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Out & About, 02 July 23, 2011

Continuing in the marvelous Forest of Kahruvel, with loving attention given to such spots as this small grove of pine trees. Second Life residents should make much greater use of Linden grass like this, IMOHO.

Campfire on a ridge overlooking the sea which Baker Bloch accidentally walked too close to and caught fire (!) I omitted the actual burning pictures I took to save Mr. Bloch further embarrassment. Actually, I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned the incident at all. At any rate, a quick teleport to another location within the forest fixed all.

Another great scene with mystery stone pillar in foreground and the islet tucked in the northeast corner of the Rodeo sim in back.

Switching now to the supposedly resonant island to the Rodeo one in the Baker sim, as described in this old, old blog post. 3 1/2 years I’ve been doing this now! Not surprisingly Baker’s Isle, as I believe I called it, has changed much even since I rented the land beside it last fall.

Shifting back to the Jeogeot continent, we come to a shot of the low but picturesque Six Minute Hill in the sim of the same name. This would be between Sunklands and the southern coast, but closer to the latter. Much of the land around the hill is owned by Upshaw Properties, offering some rental houses in the area (left).

Yet another continent: Maebaleia, and the still nicely wooded ridge to the immediate east of Rubisea. And yet another general aera Baker has contemplated buying land recently. Or renting land.

Back in Taernil’s Bluff overlooking the Maebaleia Lake District body of water with the very similar size and shape of Rubisea. Are they psychically/mythologically related as well?

Looking northeast from the same room of the TB skyscraper toward more mysterious grounds simply and enigmatically called “Igor”. I’ll perhaps have more to say about all that soon enough.

Fairly nearby and to the west lies this odder, small urban area with a section of it shaking violently, simulating an earthquake. Interesting — Baker thought it worthy of a snapshot or 2.

Then let’s head to what remains of the old Noru Heights homestead, or Mashed Potato Hills. Actually part of the Crystal Cave Ridge still remains as well, but the two regions aren’t connected now through the Noru Heights urban area, as they were before. However, the land between them is still up for sale as I’m presently checking; there’s a possibility, in other words, for the city’s return and a relink between the 2 parks. Something of a possibility at least.

Noru groundside. Great shots of rising sun. Baker continues to contemplate a return while taking these shots.


Reenter The Labyrinth September 26, 2010

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Otaki Gorge seems to react to recent progress made in Baker sim (addition of Edwardston Station Gallery there) with counterpunch: a central “Labyrinth Lake” at the very bottom of the sink, courtesy of Baker Blinker.

More soon. The No Room cemetery is still intact, although completely engulfed by water now. You can still see the tombstones through the transparency, some of which poke above the glowing surface a bit.

Original story on Baker Blinker’s labyrinth here:

Baker Blinker then visits Baker Bloch’s newly placed Edwardston Station Gallery in the Baker sim, and thinks to herself, “I can’t let Baker delete this again. It’s perfect here.” But we’ll see.


I don’t think this warrents a new post, so I thought I’d stick it here. New place in Craggen Maw, a 512 again. This is near the center of my precious Big Sink, so pretty in the past and not so pretty presently (but still with its spots).

I have a decision to make between abandoning 1/2 of my Otaki Gorge property or giving up the rental in the Baker sim soon. Right now, I’m leaning toward the latter (yes, it seems to change hourly), and I think yet another (small) property purchase could be in the works soon.


Wiltshire (RL UK County)

Tonight the wife and I were watching the 3rd episode of Season 3 of Jam and Jerusalem (stateside: Clatterford), and I noticed that two of the locations mentioned in the show were homes of 2 famous Wiltshire white horses, namely Westbury and Pewsey. In the episode, called “Dinner Party”, a train carrying most members of the aforementioned party was stalled by floods in Wiltshire. At first, the host of the party was rung up to say that their train was in Westbury, then a second ring up gave news that their train had actually moved backwards to Pewsey.

