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Bloched. May 23, 2011

“So that’s what Blue Feather planned, although it’s gone awry.”


Thanks for that info, Hucka D. Our typeset seems to have shrunk over the weekend. Change in this way is bad. I feel like I’m sitting twice as far from the computer as before. Not as intimate. Like I’m whispering to you instead of talking to you. Do you feel it[ as well]?

Hucka D.:

You hold on please…



There. Interesting.

Hucka D.:

Now we’re full screen.


Perhaps *more* intimate now (!)

Hucka D.:

Change is sometimes good.


What were we talking about? Oh, Ragitoo. Obviously, I think, I’ve found the precise location. Or very close.

Hucka D.:

Blue Feather [Douglas]was attempting to trick you into buying the Fyre Maven land. But you fortunately resisted. Now is not the time to restore the premium account. Blue Feather wanted to take over the story of Little Robert Plant variant from the root[ as it were]. You have limited him to Crabwoo now.


We’re out of full screen now. And… we’re back.

Hucka D.:

Karoz, whose *granddaddy* after all is Blue Feather himself in a way, was designed to safely hike that mountain. He thought it would result in penetration of the mysteries of Rubidoo.* Instead it turned out to be Ragitoo, on the next stream over to the west. We can’t say the actual name of the stream here, but it is known.


Yes, this seems to be the heart of the mystery of that mountain and that village. Not only was Karoz designed to safely walk Granddaddy to not destroy vegetation and disturb wildlife but also to keep safe, like not falling off slippery rocks (!) Didn’t think about that “safely” part before.

Hucka D.:

It is the siren’s lure of the mountain. Come further up the stream, closer to the source. Waterfalls are even prettier up the next rocks. Come up, come up!


Is Blue Feather Douglas then satisfied?

Hucka D.:

No. You have blocked him into Maebaleia. He wishes to be free and go to Jeogeot. He wants freedom from the entrapping moon. Jeogeot’s moon, Mos Ainsley, is a part of the mainland itself. Maebaleia’s moon, The Moon, has been separated from that continent and the mainland. This was as designed.


By Gypsy… Blue Feather’s daughter; Karoz’s mother.

Hucka D.:

Yes. She took the mate of Biggie and secured him in her Sea of Despair, then the Sea of Tranquility and still guided by the Neil spirit. First man. She took you as well.


I’m not precisely understanding. Was Karoz born in Crabwoo? I’m guessing no.

Hucka D.:

Karoz was born on The Moon. He is the son of Gene Fade, the actor who plays Mossman in the Salad Bar Jack adventure movies. He is the son of Gypsy Purse, who also plays in those type of movies. Biggie 2 was brought to him as a sort of pet.


Were the 2 Biggies like the “E” and the “Schwa”?

Hucka D.:

That is correct. Front and back of one archetype.


Are they Maebaleia and Jeogeot themselves?

Hucka D. (after a pause):

That is correct.


Are they male and female?

Hucka D.:

Natha Neil was brought in to build a ship, since he was a builder of such and fairly good at it. Or available anyway. Just joking. He designed the Arab which might be the same as the Barracuda. But then again that might just be code for the two fish. Front and back again.


Let’s see: Barracuda on The Moon of Maebaleia, and Arab when it reaches Mos Ainsley of Jeogeot (?)

Hucka D. (after another pause):



Very interesting… an angle I hadn’t thought of before. The Arab created Jeogeot itself?

Hucka D.:



So it was designed as a correction…

Hucka D.:

So Blue Feather couldn’t get to it. He was banned from Jeogeot. He was stuck on the Dark Side of The Moon.


* See these posts for more investigation of Rubidoo:


Wilsons. May 10, 2011

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“Hucka D., I believe the Russian Matrix may *be* the Rabbit Hole of Jeogeot-Maebaleia. The older, pre-Linden version I mean.”

Hucka D.:

That might be correct.


*Did* Blue Feather Douglas simply just find the Rabbit Hole in that location and then used it to…

Hucka D.:



Does it have to do with the same type of pipe affixed to the Edwardston Station Gallery now? Which, after all, is also a symbol of this same Jeogeot-Maebaleia Rabbit Hole.

Hucka D.:

Why are floors 2 and 5 only half filled so that this Rabbit Hole exhibit could be set up?


