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Teasdale November 30, 2009

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Y-borough, Teasdale, X-ville. November 26, 2009

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This night, Baker Bloch daringly, perhaps even foolishly, decides to take a closer look at Y-borough. And in the middle of the night, ta boot! Foolish for certain!!

Scary graffiti and a giant, unformed white tube of some sort. Sometimes the unformed things are the scariest, especially if placed in Y-borough.

Bizarrely, maybe, the building with the broken out windows, or what Baker perceived as such, has been derezzed, apparently. Or maybe they just sent it somewhere to repair the windows. Most likely, whoever owned it just wanted to get the heck out of here.

Then it’s back to X-ville, looking better, better, better!

Baker briefly contemplates renting a 4096 parcel at the main crossroads of X-ville (“could *this* be the true home of the 10×10?”, and so on), but circumstances shift his attention back to Sunklands soon enough. He is leaving open the option of renting in X-ville itself, though.*


New “Something To Chro About” in Teasdale November 23, 2009

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Small, new store in Teasdale currently showing 6 of the Oblong collage series and providing landmark for Edwardston Station Gallery in Aotearoa.

Also my apt. is fairly set up in Teasdale. About 200 meters from the gallery.


Gaeta/Teasdale, 02 November 22, 2009

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Another shot of the Rafail maze right behind Baker’s new Teasdale rental unit. Click here to find out more about the differences between mazes and labyrinths.

Now Baker Bloch is already really enjoying riding his bike around the numerous paved streets of Teasdale, a big attraction to renting there in the first place. Here he pedals through the middle of a park area marking, in turn, the center of Rosser, the eastern sim ( of 2) of Teasdale as a whole. Not far from his new rental atall.

As far as Baker can tell, at least until he opened his own “Something To Chro About” the night of 11/22 (see above), there’s only one artsy gallery in Teasdale, owned by Claire Radikal. Not very big: only a handful of art pieces within the one story, approx. 10×10 room. But some quality work here — not sure about the eye sculpture though, but it might just be a taste issue.

I’ll be stopping in again I’m sure. Hope Claire sticks around.

A police car is parked just outside the small gallery. Nice to see the town has a law enforcement unit in place; makes Baker feel safer when he’s pedaling the streets late at night. Problem is, this car always seems to be parked right here just outside the gallery, and with no one inside. Hmmm, maybe its like those empty cop cars in RL you see parked on the side of a street, just to make you aware that they are around, and if there was someone inside you might get a speeding ticket if you’re going too fast in this spot in the future. But I’d still like to see this particular car move around once in a while. I’ll keep an eye on it… probably Baker will ride by it many nights if not the majority of nights he’s out biking around Teasdale.

Baker now sits in a definite highlight of town: the Evergreen Pub, apparently specializing in live folk music. Baker’s joined the associated group — suppose he’ll get notecards about upcoming events in the establishment. Might be fun just to hang out in back somewhere and look at the locals filing in and out.

Interesting old timey style Second Lyfe map on the wall in front of Baker here as well.

On this same night, I believe, Baker Bloch also finds another “old” map of SL featuring the Jeogeot continent — his “home” continent now I suppose we should concede (since he’s lived there in a mostly consistent manner for over *1/2* a year now — hard to believe!). This is not from Teasdale, though, but from Jeogeot itself, somewhere in the northern panhandle, or what this map mysteriously calls a “claw” of the continent.

I’ve never seen any of this terminology used in other maps of SL or Jeogeot… “Bay of Fundi” (actually Korean Channel), “West Claw”, *”Centralia”* (roughly the same as what I call Sunklands, it appears), “Golden East Coast”… strange stuff. And I was able to take a copy and add it to my inventory to study later on — cool.


Biking, Cont. 02 November 20, 2009

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Just south of the mysterious underwater tunnel on Route 10 is this handsome cable-stayed bridge shared between Silvercreek and Aberhart. The land to the right of the channel in the background is actually part of a large island, with its west end in Silvercreek and the east end in Morkeleb 3 sims west. Morkeleb is the sim containing Old Sternberg, which means at least the western part of this island must be considered part of its metropolitan area, I suppose. I’ll then return to this island asap and relay further information about it through this blog.

The more I think about it, the more I’m sure I’ll probably rent in X-ville (Pine Tree Square) in the near future, most likely before, um, X-mas. As a side note, I wonder if Hucka D. called it X-ville because of the crossroads of Route 9 and Route 10 within its limits? (…mental note here to ask him) And also didn’t LRPV say he lived in X-ville for a spell? Think so.

Interesting configuration of houses on the island just above the Silvercreek-Aberhart bridge — not visited this night, though.

Some kind of large green squares with blue borders spied on the west side of Route 10 in Cambrian. Baker’s nearing Hucka D.’s foully spoken of Y-borough. He later determines that the same kind of squares make up the ground pattern of this “dark twin” to nearby X-ville, again according to Hucka D. Or was it Plant who spoke of the two in this manner?

Anyway, just on the other side of the road is this nice development Baker visited once before. Rentals are a little out of his price range, although the grounds are nice. Assuming he soon rents in X-ville, I’m sure Baker will be returning to this site as well.

Then it’s Y-borough to his south only a click further down Route 10.

Are those windows over there all broken out? he asks while wondering why his bike won’t go any faster. Yeah, he would admit that it looks more than a bit creep from this perspective. And first impressions are difficult to shake.

Baker reaching the outskirts of a never-looked-better X-ville. He’s completed his big loop around Jeogeot’s “western claw”, with the junction of Route 10 and Route 9 just ahead.

X-ville residential area. Not bad! Not Y-borough.

Nice little downtown as well. He’s learning to really respect it.

But the biggest discovery of the trip was yet to come, for while visiting the PTS rental shop in X-ville he learned of its twin city of Teasdale, way over on the Gaeta continent. He used the acquired landmark there to take a look…

He’s very impressed! It’s considerably larger than X-ville/Pine Tree Square, although it apparently has about the same population. Much larger urban district — maybe serving a bigger metro area, then?

Long story short for now, Baker decided to rent a house on the outskirts of town (center, below), next to a sim sized labyrinth maze. Several nights later he also rents a Teasdale business space to create a new version of the Something To Chro About Gallery, last seen in Yapland/Healy. New adventures will soon be in store for certain!