Both of these locations are also mentioned in this March blog post concerning white horses. The Westbury horse is actually a part of the alignment weirdness described therein. The Pewsey horse, one of only a few horses left out of these alignments, is still shown in the map at the end of the post.

Purposeful nod by Jam and Jerusalem to the famous white horses? Might be. I’m researching Jennifer Saunders, who both co-wrote Jam and Jerusalem (and thus “Dinner Party”), and also starred in this particular episode as the host of the dinner party in question, and also the wife of the man who kept ringing her up about the train progress through Wiltshire. Saunders is probably most famous for her portrayal of Edina Monsoon in Absolutely Fabulous, and is also well known as half of the French and Saunders comedy team. Dawn French also stars in Jam and Jerusalem, and both French and Saunders have expanded roles in “Dinner Party”.

I basically only mention this because Wiltshire was brought up in my post from last night (immediately below), stating that The Bakers have left the company of The King and Queen in that county now that the 2010 UK crop circle season is apparently over. The King and Queen’s house in Rockley is very near another white horse at Hackpen Hill.

Instead of creating another new post tonight I’ll just chat with Hucka D., if he wishes, in this one. “Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

Train. Stall. Flood. Wiltshire. Pewsey, Westbury. White. Horses. All white horses are one white horses. Horse. Golden Horse. Eye eye. There was something in Wiltshire that the host of the party should have been aware of. White Horses. One. Eye. Opening. Closing.



Hmmm… that’s from a very old post of this blog about an eye found in the northeast corner of the Rodeo sim, even before Baker Bloch was born in this Second World. Let me find the post in question. (pause) Oh here it is — you left it open for me (!)


Hucka D.:

Your wife Edna thinks that you shouldn’t talk to me as much as you do, and that you should go back on your medication.


*You* are my medicine (smiles).

Hucka D.:

Right-o. So… you understand…


I understand that I may have to stay in Baker, Hucka D. Here’s a picture of what I created tonight there.

The Edwardston Station Gallery, larger version, seems to work quite well there. *But*, if I do stay in Baker, I’m going to have to downsize elsewhere. And that means Otaki Gorge, since that’s the only place I have to downsize from now.

Hucka D.:

I never liked you leaving the ESG behind, baker b. That is most closely identified with you as Baker. That is where you are *from*. The Blue Feather is an extension beyond yourself in an attempt to contact others. You need both: you need to be constantly reminded of where you come from and also where you are going. You need both past and future converged in the present.


Thanks, Hucka D. What of Wiltshire and The King and The Queen? The Queen and The King as well?

Hucka D.:

The season is over. There was a place of ultimate contact but only in the future will the past be revealed. You also had several communications from The Queen/King in Second Life.


Yes, the key hole shaped crop circle in Wiltshire, obviously, but also another Wiltshire crop circle that appeared to form a hole between 2 parts of Second Life or Second World, or between Magicland of the Bracket sim of Comma Islands and, on the other side, Ratcliff of Heterocera. That is a strong remainder of the grid before the Linden Lab grid. Reminder. Mickey’s hole, a mouse hole but perhaps also one for a rat. A particular Rat. Map Rat.

Hucka D.:

Map Rat, yes. Gang of Willard. Gang of One.


The Bill again, then.

Hucka D.:

Yes. (pause) Careful.


What of Bracket Jupiter, then?

Hucka D.:

He figured this[ part] out. He let the LL grid pass through Comma Islands but got rewarded in the process. Rat Hole. Mouse Hole/Rat Hole. Gang. Willard.

Marion Crane resurrected after her shower stabbing as doppleganger (“sister”) Lila Crane in Psychogumma (2000)


Around BBW… September 11, 2010

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Preview of things to come in Mare Secundus, spread over a number of sims in north central Sansara. More on that coming up!

Trekking a familiar underwater passage below Isle of Baker. This is the primary way Baker hiked out of the Sea of Solomon during his first days in SL, while still in the service of the rather sinister Ancient called simply Mr. Low. It’s lost some of its mystery, admittedly, but Baker felt it was good to retrace old steps anyway and reminisce. I’ve decided to give up my rental in the Baker sim, btw, since I now have the large tract in Otaki Gorge to deal with, along with Noru still in most ways.

