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E(le)phant’s Trunk October 15, 2010

Why didn’t I see this before? E(le)phant’s Trunk!

Ear of Beer, which is probably same as Chasm Deep sink, is a representation of an elephant’s ear hole, and Corsica Prime’s central granite plateau that Egg Hill and Chasm Deep sinks are depressions within is the ear flap. Hints: both are gray.

Nose of Rose!

The Eye (of Rye) is displaced, but nevertheless has been matched to Ear of Beer through 1/9th “Martian” sims.


Why did The Bill design the Elephant’s Trunk/Nose of Rose of Corsica Prime, and the granite central plateau as an elephant’s ear? Something to do with memory? Horton Hears The Who? (elephants have keen hearing). Continued memory of SL when it is done and gone?

Additional thoughts:

Egg Hill sink, then, could represent the weaker eye/seeing capacity of the elephant (eye is shaped like egg, after all).* Eye of Rye is merely to double Ear of Beer/Chasm Deep sink, and to point out its significance.

Weak Eye/Weak “I”

Black and white statues (of “Peter”) in the center of the sink, in the new Edwardston Station Gallery, are sound (black) and sight (white) themselves. As the series are from Jasper County with Newton co. seat, Jasper =s domination of sound over sight for elephants. Jasper “encloses” Newton, and not other way around.

Study: Horton *Hears* The Who (and also complementary The Point of The Wall).


* Peter’s Hill and its white cross might also represent the elephant’s eye, since white=sight here.


Final thoughts for tonight: Peter’s Cross *is* the (white) eye, as related to the 1 White Horse are All White Horse idea of The King in Wiltshire. Is he still there with his Queen? Link: both are crosses, especial the eye of the white horse at Hackpen Hill. Peter must have had this knowledge as well.


Chatters… July 3, 2010

[delete 12 exchanges]

Hucka D.:

We better talk of the Valley of the Nye a bit as well.


Yes, thanks. But it’s Valley of Nye. Isn’t it?

Hucka D.:

Yes. Thanks in turn. Eye of Rye perched on the edge of the Valley of Nye, peering down into it almost. No, make that definitely. An eyeball on the edge. Chasm Deep turns the other direction.


Valley of the Nye is directly associated with the Grand Canyon of Mars now, Hucka D. Coast to Coast.* From sea to shining sea. Shine on!

Hucka D. (in turn):

Shine on!



The Bill came from this valley, perhaps from Mars itself. Crack in the world leading to Mars and back.

Hucka D.:

That’s *precisely* what it is. The Martians went to Corsica Prime and made it their home. They set up the Eye of Rye-Chasm Deep Sink duality, then the Ear of Beer.


So the Ear of Beer is actually Egg Hill Sink we’ve discussed rather in detail before.


Hucka D.:

Oh, the question. Well, what is the Nose of Rose if that’s the Ear of Beer?


That would be the Ruuster peninsula of the Nautilus continent, the one we, or I originally called the Eye of



“We continue the next night, Hucka D. We got cut off there at the end.”

Hucka D.:

No big woopie.


I’m not sure that what we’ve been calling the Ruuster peninsula is the actual Nose of Rose, if there is such a thing.

Hucka D.:

Rudolph [as you’ve guessed].


It *was* shiny. Shine on!

Hucka D. (not joining in this time):

That’s Hilo Peak. Abomination above water, Hilo Peak just below, the highest of the low. Hilo. (pause) Pre-Linden. Pre-Philip. Phillip.


I should look back at some of those related posts, Hucka D. But both The Abomination and Hilo Peak of Sansara are no more, having been leveled in [the meantime]. (pause)



Sorry, got sidetracked [again].

Hucka D.:

The Valley of Nye is as long, virtually speaking, as the Grand Canyon of Mars, which would extend from the east coast of America to the west coast. Coast to Coast again, then. The Martians used this crack in timescape to penetrate our primary virtual reality, or the one they found most interesting.** They colonized the Corsica continent through Eye of Rye. They made the continent Corsica Prime a whole body, entered through the [left] eye. Ear of Beer is the Egg Hill Sink. The grid was based on squares 1/3rd the size of a “normal” SL sim, currently (256 x 256 meters). 1/3 was used to disguise the sims from later discovery, since their sides were an irrational number (85.33333…).

The nose [Nose of Rose presumably] has been displaced.


We’ve spoken about The Beatles, which you call The Beetles.

Hucka D.:

They are The Beetles because They are Variants. (continuing): Marty and Lemon and the rest explored the Valley of Nye with their yellow submarine. This was associated with their journeys through the Sea of Holes, Sea of Monsters, Sea of Green, and so forth and so on. There Lemon found The Bill and brought them back to Sunklands with them. The Bill extended [from] Coast to Coast. The Bill are the Martians. They are related or perhaps the same as The Phil, or just Phil. Phil Hill… Bill Hill. SL is Martian in origin as a whole, but only [in] Corsica Prime is this invasion physically obvious now through altered topography. Sunklands has stories remaining as well.

