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Thoughts… November 12, 2011

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Nice hike once more in the general NORRIS region, although I got lost. Not real badly, though. Rather tiring, and I only skirted around NORRIS this time. Also forgot to load the memory card in my camera before leaving the house.

NORRIS is only about 3 miles or so from my house; don’t know if I’ve mentioned that fact. Very close and I can get there in minutes.

The weekend is here, so I’ll probably take some more trips to NORRIS now. Explore the area further, and maybe think about moving more toys in. Thinking toy rr now.

I’m taking Pietmond month to month. Right now it’s good through Dec. 7th, and then I’ll think about a renewal of my land tier. Considering moving to either Heterocera continent or staying in Sunklands, namely the Blackmount sink. Sunklands is so de-energized, though, in comparison to when I stumbled across the region. Visited Second Sink tonight and found it almost totally empty. Sad, but life moves on and we’re only talking about virtual reality here. But there was so much promise at one time, hmm.

But now I have NORRIS, right? Hehe. I have reality reality, and always will until leaving the present body, which hopefully is a pretty long way off still. Starting to think of retirement and what I’ll be doing. We plan to live right here, although extended trips to the UK are a distinct possibility. It will be a real shame if I don’t get to go to the Lake District for at least a month or two before expiring from this life. Maybe more. And Wiltshire County as well, which has been the undisputed, unchallenged center of crop circle activity for decades now. We’ll probably base ourselves out of Wiltshire?

Carrcasses will still be produced in some regularity. What’s a carrcass? Haven’t you been paying attention?? (joke) No, it’s really a hidden part of the blog, this energy, this gravity. But at the very beginning, in 2008, the influence was already present in a strong manner. Look at what Baker Blinker found on the sea floor of Okinu, for instance…

What are Mooniplutonianites? It is Pluto and its moon, Charon, together now. The end of Pietmond. The end of SL. The end of the solar system universe. It is PINK and it is GREEN orbiting PINK but also PINK orbiting GREEN. It is one Pink and two Green. It is man and dog. Or squirrel. Mouse and squirrel. It is a man and his best friend. It is two lovers.

It’s kind of this:


Hucka D. (laughing):

What is that thing?


Hi Hucka D. It’s a doll. Two dolls. Are you a doll?

Hucka D.:

You know I am. Take a picture!


Soon I’ll take another one, I promise.

Hucka D.:

You forgot to remember memory today.



Hucka D.:

Got lost I heard. LOST.


Right. But not too badly, as I was telling the reader or readers.

Hucka D.:

Still you found some interesting places. Down by the river. And NORRIS is tomorrow. Trains and all. The toy soldiers will be happy.


Sunklands is fading, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Yeah. Absorbed into NORRIS. That’s OK. You have the mysticism still. The blog and the mysticism. The Big E and such.


NORRIS is powerful.

Hucka D.:

Concentrated TILE. Like Concentrated Tide but different.


You came in and I forgot to finish my talk about carrcasses, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Bloody murders. They’re over now, though.


No. Not those kind of…

Hucka D.:

Blood Drive with hell to pay for. Have you contacted[ delete name]?


Which one?

Hucka D.:

Any of them. Any of the candidates.



Hucka D.:

Yeah. [Delete name.] (pause) He’s at the Money Pot. Waiting.


Which one, though?

Hucka D.:

All of them. None of them. Any of them.


108, huh.

Hucka D.:

All. None. Any.


It must be the influence of the next carrcass, Hucka D. Carrcass-7 we’re on now. Kind of like RS7.

Hucka D.:

They will be involved.


Red Squirt 7.

Hucka D.:

Yeah. (another pause) Chance upon Bushes.



And I suppose that leads to Baker Breton’s Island to end.


Hucka D.:

No. (long pause) This is:



I have another one, even.

Hucka D.:

Marriage couple. Marriage but also siblings, brother and sister. Frank and Herman, Einstein!


Baker Bloch as the last “p” in the Pod. Like the letter “p”, though, with the others LMNO. Like POLK in toto.

Hucka D.:

That’s a mango.


Herman Park October 19, 2011

FINALLY, a map of Herman Park showing all these fabulous locations I’ve talked about in this blog for years now. Included are the recently mentioned Wealthy Mtn. locations of

Tinsity/Green Oz Creek
Quartz Brook
Michael Too (Abandoned? Campsite)
BROOK TOO or Brook Too
Lost Valley (BROOK flows through here)

Also included are the historic locations on CREEK or TILE Creek, including Hand Spring (source of TILE Creek), New Hope, Jonesborough, Meeting Rock, 1st Tree/Great Meadow, and Drink Lake.