One of the unique things about the old continent (ie, Sansara) is the presence of these absolutely huge mountains just jutting up from nowhere. Heterocera has some whoppers, but they’re all a part of one long ridge around the central atoll. On Sansara, the topography is much more unpredictable and varied, a condition of the newness of SL when they were formed. All newer continents past Sansara have a much more regulated geography, for better or worse.

More new marine scenes in Mare Secundus. There’s also another, whole new Sansara sea to deal with as well more in the center of the continent: the Sea of Fables, which includes what use to be called Graduation Island(s). A Greek theme seems predominant in that sea at least.

Interesting structure on a western inlet of the Solomon Sea my Baker rental borders on its eastern side. Owned by Champie Jack, but built by famed explorer/architect/horticulturalist Salazar Jack, who might well be a relative of some sort — don’t you think? Whimsically called “Champie’s House of Fun”.

Baker sits within, wondering about what conversations might have taken place in such a setting.

Interesting, small pond in a rather empty valley just beyond Champie’s House of Fun. According to the land title, Baker stands in the Urtara/Islefin region of the Phobos sim. Here’s the land description: “Probable site of the Village of Alfendale that vanished just before The Great Erase. Large lagoon opens to the Sea of Solomon.” Yes, in checking, Champie’s building also lies on the same parcel, which makes up most of Phobos. I’ll have to check into that more for sure.

View of the pond including the next ridge over, which would be in BonnyDoon. I don’t think the landscape was near this barren when I first explored it in 2008. The partially hollow Mt. Metis, which I didn’t take any shots of this particular night, is the larger granite massif in the background.

Another curious landscape feature I don’t remember, apparently called “Lump”. Another hollow mountain as well, this time on the west edge of BonnyDoon. The many trees on top help disguise the dome-like appearance.

Shot from inside. Quite a large interior; quite imaginatively doon done.

Another curious land feature that you basically see on Sansara and nowhere else: a rather deep fissure running along a number of east-west sim borders, including the southern boudary of BonnyDoon. The fissure continues east from here, passing through the north side of Mt. Metis where it perhaps reaches its deepest point.

In Wilsonia’s explorations of Sansara south of here last year, she came across a similar but considerably deeper fissure along a really high granite mountain ridge.

Back safe and sound in our Baker sim home, looking out at Isle of Baker.


Baker’s Beautiful West September 10, 2010

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1st a shot from Otherland, in particular Otherland Island #3, as I use to call it when I lived in the archipelago. Just hopping around looking at land for sale this night, and happened upon these dream walkers. Then just a minute later I came across another set of 5 avatars also moving in perfect synchronization, but flying this time instead of walking. Must be some kind of group thing. Never seen that particular phenomenon before.

A look across the just erected Victorian house on the lot toward Isle of Baker, now barren of objects save a small campfire spot. Compare to overhead shots here from 2 1/2 years ago (wow, such a long time ago now!).

Then it’s on to my new rental space in Baker sim. Yes, Baker. And ta boot, only a narrow, protected channel of water separates this 4096 parcel from what I early on in this blog called Isle of Baker, the very place that Baker Bloch was born in SL, for all intents and purposes. So obviously he’s getting a bit sentimental in moving back. Much has changed, but some probably for the best. Like the new islands that have risen from several inner seas of Sansara not too far east of the Baker sim. Baker plans to go visit them very soon — certainly an attraction to renting here. Doesn’t hurt that the rent is super affordable as well. 🙂

Mouselook view from a meditation spot directly in front of a eucalyptus tree I planted today.

Old rusty van beside the house. Also there’s a gazebo near the south end of the property, with a path connecting it to the house.

I’ve rented for 2 weeks. Questions will soon have to be answered: will I give up my land in Noru in favor of this spot? I can certainly erect the cube version of the Edwardston Station Gallery next and just go from there. Lots of prims to still play around with. Should be fun, whatever.


New Chapter: Vortextra… January 19, 2010

“Cam Spout is being highlighted (again) Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

Sapphire is here again. Hold on…


High Baker B. Nice nite.


Hello Sapphire. Are you in a good mood tonight?


I feel better. You have rented in my side of Jeogeot, and have begun exploring. You have already found the former farmhouse of Ruuster of R110 fame. Good. You have found the parallel of Cam Spout and Sampson’s Stones. Great. This is TILE. Waterfall. The marbles go up and down at once: yellow to red to green to blue and back. Cycle. Perpetual. Escher. TILE. (pause)


Thanks for that. Is it a portal into new collages? Probably can’t answer that.


No. Now to Pudding Hill. Here’s Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

High again, I mean, hi again baker b. Good you rented in Pudding Hill. You have found the center again for real this time. Vortextra. Dan I. Dan The First. You are integrating Mayland and Jeogeot at once. Here’s Sapphire…


High. Rounding the Korean Channel is was and will be tricky. Brainard the seed who did or does not want to become a tree to deal with. Smart, clever, vane, emotionally immature. Immature because he is a seed[, you see]. Dan The First… good you figured that out baker b. Baker Beach. It’s not your neighbor Dan but he figures into this a bit. It’s Dan The First of Mayland fame. He must be brought into the picture. He developed the first slice of land that became your Mayland with your Brainard and Altana Valley. Edna is also involved in this through her Altana story. Look that over again.


Thank you again Sapphire. I have some questions about Pudding Hill, perhaps.

Hucka D.:

Axe away.


OK. We’ve already gone through the whole Little Robert Plant Variant-Marty/Lemon story now, which resulted, in essence, in Carrcass-3. Now Carrcass-4 is coming up and I assume its gravity is great, as has been the case with all Carrcasses before. Sapphire has claimed she is the main, guiding spirit of the new Carrcass.

Hucka D.:



What’s is Sapphire’s relationship to Vortextra that I am attempting to rent now?

Hucka D.:

Are you axing me?


Whoever. You or Sapphire.

Hucka D.:

Vortextra is the hole Brainard disappeared into to become the Tree he should have become. But he didn’t go into this hole as planned. Pudding Hole — from Pudding Hill. Good that you own or rent 2 places there. Rainbow Sphere.


Brainard is the Rainbow Sphere.

Hucka D.:

Yes. He is a variable extended from the east side of Jeogeot, the one more associated with Dan The First, who uncovered the first slice of Mayland. Jeogeot has, for all purposes, absorbed the undeveloped mythology of Mayland on the Mayland-Norde world. The only advantage of the latter, or one of the only advantages, is that it is a globe and not a flat grid, like Second Life. It is the same size as Mars, but the Red Mars and not the fictional Blue Mars. It is the 4th planet of the Sirian system. Mythos is the 3rd planet, also known as Jefferson, as Mayland-Norde is known as Madison.


Interesting (seemingly). Second Life is more related to this Mayland-Norde globe than Mythos or perhaps Earth. And the main connection is Mayland continent overlapping the Jeogeot continent.

Hucka D.:

Yes. The Bobos do not figure into this as much. Blue.


Maybe the Bobos are the original chilled and more blue colored avatars, Hucka D. The ones St. Lemon sent Brainard to cool off with his control of the weather.

Hucka D.:

And as you’ve guessed, the name Brainard is more a species, Sirian in origin. This particular brainard is named Ray, who indeed controlled the weather of Big Sink and was sent in by St. Lemon. Sort of.


The group Away The Ray wanted to do him in for controlling the weather and turning everything cold. They wanted to turn him into the tree he should have become?

Hucka D.;

Yes. Away The Ray inside the somewhat less secret group called Ray Of Darkness, who claimed Ray was creating a Dark or Black Earth. Second Life, or the Linden Grid, was a way to control Ray. And *that* was Ruuster’s project. You know where Ruuster lived — he lived on the eastern side of Jeogeot, in the safe realm of Sapphire’s, who is the same as the Mayland Alma. You can now tie all this back into the Booker T. Archive.


