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Route 6 May 20, 2011

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Atoll Mtn. Range, Part 3 of ? August 6, 2008

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Atoll Mtn. Range, Part 2 of ?

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Atoll Mtn. Range, Part 1 of ?

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So this is what I called Base Camp, in Blanda. It’s just a row of 7 trees, only 1 out of line with all the others, and then a couple of rocks and smaller plants/undergrowth thrown in. It appeals to me as an oasis of trees in an otherwise large and pretty barren landscape of grass. I like the sense of the protective cliff on the side with the out-of-kelter tree as well.

Starting the trek northward, looking back at Base Camp.

Base Camp out of sight now as I head further north, now on the line between Athetis and Deltote.

Now I don’t generally just stroll into a house or the porch of a house, even, but I couldn’t resist stopping here and taking in the beautiful sunrise to the east. And there’s a lemon tree… usually a good sign for one of the Baker Bloch family.

I’m still following the top of the ridge now into Delemote. The porch Baker Bloch was standing on before registered at a little under 150 meters high, as opposed to base camp at a little over 110 meters. Now we’re a little further up at 170, w/ more ascension to come! I love the way the light plays on the ridges of the hills here.

Now at considerably over 200 (230 or so, actually), Blochs is halfway up the next sim to the north, or Nitida Ridge. Here’s where things get really interesting, for the whole ridge from almost to Dele


Atoll Exploration, Phase 2

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It’s actually been over a *month* now since I posted these maps and inserted one of those “TEXT SOON” notes that I’m so irritatingly fond of. Well, I think it’s way past “soon” to write text so let’s say this is “text better late than never”.

A lot of stuff has happened in my SL experiences since I posted these maps in an attempt to better define a hiking strategy for the long and huge Atoll mountain range — phase 2 as I’m calling it here. Namely, I’ve been super involved in getting the new Edwardston Station Gallery in Rubi up and running. But I think things have settled down enough to where I can turn my attention back to this exploration. In looking back on it, there are some fine snapshots in this series so far; I especially like the use of lighting in some. Of course, I can’t take credit for this: it’s the beautiful landscape that takes front and center here. So I really did want to come back and shape up these series of posts.

My idea here, as I remember, was to make a kind of base camp in the Blanda sim (map 1 below) and work my way up the semi-circle shaped mountain range peaking around the Arches sim (map 2), and then ending the hike in Crenulate (map 3) at the forking of the SL railroad already described a bit in this post. Also near the top are the highest range of mtns., which then level off at either end. I’ll also try to keep account of the elevation at various times in these posts.