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Nautilus Island April 29, 2012

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Only US Nautilus Island.

Parallel with Nautilus Island, Second Life?

Nautilus Island is most expensive island in world to rent per acre.



Why are we here?? March 1, 2010

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It’s a question I essentially woke up with in my head tonight.

Hucka D.:

Good opening tonight. I think all were pretty pleased. But it reinforced some ideas you had of SL.


Yes. SL in and of itself does not contain the energy to… (pause)

Hucka D.:

Why are you here, baker b.? There, I mean. We are not there now. We are here.


I have my small parcels, I have the collages set up the way they ought to be set up, I think. I am lockstepped with Arcadia Asylum. I will help protect the memory.

Hucka D.:

That’s good. The 10×10 is complete and in its virtual home. You know, inworld, that it has little value *just* as a series of virtual art pieces. The strength is out here, in real life. You are simply modeling an ideal climate from which to exhibit real life creations. You must wait until resolution is better.


Hold on…



Well, Hucka D., it’s just a lot of fun. Relatively cheap, clean fun, at least for me anyways. My art has been influenced for the better. I get to practice my writing through the blog, mainly inspired by my Second Lyfe. But I think you want me to start thinking about escape.

Hucka D.:

In a way you already have, by giving up the larger part of the Aotearoa parcel, by downsizing the gallery needs of the 10×10 by getting rid of the still almost new Blue Feather Gallery. By allowing exploration to take front and center — for now. Toy avatar continuation is next (!)


Thanks for that. I actually went to Meeting Rock in the real world yesterday, Hucka D., despite all the snow on the road still. Lots of slogging, but not as much as the other day (on the same road). I’ll have to think more about Triads before returning, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

And that’s the other thing you must think about: TILE. A recommendation might be to put the Tile cube back on top of the Edwardston Station Gallery. You had it set up before right.


It’s broken, though, out of the purely 2048 parcel mode — I need more prims than that allows now, since the “Down The Rabbit Hole” exhibit is also a part of the cube, and the needed tubing for the “hole” itself. Rabbit Head (!) — that’s what I was going to check out tonight. Kou’s indicated rabbit head; it was the top post on his site when I revisited it yesterday in researching the Japanese explorers related post here (including, as well, Ujiyasu). But I (believe) you’re right — have to think about the Temple of TILE again, in a virtual sense. Edna’s photos…

Hucka D.:



Somehow the temple must be reinserted in the center of Big Sink as well.

Hucka D.:

Dead center, yes.


I’ll need at least one more parcel, Hucka D. A 512 will do it.

Hucka D.:

Keep your eyes peeled. And, yes, start at the Rabbit Head again.*


Thank you.


Strange thing, perhaps: just after publishing this went to the skull in Kou’s picture (Coontz sim), and found an avatar there in the shape of a pill (still don’t understand that phenomenon). Every time I went to check into it I crashed out of SL — three times this happened. 3 times is the charm, they say, and so I quit for the night. Death skull? Creepy.


Chilbo, Jeogeot (Other), Yd Island, Nautilus Cy., Steelhead (Briefly) January 2, 2010

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A low res shot of Baker Bloch sitting on the edge of Eschwan Park just behind his small office in Chilbo. The large, black schwa is positioned almost edge-wise to Baker here, visible just beneath the central trees.

Then its on to biking around Jeogeot. Baker — or I suppose I should say, I set Baker down at a basically randomly chosen point on one of the continent’s several roads: somewhere in the north central part of the landmass not extensively explored by Blochs yet.

But soon the landing spot didn’t seem so random after all, as Baker quickly came across — in Yeot (see above!) — another cache of the same Kou Umaga crafted maps he had just seen in Varieto. Too odd (once more)! At first I thought that this might be a new location for what Kou calls The Explorer’s Information Center of Jeogeot itself, which I’d seen on his map of the continent over in Varieto, a map also present in this smaller shop (directly in front of Baker below). I say “new” here because the dot marking the information center on the map is actually in Sunklands, quite a distance away from Baker’s current location. But later on I find that the Explorer’s Information Center is still in Sunklands; admittedly I still haven’t cleared up the mystery as to why the maps appear in this particular location, not owned by Kou himself or affiliated with a group he belongs to, apparently.

Baker keeps biking around Jeogeot in the immediate area around the map shop. A weird cloud formation encountered just south of Yeot (explosion?) doesn’t help to settle his nerves down.

The same night, again if I remember correctly, Baker goes over to the Villeneuve forest and finds yet another smoke/particle formation, this time from a set of bullets of some sort.

