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Out and… September 29, 2010

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Abandoned temple on the west edge of Second Sink or Oolamoo/Drews Sink (take your pick). This has been here quite a while, at least a year I think.

The Drews side of 2nd Sink still has available rentals, just like before, but seems a bit more settled in than previously. However, as I’ve indicated, the really nice and long established Roseheart development in the Oolamoo half of the sink is now no more. Although this sim sized piece of land has been sold in the meantime, Oolamoo remains empty as of this writing.

Then it’s on to Heterocera, where Biking Biker looks back on his Slosser owned objects poking above the landscape a bit (palm trees, Slum apts.).

Moving quickly back to Jeogeot and the Kingdom of Zor, taking up almost all the land of Hillhurst. Zor is a welcome new addition to Jeogeot, and represents an impressive array of towers, ramps, and buildings, combined with great views.

Medieval style bar on the property. I may have more to write about Zor soon.

Oh, and yet another purchase quite near Zor, on the outskirts of Sternberg. Kind of excited about it, although it’s only a 512, with probably no chance for expansion.

Turns out Sternberg has a kind of undeveloped underground level to it, as I’ve found out in entering the metropolis from direction of my new house pictured above (east). Interesting Sternberg wall graffiti below; the underground can be entered just beside it.


TILEpire? September 24, 2010

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“You’re right, he’s dead.”


But he’ll come back, perhaps. Probably. Most likely. Maybe the 1st TILEpire.

Hucka D.:

We’ll see. Torsit did his job well.


He’ll rise again, mark my word. I’m not sure how but he will. Perhaps as an Obi Wan Kenobi type ghost.

Hucka D.:

He had to die. He was the last Dodo. Floydodo, the final of its kind. A terminus.


Check this out, Hucka D.: TILE

That’s the wrong picture [Slosser image] but I guess it will do.

Hucka D.:

Here’s the right image.


Didn’t know you could do that.

Hucka D.:

So… TILEpire. Sure you want to do that?


The logistics don’t work out, but when has that stopped me… us. He would have to be bitten to death instead of stabbed.

Hucka D.:

A new type of vampire. TILEpire. Doesn’t need to be bitten to become one. Instead… stabbed with a special, special knife. A prop from the original Psycho movie. Very powerful. Remember how Marion Crane came back as her sister in that movie. But it was the same person… you have to be observant.


The two were played by different actresses, though.

Hucka D.:

Well, your Psychogumma proves this wrong. They were the same. It was Marion reborn.


Hmmmm… So Torsit is like Norman Bates.

Hucka D.:

Bracket wanted this as much as anyone. We all agreed it had to happen. We’re just working out what comes next… we hadn’t, collectively, planned all that out. We just knew Bracket had to die, and to be stabbed. Stabbed and die.


Yes, I see that. The small island he is — was on is like Maritius, former home of the dodo before it too became extinct and ceased to exist. Tortis had to kill him as he sat there reading Floydodo. It was an act that had to be acted out. But, Hucka D., I think it brings into question the nature of actors and roles in the first place. If Marion is involved. South equals absorption into the character — can’t get out. North equates with ascension out of the character and back into the real world. Something like an avatar in that way, too, come to think of it.

Hucka D.:

This isn’t and should not be like Esbum. This is not a permanent death — doesn’t have to be. Yes, this was more staged.


A King. Exiled to an isolated island. *And*, the same island, perhaps, as where Baker Bloch found the portal. Long Island Sound, I believe.

Hucka D.:

You stabbed Slosser tonight.


Yes. I guess I did.

Hucka D.:

The parcel was completely full. Did its bit. Just like Bracket. Full.


I’m going to have to look back and trace his short history, Hucka D. I think I should do that, since I — we — killed him. Owe that to him.

Hucka D.:

He may come back as a board spirit[ like Hucka D. himself].


That would be interesting. (pause)

Hucka D.:

Yes. (pause)

(both wait)

Hucka D.:

But maybe not.

bb (quickly):



Sloshing in Slosser September 22, 2010

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Gotta get a name for this small, inland lake which I just probably tripled in size. Can’t wait for it to show up on the terrian view of inworld maps. Much leafy cover within, and also a good amount of small fish, including some angelfish. No fishing allowed, though. Just tubing as legal recreation.

But what fun with only that one option!

