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Baker’s Beautiful West September 10, 2010

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1st a shot from Otherland, in particular Otherland Island #3, as I use to call it when I lived in the archipelago. Just hopping around looking at land for sale this night, and happened upon these dream walkers. Then just a minute later I came across another set of 5 avatars also moving in perfect synchronization, but flying this time instead of walking. Must be some kind of group thing. Never seen that particular phenomenon before.

A look across the just erected Victorian house on the lot toward Isle of Baker, now barren of objects save a small campfire spot. Compare to overhead shots here from 2 1/2 years ago (wow, such a long time ago now!).

Then it’s on to my new rental space in Baker sim. Yes, Baker. And ta boot, only a narrow, protected channel of water separates this 4096 parcel from what I early on in this blog called Isle of Baker, the very place that Baker Bloch was born in SL, for all intents and purposes. So obviously he’s getting a bit sentimental in moving back. Much has changed, but some probably for the best. Like the new islands that have risen from several inner seas of Sansara not too far east of the Baker sim. Baker plans to go visit them very soon — certainly an attraction to renting here. Doesn’t hurt that the rent is super affordable as well. 🙂

Mouselook view from a meditation spot directly in front of a eucalyptus tree I planted today.

Old rusty van beside the house. Also there’s a gazebo near the south end of the property, with a path connecting it to the house.

I’ve rented for 2 weeks. Questions will soon have to be answered: will I give up my land in Noru in favor of this spot? I can certainly erect the cube version of the Edwardston Station Gallery next and just go from there. Lots of prims to still play around with. Should be fun, whatever.


Otherland, 2 January 9, 2009

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Baker Bloch is sliding deeper and deeper into the idea of buying land here. He sits on a boardwalk enjoying one of the many waterfalls the islands have to offer. But this one may be special, especially if he follows through on the main plan he’s turning over in his mind presently. I can hear the gears turning even now.


Yet another frozen pond, this time near the center of Otherland I. #3, as I’m calling it in this blog. Obviously not a suitable place for a fishing getaway. Baker Bloch has no interest in buying and learning to work an ice cutter. Too much trouble, plus I’m sure it’d be a bitch to tote all around the forests and mountains and shut. But it’s a beautiful lake anyway, with a considerable amount of protected forest on the mountain range to the east.


Here’s Baker Bloch walking that eastern range just mentioned to demonstrate the considerably forested aspect.


And then he finds this beautiful little peninsular area further north on Otherland I.#3, complete with obviously hungry, begger-type swans that seemed to follow him everywhere. Must be use to being fed by the locales, he reasons.


Very interesting winter wonderland. Enough so that Baker Bloch considered it picture-worthy anyways. Baker Bloch wonders how much a teepee like that would put him back. But here he’s thinking more prim count that Linden dollars here, mind you… as I read recently, prims are the *real* currency of SL, and I suppose it’s true.


Back on the west coast boardwalk of Otherland I. #1, Baker buys a $1 demo fishing pole complete with 5 free casts. After using two as practice on the boardwalk, and catching an actual fish with the second cast — something called a blue juv emporer — Baker is encouraged to head over to that potentially perfect fishing spot he’s had his eye one to test it out for real. He then is very disappointed to find that the rod indicates no fish are in the bay. Smart fishing pole! Well, that’s when it really started, because baker realized that the only way he and his extended family (Edna Blinker, Baker Blinker, Hucka D., Esbum Michigan) could fish here is if he himself bought the land and stocked the water in whatever way demanded by his chosen fishing pole. And that’s what he’s on the verge of doing.


Another shot of his fishing spot through the trees from just beyond the edge of the property he’s thinking of buying.