Other shown locations, featured in their own blog sub-categories, are Gnirps/Fox Brook (far right) and STREAM (top), both on or very near limits of the park.

Frank and Herman Park crop up in many creative guises, including the Newton series collage “Frank and Herman, Einstein!” (also known as “Charles, Currier and, Burl”).

The flat top of Herman Munster’s head represents a particularly clear borrowing. The lightning bolt shaped scar on his head may also symboliz TILE Creek itself, from Hand Spring high up on Yards Mtn. to Drink Lake bordering the town of Boulder. Then again, maybe not. At any rate, it’s obvious that *Frank*enstein stands in for Herman’s immediate and similar-sized neighbor to the west, Frank Park. Is Einstein, then, Boulder to their south?

Distance between Yards Mtn. and Wealthy Mtn. on this map, the 2 major peaks within the park, is about 1 1/2 miles.


The Marriage March 21, 2011

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I’ve yet to absorb the impact of what is obviously an All Important Marriage in toy avatar legend ledgers. Takes place in Gnirps, first mentioned here. Right on the border between Frank and Herman Parks — at their “center” — and furthermore it’s plain to see that the marriage depicted in the present post also overlaps a marriage or nuptial pact between the parks. If so, and it is obvious this is so, then logically the male should be colored green-silver and the female red-gold in accordance with assigned park colors and sexual orientation. Colors have gotten switched around, then, like the name of the location itself (Gnirps; originally: Spring Forward). Backwards. Another red-green mixup, like with the naming of Greenhead above Whitehead Crossing, even though it not at the actual head of Green (Creek) but on a side fork (Red Fork?). Instead the (larger? smaller?) community or sacred space region at Green’s head or source is called Red Head, two words instead of the one this time.

It’s all very mysterious.

And what of the marriage court in this archived photo? An orange? A tennis ball? No, instead these are actual avatar forms I’ve been told, with the orange-like form named Bill and the tennis ball shaped figure a nice, young lady person named Wilson. Or Wilsonia perhaps. But what of the “#**@^#*^@( MANGOOOOOO” as Edna foots it so punnily? (!) I believe it’s a pod, a P Pod. Which would explain a lot.

Baker Bloch seems to be the oncoming baby-child of the marriage couple. Perhaps they can all live snugly and happily in what at first glance appears to be a coffee can to their right. Or maybe it is a spaceship, ready to wisk them and their pod encased baby-boy-toy to a spiffy honeymoon location, perhaps Mars or Pluto or some place even more exotic and mysterious. It’s all very.

Map Rat acts as the director for the wedding. She/he instructs “Frank” and “Herman” here to stand closer. STAND CLOSER. Idiot pieces of candy, she mutters under her breath, but not loud enough so that anyone could hear. So she thinks. Sally Snail will marry the two off day after tomorrow in yesterday’s world clock, her first assignment of this kind. Can you see her antennae shaking? Bill and Wilson/Wilsonia have to constantly catch themselves from rolling away on either side.

Day after tomorrow this now empty courtyard below the reheasing wedding party will be filled to the brim with 250-325 avatar forms of all shapes, colors and sizes. Bill and Wilson(ia) will not be the oddest looking of the bunch by any means, I would suspect.

Actual spring head in Gnirps, just beyond the courtyard. Said to be haunted a bit, but not enough to spoil the place as a popular destination for couples seeking to get hitched and such. But nothing like *this* has *ever* come to Gnirps, nor ever will. This is the marriage above all other marriages! This is *Frank and Herman* we’re talking about for Pete’s sake!

But what of Baker Baby Boy Toy? Is he too imaginary to chance befriending still? Is it Baker Bloch’s father? Nephew? Grandkid?

“It’s all.”


Gnirps March 19, 2011

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First snake sighted of the year, a small, garter variety. Quite cute for a serpent!

Nice meadow somewhat near Box Brook talked about a lot recently on this blog, on another part of the same mountain slopes. Kids were playing in the field.

Chimney in nearby woods. Don’t know the story about the house which obviously use to be there. Have to check on that.

