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Bretton March 1, 2012

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Here And There December 3, 2011

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Out & About, 02 July 23, 2011

Continuing in the marvelous Forest of Kahruvel, with loving attention given to such spots as this small grove of pine trees. Second Life residents should make much greater use of Linden grass like this, IMOHO.

Campfire on a ridge overlooking the sea which Baker Bloch accidentally walked too close to and caught fire (!) I omitted the actual burning pictures I took to save Mr. Bloch further embarrassment. Actually, I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned the incident at all. At any rate, a quick teleport to another location within the forest fixed all.

Another great scene with mystery stone pillar in foreground and the islet tucked in the northeast corner of the Rodeo sim in back.

Switching now to the supposedly resonant island to the Rodeo one in the Baker sim, as described in this old, old blog post. 3 1/2 years I’ve been doing this now! Not surprisingly Baker’s Isle, as I believe I called it, has changed much even since I rented the land beside it last fall.

Shifting back to the Jeogeot continent, we come to a shot of the low but picturesque Six Minute Hill in the sim of the same name. This would be between Sunklands and the southern coast, but closer to the latter. Much of the land around the hill is owned by Upshaw Properties, offering some rental houses in the area (left).

Yet another continent: Maebaleia, and the still nicely wooded ridge to the immediate east of Rubisea. And yet another general aera Baker has contemplated buying land recently. Or renting land.

Back in Taernil’s Bluff overlooking the Maebaleia Lake District body of water with the very similar size and shape of Rubisea. Are they psychically/mythologically related as well?

Looking northeast from the same room of the TB skyscraper toward more mysterious grounds simply and enigmatically called “Igor”. I’ll perhaps have more to say about all that soon enough.

Fairly nearby and to the west lies this odder, small urban area with a section of it shaking violently, simulating an earthquake. Interesting — Baker thought it worthy of a snapshot or 2.

Then let’s head to what remains of the old Noru Heights homestead, or Mashed Potato Hills. Actually part of the Crystal Cave Ridge still remains as well, but the two regions aren’t connected now through the Noru Heights urban area, as they were before. However, the land between them is still up for sale as I’m presently checking; there’s a possibility, in other words, for the city’s return and a relink between the 2 parks. Something of a possibility at least.

Noru groundside. Great shots of rising sun. Baker continues to contemplate a return while taking these shots.


Out & About, 01

Seascape west of Ruuster’s Peninsula, as I’m calling it in this blog. Is this a place of potential mythological importance to said blog?

Nearby, substantial forested area in Molvena, just below this peninsula. Another attraction to perhaps renting land in the area.

Then a pic from a nightclub on the peninsula itself called “MASH”, I believe, that seems to have resonance to some deeper themes of the Baker Blinker Blog, such as the idea of carrcasses and shut. Connected with this, and perhaps not coincidentally I might add, the sea to the southwest of Ruuster’s Peninsula lies within a grid of sims with names coming from M*A*S*H TV show characters such as Hawkeye, Potter, Trapper, and a good number more.

Maebaelia now: Crabwoo “double” in Maklovar as described in this post.

More of same.

Quickly moving now to Sansara and its central, newly updated Sea of Fables, Baker is surprised to run into the Neptune statues first seen in Nautilus City in a rather randomly picked place to teleport within.

View from a porch located in a walled, urban area of Helvellyn, part of the East River Community. Baker doesn’t think he’s going to be renting here now, though.

Chilbo and the site of Baker’s former rental on the west edge of town, currently an open air art gallery of sorts. I believe Baker has now ruled out renting here again as well.

Another potential rental parcel on the northern slopes of the Finsteraahorn sink of upper Maebaleia.

The still wonderful Forest of Kahruvel near the oldest parts of Second Life on the Sansara continent. Baker stands on the islet in the northeast corner of Rodeo which has such a rich story to tell for so small a virtual piece of real estate.

More Kahruvel.


What I sort of have… (outside Noru) July 3, 2011


ARCHEOEXPO 2011 July 1, 2011

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I can’t be part of it (on vacation Sat. in West Virginie, most likely), but thought I’d drop a plug here. Looks like fantastic fun! Can’t wait to see the relics on display in Cowell when I return. Luv that village.

11/14/11 Update: My old bud Headburro Antfarm has created a post on the subject here!:


Rentals April 5, 2011

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Something’s gotta go (see post title), and it’s probably my 1536 rental in Shubelik, pictured below with cabin perched high on a hill above the Linden Sea. Not written in stone yet, but it’s most likely the logical outsie of the bunch. Never really explored the surrounding region that much either, despite the obvious beauty.

Dogpatch (Norum) will stay for now, but that’s the cheapest of the 3 in question by a considerable margin. And such a great view from the second floor across my old Noru land! But I had to delete the ghost train discussed a bit here.