The Measure — what *do* these glyphs mean, if anything?

Another mission Baker wanted to accomplish the same night, I believe, was to hop over to Nautilus Island just below Yd Island and examine both the oversized and regular sized chessboards he knew existed there from his visits in the Fall of 2008. He decides to set down a certain distance from the larger chessboard and bike into the location, taking in the scenery a bit. On his way, he finds this rounded hill in the interior of the island that he didn’t know existed before — he thought this residential interior was totally flat, although he knew hills, especially one quite high example, existed more on the island’s fringes (coastlines).

A couple sims further north and west and he finds the chessboard, just as he remembered it.

An examination reveals that the black queen was not “on her color”, indicated that she should actually be switched with the black king to create the correct initial placements.

And the same situation existed on the regular sized chessboard found on the large, circular plateau of the island (the walled Citadel), within its central temple.

Then fellow explorer Nish Mip, after reading my post (or, more correctly, looking at the post photos, since I’m only creating the accompanying text several days later), pointed out that she’d seen the exact same object in Steelhead 2 days prior. Asap, I went over, then, and took this picture.


Karoz in Otherland, Nautilus City, Blake Sea June 9, 2009

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Teleported over to Otherland the other day to find this amazing switcheroo: the Hain sim just to the north of the Stephen sim, my old home and located in the center of what I call Otherland Island #1 in this blog, had been replaced by the Xabbu sim that use to lie several sims below the island. And besides that, the Castle of Verloren, along with the entire Verloren sim, had been removed from its former spot to the immediate east of Hain, and the next sim over, Pinswang, shifted into its place to meet up with Xabbu now. I’ve seen a lot of odd stuff already in SL, but this was a new one.

I quickly scanned the Otherland blog and saw no mention of what was going on, but I was able to located Hain and Verloren, along with one other sim, a considerable distance northeast of this main Otherland island.

And in checking tonight several days later when I’m writing this text, see that Hain has now returned to its old position at least. I’ll keep an eye out for the return of Verloren and report back here. It’s a popular SL destination, so I’m assuming it will be in its former position soon.


The SL map illustrating the changes I encountered that night.


I believe it was the same night that Karoz took his first visit to the Nautilus Island region, finding the underwater scapes surrounding the island very beautiful indeed, and he hoped he wasn’t taking up valuable log time from Baker Bloch that their common user could employ for further explorations of these waters. Baker Bloch later assured Karoz that he wasn’t.




While in the general region, Karoz also popped over to the Blake Sea to the east of Nautilus Island. Very interesting terrain there as well, but Karoz noticed he was getting unreasonably tired. This must the the random exploring fatigue Baker Bloch mentioned to him at one time. Best, then, to get back home to Jeogeot and Noru, and focus on the Korean Channel, Chilbo, and other sights in the more immediate area.

Snapshot1072_009smallerer to


ESG + ToT? March 29, 2009

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The search goes on for the perfect spot for the 10×10 in SL. But I thought you already had that in the Edwardston Station Gallery in Healy?, I can hear you the loyal reader of my blog ask. One word: dunno. Here’s another really interesting option I’m now exploring: a two tier effect in none other than Nautilus City, on a double prim 1024 parcel I was amazed to find I could rent for the same money as a 2048 mainland parcel, or L700 a week. So I did. *Then* I also, tonight, rented a 2048 parcel in Gaeta, not far from CK’s property I visited last weekend. Just another coincidence, however, since the land just opened up in Lama Estates’ listings, and was one of the few 2048 parcels on their list, period. I think it might be nice to live in Gaeta for a spell… may rent other parcels around it, even, maybe even conglomerating all into 1 square 4096.

But here’s what the Edwardston Station Gallery looks like when I combined it with the Temple of TILE and merged the surfaces in a logical way. It’s interesting…


The structure is 60 meters high, then, or the same height as the gallery/temple in Otherland, but without the b_hivia module composed “wings” to complement these central two 30x30x30 cubes. I don’t think the wings are needed, since all 100 collages of the 10×10 are now found in the lower of these two central cubes.

How will this play out? Well, I think Nautilus City was just something I had to get out of my system (?) and move on, then. Gaeta’s probably where I’ll “settle down”, w/ connections still in Healy and Yapland. Will probably keep the 2048 in Gaeta, the 1024 in Klein, and then the Yapland gallery or two. Makes sense, I suppose.