Well, Rose Hill and Hidalgo on those two floors[ respectively] are only composed of 10 collages and not the 20 of all other floors [1, 3, 4, 6].

Hucka D.:

It was designed that way.


This slow internet connection is really starting to bother me, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

And the heat. The cats can tell. They’re becoming more active now.


Crabwoo active.

Hucka D.:

About the Rabbit Hole: it links Blackmount to Ulyanovysk Oblast. *Use* to, since the Ulyanovysk Oblast side is sealed up now. But not when I first found it.


But not when *I* first found it.

Hucka D.:

We seemed to have spoken each others words there for a couple of lines.


Curious. I think we may still be doing it.


I was born there, in Ulyanovysk Oblast. White on White Gallery. Have you been back, Baker Beach?


Not recently. Thanks for showing up tonight. (pause) Hold on, please…



Sorry for the delay. I was just popping into SL to check to see if the White on White Gallery was still there in U. Oblast. Apparently it isn’t any longer.


It moved when the hole completely sealed up. It comes with the hole.


Do *you* come with the hole?



Hucka D.:

Remember we went into his world a long, long time ago. 30 years ago?


Try 3, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Bee years are shorter than human years.


I am the red pill. Deeper into the Rabbit Hole. You do not exit and go back to your safe Jeogeot. You have swallowed the bitter drug.


Crabwoo is the most important location in SL.

Hucka D.:

It was because of the university. Blue Feather Douglas was a large part of the story but not the whole story.


Well I know Peter SoSo and also Karoz were there. Peter went there to study with Blue Feather, but he was already becoming absorbed in the study of TILE and not university matters. Karoz probably just followed Peter to Crabwoo.

Hucka D.:

Karoz went to study TILE. Peter went to study Law. There was overlap, though: The Curse Course and the excursion to The Moon of Maebaleia and the meeting of Gypsy Purse. Gypsy had the other Biggie Fish, set loose in the Sea of Tranquility. Maybe even Natha Neil was there. The Eagle has landed Natha Neil.


He was a shipbuilder, after all. More than just a builder of ships, then.

Hucka D.:

He was building the Barracuda, which is also known as The Arab or Foreign One or 4orrin1.


I know that it could be as big as a Red Zeppelin, but could also shrink to the size of the Joplin Sphere. Same red textured surface, though.

Hucka D.:

This same sphere existed in the center of Big Sink. Causer of holes, the Vortextra hole in particular?


I don’t know.

Hucka D.:

Neither do I. What do we know about the Joplin Sphere/Barracuda?


We know now that it came from Maebaleia, specifically The Moon sim, or better the Sea of — hold on once more (pause)

Well, certainly the island shaped like a Big E in the Sea of *Despair* sim has long since been transformed. There’s still an island there[ see above picture].

Hucka D.:

You should send Karoz back to Gelsomina.


As I am checking through Baker Bloch now, Hucka D., Gelsomina seems to be a banned sim — no public access possible. Karoz will not be able to return.

Hucka D.:

Same as before. He came back, he was not allowed in. The Wilsons had moved on.


I think it also has to do with the ugly word jello — gel or gelatin. Like Green Jelly or Jello.

Hucka D.:

You agree to leave the green, the hole, alone for now. Make a pact with Klutzy. That is the answer until [delete name] shows back up.


Like putting a fence around it, then. Ban lines — fence.

Hucka D.:

You have to.




Black, White, Red [All Over]? November 19, 2009

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Loose thoughts before perhaps bringing in Hucka D.:

The “E” shaped island in the Sea of Despair certainly means something. Gypsy Triplicate (as we’ll call the Collective Gypsy from The Moon who may be the same or an aspect of Karoz’s mother) may have practiced TILE, maybe as a counter to what her father was doing in Maebaleia at Crabwoo. She had the “Big E”, somehow (or “Big Schwa”).

What the heck. “Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

Present. She was a TILEist. Titlest. She had the ball, er, cube.


Joplin Ball?



She had a blimp? Zeppelin?

Hucka D.:

It was called The Arab. Or Barracuda. Barracuda, I believe. Yes.

Hucka D.:

These are your gypsy sisters, baker b.


I see (!)

Hucka D.:

So there you have it. The gypsy sisters had a Zeppelin that was actually a Barracuda, which was then condensed as a Joplin Ball/Sphere and sent to Jeogeot. Why?


