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Northeast of Lakeview April 26, 2011

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Stretching The Forest A Tiny Bit… September 22, 2008

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Well, I think we’re officially at the doorway of Phaze 8 of this blog. I just sold the Ziczac/Zoe property to a grateful neighbor, and have replaced it with property essentially bordering the Ruby Forest, but not in the same sim as my gallery. And I decided to just kinda extend the forest a bit for starts. I’m still paying the same tier. Hated to give up the Ziczac property but it seems the right thing to do. And I think I might resurrect B_Hivia on the new land (!), but maybe double the height. Also I’ll probably put it way up in the air, unlike the Temple of TILE in Rubi. Now whether I also extend the gallery to the new B_Hivia I’m not sure, but that’s what plans I have now.

Initial pictures of the property:

Ain’t it purdy?!

I hope the Lindens don’t mind that the eucalyptus trees hang over my property line a bit on the road side, but for a good purpose: to match the same across the road in the forest proper.


Zoe (& Diagonal, Part 7) September 20, 2008

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Prompted through recent discussions with Grassy, Grassy2, Hucka D., and whoever else I’ve been chatting with recently, decided to rename the Ziczac property from “Baker Bloch’s Family Home” to, simply, “Zoe”. Thus you can see in the interface here that it’s Zoe in Ziczac… zic zac zoe, resonating directly with tic tac toe. I’m sure now that this has to do with The Diagonal of the Rubi sim, and also the “Foreign One” related cargo of the ship now lodged in the top of the Temple of TILE. The ship was found here in Zoe, or at least formed or built here in Zoe — I think — and then moved to the temple. Yes, maybe this is the old shipyards… anyway, there’s the name change.

Baker Bloch also understands this has something to do with Pink Floyd and their album The Wall. Most definitely, especially given The Wall has been found to have a Point now. The house stands just Outside the Wall.

Another topic I thought I’d bring up in this post along with the renaming of the Ziczac property is the extension of said Diagonal northeast beyond the Rubi sim, where it shortly passes through this same Linden created Great Wall at locations depicted below.

First up is 74,74,132 in Horisme, the sim where this wall starts and which is also shares a corner with the Rubi sim to the south. Just to give you a better sense of the relationship, Baker Bloch, in this snapshot from below, is right on the southwest corner of Horisme as well as the northeast corner of Rubi, and staring directly at the wall, then… if there was anything to stare toward at the moment that is!

Returning to the Great Wall snapshot below, the very southern terminus of it is directly in front of Baker Bloch here.

Baker Bloch moves around inside the Great Wall to find the extent of this diagonal within. He finds it enters the wall at 68,68,132…

…and exits, to the north, at 78,78,132. This means that the diagonal as passing through the Great Wall here also forms the diagonal of a 10m x 10x square which could be snugly contained within this Wall.

Blochs then takes this picture looking north up through the Wall.

What this means I’m still quite uncertain of… whether it relates to the oddites surrounding this Diagonal in Rubi or not. But I thought I’d record the extension anyways. 🙂


Zic-zac-zoe > The Arab September 19, 2008

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So here’s the ship I’ve been talking about in recent posts. Doesn’t have a *fixed* name yet but I’m leaning, right now, toward Zic-zac-zoe or perhaps Ziczac-zoe, to indicate a probable location it was found buried at, which is the Zoe property in the Ziczac sim where our family house is located (see: renaming of Ziczac property to Zoe above for more on this). Also another strong probable location for the ship was Camp Zoe, where they hold all those Deadhead related festivals throughout the year, Schwagstocks I think they’re called. Camp Zoe is a 1/2 mile from the *Current* River in that location, on Sinking Creek, and The Arabian was found, according to the wikipedia article on that subject, 1/2 mile from the *current* river, which means, in that case, the Missouri River. But Grassy says that the two rivers are one under the most *current* or up-to-date interpretations. Most definitely Camp Zoe has something to do with this ship that has seemingly just suddenly appeared in the temple.

At first, I thought the boat’s name might be The Arab, similar to The Arabian, then. But I think keyword “Arab” appears in our attempted interpretation, through synchronistic resonance, to indicate more the presence of a “foreign one” or “Foreign One”, which has now been connected to Big Four, West Virginia and Grassy1’s current presence there. “Foreign One” was part of or perhaps all of the cargo involved.

Let’s just move into a description of the ship itself. As you can see, I punched another hole in the top of the temple to make room for the superstructure of the vessel, here viewable from the Viewing Level of the temple, beside the teleporter on that level.

The ship’s hull runs along the entire northern length of the temple, making it 30 meters long as well in that direction.

This is the other end of the ship, and underneath I’ve left the table and 3 chairs from before. I have a feeling that this may become a regular meeting place for those involved in researching the ship. We’ll see.

Through an opening created in the hull, Baker Bloch is allowed access to the old deck of the ship by walking up the roof of the Newton House, which the ship can be said to be perched upon in a manner of speaking. This is where the precious cargo was stored, of which not a stitch remains as far as Blochs can tell. What happened to it?

Blochs then moves to the top of the temple to better examine the superstructure.

“Boy this is one cramped little walkway,” he might think, and indeed one has to wonder at the size of the former occupants, given that Baker Bloch’s hat bedecked head will *just* fit under the roofing here.


Silver/Rubie Map on Temple… August 28, 2008

A couple of days ago Baker Blinker discovered something inside the cube rotating in the center of the Temple of TILE. Conveniently, she forget that she put it there in the first place. That’s why it was so easy to find. In Real Life, sometimes that’s the reason why we also finds certain special, maze-like problems so easy to unwind or solve.

The story goes as follows: a short time back Baker Blinker noticed a spot on the “L” (red) side of the cube while descending the steep spiral staircase that runs through the entire temple. As she stared, she also noticed a matching spot on the opposite side of the revolving cube where the “0” (zero) was. She went out of the temple for a while, but came back after a revelation hit her. There was something about those spots, she realized… not accident but on purpose.

She inspected the cube. For some reason it registered as 2 prims instead of 1 prim. Yet she could have swore it was only 1 prim when set up there, cradled in the top of the lemon tree. She decided to take a copy and rez it somewhere to inspect first-hand what was going on.

She took the copy to the new property in Ziczac so as to eliminate the small chance of deleting anything important on the crowded Edwardston Station Gallery property. She unlinked the object, separating the 2 prims from each other. Amazingly, an almost equal sized but stationary cube appeared in the “center” of the still spinning Tyle Cube. It was dark silver in color, and appeared to have some kind of white lettering or graphics upon its various surfaces.

She deleted the spinning Tyle Cube and rotated one of the faces of the object more toward her. It looked lilke a primitive map. “Rubie” was the only word upon it, and seemed to mark the location of some kind of town or village. The cube face, through this map, was quartered into 4 equal sections, each marked with one of the successive numbers 5 through 8. These, Baker Blinker realized, were also the numbers of TILE (footnote needed), and together they add up to 26, the number of letters in the English alphabet that TILE stands in for, one could say.

She then rotated the faces around until she came to this one, which similarly had “Silver” written upon it, as the face described above contained “Rubie”. Baker Blinker correctly determined that this marked another population place. But where? And did Rubie somehow stand for the Rubi sim that the Edwardston Station Gallery was now located in? Again she correctly guessed that the 2 must be related. She did not know (or conveniently forgot, once more), about baker b. and Hucka D.’s discussions of the Ruby and Silver Forests outlined in posts below.

After much experimenting, Baker Blinker came up with this composite map of the entire texture. It took some time; hours worth. But when finished it was obvious this was what the formerly hidden cube (and a cube still “hidden” within the central cube of the temple, given this is only a copy) actually represented. The full map was revealed.

Baker Blinker took a closer look, then. Silver and Rubie were the only places marked with a dot, which represented a town or village or the like, she assumed. The only other names on the map were those of two creeks, one named Irons Creek in the middle of the 9 cube faces making up this map, and the other in the upper right cube face called Arnold Creek. When seeing the latter, she also thought of the Syd Barrett song “Arnold Layne”, and remembered this is where Booker said the Walt SIDney archetype “originated”, or else where Syd (Barrett) becomes SID as, simultaneously, TILE “descends” or looses a bit of energy and devolves to Tyle. Too difficult to explain this here, but once again Baker Blinker was correct to make this connection, most likely.

Then she went back to the temple, and told Baker Bloch what she had found and how she had deciphered the cube to create this map, which she then showed to him in the form pictured above. After some discussion and experimentation (they actually dragged the cube out into the Ruby Forest for a bit to take “measurements”), they jointly decided that the map should be superimposed on a side of the temple, in particular the side containing the red colored cubes, or the “back” of the temple facing away from the Ruby Forest. So the result is below.

Baker Bloch, in the meantime, had filled in Baker Blinker about the Ruby Forest and Hucka D.’s ideas about the Silver Forest as encompassing the Ruby Forest at one time. Baker Blinker realized her map was all about that, although neither Baker Bloch nor Baker Blinker knew the full psychic extent of the picture. All they knew, when they stared at the superimposed map grafted onto the side of the temple, is that the temple and this map were somehow one now. The two belonged together, inseparable from now on.

