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Biking to Calleta… June 14, 2010

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More Roamings, Misc. Stuff… May 7, 2009

The SL inspired abstract work of Bau Ur , who I met upon my first visit to Yapland. Very beautiful and moving. This is from Twilight’s Peace; her paintings are also found at the Palais du Gouverneur, Bourbon


Wilsonia was pleasantly surprised to find that the waterfall next to the Okinu sim was still there, with the inclusive parcel now providing a free inner tube ride that propels one over the end of a conveyer belt and directly into the waters of the Okinu sim some 30 meters below. Wilsonia quite enjoyed the ride!


Then she had to jump off at a certain point and take a gander at the glyphs she knew would confront her when reaching the bottom. Hmmmm… this one has an interesting sawtooth shaped jag to it.


Then it’s on to the Linden Memorial Island with Baker Bloch once again. I neglected to advertise in this blog that the island is now open to the public (!). More info can be found in this post from the official SL blog.



The same night, I believe, Baker Bloch visits some old stomping grounds in the Cecropia sim, namely the very green pool of water called the Grief Containment Pond, complete with a pipe that heads all the way south to ANWR. You can find out more about the latter here. Like ANWR, the Griefer Containment Pond is also listed as a Point of Interest for the Atoll Continent (Heterocera), but, as yet, doesn’t have any text on its particular page.

Anyway, back to Baker Bloch’s personal experiences with the pipeline that connects the two. Well, it does and it doesn’t. I’m pretty sure that Baker Bloch has walked in this pipe before, and I know Baker Blinker has. Before today, the Bakers were able to walk maybe a third of the way south toward ANWR before reaching a dead end. This day, Baker got stuck almost at the beginning. I’ll have to remember to send in the shorter Hucka Doobie to see how far he can now go. But at any rate, it seems that the pipe is narrowing, at least in places. More Sansara-Heterocera strangeness?


I don’t usually like to jump ahead of fellow explorers to areas they’ve advertised they wish to explore in the near future, especially to take pictures. But I did make this one exception. I’m sure fellow Sansara trekker Nish’s snapshots of the Fuchsia sim will be much nicer than mine, and the accompanying text will be much more journalistic.* However, I was struck by a *slight but perhaps still distinct* resemblance between this oddly shaped Linden created rook (chess rook, that is) structure near the western edge (left side of photo below) and my Darkside’s Temple of the Moon. I’m pretty sure I’ve been to Fuschia before, but I don’t remember this object at all, nor the forest that covers the much of the western part of the sim next to it. Hopefully Nish’s promised blog post concerning the sim will provide more light on this “mystery”.


Maybe it’s just the same combination of looking up through a crack in gray matter toward a blue sky. More research needed, perhaps.


Then it’s on to the “Something to CHRO About” gallery in Healy, but not with Baker Bloch this time, nor any of the familar, extended family. No, this is someone different: it’s the highly anticipated snapshot debut of *Karoz* that Hucka D. and I have been chatting about recently. As you can see, he’s very green. More on him later. Hucka D. has said several times that Baker Bloch and Karoz will be best of buddies in SL.


“Hey, I have pink hair now!” (Great… another comic in the lair.)


Moving on yet again, this time to Nova Albion, although I don’t think Edward Manray will be able to help me much with my examination of Sansara continent mysteries (thanks anyway for the im, Edward!), I decided on a whim to visit his office in a Grignano brownstone apt. building. There I spotted this prettily framed photograph hanging beside the front door. Judging by the appearance, this must be an ancestor of Edward Manray himself — is this gentleman, in a kneeling position, perhaps proposing to the queerly expressioned woman in the photo? Why is she looking directly at the photographer with such an expression? Luv to know the story.

On second thought, maybe Mr. Manray can help me out in some way. After all, I do know that Myst may be involved.


* Yes, indeed! Read here.


Once More: Changes September 26, 2008

First off, finally gave up the rental store in Cecropia owned by Zimmy Zulah. I’m gonna miss it, but not that much. The giving up seems to be directly tied, though, with Baker Bloch moving his gallery explorations from the Atoll continent (which this store in Cecropia lies almost at the very southern tip of) to the oldest mainland continent of Sansara immediately below.

Then here’s a contrast of old (merged Victorian house “remnants” of old Edwardston Station Gallery in Rubi) and new (just completed Wright House Gallery hovering at a comparatively lofty 250 meters). The Wright House Gallery lies about 200 meters north by northwest. One might think me psycho for giving up the Rubi gallery for such a vertigo-inducing location suitable only for the birds (sorry!).