They had something to hide and they wanted to “Rock It?” [dunno]

Hucka D.:

Think. Think.


They had a ship… Barracuda. But it wasn’t a Zeppelin but it contained the Joplin Ball which could be unfolded as a Redd Zepppelin. The ball was the same as a Titlest… TILEist. Woods.

Hucka D.:

So it wasn’t The Arab here. It was the Barracuda.


Newton 09 and Jasper 09.

Hucka D.:



Should we talk to [The Wilsons] as variants?

Hucka D.:

No. Plant will do for now. And Marty. And a dash of Lemon to liven up the Salad.


But this is what it means. The Wilsons. Maybe Wilsonia? [who has been called just Wilson, after all]

Hucka D.:

You can go ahead and tell Gypsy this. And you can return to The Moon and Gelsomina if you wish. Don’t be afraid. Through Karoz, I mean.


Thank you.


The Moon Redux, 03 November 12, 2009

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Some maps of the adjacent sims of The Moon, Sea of Despair, and Gelsomina, the first depicting them in isolation, and then the second showing their relationship with the nearby southern tip of the Maebaleia continent. I thought it important to show the second because this proximity figures into Hucka D.’s story of how he (or his father?) owned both Jeogeot and Maebaleia, but not The Moon and attached sims, which he calls “holdouts”. I’m sure I’ll be speaking more of that interesting side story soon.

And just a note about that “E” shaped island: Turns out it is about 50 meters long top to bottom, or about the same length of Karoz’s “Big E” (or “Big Schwa”). Now my thinking is that this cannot be a chance occurrence, and that the two have to be directly related now. So I’ll also definitely have more things to say about this as well, perhaps tying it to the holdout status of the Moon complex mentioned just above (I think it might have something to do with TILE, just to wet your appetite a bit).*

Reminder: no islands were in the Sea of Despair during Karoz’s first visit.



Karoz on the western tip of the “E” shaped island looking north. The top of a sailing ship appears over the far side of the island in front of Karoz, not visited at the time. However, as Baker Bloch is checking behind Karoz today, he finds the ship is called “Blackspot – the Sloop Raven”, a totally empty galley with no further clues, seemingly, of the nature of the former crew members.


From his same position, Karoz turns around in his tracks to look back at The Moon and the tower with the dragon mentioned before.


Taking a closer look at that rusty lamp and post.


Relaxing inside a nice “Canal Narrowboat” moored off the southern coast of the main Gelsomina island, not far from the empty sailing ship.


Tiles beside the wood stove within. Birds, ships, flowers and, yes, bunnies, hehe.


Another object — a leaning plank of wood, it appears, both created and owned by Wiseold Sage. Like the small configuration of standing rocks just to its north, it lies on the highest plateau of the island. Also on this plateau, besides several giant trees and some smaller trees, are perhaps mysterious rock floors partially protruding from the ground, again owned/created by Wiseold Sage. Remnants of a building that use to sit on this plateau?


View into the 2 giant trees of the plateau, called “Emerald Forest Mega” in their descriptions. The higher of the two is kind of leaning into the other, with a small stone walkway separating the two on the ground. The walkway leads to a viewing platform just to their north.


Before leaving this night, Karoz decides to take another look at the Crooked House to see if anything has changed over there in the meantime.


But in doing so, he notices that two avatars have come to the island, apparently looking for *him*. He is scared. He is also trapped way up in the top of the house, with no easy and quick way down because of the ladders.

From his position, however, he is able to take snapshots of the two obviously investigating avatars. One happens to be Gypsy Dejavu, the very same Gypsy that owns the island. He is thrilled (!), but also too shy to make his presence immediately known. He hids out in the tower of Crooked House, then, waiting for them to leave. But they don’t — they silently stand on the island scouting around, Gypsy just underneath him, and what turned out to be a family member just to the south. The snapshot below takes in both of ’em, with Gypsy more to the front.


Karoz in his unanticipated hiding spot, anxiously waiting for the Gypsy and her mate to leave the island. Didn’t happen.


Well… what *did* happen? I hear the reader asking with baited breath. The two finally called to Karoz saying they see him up there (which I halfway doubt), and that they just stopped by to say “hello”. Well, that friendly overture was all Karoz needed to joyfully bound down the ladders into lower rooms, where he met Gypsy and the equivalent to her sister in the main room of the house.