Below is pictured my newest rental, in Blueberry and also on the Sansara continent, like the Shubelik parcel. This is in a real nice area as well, and more toward the center of things (Shubelik lies on the southern edge of the continent).

So I think I’ll keep Dogpatch and the unnamed Blueberry house. It goes without saying that Pietmond is still around, of course.


I don’t know. February 23, 2011

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This would be a great place to retire from my short lived career of town making if I so desired. I have about 320 prims free still after the addition of this cabin and some minimal landscaping. Incredible view!

But seriously (seriously?), back in Pietmond Baker ponders what to do next to further the cause. He heads down to the labyrinth to take a look at Peter’s Rock, and decides, for real, to separate that 32 square meter parcel enclosed by the metal fence from other Pietmond parcels. In my recently created history (part 1 of 11) for the town, I list a number of lies believed about Peter’s Rock. But what is the truth? We must go back to the very beginnings of my land ownership in Otaki Gorge to attempt to find out.

But there’s still so much to learn about Pietmond. What was that small castle on the hillside used for in olden days? Was it the original TILE Temple?

Gallery 9 beside it, or more correctly at this point, Gallery *None*, is still empty. I have an idea who *should* be exhibited there, but I’m not sure it will ever happen. But in any case I think I’ll dedicate, silently, this gallery to him, another old syncher friend. It’s a bit off the beaten trail anyway — not sure who would get down here to visit unless I created another gallery kiosk for it, which I don’t think would be a good idea. Technically it’s still part of the Pietmond Art Crawl, along with the 2 parts of SoSo, the Norum Gallery, Something To CHRO About, and also the Tower of TILE just to its north.

And Baker still “lives” in the town’s Orange House, following the pattern of original town hero Peter SoSo, and namesake of the SoSo galleries just to its right in the below photo. The plan was for him to move into the Home o’ Fibs just up the hill, and then convert Orange House into a town hall of sorts. But it hasn’t happened yet, and may never. Baker’s pretty happy still in these digs.

Main Way through the center of town is still solid. Don’t plan to change anything about it anytime soon.

Baker continues down Long Way, gliding past Peter’s Grave. He pauses to check it out closer. Peter’s Grave or Mound, not Peter’s Rock, is actually what the town is built around, practically speaking.

Only the central, 16 sq meter parcel of the 3 making up the mound is not abandoned land.

Actually, here’s a related thread on the subject from Second Citizen MK II:

But of course that doesn’t explain why it is Peter’s Mound above and beyond any ordinary mound. Is Peter truly buried within, and if so, which Peter? Peter SoSo’s father or grandfather (Good and Great respectively), as the recent history post speculates? Multiple Peters?


Hucka D.:

Warren Zeevon lived in what’s now called Gallery None, baker b. The gerbil proprietor.


Thanks Hucka D. Good to “see” you. In this older Otaki Gorge related post, it states that Peter, the one buried in the mound, may have been from outer space, making him an Ancient Astronaut I suppose. Interesting that it seems to refer to Baker Bloch as the tip of a golden pyramid as well, the All Seeing Eye.

Hucka D. (agreeing):

All Seeing “I”, yes.


Is this particular Peter actually a rabbit, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:



And this mound relates to the 18th and final hole on a golf course, which this particular rabbit image seems to be holding the pin for. The pin is the palm tree [in the picture below,] directly above the center of the mound in other words.



Hucka D.:



Hucka D., in PB, Peter the Rabbit is called Pierre by a worm which seems to be the same as a worm hole.

Hucka D.:



He teaches Peter about the time machine. He is a worm driving a time machine. Has to be a worm hole, then.

Hucka D.:

You have 28 days and a bit more to wrap things up here.


In Pietmond?

Hucka D.:




Otaki Gorge property was bought right after “Carrcass-4”, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Correct. Big E.


There are 2 sides, a Nascera side and a Arecsan side. E and Schwa. Eschwa.

Hucka D.:

The rock is the planet Sapphire’s parents come from orbiting Alpha Centuri.


Thanks, Hucka D. This morning I thought about how Grey Rock at Whitehead Crossing is symbol for Jeogeot as a whole, perhaps, but specifically encapsulated in the opposition of Yeot and Aotearoa, described in other places as, respectively, white and black Go pieces.

Hucka D.:

*Gong* is a Go piece.


The Yeot pool, yes. Next to Teepot.

Hucka D.:

Teepot or Pietmond had to go the way of the dodo. Pietmond is a town sent, and Teepot merely a town sent by Pietmond. It was obvious: shadow and real. White and black. Isn’t it?


Yes. Pietmond then escapes this gravitation of Jeogeot. Pietmond will outlive Jeogeot.

Hucka D.:

Yes. (pause) Because it is above any virtual reality. Particular one, I mean.


Will it be shifted to OpenSim?

Hucka D.:



But Grey Rock in Whitehead Crossing represents Pietmond itself, and perhaps Peter’s Rock within.