I didn’t really plan it like this, but turns out my new Slosser parcel is a sort of twin to a near neighbor, whose land and similar Linden pool of water has already been described in this blog here. Mine is to the left, and dominated by palms. The neighbor’s smaller pool, just visible in the photo to the right, similarly lies within a dense grove of trees, but cypresses in that case, and with a considerably larger and also nicer house on the land, just to the north of their particular pool as well.*

Baker Bloch sits on Mt. Pond in the Tethea sim and considers restarting an investigation of the Pond District he’s perched near the heart of. Could Slosser also be considered a part of this district now, even though it is a considerable number of sims to the southeast? Should the concept of a Pond District be expanded to include all higher water level sims indicated on this map from June?


* 09/22/10 update: Now the relationship has shown up on the terrain maps (!) I call the 2 official Linden pools under discussion, lyrically enough, Ourin and Yurin. Again, mine (Ourin) is to the left.


Otaki sink shuffle September 21, 2010

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New sidewalk in Otaki Gorge, connecting SoSo and House Greenup galleries. Oh, I’ve moved House Greenup to Otaki Gorge as of today. Can’t keep up with the shuffle? Me neither. But I think HG belongs in Otaki Gorge. And then I moved Gallery 9 across the lot from House Greenup, essentially directly south of its old location. So that’s 40, now, of the 100 collages of the 10×10 on the property, w/ 20 (Oblong series) in SoSo and 20 (Greenup series) in House Greenup. What of the other 60? Still have no long term plan for bringing those to Otaki Gorge; the entire 10×10 is still housed in the Edwardston Station Gallery in Rubi.

View of the two newly placed structures from the Home o’ Fibs porch, across the top of SoSo once more.

View from top floor of Gallery 9 in its new location.

Speaking of Rubi and Heterocera, I gave up my last official Noru plot — the one that, as of now, still has a version of House Greenup on it — in order to buy a 512 in Slosser. Why, Baker, why? Why keep buying land? I hear you saying. We, the other reader or readers, simply can’t keep up with all this shuffling. I’ll just leave you with a picture for now and explain later, if I can. That’s *official Linden water* now at 50 meters high, keep in mind. 🙂

Slosser could be a nice new base for exploring Heterocera, close to Rubi but not too close.


South of Rubi, 02 June 10, 2010

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The stream that flows from the large lake in upper Grote eventually passes over this really nice, Linden protected waterfall situated just below the south Grote sim line in Zephyr. Sucker’s about 100 feet high; nicely layered.

In taking the above snapshot, Baker stands on the bridge pictured below, to the south of the falls. This would be a part of Route 1. Passing under the bridge, the stream that has recently tumbled over a large precipice now quickly reaches the Linden sea in central Zephyr.

More aerial view of the Zephr falls. Lots of trees on either side of the gorge. Nifty.

An establishment on the west side of Slosser, the sim just west of Grote which also contains, in its northeast corner, the Lost Gardens Retreat mentioned in the post before this one. The main reason I visited this place tonight — or sent Baker Bloch there — is to check out the TILE colored circles on the inworld map in this location. Turns out they’re what’s called Skybox Bubbles, rentable for 150 lindens a week.

It also interested me that these colored bubbles lie directly south of my Rubi property, which similarly shows up now on the inworld map as 4 squares of, left to right, blue, green, red, and yellow, due to my own skybox. Also, both 4-color arrangements are in the southwest corners of their sims as well as being due north and south of each other.

Could mean something — not planned by me atall.

There are actual houses in a skybox much further up in the sky for rent as well. Not my style, though, but Baker thought it worthy of a picture, if only for the colors.

Now here’s a place much more to my liking, also in Slosser but much nearer the Zephyr Falls. And as it turns out, it’s owned by the same avatar that runs Lost Gardens Retreat: Bjorlyn Loon. This small parcel is notable — and the reason I visited it in the first place — for having an official Linden body of water on its premises, pictured with a lounging Baker below. Hope he’s not trespassing, and, at any rate, he didn’t stay long — just long enough to take a picture to record the pool and surroundings for this blog. The pool is about 25 meters long, less than 10 meters wide, and quite shallow. It seems to contain exactly 2 fish, a 2lb perch and a 1 lb Rudd, according to their descriptions. The elevation here is 50 meters, which is the water level of the Slosser sim and the reason the official Linden pool of water could be here in the first place.

Green Man sculpture found on the premises.

And there’s yet another Linden water pool in Slosser, somewhat larger but not situated in as pastoral a setting. Like the one described above, this pool is very near the lower border of the Slosser sim. As far as I can tell, there are no other small pools of water like this in the area. The Pond District, in contrast, contains 6 such Linden “ponds” at last count. So I hesitate to call this a second Pond District, although it is certainly interesting to find such water in sims outside our Pond District.

The below picture shows the relationship of these 2 pools of Linden water with the Zephyr Falls (right). The smaller of the 2 pools is essentially hidden by mostly brown colored cypress trees in the middle of the photo.