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That’s the place. June 26, 2012

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“The Billfork Agreement stands in the way of friends.”


Thanks Hucka D. The Billfork Agreement states to forget the Billfork Agreement.

Hucka D.:

Yes. You must move forward.


Should I…

Hucka D.:

[No answer, then] Talk to her. It won’t work. It might work later. You have options. Talk to her.


What of the Synchronicity Phenomena Board?

Hucka D.:

Run its course. Sunklands is next, but wait.


I can’t seem to get involved in Second Life mainland at all these days.

Hucka D.:

7 Stones. That’s the place.


Another seeming casualty of Second Life mainland degeneration: The Crow’s Foot in Nari.

Look at the amount of land for sale around it. And the green at the top forms part of the protected land of the Hanja Infohub, where no sales can take place.


“What of Concreek?”

Hucka D.:

Closed for the summer maybe? Or the heat of the summer.


What should I work on?

Hucka D.:



Notes August 20, 2011

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Teepot is pretty much filled up — can’t make major changes now — about run out of prims (63 left at last count). Still I’m very happy with what I have, and I’ll probably keep Teepot as long as the town is left fully intact as it stands now. It’s close to equal to the classic Pietmond, with only the Blue Feather Gallery missing among major developments (this, however, remains in Norum).

Now I believe I’ll continue to explore around Teepot; my guess is that there’s still some interesting sections in the area.

Hucka D.:

Your Teepot is filled to the brim, almost. No need, however, to buy more land. You have Carrcass-6 to think about.


Which is coming along nicely as well. This is about Peter and Pietmond, most strangely enough.

Hucka D.:

Yes (!)


Most strangely.

Hucka D.:

Peter is the candidate chosen.



Hucka D.:

It integrates seamlessly into Teepot, actually.


I’m trying to listen to a bit of Gong, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Better get back to it. Bike around Teepot/Yeot. You don’t need as much money for this venture. A return to Pietmond is probably not going to happen — deal with that as well. Norum is a possibility, though. But most definitely Teepot is the best option available. Was the best option. You chose well.


Interesting, however, that Teepot doesn’t really have any imaginary residents, unlike Pietmond. It must not be a TV show set like Pietmond, then.

Hucka D.:

Correct. They are kind of equal but balanced. Like rocks on a scale.


OK, gonna research candidates some more, then. Thanks!


Out & About, 02 July 23, 2011

Continuing in the marvelous Forest of Kahruvel, with loving attention given to such spots as this small grove of pine trees. Second Life residents should make much greater use of Linden grass like this, IMOHO.

Campfire on a ridge overlooking the sea which Baker Bloch accidentally walked too close to and caught fire (!) I omitted the actual burning pictures I took to save Mr. Bloch further embarrassment. Actually, I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned the incident at all. At any rate, a quick teleport to another location within the forest fixed all.

Another great scene with mystery stone pillar in foreground and the islet tucked in the northeast corner of the Rodeo sim in back.

Switching now to the supposedly resonant island to the Rodeo one in the Baker sim, as described in this old, old blog post. 3 1/2 years I’ve been doing this now! Not surprisingly Baker’s Isle, as I believe I called it, has changed much even since I rented the land beside it last fall.

Shifting back to the Jeogeot continent, we come to a shot of the low but picturesque Six Minute Hill in the sim of the same name. This would be between Sunklands and the southern coast, but closer to the latter. Much of the land around the hill is owned by Upshaw Properties, offering some rental houses in the area (left).

Yet another continent: Maebaleia, and the still nicely wooded ridge to the immediate east of Rubisea. And yet another general aera Baker has contemplated buying land recently. Or renting land.

Back in Taernil’s Bluff overlooking the Maebaleia Lake District body of water with the very similar size and shape of Rubisea. Are they psychically/mythologically related as well?

Looking northeast from the same room of the TB skyscraper toward more mysterious grounds simply and enigmatically called “Igor”. I’ll perhaps have more to say about all that soon enough.

Fairly nearby and to the west lies this odder, small urban area with a section of it shaking violently, simulating an earthquake. Interesting — Baker thought it worthy of a snapshot or 2.

