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AI3, Part 3 (final) May 18, 2008

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While walking the road system of AI3, Blochs encounters this huge building. Is this up to code? he thinks. It’s certainly “up”, that’s for sure. Moving along…

Well, actually not a lot to report on the road part of AI3, so I’ll leave you with this picture of the island from an eastern peninsula in one of its several void sims. Oh wait, Baker wants to go back to the hut before he leaves for more photos.

So here Baker Bloch is peering into the hut. Hmmm, owner appears to have left the local terrain channel on for some reason. Part of the mystery of the place?

And then Baker decides he simply has to visit the strange hand imprint in the ocean south of AI3 before heading home. He couldn’t help think that if you erase just one of the two fingers you have Azure Island perhaps flipping the mainlands a bird (?) Is this the possible, hidden meaning? Perhaps it is time for Baker to take another nap he’s so fond of.:-)


AI3, Part 2 May 17, 2008

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So here’s the structure mentioned before. Not much to look at, but perhaps Bloch was attracted to it because of its similarity with the somewhat smaller hut on Ben’s Island where the weird “island moving” effect was encountered that baker b. actually lost a little sleep over the night Blochs discovered it. (!) Unlike that earlier encountered hut, this particular hut had a door. Baker Bloch only scanned the interior, afraid to enter. He also noticed that the land was for sale. It would be nice to know the story behind this hut, Blochs thinks.

Luv all the cats around as well.:-)

Here’s a shot of Baker Bloch flying above the hut, moving away from it toward the center of the island.

Blochs looks back to the satellite islands he just flew around. The objects are missing because Baker’s draw distance is set at his standard travelling mode of 128 meters.

On the central mountain of the island, which lies about 34 meters above sea level at its highest point, Baker Bloch finds several of what he later described to Baker Blinker and Hucka D. as monoliths, somewhat like the ones in the 2001: A Space Oddysey movie but more wide than high in this case. Still black and basically featureless, though, like in the movie. Baker Bloch counts 6 of these altogether, arranged in a “T” shape along the main ridge of the mountain.

And then there’s the presence of odd planks hovering above the monoliths at various point. Observing posts? Baker thinks so but isn’t sure. You can see these in the picture above as well if you look closely.

Blochs reaches the beginning of the looped road system but decides to save for later in the weekend.


AI3, Part 1

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So this weekend I decided it was time to explore AI3 rather thoroughly and run the small road system there as well. Just to clarify some, I call it AI3 because it is the 3rd largest island in the AI system. I’ll let you figure out what AI1, 2, 4, and 5 are by youself.:-)

So here I start on what I’d call a satellite island of AI3, to the ne. Unlike AI1, larger satellite islands practically ring AI3. Below is an interesting undersea enclave teaming with life. Also within are the ruins of several small ships and buildings, as well as a larger ship that remains intact and acts as current living quarters for someone.

Moving along…

… we come to a quite colorful lighthouse on the next satellite island over, if I remember correctly. This lighthouse immediately struck me because it is painted in the 4 colors of what I call TILE, which I don’t think I’ve brought up in this blog. Lemme check real quick…

I mention TILE in the post above this one because I’m writing these in reverse order of the events described. So Baker Bloch sees this lighthouse before he confers with Hucka, who also happened to run across 3 spheres colored red, green, and blue in his own exploration domain, with himself as the yellow (bee colored) 4th in that case. Hucka picked up on the synchronicity, and thus the main reason he says he and Baker Bloch are now in “synch” in that post.

The interior of the lighthouse. Green is missing in the room here, but is present in the trees framed by the provided window. So TILE again, in effect.

“Oh, hai. Too tard to explore rite now.”

Now we’re actually on the northern edge of AI3. Nice swath of palm trees separating it from the islands above.

Here Baker Bloch peers into a colorful patch of trees that turns out to hide a structure we’ll take a closer look at in parts 2 and 3.