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Hilo! March 14, 2008

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In his heighthened state of consciousness, Baker Bloch certainly remembers this circle of rocks. He created it! To their specifications, mind you, but he had to manufacture the rocks, he had to terraform the Hilo Peak (yes, this is the true Hilo Peak!), and then he had to set them in place at very particular points in the reformed and flattened land. He also recalls the numbers 1756 and 5761, in various guises, repeatedly cropping up in the needed calculations.

Ad he also certainly remembers the trip through space in that tiny pod, crammed in there like a sardine or, a pea. Yes, the last. Taking orders from those pod peaple as he derisively reimagined them to help kill time, and, indeed, keep sane, hurling through insanely empty space in their own tiny pods on the way to some remote planet to set up a portal for *his* immense lab. And not to do what they apparently wanted to do, but for meaningful research. He had some solid ideas and leads on this, he believed.

How long in that pod: 3 months? 6? 9? He thought it had to be 9. Then, after what seemed like an eternity, the blue planet finally winked into existence and grew larger and larger, like an infant conceived in the womb of space. The pod’s honing device knew exactly where to land; all the maps premade. He was well prepared, and he wondered how they did it all on their own, because the four of them certainly didn’t seem like the last members of any advanced civilization. They were instead peaple, and needing their own pods for sure.

The pod penetrated the atmosphere, adjusted to the additional heat, and then landed or, better, “smacked” into the lip of the mountain mesa, stuck there like a raisin in a pudding. But he was free! Baby blue planet and Baker Bloch born as one as he squirmed through the pod’s open door. He didn’t even mind the difficult process of terraforming in this denser environment. In his spare time he even created a tree farm on the previously cleared land further north on the mesa, using a locally found species.


Baker Bloch employed a pond already present on the the lip of the mountain to set up his first rock, one of 11 needed. In this way, he figured he would have a quick start on restoring the land once the stargate was no longer needed. This was his cueing point.


Above is Hilo Peak before the terraforming. Notice the pond that would be used to mark the position of the first rock (pictures can be enlarged).


The buzzing that had been internalized within Baker Bloch shortly after its manifestation in [delete name] sim then abruptly ended and externalize to his right. He turned and met the small eyes of what he knew to be the remade shape of Hucka D., a bee now, and the obvious source of the droning all along. Baker Bloch realized that Hucka D. had piggybacked him through the portal.

“The lab is next,” Hucka D. said matter-of-factly and in a notably higher register than before.