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Okinu “Crop Circles”? March 1, 2008

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Now that Baker Bloch had finally put the sinisterish Mr. Low truly to rest, he decides to use his unexpected new freedom to explore more of the Second Life geography. A wider scan of the seascape around Isle of Baker seemed a natural extension of his initial attraction to underwater exploration in this world. In preliminary teleportations along a route he thought might make for an interesting Sea-fari, he discovered the strange sand colored, geometric markings on an otherwise dark green colored sea bottom on the southern edge of the Okinu sim, in the north central part of the Sansara continent.


Following these markings like stepping stones (queer, perhaps, that the first two of these have a distinct “L” shape), a short distance north of the sim’s lower edge he was surprised once more by shapes like this larger sandy patch, again with sharply defined edges based on the outline and perpendiculars of the square, obviously.

The snapshot below is from a second visit, during the actual 1st “Sea-fari” Baker Bloch went on. Just as in his preliminary study, the small marks that lead to bigger sandy areas such as this lay on the very southern edge of the sim. The drop off you see in the first snapshot of this post is the same as this edge.


The regular markings were strange enough in themselves. But here comes the really weird part. When Baker visited the sim a third time to further explore the strange markings, again walking the southern edge of the Okinu sim to find the initial “stepping stones,” he could not find them! He walked and also flew across this edge a number of times, but no luck. A little further north of the edge he did find the same kind of markings again, but nothing seemed familar. Also in flying over the sim at a higher elevation, and unchecking the “Enable Rippling Water” under Graphical Detail Preferences (allowing him a much better look at the bottom of the sea from the sky), he also saw the vast extent of these markings. They indeed covered the entire sim and then beyond! In further exploring neighboring sims, he found that the sand and green colored sea bottom ran across a number of them, but only in the Okinu sim, for some reason, did the alternations have the geometric sharpness of those pictured in this post.

The 3 snapshots below give you a small taste of the variety of shapes Baker Bloch encountered during his exploration of the sim.




Back to the changing locations/shapes of these patterns, though. The first snapshot below this particular part of my text here is from the third visit to the sim, when I’d already noticed that the geometric patches were shifting/changing. Knowing that I had this picture of the corner of the sim already in place, I decided to go back and take a snapshot of this same corner, from sort of the same angle. This provides visual proof that I’m not going crazy, ha ha, and that, yes, the bottom of the sea floor is changing.



And when Baker Blinker decided to visit the phenomenon and put her little artistic signature on the location (see “Mooniplutonianites” post before this… I’ll have more to say about that later, perhaps), she also noticed that there seemed to be more hills in the region, as seen in the several meter high raises in the middle of the large formation below.

So I would encourage lovers of mysteries to visit the sea bottom at Okinu to see for themselves this odd phenomenon; a few teleportations, at the most, should give you a visual of one of the patterns. Just don’t expect the same patterns upon beaming in another day!



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