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2 Many In The Kitchen?! March 6, 2008

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[12:53] baker Blinker [to TG, who just walked in as the experiment began]: I have two avatars in the area. Both are me.
[12:53] TG: lol
[12:53] baker Blinker: Are you the owner?
[12:54] TG: NO!
[12:54] baker Blinker: Are you waiting for someone?
[12:54] TG: yes
[TG’s friend SS shows up and they go outside. We can still hear them talking, though, so I kept the dialog in here]
[12:54] TG: says they have bees here pink
[12:54] TG: lol
[12:55] baker Blinker: We meet at last.
[12:55] SS: this someone’s home TG?
[12:55] TG: was in sercah
[12:55] TG: said come feed the bees
[12:55] TG: lol
[12:55] TG: BUNNEH
[12:55] TG eeps.
[12:56] You: You’re lovely! Are you seeing anyone… anyone I know. Know very well.
[12:56] TG: u see the bees?
[12:56] baker Blinker: Well, you’re not Space Ghost you know. Can you do this interview or not? I think you can!
[12:57] SS: NO! bees ;(
[12:57] TG: OMG OTTERS
[12:57] TG: YEEEAAAAHH!!!
[12:57] TG: AWWWW
[12:57] SS: hahha
[12:57] SS: cool
[12:57] TG: TG Giggles:)
[12:57] You: I’m not Hucka D. I know you were expecting him. Can you hear them… the bees???
[12:57] SS: clap
[12:57] baker Blinker: Bees? Beehive?
[12:57] TG: here
[12:57] TG: pink
[12:57] TG: look
[12:57] You: Is this the place??????
[12:57] TG: i got the maker
[12:58] TG: perfect\
[12:58] TG squeeks!
[12:58] You: You’re dreamy. In a pinkish kind of freaky way.
[12:58] TG: TG Giggles:)
[12:58] TG: wait til she brakes on ya
[12:58] TG: lol
[12:58] baker Blinker: Well, you’re hunching over to gaze into my eyes and so am I so I must think you’re dreamy as well?
[12:59] You: Yes, a dream… come true.
[12:59] baker Blinker: Ok, can we get serious. But seriously, this talk of bees is freaking this little freaky pinkie out!
[13:00] You: I can’t stop staring at your skin. It’s so unusually freaky. In an interesting way, I mean.
[13:00] baker Blinker: Thanks I suppose.
[13:00] You: Did you just take a picture of me. For your scrapbook…er, diary… um…
[13:01] baker Blinker: Blog, you mean? It’s your blog too silly!
[13:01] You: Where are the bees?
[13:01] baker Blinker: That is freaky, and I should know freaky.
[13:01] SS: bees are right here
[13:01] You: I love the way your legs dangle like mine under the table. Enticingly close.
[13:02] baker Blinker: Can I kiss you Baker?
[13:02] You: Ooh la la. But alas despite your freakily beautiful appearance it would be like kissing my sister I suppose and some kind of Biblical sin then I guess. Bibles, eh?
[13:03] baker Blinker: Oh, are you dead? You’re hunched all over. Do you have — he he — do you have that sleeping disorder? I’ve yet to fall asleep myself so it must not be catching.
[13:03] You [waking up]: Let’s take a walk beautiful.
[13:04] baker Blinker: This should be fun!
[13:04] baker Blinker: Are you coming???
[13:05] You: Huh, oh what? Huh? What happened. Where are you?… oh there you are, in the garden.
[13:05] Feral Rabbit by Second Wildlife v0.05 watches baker Bloch intently.
[13:06] You: Is there a rodent nearby? Hopefully friendly.
[13:06] baker Blinker: I don’t know. I have the feeling I’m being stared at but…
[13:06] You: Rat got your tongue?
[13:07] baker Blinker: We must cut and paste this dialog into WordPerfect soon so’s not to loose. Is it worthless? I am closer than your sister yet I feel desire.
[13:07] You: Freaky momma!
[13:07] You: Right on.
[Blinker flies, then you, Bloch, follows]
[13:08] You: Uh this is not the island freaky mamma san.
[13:09] You: Have you been here before, other me?
[13:10] baker Blinker: Falling asleep again! Am I that boring? snapshot105_008small.jpg
[13:10] baker Blinker: I said, am I that boring!?!
[13:10] You: Wow, you zipped right in when I looked up, yet I thought, I sensed you were already there.
[13:11] baker Blinker: Shall we get serious, without hands, french tongues, or footsies?
[13:11] You: I’ll try to control myself lovely species of unknown origin.
[13:11] You: Hey, caught you. Now you’re asleep!
[baker Blinker pauses to im an SL friend to look in on this spectacle, and perhaps bring some needed stability to the queer goings on]
[13:15] baker Blinker: I think he’s tied up. Do you promise to behave? Maybe we should sit on that bench over there.
[13:16] You: Your eyes are hypnotizing. Mesmerizing. Deep pools of…
[13:16] baker Blinker: Shut up you foolish boy… go to the bench.
[13:17] baker Blinker: I’m here.
[13:17] You: Um, I lost track of who is talking. Bees, eh?
[13:18] baker Blinker: Now my turn. Yes, bees. Funny how someone would walk in just when we are starting. Maybe one of us should log out and see what’s been said. Worthless? Don’ know. I’ll log out… don’t say anything. Just sit there and look gorgeous.


Monkey Shock

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On a mountaintop just to the west of the island mentioned in the “Finding the Niche Again” post below, I came upon this homage to the human-monkey raising consciousness scene in the fantastic 2001: A Space Odyssey movie, which I consider Kubrick’s best and perhaps the best science fiction movie of all time. It’s a perfect movie in its own way. Knowing that the *second* leap up in consciousness for humankind, when the black, rectangular monolith is used in this way for the second time, takes place in the Jupiter system, imagine my surpise when I spied a short distance away from the monkeys… the planet Jupiter! I should add that I don’t think this relative juxtaposition was created on purpose, most likely.

Baker Blinker later took a snapshot atop the spinning sphere, looking back toward the monkeys and the monolith. Then she added some closeups of same.

I had to email my friend Mike Johnston, webmaster of the Synchronicity Arkive, about this find, attaching the first snapshot below. He’s a huge fan of the audiovisual synchronicity I call 2001-Echoes but what he likes to call Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite on his website.