Thank you. That’s why the old Linden Grid map from, maybe late 2003 was underneath the farmhouse in Eunhaeng. Ruuster put it there for you to find. Or maybe Sapphire.




This has something to do with the Solomon Sea, I assume, which I’ve theoried — or we’ve theorized — is the epicenter of the imposed Second Life grid. And it’s directly tied into the Temple of Solomon. So… Ray of Darkness correctly identifies Ray with Black Earth, which must be countered by White Earth. And these are the two pillars at the entrance to Solomon’s Temple, or Boaz and Joaquin.


That’s me in the center between the two pillars. I am Isis who is Sirius. I am Alma who is Alabama. Boaz.


“Sapphire, are you the same as Jeogeot in the above Tarot card? I’m assuming you are, and that Ray the brainard is the black pillar (west side; “The West”) and the east side of Jeogeot is the white pillar. But you are still the ruler of the whole.”


Yes. You are asking good questions tonite. Grate. I had to deal with Brainard… Ray. It was tough!


And Ruuster helped.


I would have been in trouble without Ruuster. He is Noz.


Noz like “nose”. Like the completed second half of the English alphabet.


When rounding the Korean Channel a Rift was encountered. War, even. Dan The First. Twentysix. Korean. (Six).


Does this have something to do with the Kali Rift?



Hucka D.:

We better end. Dig more up about Ruuster and the Sea of Solomon or the Solomon Sea, Baker B. Your island is next to it (after all).


Thanks to you both.


Yes, Ruuster.


Wilsonia’s Sansara Roamings, 1 April 20, 2009

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OK I don’t want to get too far behind in my post text generation, so here goes. First snapshot is of the new Hibdon digs, next to the already much discussed Kerchal Forest. What a chatter he or she or it is! Here you have the second structure on the land — I’ve tacked on a 512 parcel to the immediate west to my rental fees on top of the original 2048. Unlike about all my other rental spaces I’ve acquired since the beginning of February, when my rental spree began, I can see keeping this for a long time, perhaps buying the property at some point. The only other land I can say that about is perhaps the Yapland rentals, which I now have *3* of: 1 1024 equivalent parcel with the Edwardston Station Gallery and the 100 collages of the 10×10, and then 2 on her famous art walkway, or my old space and then the most recently aquired space formerly owned by photographer Graham Guru, who has decided to focus on more rl projects for a spell. I don’t blame him — I think you have to have strong, specific reasons for keeping involved in SL and the art movement there. For strict photographers, it’s tough, because anyone can download innumerable photos from the Internet now for the base 10 lindens and slap it on a prim. As much as I like Edna’s photographs, sales have been low in SL, yea, admittedly almost nonexistent. Granted they haven’t been much better for my collages, but I think the differences are several. First off, I don’t allow people to download high rez images of my collages online, and in most cases I don’t offer any type downloads. So the collages you see in SL are sometimes the only way you, the viewing public, could view them in the first place. Plus I can’t house all 100 of my collages in an amazingly appropriate gallery space in RL like I can with the 10×10 in the Edwardston Station Gallery in SL. In that case, the gallery is now intimately tied into the art, enhances the overall work.

But I’ve gone on long enough about that.

The second and newest structure (greyish building to the lower right) is presently an empty gallery, again based on an Arcadia Asylum structure called slum econo apartments, which has a small 10×10 base but shoots up about 40 meters. Although I’ve put in new wallpaper, I haven’t decided what to put in this space yet.

I’ll get to the soon-to-be-opened exhibit in the Something To CHRO About gallery soon, whose pictures *may* be eventually moved into this space, or some other space on the Hibdon property. We’ll see.