One of the cooler things about this is that the word Rubie now lies on a red colored part of that side, and similarly Silver lies on a silver colored part of the side; two-as-one, as I’ve said.

I’ll have more to say about this soon…



Inside The Wall…

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In visiting the neighboring (Lock) gallery, Baker Bloch finds more evidence of the powerful influence of TILE and attached manifestations in this particular sim.

But his main journey tonight involved hiking *inside* The Wall that he and the rest of his family now lived next to in Ziczac. Baker Bloch knew that a hidden, narrow path lie inside the wall, which just happened to start right below his property. He wanted to find the extent of it — did it possibly run down through the whole wall?

Above is pictured the phantom corner of the wall where Baker Bloch can enter to find the beginning of the path.

On and on and on it went…

Over a sim away, perhaps, it looked like the passage was going to become too narrow to walk through, but then it widened again around a corner…

Another opening at the boundary of another sim (Cabera). Baker Bloch peers upwards at a large tower structure, but decides to keep to the passage and not venture out yet — stick to his task.

Shortly after this, also in Cabera, Baker Bloch encounters the first “ground” obstruction in the path, an approx. 5 meter high block of rock. But Baker was able to easily fly over this 10 meter long rock to where the grassy passage continued.

It was here in the next sim down (Jubuta) that Baker Bloch’s passage truly ended, apparently. But he was able to travel almost a full kilometer in this passage before reaching this terminus.

Now to give a little background of the Great Wall, you *can* walk through the entire length, but only in the prepared open, middle part. The grassy passage Baker Bloch was running through lies directly underneath this open middle, and I assume remains essentially unknown.

I’d be curious if Baker Bloch can find a similar passage running up the wall from its beginning near the top of the Ruby Forest. Here he’s about 1/2way down the entire length of the wall, which starts at the upper part of the sim above Ziczac (Spini).

Well, if Baker Bloch really wants to get away from people in SL, he’s certainly found one place where he can do so now… and right outside his front door.


Another New Property, “New” House… August 26, 2008

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Welp, I went ahead and bought a smaller lot to fill out the rest of my tier payment to the Lindens. I’m allowed 4608 square meters before I’m bumped up to the next tier. The new property takes up 1472 sq m, and probably represents, actually, a good investment, as I can probably fairly easily make my money back on the upfront payment. This, in my opinion, is a great parcel for the price, with protected land surrounding most of it. In front stands the Great Wall of the Atoll, a marvelous Linden construction that I’m sure I’ll have much more to say about as this blog continues. My house stands near the west side of the northern end. That’s to the immediate east of me; to the north stands lots and lots of Gov. Linden protected land. So with only a little hesitation I went ahead and bought the land and propped up Baker Blinker’s old Bayou Victorian 37 prim house on it, the one that use to stand on the AI properties. Now I didn’t really think it ever quite fit into that landscape, but here the situation is better. It’s a long, narrow lot, for one thing, with a steeply downsloping yard in what turned out to be the front of the property (next to the Great Wall). And with the purchase I’m also helping to protect a ridge that seems to represent one of the starts of the high mountain ridge further to the north. In fact, the house is situated not far from where I began my western exploration of these mountains, in Blanda.

So here’s the house. The ridge I mentioned is directly behind it (acting also as a shield to the nearest neighbor). In front of the house there’s a tiny piece of property with a box shaped ad platform on it, but I don’t think that’ll be a problem — only 25 prims allowed on the property and it’s filled up.

As you can see, there’s a giant stump next to the house on the south side, with the creation date going back to October 2005 — the object is simply called “The Stump” here. It could be interesting to find more of the story of that stump.

Notice all the open land to the north of me here.:-)

A view from below. This view actually comes from *inside* the wall — I have more to say about that in a future post. As I said, it’s a pretty steep lot in front.

This is from my front porch. You can clearly see the sign which says “Governor Tear Down This Wall ” from anywhere on the upper or lower porches. I think it’s pretty cool.

Then a look north toward the open land from the bottom porch. Baker Bloch has some exploring to do!


What am I going to do with this property? Well I thought I’d just *live* on it. Use it, for one thing, as a new base for explorations. And I suppose there’s always the option in the future to shift the gallery over to this sim — there’s a number of galleries already in the area, and that was another attraction. But I don’t see myself moving away from the Ruby Forest anytime soon, unless something drastic happens. And, perhaps most importantly, I have another bunch of prims to play around with (!), as the house and landscaping only took up 62, so far, of the 336 I’m allotted. If, for example, I create another “beehive” it will have to be a fairly long affair, as the property is only a little over 20 meters wide. But it’s something to work on and keep me interested in this virtual world. Should be fun.