Then let’s head to what remains of the old Noru Heights homestead, or Mashed Potato Hills. Actually part of the Crystal Cave Ridge still remains as well, but the two regions aren’t connected now through the Noru Heights urban area, as they were before. However, the land between them is still up for sale as I’m presently checking; there’s a possibility, in other words, for the city’s return and a relink between the 2 parks. Something of a possibility at least.

Noru groundside. Great shots of rising sun. Baker continues to contemplate a return while taking these shots.


Bumming Around, 02 July 14, 2011

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Firth of Fred in Sunell near Fisher Rig.

Firth of Fred in Sunell near Fisher Rig — narrow island choked neck of water connecting two main parts of firth.

Northeast of Firth of Fred — colorful trees.

Baker Bloch biking on the Nascera continent.

Much more water here than his original explorations of this continent right after it first formed in late 2009.

Boyd Doghouse, lord mayor of Parktown.

Nifty “Art or Porn?” gallery just south of Teepot, in the Saengseon sim.

Piet Mondrian painting replica in same that caught Baker’s eye for obvious reasons (Pietmond resonance).

Another colorful Jeogeot art gallery recently visited by Baker Bloch, just north of the Noru sim in Chieut and owned by Stinna Biddle.

Empty Red Leaf gallery only a couple of hundred meters north (ne corner of Hamnida) also visited this same night.


Bumming Around, 01

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Central Norum after the Lesser Erase. Norum Heights is now no more except for Mashed Potato Hills and some of the Crystal Cave Ridge. The town is no more, I mean.

One of last shots of town.

Baker ponders a move to Chilbo while sitting on a hill just west of this much larger burg than Norum Heights and admiring the purdy trees and veggies.

Another location further west of Chilbo in Geum.

And I haven’t forgotten about Fisher Rig…

While there Baker heads north out of Fisher Rig…

… discovering a tallish house with a door ajar, reminiscent of the same situation in Nightfield earlier this year.

A new home?


This forest is my home… July 8, 2011

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… while it lasts.

But I’ll always know my Second Life virtual home really is in Noru in its entirety now, although Pietmond and Teepot spin around this center. Centre. And I certainly could get [the center] back sometime.

And I still have Mashed Potato Hills.

Carrcass-5 is absorbing most of my free time and then some. Had to make room for some music/video purchases. Thus the getting rid of all my Noru land project.

I guess a return to Pietmond is not out of the question, though, as well. Depends on *any* kind of support I could get. And of course I have this blog and also the related flickr account.

Must run!


No Ru Noo July 7, 2011

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Can’t seem to get rid of my Noru land for this month at least. So I’ll have it around for July. After that will be another reevaluation.

In the thick of chasing Carrcass-5 leads. Probably will start a blog on the subject tomorrow.

Hucka D.:

Good not to give up Noru land quite yet. Good to be working on Carrcass-5. Exciting! Can’t wait for start of blog. Evaluate everything. Let friends in on the creation.


How is this shaping up?

Hucka D.:

To be the double, at least, of Carrcass-4. Art for Art’s Sake could be next.


If I give up my land I could go back to exploring Corsica and perhaps Maebaleia, Hucka D. Never really finished the posts on Fisher Rigg.

Hucka D.:

Firth of Fred is now involved, stemming from the Mouth of Ralph. And what of the invasion from Gaeta? You don’t know how all that came about.


No return to Crabwoo now.

Hucka D.:

Probably not.


I still might give it all up tomorrow, and just go live somewhere [rent] near Fisher Rigg, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

New. Noru new.


Norum Heights Dev., 01 June 29, 2011

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Rocketship added to downtown area of Norum Heights tonight behind eucalyptus tree in the below picture’s foreground. I believe Hucka D. will soon claim that aliens originally settled in this place in the past, perhaps the same entities as his Ancients mentioned quite a number of times in this blog. And he’s also most likely going to explain the intimate relationship between Norum Heights and toy avatars shortly for us. Can’t wait.

I should add here that a female alien, frozen in position, still walks the downtown area of Norum H. Is it her spaceship? (and so forth)

Fantastic view of Mashed Potato Hills from within Baker Bloch’s recently repositioned home, which we’ve been calling Orange House for some time, one of many Norum Heights names traceable to Pietmond origins.

Looking toward downtown from the top of Towers of TILE, another very recent addition to the cityscape.