Then a shot back to the Edwardston Station Gallery remanent, ie, the Victorian houses, from the new Wright House on the ground, positioned directly south of the middle of the gallery. There’s a reason for this: the Wright House Gallery is actually just this house copied and moved into the sky, then duplicated on each side and then the 3 duplicates now duplicated in whole again and turned upside down on the original 3 duplicates. That make sense? So that’s one, original Wright House on the ground, and 6 duplicate Wright houses in the air, smunched altogether to make the Wright House gallery. Thus the name is quite appropriate, you see. It’s a house turned into a gallery six times larger in about the simplest manner possible. And I like to do simple whenever possible.

Nighttime look at the ground house from Baker Bloch’s chair position on the second floor. The downstairs has a blue light, the upstairs a green one. There are 4 such lights in the gallery, but all are white there.

Then a look down at ZL’s gallery and my old gallery location from the new gallery with its broad windows on each floor giving these great views to the south. You have to set your draw distance to about 256 meters, though.

Then a view from the other (northern) side. You have a very narrow and unfenced in porch for vantage points in that direction. Hey, isn’t that a pink car down there near that pink colored building next to the Wall? Pink Floyd? Wall? Rick Wright? Might mean something (snicker!).



Opening Day (!) August 2, 2008

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August 1st was opening day for the *one and only* Edwardston Station Gallery. Yes, there’s no other gallery by that name anymore. Actually, never was, and always remember that blog readers. So let’s just take a brief tour of the small gallery, shall we?

I won’t relate the whole story of how I found this gallery, or how I met and then befriended the owner, Zimmy Zuhal. But it’s a fascinating mall area, with lots of tunnels and secret passages. I can think of two right off that are in direct conjunction with my gallery, one I’ll get to in a moment.

The below I feel gives the best possible view of the gallery, from the top of the ramp leading inward. The entrance is quite small but the interior is perhaps 20 meters long and 10 meters wide, approximately. Not too bad for the price for sure, and seemingly perfect for what I needed a SL gallery to be at this point in time.

There are two notecards where I provide information about the gallery, one at the front giving general information, and then this one you produce when touching the back sign of the gallery giving more detail about the featured art, which is all about what I call the “10×10”. I’ll just give the text of the notecards in full to end this particular post.

Currently in the gallery there are 23 collages of the approximately 100 collage “10×10” hung on the various walls. Also offered for sale are these boxed sets of collages, one for each individual series of the 10×10 that I explain in more detail in the 10×10 related notecard.

Then a view around the only corner of the gallery. Small, as I said, but not too much so I don’t feel. Just right.

But the “gallery” really doesn’t end there and continues through the phantom wall I constructed here into one of those tunnels I mentioned. Passing between the two corner collages here…

…brings us quickly into the tunnel itself. That wooden floor below the entrance ramp is also technically part of the gallery, although I have few prims left to do anything with it, and also I would assume there’s really no traffic here anyway. But the possibility remains of opening the gallery wall at this point to give a little more space if/when needed.

A look down toward the south end of the tunnel. I’ll save a tour of the tunnels, though, for a future post. It’s worth a study in itself.



Edwardston Station Gallery was established in August 2008 by me, Baker Bloch. The gallery is presently featuring the various collage series from my long term project somewhat mysteriously termed the “10×10”.

Click on the sign in the back of the gallery for more about the “10×10,” including information concerning current showings.

Photography by Edna Blinker (rl: wife) and Klutzy Kamper (rl :co-worker) will also be on display in the gallery at some point.

IM me if you wish about my larger but private, non-commercial gallery in Gliese. Included in this private colllection are some world art, a permanent exhibit of the Hidalgo Collage Series, several rooms devoted to the photography of Edna and Klutzy, and the original Edwardston Station.

Thanks for your interest,

Baker Bloch
Owner, Edwardston Station Gallery


08/13/08 revision: see following link for updated version of this notecard.


News August 1, 2008

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Like the Temple of the Velvet Underground before it, now the Land of Oz is gone as well. Interesting border of rocks and hills now, though. Bye Oz!

Out with the old, in with the new — a new life on the mainlands. Rented a store/gallery. Love the space. Made friends with the owner ZZ. Commited myself now to probably 4-5 months there. Hope to get listed on the Art Gallery Owners website but unsure of that still; need to pass inspection. 🙂 But one can’t say that I didn’t try, and I’m sure there are other lists I can submit the gallery to. I see it as a *gallery*, though, and not a store. A small one but still a gallery.

So the blog now becomes, at least for a bit, a history of this gallery in a way, and my reintegration into mainland living after the peace and quiet of Azure Islands. The owner said they don’t get a lot of traffic here but to me it’s a pretty happening place, just in comparision mind you. And what place in SL is really hopping except nightclubs and the like? Anyways, I feel very good about owning a gallery and adding just a tiny bit to the cultural millieu of SL.

One of the attractions to renting the space is the proximity to Hoboland and this Aracadia Asylum mecca just to the north in the Calleta sim (pictured below). And there’s also a freebie shop of her creations almost within sight of my front door. It all seems so appropriate somehow.