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Eastern Rabbit Hole… Monkey City November 7, 2010

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Nice landscape on the west side of Heterocera, on a stepped, Linden stream Baker thought worthy of a snapshot.

Baker’s always looking for good, cheap land to buy, fortunately or unfortunately, and found this irresistable 1024 parcel caddycorner to, yes, the eastern opening of the famed Jeogeot-Maebaleia Rabbit Hole itself, in the Ulyanovsk Oblast sim. Fantastic!

You can’t enter the Rabbit Hole because the encompassing 1024 parcel is banned. And as I stated in an earlier post from February of this year, the hole appears to have been “damaged” (narrowed) since I first found it back in August, ’09. I should probably write more on the subject, and probably will now that I have land so close to one of the two openings. Very exciting.

And in rechecking photos in the original post on the Rabbit Hole, composed just after I found it, I definitely see that the Maebaleia half has narrowed in the meantime. My guess is that someone played around with terraforming the bottom of the 90 meter deep sinkhole — and also, if so, that perhaps it can be “fixed back”.

Interesting southern terminus of Route 8B, a couple of sims west and south of Ulyanovsk Oblast.

Scene from near what we have called Crabwoo in this blog, now basically nonexistent except for a few,remaining sidewalks and the dominating presence of the main Dazed and Confused outlet store. The parcel is called Orthopraxia Village, a “Christian community” consisting of about a half dozen, small structures surrounding a central courtyard with a cross. In rechecking today, Baker sees that the center of the Vyacheslav sim, and thus the center of the old Crabwoo residental community, lies just in front of this cross now (facing the crucified Jesus).

Another, more lighthearted scene near Crabwoo, this time in Moliman, about 300 meters southwest of Dazed and Confused.

Then another really interesting find in just teleporting around at seeming random again this night: almost a full sim burg called Monkey City on the southern edge of the Nautilus continent. More soon enough about that!