And yet another here: TILE Temple, on the opposite side of town.

Garden beside this temple, probably still in development a bit.

One more great view of Mashed Potato Hills from an upper window of the TILE Temple, in the old Pod Pad as I use to call it in Pietmond. And perhaps still do (sans pod now, however).

Mashed Potato Hills, once again, from floor 4 of 4 of the Gallery in the Rocks beside TILE Temple.

Baker checking the newly installed town phone just outside what seems to be developing into a kind of city hall, with Mr. Bean installed within beside a lit fireplace.

Baker inside the Norum Heights Coffee Shop, with — yes — a wonderful view of Mashed Potato Hills.

Baker polishing off his cup of java as the ever attentive Mr. Bean looks on.


Norum H. updates June 28, 2011

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Even before I get a chance to add the text to the introductory post about the fledgling town of Norum Heights, the landscape changes there a considerable bit. TILE Temple is now on the new, south side of town, and the Tower of TILE, also last seen in Pietmond technically, has replaced Orange House at the very northern tip of the burg, beside the peep show building. Orange House now resides next to the SoSo Gallery nearer the center of Norum Heights. Great views there… I’ll attempt to take more pictures soon, when the construction dust settles down a bit more.

But to get the land for the TILE Temple, I had to basically give up everything in Otaki Gorge. Pietmond is certainly no longer an option now and in the forseeable future. Norum Heights is the place.

Name thoughts: Should the whole, upper Noru landscape be called Norum Heights, and the town itself in the middle Norum Center or Norum Centre? Something else to think about, among many other things.


3M, etc. June 27, 2011

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We have 2 paths that might be as one. Who am I to say this is wrong? Why does there have to be a 1:1 correspondence?

Hucka D.:

This is a subject of Synchpatch, US of A. This is 3rd Life, which in a way is a return to 1st. Dogpatch… original name was Wilcockson. Wilcock’s son represents his body of work, which includes this book. Reincarnation applies to a specific, other person from the same county[ of Newton], shall we put it. A carver, perhaps of gems and diamonds but perhaps not, also.


The circular Ghost Train of the Noru Woods [also] alerted me to the Dogpatch resonance, Hucka D. It went right over the top of Tired Falls, as the Dogpatch train use to pass over top of Marble Falls. Marbles Fall. This is about marble avatars as well. Just today I revisited Key Rock on Castle Ridge, supposed marbles homeland.

Hucka D.:

There is a castle in the Mashed Potato Hills as well. Don’t you think it could have been a palace for marbles?


Dunno. What do you think?

Hucka D.:

2x3x4 inches times 12 to become 2x3x4 feet. Washington Monument block. Baker Bloch? Key Rock to Castle Rock, um, Castle Ridge. Baker’s undozen.


Synchpatch is about reincarnation and the true story, which probably includes Roberts’ probabilities. Has to, I believe. No extensive studies on this material that I can find; hard to believe.*

Hucka D.:

*You* must become a channel. (pause)


I believe in another reality the Jeogeot through Art and Word had additional help and the Chilbo-Jeogeot link became stronger. Jeogeot could have had a native art and perhaps even a science, even a religion of sorts.

Hucka D.:



How about art?

Hucka D.:



The full version of the Blue Feather Gallery first found in Norum never felt right in Pietmond, although I tried at least 2 times to set it up there. Each time…

Hucka D.:

The Blue Feather Gallery belongs in Norum, which is a main sim or main place. Gray… blue. Brown. All the colors.


Another resonance: the Crystal Cave of Norum Heights with the Crystal Dome of Mystic Caverns park, once part of Synchpatch.

Hucka D.:

Dogpatch. Where is the diamond, then?



Hucka D.:

But Whitehead Crossing and that Grey Rock which is Jeogeot or Goejeot Rock is a key or a castle. You must go back. Sit. Back.


Kirbyville Fred as well. This is a big, open space. Pietmond is in the rear view mirror.

Hucka D.:

It may come back. Sit.

I thought of this building in Norum Heights, which is the only current vacant one I have much wiggle room for creative additions. Could this be 3M? And is there a relationship with 3B or 3Bs?

Marbles must come to the fore.

* These are the books I’m talking about: