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Baker Bloch attempts to interpret through work of art what he saw in “Lemon World” March 17, 2008



lemon world

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Baker Bloch and Hucka D. the bee, as one, turned toward the circle of stones as a rumbling began that signalled an occuring manifestation (the same sound that you hear in SL when manifesting objects/prims). Just over the edge of the circle of stones appeared a pot with a plant, a lemon plant. The largest of the lemons on the plant, and perhaps the only one that was fully ripe, was drooping over the circle’s limit and into the very center of the stones. With a snap the lemon dropped off and rolled upright in this center. The pot, apparently having done its working, disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.


Baker and Hucka, who had been observing all this while hovering far above, descended to the surface to see the manifested lemon up close. A plane-type boarder hoisted by a truck moved into view from unknown dimensions, offering a way to enter the perhaps 20 meter long fruit. With no hesitation, Hucka D. went up the boarder and inside, and Baker Bloch, after a small pause, followed in turn.


Tom’s Petty High.


Just call me ernie banks?

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Baker Bloch did go back to SL a couple more times while based in RL on true Hilo Peak, most prominently to visit a connecting channel between two lower Sansara seas, one of the few underwater areas left on the continent that he hadn’t at least “scanned”. The 1st snapshot below depicts what he saw upon meeting the sim line that marks the entrance to the upper of the two seas from this channel. In effect, he saw… nothing! Nothing except an impossible ocean far below that was certainly not the sea entrance he was looking for. Approaching from the opposite side he first saw the passage as it should be, for maybe 5 seconds or so, and then it too winked out and became this Nothing Ocean.

Baker Bloch apparently found another seam in the world, a more obvious one this time. He connected the find with his own increasing detachment to the Second Life grid.



Meanwhile, Baker Blinker had become despondent over Baker Bloch’s increasing remoteness from SL, and entering RL through that portal Hucka Doobie provided up in [true Hilo Peak]. However, she determined to forge on in SL, and dreamed of finding a “home base” in the grid, perhaps one she could share with or at least give to/sacrifice to Baker Bloch so that he could be lured back in-world as well. However, knowing she could not afford to lease land on the mainland, and the idea of owning property off the mainland was not attractive to her right now, she searched once again — just like Baker Bloch did before her when attempting to find the perfect place for Mr. Low’s cemetery from posts below — for *remote* land (and the word remote is key here again) where you could create prims and the object return was set to zero.

After finding a couple of promising leads just around the area of Baker Bloch’s seam-in-the-world-fabric described above, she happened up the place pictured below not too far to the north, and in the same deep sea that Bloch could not reach from the south. Yes, here was a place with great promise. She sat upon a materialized chair in the fissure seemingly containing the necessary 3 ingredients for success (prim creation allowed; object return set to zero; remoteness), and pondered what kind of structure to build, if any.