I won’t bore the reader with all that was discussed, but Karoz effectively recounted how he found The Moon sim through the “gypsy purse” on Otherland Islands (Gypsy certainly remembered living there!), and also slyly asked if Gypsy knew of other moss beings like himself (thinking, of course, of his father Gene Fade, who Hucka D. has claimed lived on this very island, and perhaps was the mate of this very same woman who stood before him!). Karoz ended up making authentic friends with the both of ’em, to his great satisfaction, and stated that when they *do* have a party at the caravan scene (Gypsy explained that they were hoping to have such a gathering soon), to *please* invite him, and to not forget. He also volunteered to wear a different shirt, although, after Gypsy and friend offered to help him shop for a different skin (I think), he explains he cannot change his moss texture, and then tacked on the word “unfortunately,” which I think induced a laugh or two. AND, let’s not forget that Hucka D. has also claimed this Gypsy Moon might be the MOTHER of Karoz. Had he truly just had the incredible privilege to befriend his own mother???

I personally think Hucka D. will clarify this comment later on. I believe that “Gypsy Moon” is, in a way, Karoz’s mother, true enough, although if you asked her point blank about Gene Fade, she wouldn’t recall a thing, and for a good enough reason. Karoz’s mother is somehow a blend of this Gypsy and also the alien creature found on Mos Ainsley, likewise the “moon” of Jeogeot, as The Moon is the actual moon or satellite sim of Maebaelia (again, in Hucka D.-speak). There is some unspoken, unexplored, and un*folded* dimension between these two, um, extremes, involving the whole of what is going on (the “spin” of the 2 continents in question, associated in this blog with the Taijiu).

Anyway, Karoz is very much looking forward to the promised gypsy party on The Moon!


* I also think Fellini’s film La strada, starring Giulietta Masina as Gelsomina, plays a part in this overall story.


The Moon Redux, 02

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Right on the northern edge of the Sea of Despair sim is found this rusty lantern on post, created and owned by Wisold Sage. I noticed he (or she) has a created a number of other objects or structures on Gelsomina. You can actually buy this isolated object, but I thought the price was a little steep: L$250. Thought about the similarly “stranded” purse and other objects from Cooper’s Island, and had the idea that, similarly, this post and its position might mean something in the long run. So I decided to include a picture of it here.


The two largest islands of the several in the Sea of Despair separating Gelsomina from The Moon appear in the below picture. Karoz is standing on the somewhat larger of the two, perhaps suspiciously shaped like a capital “E” (see here and here). The rusty lantern/post appears to the left of the ship in the background.


Interesting shells on the floor of the Sea of Despair.


A small, barren island separating the two largest islands of the sea mentioned before. No objects whatsoever on any of these islands, not even vegetation.


Then it’s on to Gelsomina, where Karoz reinspects the cave at the southeast corner of the large island of the sim, taking up about 80 per cent of its landmass. The grave topped by the celtic cross found in May still lies within. Person or persons buried there: unknown.



This cave notwithstanding, Gelsomina, like The Moon sim, had changed considerably since Karoz’s first visit in May. Like the addition of this “Red And Gold Moroccan Tent” near the center of the island.


And then actually here’s another unchanged object, seemingly: what’s called the “Crooked House” tucked in the northwest corner of the sim, on a smaller, mountainous island. Karoz would be visiting this house in a moment, with more adventures in store for him!


Top of the island, with a Stonehenge-ish configuration of standing stones.




The Moon Redux, 01

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Since Karoz revisited Mos Ainsley, the “moon” of Jeogeot, and found so much there, it was only logical that he should follow this up with a visit to the likewise satellite of Maebaleia, the sim actually called The Moon, and also first visited in May like Mos Ainsley. Once again, he wasn’t disappointed. Not in the least! For it was to be this night that Karoz actually met Gypsy, if not Gypsy Purse then perhaps the next closest thing, we’ll say.

Below Karoz sits in a comfy chair in the main store on the island, selling “Boho Vintage Retro Clothing” and owned by the Califuria group.


The island that is basically the same as The Moon sim had changed much since Karoz’s intial visit in May. The store perhaps not as much, but almost everything else. Like this caravan of gypsy wagons that certainly wasn’t around the first time, and which has apparently hogged up so much of the homestead sim’s prim allotment (was it even a homestead sim before? Probably so — just didn’t recognize it as such, then) that most else had to go.