But to Wilsonia’s explorations now. As Hucka D. and I have talked about in one of the more recent of those “We Better Chat” posts, Wilsonia is attempting to retrace most of Baker Bloch’s Sansara continent explorations from past times, a project created to reinforce the past to act as a pointer to the future, i.e., future Sansara explorations/mysteries/general experiences — now that the family seems rather firmly entrenched on this oldest of SL continents for the first time. It’s pretty exciting, really. Living *right next* to the Kerchal Forest might even be better than living *one parcel* down from the otherwise only slightly smaller Rubi Forest. It’s probably an apples and oranges decision whether one of these forests is better than the other, but I’ve done one; why not try the other when the opportunity arises. I couldn’t resist — we’ll see how “long term” the arrangement is, though. But I feel like I’m at least just as settled in as I was at Otherland, for example.

So here’s Wilsonia at what may just be the eye of the hurricane that is the Sansara continent experience, or else the center of the labyrinth/maze unwinding all around this calm eye. This is the center of the Sea of Solomon, also at the exact center of the Solomon sim. It is also the most shallow part of the sea outside the immediate shoreline. The water level here is *just* above Wilsonia’s head, or about at the 2 meter level above the sea floor at this center. Perhaps interestingly, unlike most Linden sea or ocean sims, this one has a default landing point attached, which is this centerpoint Wisonia is standing on. This means, for those who don’t know, that anyone attempting to teleport into the Solomon sim at any location will automatically be rerouted to this center. This seems to reinforce the eye symbol… I’ll have to study that more in detail later, also keeping in mind that the symbol for Linden Labs itself is an eye in a hand, as famously depicted in the Omidyar glyph here, and in even another Linden owned water sim. Hmmmm… For the record, the Solomon sim is about 5 sims to the west of Omidyar and then an additional 2 sims to the south. Not too far, then.


As one learns in the first month of posts from the Baker Blinker Blog, Baker’s Island and accompanying Baker sim lies to the immediate west of the Solomon sim. In revisiting this “historic” island or isle, Wilsonia finds it much different from the way it’s pictured in the early part of the blog, though. It’s about here it begins to sink in that she cannot *really* retrace Baker Bloch’s Sansara explorations but merely go to the same locations on the grid that he was at… same coordinates that is. Baker’s Isle, or what’s called Isle of Baker at the time, I believe, is essentially no more, having been incorporated into this huge, temple-like structure of purposes unknown for Wilsonia. It’s impressive, but it certainly doesn’t have the same type of mysterious ambiance of the underwater ruins that use to occupy this same grid space, the site of Baker Bloch’s and the seemingly sinister Mr. Low’s several liaisons.

As an added comment to the Sea of Solomon information given here, I’d like to say that at the time of Blochs’ initial explorations in this area, the autoreturn for resident’s objects was set at a rather generous 60 minutes. Baker Blinker used this large window to rez a number of early structures to test them out, perhaps including the Misty’s Big Blue House that became the original dwelling for the Bakers on Azure Islands in the following months. Now the autoreturn is set at a much shorter 5 minutes, not long enough to use the sea for any kind of similar purposes. A shame. And the same thing happened in the Haworth water sim off the east coast of the Atoll continent (Heterocera), which use to have the same 60 min. autoreturn window but has now been shortened to 10. In fact, as Baker Bloch is testing it out now (as I write), one can’t even rez objects in the latter sim at all now, although they still can in Solomon. But after 5 mnutes — poof, they’ll be autoreturned to the creator. It’s perhaps a trivial fact, but still it seems to me to represent a general *regularizing* — almost a *demystification*– of SL to get rid of the little kinks that make it so interesting to me at least, and probably others as well. If it was just this inability to effectively rez objects in water sims alone, I wouldn’t bring it up. But other things factor into this decision as well, one obvious, blunt Coup de grace in the matter being that the new continents created after Heterocera and Sansara are simply not nearly as interesting. I tried to become involved in the Gaeta continent (newest one to rise from the sea bed) recently, but nothing really held me. Nothing mysterious, nothing eye popping at all. Let me know if you think differently, because I would like to understand the viewpoint of someone whose opinion leans otherwise. Not talking about estate property here, but mainlands — Linden owned. To me, and apparently others as well, Sansara, the oldest, is the best, and perhaps by a big margin over, especially, the ones past Heterocera.

