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AI5 (cont.) May 29, 2008

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Well, something very odd has happened at the volcano camp site. To clear his mind, Baker Bloch decides to fly around the vicinity and stumbles upon this very charming little satellite island of AI5. I’ll give the name out a little later on, when adventures in this area settle down a bit. Really nice cave on the island with a complex layout. Here Baker Bloch is trying to figure out how to get in. He finally just walks through the waterfall pictured here in the background.

Part of the maze of paths within. Looks like these bridges were built sometime back.

Baker Bloch stretches his legs at a strategically placed campfire. Crystals like the ones in back of him here appear all around the cave, and in different colors.

Nom nom nom. Why can’t Baker Blinker have such delicious food laid out at the house somewhere? Baker Bloch thinks.

View of the island outside the cave. Same kind of rickety old bridges abound.

A view to the north, and beyond the immediate area of AI5. But Baker Bloch must restrict himself now to areas near the camping spot, he realizes. Too much going on here to leave for other adventures just yet! I’ll explain soon.


Structures May 27, 2008

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Recently “completed” Hidalgo Gallery in the sky. All 10 collages of the series are now displayed, 4 in the top part of the gallery and the remaining 6 in the lower, larger half.

Baker Bloch’s appropriated tent for the camping trip. Should hold both he and Hucka D. quite comfortably.

Soon it will begin.


Verdigris: Nearer An End And Beginning May 25, 2008

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More volcano views.

Interesting, perhaps, that the sim immediately west of the volcano centered one disappeared for a while during a Baker Bloch visit. In trying to assertain from various island avatars what happened, he was called a pervert and, in a separate incident also banned from a parcel. Then later on that very day Baker Blinker was sexually harassed not once but twice (by the same avatar, though) in the relatively remote water sim where she frequently rezzes objects. To me, baker b., this reinforces some of the pitfalls and limitations of SL in general, and that avoiding people, whenever possible, is usually the right path to take.

Here Hucka Doobie flies far above our Azure house. Nice editing out of most of the neighbors by the clouds!


Can Baker Bloch Lure Hucka Doobie. Away from Hurla Dontbie Long EnoughTo Effect a Camping Trip at the volcano? ( He thinks he’s found a good spot. nudge, nudge!) May 24, 2008

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The treehouse with the potted lemon trees on its balcony.

Another view of Bee’s Nest Mountain.

Here’s the treehouse (center), Bee’s Nest Mountain (right), and the lemonade stand (left) all in one panoramic shot. Although Hurla Dontbie is positioned just to the left of the lemonade stand, she doesn’t appear in this picture, perhaps because she hadn’t quite rezzed in when the photo was taken (?)

And here’s Baker Bloch at the volcano sim again. He studies a green spot also shown on the SL map and thinks that this may be an interesting place to camp. A bonding trip for Hucka D. and himself. And such a complicated sim to explore for the limited area involved! Speaks a lot to psychological space verses actual size.


AI5, Part 2 May 23, 2008

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Another rare sign of poverty in AI, on the edge of the fascinating AI5 volcano.

Heading up and into the volcano.

I was afraid I’d fall through the lava, but it turned out to make a solid surface. No problems walking on it whatsoever.

One of perhaps about 14 small canyons leading away from the volcano toward the edge of the sim it centers.

Hey, wait a minute. I’ve seen those shapes before.

Hidalo collage #3! (freshly hung by Baker Blinker in the new Hidalgo gallery).


AI5, Part 1 May 21, 2008

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I am not sure he is going to continue this large project at this time, but Baker Bloch decided to simply start at the very bottom of AI and move his way north through AI 5,4,3,2 until reaching 1 again. Here Blochs is heading ashore at AI5, at a station that is reportedly studying the volcano that centers the island. AI5 is the only major island of AI that doesn’t have an internal road system. It appears all property on the island either borders the void sim in the center of the island, the one with the volcano, or else the ocean surrounding the island.

Baker Bloch was standing on the shore, wondering what was rezzing just beside him. He though it was probably a plant, but low and behold it was a person. And doing a deed Blochs didn’t appreciate was so close to where he was standing!

Ze volcano.