Details of a sink within one of the caravans Karoz found worthy of a snapshot.


The inevitable deck of tarot cards, with soothsayer crystal ball here as added divination option.


Details of some objects in the general area…




At least the proximate sailor’s wagon and gypsy wagon are still here on the island’s south beach, although the cave behind them with its interesting pool is no more. Also gone is the rock rimmed goddess portal from the former visit — lots has changed, as I said.



Karoz doesn’t remember this dragon and tower either, but it may just be a faulty memory. Much has been seen and done in this virtual world since May even (!)


Karoz looks out with the dragon across a sim called the Sea of Despair, with added islands now. Actually, I think before it had no islands.


More adventures ahead!


Chilbo & Crabwooton June 9, 2009

The discussion about the 4 maps below has already taken place in this post, as created several days ago. So I’ll refer interested readers there instead of unnecessarily repeating myself here. Scroll down past the 4 maps to get to further explanatory text…

2nd continent larger w chilbo smaller

3rd continent w crabwoo smaller



Inspired by finding the powerful center of Crabwoo, which I’ll review further in a moment, Karoz decides to teleport directly into the center of the Chilbo sim to see what’s there. He encounters a very nice Asian-Indian style relief depicting an elephant and its two riders. For Karoz, this brings to mind the fact that the center of the Malyshkin sim, possible direct parallel to the Chilbo sim in the overall Chilbo-Crabwoo resonation, is on a parcel of land called “Kashmir”, another theme borrowed from the Indian sub-continent. I checked the wikipedia article for this geographic region, and learned that its extent today has been expanded from olden times to include bits of China, India, and Pakistan. Perhaps interestingly, I found, upon subsequently googling information about Asian elephants, that their ancient range was much larger than the present one, and included all the Indian subcontinent right up, it seemed, to Kashimir, but perhaps not including it. So another modern-ancient range variation here, except reversed in respect to each other (smaller to bigger for Kashmir; bigger to smaller for the Asian elephant), and also “touching” each other if time constraints are removed (modern range of Kashmir “touches” ancient range of elephants). This might be a little convoluted, but I’m just recording here the associations I’m having insights about. May mean nothing, but maybe not. My gut feeling, however, is that all this means something and represents true synchronicity. It has something to do with the overall Chilbo-Crabwoo resonation, and reinforces this resonation or this “touching” on another, RL plane this time.


This is the more precisely defined center of the Malyshkin sim and Crabwoo as a whole, apparently, as already described in the earlier post.


A new development, then, has Karoz teleporting inside this large temple skybox in a neighboring parcel to Kashmir. He immediately recognizes the product: it’s the same type that he and Baker Bloch had been looking for somewhere in the Neverov Art Gallery just over the northern boundary of Malyshkin! Could it be the same, exact skybox even?? It seemed unlikely, given that it is in a different sim. On the other hand — lemme check — while standing at the teleporter to the skybox at the center of the parcel, described as a “transworld coaching headquarters”, Baker Bloch can clearly see the Neverov Art Gallery to the northwest within his 96 meter range. In teleporting up to the temple, he finds that the teleporter now in front of him provides a wide range of selections. He discovers that the place Karoz beamed into the other day is called a holodeck.


Going back in time a bit, then, Karoz, when he finds the place, randomly clicks on the globe in front of him. It happens to bring up a map of the eastern hemisphere, with the Indian subcontinent directly in front of him. Again, these little coincidences might not seem much on the surface, but when you add them all together a broader picture is sketch, in my estimation. There’s something very odd going here.


Then to reinforce this strangeness, when Karoz accidentally falls out of the Malyshkin temple skybox, he happens to land right in the middle of two severed parts of one body. Where Karoz is standing below is exactly the point he stood up after the fall. To me, looking at it now, I think this represents a contrast, perhaps, between real reality and virtual reality. In real reality, Karoz, having taken a fall out of 500 meter high structure, would have truthfully become a bloody pulp like our severed friend here, and maybe even broke in two as well. In virtual reality, however, Karoz simply dusts himself off (a trait he shares with Baker Bloch) and continues on as normal.

I also notice that the red blood contrasts with Karoz’s blue-greenness much like the 2 parrots from the Wheeler 09 collage, which Hucka D. has indicated recently represent Chilbo and Crabwoo. Small resonances continually piled on top of each other become not so small after a spell. That is what’s happening in this case.