Another shot looking up through the hollow central chamber of the NC experiment…



Nautilus City Research, Um Research March 22, 2009

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Building up new links about Nautilus City as I find them.

My base of exploration will be in Klein. I am now shopping around for another 1024 parcel to use either as a new location for the Temple of TILE or a sandbox for a totally new build, perhaps using more Arcadia Asylum full permission structures. What wonderful toys to play with she provided!

This is a very interesting link… kind I’ve been looking for, actually. Gives locations for the ruins, most of which I’ve already seen and visited in my 21 post long NC explorations from last fall.

More as I find them!


Nautilus Underwater, North 1 January 26, 2009

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Just pictures this time, and 1 SLurl.







snapshot873_040smaller this


Nautilus Underwater, West 1 November 29, 2008

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At the end of November, Baker Bloch even made some forays into the western seas of Nautilus City/Island. But it’s here he got bogged down with other projects, or I should say I, his user, got sidetracked. But I believe outside of the treasure room at Far East, the Coontz sim, which is the subject matter of this particular post’s snapshots, is the most interesting underwater environment I’ve visited — so far. It’s not so much that there’s a *whole* bunch of objects there, but more the mixture of strategically placed objects, including plants, with the really quite complex topography of the sim, along with that of the northern part of the Prat sim to the south. When you look at the SL map of the area while in the SL program, you can get a little idea of what I’m talking about. The Coontz sim doesn’t *look* like the other underwater sims in terms of shading and coloring. You don’t have the rolling hills and valleys everpresent there. Instead, in Coontz, you have abrupted rising hillocks, some flat but some quite sharp. But with no regular pattern that I can tell of — sometimes these hillocks are isolated, and sometimes they occur as a group.


Coming in from the flatter, western sim, this the first time Baker Bloch noticed something different about the Coontz sim, actually I believe this is the western edge of Prat instead, which is similiar to Coontz in places.


Baker Bloch stands in a giant hand in Coontz, which appears to be a part of the sea goddess statue once more, like found in other places in the NC area.


Then another ship wreck, but with a twist: this one has a skull. I’d yet to see human (avatar) remains in the sea before. Actually there is at least one more skull in the sim — perhaps I can take up this series again soon and give out more pictures.


Coontz contains crystals, complex wrecks, skulls, giant hands, spears… it’s got a lot.

My guess — could be totally wrong here — is that Coontz and Prat represent an earlier attempt by the Linden moles at creating an underwater aesthetic to complement the majestic builds of the main island. That’s why the look is unique to these two sims, and why, for example, skulls do not appear in other places. But I’m thinking more along the lines of the totally different topography of the seabed here, in attempting to justify this argument.

Hopefully I can continue this series sometime soon, perhaps after I’ve settled in a bit more at Otherland.

Thanks, as usual, for reading.







Nautilus Underwater, South 3 and S-E Wrap-up November 27, 2008

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Interesting green topped underwater mountain in Limmoth. At the time, I think I named it Greentop. I’m so imaginative. But it does make for a good land…er, sea mark.



I believe these are jars, found just off the southern coast of the main island. Yes (as Esbum finds the hidden cache again), this is in Ualonuth, just to the west of a temple patio that juts into the southern sea here.


Another view of that 1/3rd sim long wall with the interesting pattern of sea fans. Blochs is standing just behind it in the picture, to the left center.


More ruins, mostly buried in the sea floor this time, as you can see when I peak under this floor using the Disable Camera Constraints option.



Then Baker Bloch flew back over to the ruby red crystal palace on the far east of the island for this close-up of the golden sea goddess, looking eastward toward the island of Far East and the force field guarded treasure room.



Nautilus Underwater, West 1


Nautilus Underwater, South 2 November 26, 2008

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‘Nother skeleton of a ship, one of many in the sea around the island.


This island is quite interesting because it represents the second largest island of the Nautilus City complex, although much smaller than the main island, which covers about 22 sims I believe I guessed. This one may be about 100 meters long and 80 meters wide.


Not much on the island itself, with just this lonely, deserted campsite as any evidence that Man (Avatar) has even been here.


But in the water just to the north is a rather spectucular natural phenomenon: a crystal cave…


Baker even invites a possible crash by setting his particle count way up above the norm, just to attempt to capture some of the beauty of the place. The cave is actually not that big though, probably about 15 meters high and deep both. Not sealed underwater treasure room kind of spectacular (like I found at another island: Far East as I’m calling it), but nice still.

The island is in the sim of Howe, btw, in case you want to visit.


Nautilus Underwater, South 3