Hucka D.:

Yes. There is a Geojeot Rock that came before Grey Rock, shall we put it. Mossman uncovered former, then recognized the energy again when encountering Ol’ Whitehead at his Crossing. Grey Rock is an overlap of 3, separate energies and directions. Grey Rock is quite important. It is a way of remembering Jeogeot when the continent has long disappeared. There is seemingly negative energy, black, balanced by seemingly positive energy, white. Whitehead created the first humanoid toy avatar, ensouled. He was a toy avatar maker. T-Bonz, or, sorry, Dirk Stew is a direct descendant of this first, living human toy.


What was the toy’s name, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:



Like in Herman Munster?

Hucka D.:



Did the Mossmen get along with this Herman?

Hucka D.:



Did The Bees?

Hucka D.:



There’s a giant gray rock, an asteriod actually, floating directly above Peter’s Rock now in Pietmond, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Ask the main question tonight.


Will we soon start a SID’s 1st Oz interview?

Hucka D.:



Should we warm up, as it were, on this blog?

Hucka D.:

Start please.




Pietmond Rocks February 21, 2011

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It might go away in a month or 3, but for now, Pietmond rocks!

First, some news: SoSo West exibitor Mike Casey and I have completed his large, 4 part interview, starting here:

You can find the links to all 4 parts under the “SoSo West: Mike Casey” sub-heading on the Pietmond Galleries page from the top of this blog:

And here are the links in case you have problems finding it on that page for some reason:

Now admittedly I’ve had some trouble starting up any interviews I’ve wished to hold in the last several years — someone, an avatar anyway, said, straight to my face after I brought up the idea, “Now *why* would I want to do *that*?” But in that instance I’m glad the idea was snubbed so quickly because I wouldn’t want to waste a lot of time on a product which might turn sour at any time.

Mike’s interview is different. I have a feeling I’m going to look back in several years and think: something started with this. Already I have ideas about how to carry the energy generated into other projects.

But I’m proud to have *all* the present Pietmond exhibitors, even if we don’t do specific interviews related to their work. The interaction with each and every one is special. It’s just that I’ve known Mike for quite a while, and apparently we had a lot to chat about.

Future plans: Mike and I devoted the last 2 of 4 sections of his interview to the discussion of audiovisual synchronicities in the main. Following up on that, I, 1) want to perhaps collected more art from other such “synchers”, perhaps attached to additional, albeit smaller interviews, 2) do a study on a specific syncher who probably won’t fall into the former group, and, 3) work on my own SID’s 1st Oz site again, an a/v synch mentioned quite a number of times on this blog already. Hucka D. or Hucka Doobie has stated a desire for an indepth talk about this synch going on several years now. And, 4) the possibility also exists of opening a synch related board again, or at least I’ll leave that door ajar for now.

On other fronts, Pietmond South remains the main, growing part of Pietmond presently, and I plan to exhibit more material there soon, perhaps a retrospective collage exhibit from past masters like Max Ernst and Joseph Cornell. For educational purposes only, of course; I won’t sell any of that kind of art. Still searching for additional exhibitors, but at this point I want the fit to feel totally right, since I’m so pleased with what I already have showing in Pietmond.

And despite consistently applied conservation efforts, I’m finally running out of prims to work with here. 😦

Even so, I believe another, small gallery or gallery space will be opening in Pietmond soon, called the Asteriod Gallery or perhaps The Darwin Asteriod Gallery. More soon on that as well; prelim. pic for now:

*And*, I now rent some more land. I know I didn’t really need it, but the view was so spectacular that I apparently couldn’t resist, hehe. It’s on the southern edge of the Sansara continent, a landmass I’ve largely ignored since moving to Jeogeot going on close to 2 years ago now (!)

Alls I plan for that location is a skybox for continued rezzing tests/experiments, and perhaps a nice ground structure of some kind. Addtional note on this: I was all set to rent in Blackmount, in the sink again, when I popped over to find that the land had already been sold to someone else. Fate, then, we’ll call it. And of course I’ll most likely start exploring around this new area and record my sundry finds on this blog.


About… November 20, 2010

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Rubi’s Temple of TILE: still there!

Heavily logged Forest of Kahruvel, but actually still quite a wilderness of sorts. This view comes from Stinson, looking east toward Cowell.

Still in Stinson but out of the forest proper, Baker discovers a small island to the north covered top to bottom with a single type of non-Linden tree. Here’s the name of the tree according to the description: “-/_ & !< Tree" No joke. Baker’s currently counting about 50 such trees on this approx. 100 meter long by 50 meter wide island.

Back in the Kahruvel Forest, Baker encounters a mysterious sphere with no apparent purpose except to befuddle.

His mind saturated by Sansara perplexities, Baker decides to head back home to Sunklands, emptying his thoughts by staring into the the void that is the Aotearoa sink.