meanest bone. Probably not coincidence in all this that Abbadon was often referred to as being “bad to the bone.”

Barrier Tree formerly acting as a divider between civilized and well lighted Tinsity and Wallace from spooky Bones and the pit region. More on Wallace just below. More on Bones soon as well.

White-ish beach separating Muck Bay from Green Oz Creek. We are now in Wallace, which is just north of Tinsity but still a separate, former community. Wallace is named after Wallace3, the alien who, again in Hucka-speak, actually invited Tin Man to live in the area, or at least talked him into building a holiday castle there. I believe Hucka has even hinted that Tin S. Man and Wallace3 were the *only* inhabitants of their respective, namesake towns. How is this possible, however?

Barrier Tree again, with Muck Bay in the immediate foreground.

This was also a part of Wallace.

Wallace existed very near the two present sinkholes already discussed here in the Baker Blinker Blog (foreground again).

And Wallace3’s humble hump-home was even nearer. Perhaps he drew some kind of energy from these holes?

Looking across Skillet Swamp from the opposite direction this time, and toward Tinsity.

Nearby Chigger Grass Meadow on a beautiful autumn day in the mountains.


Wealthy Mtn.: Green Oz Creek: Tinsity 02

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The next day I went to the Tinsity area again to take more pictures. Deepening mythology there! Below is Skillet Swamp again (originally called Squirrel Swamp on this blog) from the general direction of Tinsity, or from south to north basically. Hard to see, but there’s an odd, ball shape topped plant in the middle of it which I couldn’t quite resolve with my vision. Seems meaningful, again, but the region appears packed full of such things.

The peninsula of Tinsity, with Tin S. Man’s former castle near the tip. Green Oz Creek is to the left, and small tributary Olive Branch is to the right. The city, which no longer exists of course, would lie more in the foreground. It might be possible to perhaps re-create the community to a limited extent, however.

Dirt banks defining the limit between habitable city above and undwellable muck below, with Olive Branch to the right again. To remind, Olive Branch represents the main drain from Skillet Swamp back into Green Oz Creek, where they conjoin at Tinsity.

As yet unnamed rock strewn island to to the immediate east of Tinsity, within the Green Oz Creek. May have even been inside official city boundaries at one time. The island is perhaps 10 feet long. Tinsity citizens actually lived there?

Closeup of Tin S. Man’s castle, with the two entrance holes. Rumored to actually be more aligned with Dark Space than Tinsity, a myth Tin S. Man helped dispel. Or enhance — still hard to tell currently.

Looking across the top of what remains of the castle toward the old heart of Tinsity.

Looking from the castle toward the epicenter of Dark Space. It’s *right* next to it as you can see, if not inside. Once more, I’m not quite sure yet. Maybe 1/2 and 1/2; little of both.

Close up of main entrance to the castle. The other, lower hole leads to the basement, perhaps a dungeon in correct castle order.

Shrubbery Hucka D. states was planted by Tin S. Man himself beside the castle. Doubtful?

Back of the castle. No entrance possible from this direction?


Wealthy Mtn.: Green Oz Creek: Tinsity October 9, 2011

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These 2 small sinkholes perhaps mark the beginning of Tinsity on Green Oz Creek, coming just before Dark Space is encountered in moving from Upper to Lower Green Oz. Hucka D. is claiming that Tinsity was an community of ancient origin, and the neighboring stream emptying out of Squirrel Swamp (Olive Branch) was the original TILE Creek. Incredible if so!

Green Oz Creek just in front of the sinkholes.

Evidence of ancient walls bordering the creek here. Believe it!

Muck hole near the center of what was once Tinsity. I’ll have to ask Hucka D. if this was also around in ancient days. At any rate, I think he wants to talk about the mucky quality, and point out some benefits of this in terms of scrying. Can’t wait.

Water spilling over a log on Olive Branch. Again, Hucka D. is claiming this small tributary of Green Oz Creek emptying from Squirrel Swamp is perhaps the original TILE Creek. He’s also stated this little falls was present in ancient Tinsity. Interesting.

More interesting, currently, is the presence of a number of bones nearby. Is the falls, then, Bones Falls or Bones Drop? Just Bones?

Olive Branch meets Green Oz Creek right at the start of the Dark Space separating upper and lower Green Oz.

A look back up Green Oz Creek from near this conjunction.

The mucky pool in respect to Green Oz Creek. Positioned exactly between the two is a small beach of white-ish pebbles, making a marked contrast with the murky surface of the pool.

Such a beautiful day on Wealthy Mtn.!


Wealthy Mtn., 05: Quartz Brook October 8, 2011

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Moving along the same carriage road, in the main, and reaching the field containing the head of Quartz Brook in only a couple of minutes. Green Oz can almost be said to border the Quartz Brook region, or at least their drainage basins are adjacent.

Tree sans leaves near source of Quartz Brook.

Shot of setting sun from a bank above Quartz Brook, moving back down Wealthy Mtn. toward the car again. I brought my flashlight just in case darkness caught up with me before reaching it.

Grassy area alongside Quartz Brook. I’ll have more to say about this whole area soon enough. Complicated topography.

There’s the odd oval of grass again.

Amazing, golden sunset light illuminating The Aisle and nothing else in the immediate area. I felt it had to be a sign of some sort. “You’ve got the right place, bud.”?

Center of The Aisle.

Projecting My Self back into The Aisle.

Eyeball Rocks watch as I leave the Quartz Brook valley and dive into the rhododendron again, quickly making my way down to the car in the dimming light.


Wealthy Mtn., 04: Green Oz Creek

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Other side of the creek now.

Still following the meadows, which extend along this side of Green Oz Creek all the way back to the top of Green Oz in Greenup.

Pile of rocks — unnamed as yet. Still in Yellow Down while taking this picture.

Greenup now, having moved past Dark Space once more.

Top of Greenup (and Green Oz), making my way back into the woods finally.

Looking back toward the rock already pictured here (6th photo down) from the looping carriage road marking the northern limit of Green Oz — and east and west for that matter. Nice.


Wealthy Mtn., 03: Green Oz Creek

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Emerging from Brownie or Dark Space into Yellow Down, the lower part of Green Oz. Brownie/Dark Space and also Green Oz Creek (just below and out of sight) dead ahead.

Barrel in creek — or is it an ancient and derelict Yellow Down ship of some sort?

The highest cascade on Green Oz Creek within Green Oz itself. Also currently unnamed (Yd Falls?).

Pool below cascade.

Cascade from more of a distance.

A smaller drop in Green Oz Creek just below, with larger rock in background.

But this is perhaps the largest rock in Green Oz, maybe 20 feet long and just up the hill from the creek. Another as yet unnamed landmark.

Crazy ass bush more toward the lower limit of Yellow Down and Green Oz as a whole.

The lower limit itself, where I jump across the creek and move into the meadowed area to the east.