Anyway, I diverge again.


Below shows Wilsonia at a rather prominent underwater peak at the corner of four sims to the southeast of the Solomon Sea (Kaminari, Cresent, Epimetheus, and then Baker itself), or in the only waterway leading out of that sea into other Sansara seas. To me, this is reminiscent of the center of a traditional 7 circuit labyrinth, with only one way in and out. I’ll have more to say about this comparison later, most likely.


Wilsonia also rediscovers another prominent underwater peak that Baker Bloch didn’t speak about at the time of its discovery in this blog, but one that Wilsonia supposed could have some attachment to the Ancients as well, since the top of it *just* juts out above the water level here. Is this some kind of related peak, then, to Hilo Peak?, she ruminates.


Then there was the inevitable revisit of the Okinu sim and its perhaps inexplicable, sharp edged and geometrically tailored glyphs of innumerable sizes and shapes. Wilsonia thinks back to the time when Baker Bloch found these glyphs (she has vague access to these memories, probably because they have the same user, baker b.), and the fact that the first two on the edge of the sim he encountered were both “L” shaped and in an isolated pair with each other from the rest. L + L then. Perhaps it stands for “Linden Labs”? she hypothesizes again. Were the glyphs trying to tell Baker Bloch something at the beginning of their relationship about the controlling ownership of Second Life and the inclusive grid? She also thinks of the heart shaped glyph Baker Bloch immediately came across upon beaming into Okinu briefly before heading to the newly risen Gaeta continent, a place his counterpart Baker Blinker was soon to visit as well. She thinks how Baker Bloch realized this was a symbol of the “love” between Baker Blinker and himself, and how it had been misconstrued by them as being intertwined with some kind of “physical” love, at least in a virtual sense of the word. Blochs and Blinks soon realized (as Hucka D. had to learn the same, afterwards, about Hurla Dontbee) that they were actually two aspects of one thing, and that while they would never be separate, they could also never be together in that way. They acted in unison in everything they did already, and still do for that matter.



Here is an example of a more typical merger of two sea bottom textures, without the sharp edges of the Okinu glyphs or the self contained, regular shapes. The Okinu glyphs, at least from my explorations, seem quite unique in that way in terms of mainland waterscapes.



“10th!” April 17, 2008



Resting Place February 29, 2008

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Baker Bloch was in no hurry to return to the lair of Mr. Low for his anticipated second task, so he decided to walk back and enjoy the underwater views. To his disappointment it took only 19 minutes altogether, leisurely strolling around the edges of 3 sims total. So that made it about a 256×3 meter walk, for a total of 768 meters, or around 3/4ths of a kilometer. It’s as close as he could get with the cemetery, he believed.

Upon arriving back at the temple ruins where he had been meeting Mr. Low, unlike all other times there was no Mr. Low about. Always he appeared floating, spectre-like, atop the cleared tile floor that Baker stares at in the snapshot below. Baker searched the entire ruins and the area surrounding it. He even went up to Isle of Baker to look around, although Mr. Low insisted he had never been above water in SL, and rarely even went away from the ruins.


After Baker had just decided to hunker down for the night in the spooky ruins to await his master, he turned around in his mind the possible reasons for Mr. Low’s request to build the cemetery. Do the 3 stones represent fallen comrades, perhaps those that landed on the SL planet with Mr. Low that he scathingly mentioned once before? And also Baker had the strong suspision that Mr. Low himself was not really corporeal within SL; he too was a ghost here. Baker jokingly pictured to himself Mr. Low requesting his own headstone, the 4th, for his second task. Then a series of thoughts rapidly culminated in the obvious: the a priori presence; the color; the lining up with the other 3 tombstones; the position higher than the rest. Mr. Low was lowest no longer.

The Orange Chair!!



Sans Fur ‘N Feathers

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