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Diary Entry #1, JCMEB? (& what is the blue holly?) March 19, 2008

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Experimented with upload images/textures into SL today for the first time. Amazing possibilities! I can see, in the future, my art slowly moving from a basically strict two-dimensional environment to a more rounded, 3d one using SL as a primary inspiration. I certainly do not consider myself a builder in the standard SL terminology. I will probably never attempt to construct a beach condo, or a windmill or an airship or a replica of the Eiffel Tower. No, I wish to take this development slowly — baby steps — from my natural environment.

For the next 1 to 2 months, JCMEB? will be a locked habitat, with collages added, perhaps, each week at least. This would be the projected Hidalgo series that I’ve been wondering for some time how would begin. Obviously a clue may have been the word “Hidalgo” used as a way to transport Hucka D. from SL back to RL (New Hope), and then, just after this, Baker Bloch himself through the increased powers of Hucka. Now they are mostly separated from me physically. Hopefully this condition won’t last too awfully long, and perhaps coincide with that 1-2 month period I mentioned before.

Baker Bloch is inside Lemon World now. The date is 2008 but it is also 2001, when the giant lemon 1st manifested in the center of the stargate encircled by the 11 rocks high on Hilo Peak. Baker Bloch understands that he created this portal or stargate ahead of time so that Lemon World could manifest there from its home base of [Hidalgo]. He knows his 4 masters came along with it, total addicts all to the virtual world inside. A sort of meth lab for geeks (?). Despite the limited space implied from the outside (the lemon appears to be about the same length as JCMEB?, or around 20 meters), he is having trouble locating them within. Trouble is, virtual reality and reality reality have gotten all mixed up inside. Timelines have become confused. It is both 2008 and 2001 at once, and the 4 masters are both inside the world and *the whole world* at the same time.

It is no coincidence that Lemon World manifested on the true Hilo Peak at around the same time that Linden World was started in San Francisco in “our” world. Because a linden tree is the same as a lime tree in the UK, the name can translate to Lime World, making the two together a synergized Lemon-Lime World, I suppose. Baker Bloch thinks the two metaverses interact as equals yet perpendicular to each other, harking back to the double diamond of his Opus 1 that I should probably go into more detail about in my next entry.

Even in my extremely limited experience creating art in SL, I see almost unlimited potential. One of the tricks is getting out of the habit of seeing art as standard gallery oriented stuff. In SL one has the possibility, for instance, to walk through art, to hover over it, to go inside of it easily. Galleries can be set up in totally different ways and become one with the exhibits being shown. Not to say that direct translations of RL art don’t have their place in SL, but this usually does not truly tap into the huge possibilities of new kinds of art and art environments. The whole world of SL, after all, is a piece of virtual art.