Your assignment: find and explore the displaced Nose of Rose. Is it Rudolph’s? (pause) And so forth.


Thank you, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Thank you also. Goodnight.


* related video here:

** related video here:


Eye of Rye and Chasm Deep Sink (Rye of Eye?) July 2, 2010

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Eye of Rye 1st, w/ most important sim (containing “downtown” of island) highlighted, this being Norstrilia.

Chasm Deep Sink, then, aligned with the suspiciously similar shaped Eye of Rye as precisely as possible after having been rotated 180 degrees. The Chasm Deep sim is highlighted in this case.

You can toggle back and forth between the 2 pictures if you open them in separate windows or tabs. The green outline within each is almost the same size.

Then below we have the outline of the Chasm Deep sim (orange) superimposed on the Eye of Rye picture, with the alignment between the 2 locations in place still. Remarkably, the 2 highlighted sims of each picture, Nostrilia (red) and Chasm Deep, turn out to, in essence, share the same diagonal (pink), *and*, moreover, intersect each other in such a way to form a square whose sides are precisely *2/3rds* the length of the associated sims.

Because of this fact, the interference pattern can be easily broken down into a grid of squares 1/3rd the length of a sim. A 3×3 example of such squares making up the Nostrilia sim is shown below.

The Baker family believes this is a representation of 2 eyes focusing, one the Eye of Rye itself, and the other Chasm Deep Sink, peering in the opposite direction, as it were.

The implications here could be far reaching. Far reaching indeed.


Eye of Rye? 03

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West edge of downtown Eye of Rye.

Downtown panorama. The property is appropriately called “Main Street Shops and Boutiques at Downtown Norstrilia”. Here’s the description: “Oceanfront boardwalk, Karlsva Shopping Ctr, dancing music Hippo Technologies, open air waterfront Club, clothing, Art Gallery, rugs, Apolon vehicles, shoes, eyes, jewelry, mens womens fashions. Trolley, sailing, Midnight Mania, Lightning Productions”. Fun packed for sure. A very clean and cute.

Baker pauses to look out at the waters to the east of Eye of Rye. He knows many unknown mysteries still lie beneath the waves surrounding the island.

End of the trolley line.

Even a classy little gallery exists on the island, near the southwest corner. Here’s the related website:

More rental units on the island’s south slopes.

Another eyecatching little waterfall near where Baker started his tour, quite high and spray-ishy.

In taking another look at the island today, Baker is coming away not quite as impressed as before. A beautiful place still, overall, but a bit too commercial for his liking. Still the mythology remains in place, and the surrounding seas remain largely unexplored by the Baker family. So I suppose I will return soon enough. 🙂

Until then, I’ll leave you with some simple collage of a new crop circle that Hucka D. is implying is related to the Baker’s discovery of the Eye of Rye island. Some interesting comparisons for sure here.


Eye of Rye? 02

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The “road” encircling the island actually begins to contain trolley rails at this point. Baker sits beside the rails and a bar containing the same Tooter Claxton freebie objects that I’ve recently rezzed in the Temple of TILE (more on the latter soon!). Baker feels quite at home, then.

View of rental apartments on the north side of the island. My only complaint about the landscape is that the mountain itself was not left in a more “natural” state.

More Nostrilia lounging areas under the shade of numerous palm trees.

A music bar is just just beyond to the west, called The Blues Station. Unfortunately Baker isn’t a big fan of that musical genre so he probably won’t be returning here when a band is performing. Nice place anyway.

Map on the outside of the bar, but one not containing Eye of Rye itself.

Scenic waterfall in south central Norstrilia (I keep wanting to type that “Nostrilia”, hehe), also viewable from the small downtown region that we’ll be visiting next.


Eye of Rye? 01

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The remarkble Eye of Rye (Island), as I’m calling it, roughly shaped like an egg, or an *eyeball*. 🙂 For more about the origin of this name, check here.

The island, located in the wonderful South Sea of the Corsica continent with its high content of marine life and ancient ruins, is about 1 sim high and 1 1/2 sim wide, or about 250 meters by 375 meters. Boardwalks and docks artificially extend the length of the island in all directions except on the west coast… where we happen to start our Eye of Rye mini-tour. Baker lounges in a small park of the Otherwhen sim, owned by JBS Estates.

A nicely textured road encircles most of the shoreline of the island, with the exception of a gap where the shore passes through the Cavathor sim. A small but colorful grove of trees is encountered at the end of the road as Baker walks into this sim from Otherwhen to its south. In looking at it again, this road may actually be classified as a very wide sidewalk — either one. A brick walkway extends beyond the other side of the grove for a number of yards.

Objects in the waters of Cavathor.

Baker turning around in his tracks from above to view the large, single mountain making up the interior of the island. Looks bald from this side, but with structures clinging to all other slopes save this northwestern one.

The road/sidewalk begins again at the west edge of Norstrilia, a sim containing the “downtown” of the island.

More to come!