Mall & Moon May 27, 2009

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Karoz finds this marvelous empty space underneath the huge mall just to the north of the Noru galleries, which takes up the entire sim of Chieut. Karoz found an opening into the space underneath right on the southwest corner of the sim, descending from Megi.


A spiral ramp found on this empty space (see below) lead up to the almost exact center of the mall itself. Karoz sits at one of the several tables provided near the top of the ramp.


Then to back up a bit, here’s the bottom of the ramp and a nice, little iced over pond, which nevertheless advertises itself as a prime fishing hole, courtesy, once more, of the 7 Seas fishing game product.


Then in this post I’ll also throw in, at the last, a picture of Karoz floating over the southern end of The Moon sim’s single island. Here you see the relationship of the “Isis portal”, the mysterious cone littered pool, and the two wagons on the beach just to the south of this pool through a large rock arch, the green one being that gypsy caravan Karoz was particularly interested in. Again, Karoz thinks that birth symbology seems to be implied in this overall layout. Maybe.



Just Gelling May 23, 2009

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This is the view of The Moon island just visited by Karoz from a southern peak of Gelsomina, also a single island sim like The Moon.


A sailing ship docked on the southern shore of the island. Perhaps strangely, when Karoz walks the dock over the water in an effort to board, he’s blocked by a plank of wood crossing the dock about waist high down the first flight of stairs. Of course he could just fly over it and land on the ship itself, but Karoz decides that someone put this blockage here for a reason, and perhaps wisely decides to not explore the ship.


Nice beach with dark sand on the east side of the island, complete with this table and two candles. Not much more, though.

Actually, Baker Bloch, in checking behind Karoz (for a change!), is finding a grave topped by a celtic cross inside one of the largest rocks of the beach. But his first impression is that it doesn’t warrant another visit by Karoz to the island in and of itself. We’ll see what else turns up in the meantime, though.


Then on the north side of the island we have one of the two, actual houses in Gelsomina, this one perched on a satellite island. I made a mistake earlier by claiming Gelsomina to be a single island sim, then. Actually there are 3 islands to the sim, the one pictured below (the island starts at the rickety old stairway just below Karoz here), what amounts to a large boulder in the ne corner of the sim, and then the main island itself, which probably makes up about 80 per cent or more of the total land within Gelsomina.


Another, perhaps curious blockage to an an entrance to something in Gelsomina, this time an old castle tower. Karoz takes note and picture, and then moves on.


The second house of the sim, almost directly south of the first and on the main island this time. Again, in exploring the house, nothing seems really extraordinary about it, although he admits it to be a nice build. No modifications by the owner; it was just unpacked, as is, and placed on this spot, as was, apparently, the other house of the sim on that satellite island.


Another tower — nothing out of the ordinary once again.


Karoz admittedly has an attraction to pose balls — he likes to sit on them and then watch the resulting animation, often taking a snapshot or two or three or ten from a short distance. This poseball suggests that Karoz should be “scheming” at the moment. I suppose it works — this is found on the second floor of the main island house. Karoz doesn’t usually like to just walk it like this and sit down on other people’s furniture and use their poseballs, but the door was open, after all, and he’s so curious to dig up anything on the whereabouts and identity of his mother.


But Karoz comes to the conclusion, after sitting on the couch for a while and “scheming” the situation over, that Gelsomina, however pretty on the surface, will not yield any deep results.



The “Other” Moon, 2 (More To Come!)

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In going back to The Moon for further explorations and adventures, Karoz finds this fascinating pool of water underneath a large rock arch in the south central part of the island, missed in his previous visit. This is just to the east of the hilltop portal he did find before, with Isis revealed within.

What is the meaning of all these underwater cones and jags? he ponders at the time.


Then just south of the pool are these two wagons, one called a “Sailor’s Waggon” in the description (which interested him less), and the other to the right a “gypsy caravan” (which interested him more, since his mother has been described as such). He peeks inside the latter, but finds nothing that strikes him as very out-of-place, at least as gypsy caravans go.


Karoz would return to this particular spot very soon, but for this visit he decides to fly over the water sim to the north of The Moon (Sea of Despair) to a sim called Gelsomina. That’s the subject of our next Moon sim related post.