To the head of Box Brook now, two valleys over on the same side of the mountain. Actually the valley top crossed before this one contains the other fork of this same brook. So actually either one might be Box Brook proper at this early, pre-combined stage. I’ll have to provide a map of the whole stream system asap.

To complicate matters even further, I’m contemplating a switch of names from Box Brook to Fox Brook. And going along with this, I’m pretty sure I’m going to call the area described in this former post on the subject Foxboro instead of Boxboro or Box. Get to more of that in a moment.

The opening through the rocks at the head of this fork of Fox Brook pictured above goes all the way through. Seems like yet another special place in the area, like Foxboro (formerly Box).

I only provide one picture of the namesake, special space of this blog post, Gnirps, although I hope to be going back very soon for more.* Actually, Gnirps seems to been the true, special or sacred space for this system, and not Foxboro. In other words, it is the potential site for a toy happening or toy event. Foxboro, in contrast, seems de-energized upon rechecking it today, probably because of the closer proximity to the Wye road that splits the system in an east-west direction. Gnirps remains more protected and isolated in this manner.

Gnirps was also originally, briefly, called Spring Forward, not because I discovered the space on the day we have to set our clocks forward for daylight savings time in this part of the country, but because, a week on, I finally seem to be shaking off the physical/mental effects of this time change (!) And the other part of this is that in the top (northern) part of this space, the springs feeding this Fox Brook fork are found. Again, apologies for not taking more pictures this day — maybe tomorrow, even.


* Gnirps is pronounced “nirps”, rhyming with “chirps”. Similar to “gnome” being pronouced like “nome,” then.


Box, yet again March 13, 2011

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This is a brook flowing through the central line dividing Frank and Herman Parks. I’ve determined that it holds at least one very special and sacred space, although partially de-energized by the presence of the east-to-west Wey now dividing the brook and surrounding region north-to-south. Box Brook lies just north of this Wey (not to be confused with Pietmond ways).

A box found on the brook alerted me to the presence of entered, sacred space. I believe this area may be called Box itself, and marked on the opposite (eastern) side by another shiny object of yet undetermined, amorphous substance. Analysis pending.

Closeups of the portent box, now layed on nearby ground.

Flute Bridge, with the actual, namesake Flute Limb or Flaut Limb dangling just below.

If this is indeed Flaut Limb, then it calls into question why The Wey isn’t, in parallel, known as The Wye instead, perhaps also connected to this Wye.

Box now on rock. In fact, let’s call this place Rox, perhaps the center of Box. Or perhaps the whole place is called Rox, perhaps Roxio, a burner of CDs (??) When you restart your computer with a DVD in the player, it automatically loads. What’s the DVD? Is it perhaps Tronesis itself?

The Box was found in the upper portion of the below picture. In the center is a low, rocky peninsula in Box Brook, seemingly another candidate for the center of Box or Rox or Roxio.

Then just a bit upstream, passing along the way that amorphous, shiny object that I knew, when photographing it (photo not included here) represented the eastern limit of the Box sacred space area, we come to an almost-island, otherwise known as an isthmus. Actually, very similar to the West End isthmuses of Jeogeot stumbled across this winter, like this one in Nightfield and this other one in Kusanagi. I’m almost positive all three of these are related now in their narrow necked ways.

And then actual, narrow neck of this particular isthmus, which I’ve decided to name The Bottleneck, with the resulting isthmus Bottleneck Isthmus, appropriately. One shovel-full of removed dirt could turn this into an island, though. Untethered to mainland as such, would it, Bottleneck Island now, begin to menacingly float down Box Brook toward Box/Rox/Roxio? That was at least the group fear of superstitious people who once dwelt in this land, and who wore the face of foxes, perhaps. Rox Foxes, yeah. Or nah.

Entry way from The Wey (Wye?) to Bottleneck Isthmus or Bottleneck I. as we’ll shorten it (this will cover our bases if, indeed, it becomes an island in past/present/future tense).

Then above Bottleneck I. we have Bottle Falls. I forgot to mention there was a plastic bottle beside Bottleneck I. when I visited it this afternoon, thus the prompt for the name. Similarly we have a bottle (different one; glass this time) next to Bottle Falls, seen on the extreme left of the below photo.

The 2 forks of Box Brook just above Bottle Falls. Perhaps Box Brook is still the name of one of these two forks, with the other acquiring a different name in the selection process. Was this another source of debate among the fox faced primitives native to the area?

We’ll return to this Box soon enough!