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Wilsonia’s Sansara Roamings, 2 April 20, 2009

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I apologize ahead of time for the lack of many higher resolution snapshots beyond the smaller versions inserted directly into the posts, but Wilsonia’s SL camera was slighltly malfunctioning at the time. Here she is in the Uli sim now, another important checkpoint in the story of The Bakers and their extended family (which includes, of course, Wilsonia herself now). For it is here in Uli that Baker Bloch ascended from SL to RL at its central, volcanic island. More about that here as a refresher of sorts.


Wilsonia also finds this interesting addition to the central pool of the volcanic island, still with its guardian dragon intact. It appears to be a door or portal of some sort that she is unable to open by touching. However, using the diable camera option she finds that no portal is guarded, as the pool ends just below the supposed door. A false portal, then.


This night, Wilsonia also visits the Tethys waterfall region but is less impressed than Baker Bloch was upon exploring it originally, as recorded in this series of posts. She plans to revisit soon to see if her opinion is the same.



Wilsonia also visits the Ross Falls on the border of Ross and Clarksdale, situated a couple of sims downstream from the Enceladus Falls quite near the Tethys Waterfall, and on a different branching of the same stream that splits in two just before each falls. A situation that most likely could only happen in SL.

To remind once more, the Ross Falls is where Baker Bloch was able to miraculously peer out of the computer screen and into RL, if only for a brief moment. At that time he was able — or “allowed”, in his own terms — to view what he theorized could very well be his RL father. More on that soon, perhaps.


Wilsonia at the mouth of this same creek a bit west of the Ross Falls, with its interesting, mulit-hued bottomland that Baker Bloch also took note of. A long strip of green grassland separates the sand and granite sea floors at this particular position. Many hillocks in the area as well.


On the same split stream, but further upstream now, just above the beginning of the Snow Region to the south where this stream can be said to have its source. The 20 meter waterfall pictured below lies on the border of Arlberg and Garmisch.



You Look Mavelous! May 24, 2008

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The new neighbor gave Baker Blinker a SLurl to a mall to shop for a new avatar. However, one of the reasons Blinks is stuck with her old Linden avatar is that she *hates* such places, and all the avatars look way too, what would be the word, *trendy*? Anyway, when she tp-ed in she immediately recognized the huge volcano towering above the mall, and also knew that the 2001 related monkeys would be nearby. Actually, they’re right outside the mall walls.

While in the area, Blinks also revisited the Uli sim and was saddened to find that the house where she and Blochs met for their one and only inworld visit is now deleted/gone. She was again reminded how fast SL changes — many places she hung around during the first month or two have now simply vanished.

However, the deck that she and Hucka D. had several conversations on, as recorded earlier in this blog, is still standing, along with the old house attached to it. She took the opportunity to explore the house more, and sat, once again, in front of the mirror in the house to look at her appearance. Yes, she was comfortable with the way she looked, and she also felt that other people felt comfortable talking to her with this appearance. She was not going to give it up *that* easily! And besides, there was some karmic attachments to the Shake creature that no one would be able to grasp to any large degree. Heck, Blinks doesn’t even understand it all that much, although she knows her appearance and proportional colors cannot vary that much from Shake, or else she loses control over him once again. And that would not be a good thing for herself or the immediate family, just for starters perhaps.

Hey, what did I just finish saying?

Don’t you stick your tongue out at you!


Lemon tree is no more March 28, 2008

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Baker Blinker tp-ed to Uli today to find that the lemon tree was no more. Baker Bloch had just seen it perhaps only 2 days ago. Another sign? Most likely.



Something descends from on hi March 12, 2008

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The buzzing is overwhelming.


It descends and covers him with its enormous drone. A surreal shoe horn manifests around him in the clearing he is standing on. He is aware that the humming has possessed his very nature, is coming from within now, internalized. His body is growing larger along with his mind. The buzz is expanding him. blochlonghope010a.jpg

Like Hucka D. before, he feels additional knowledge from the future come flooding in. The droning is information. He knows that when one of his feet grows large enough to completely fill the shoehorn-like thing that he will be not here but… there.

The shoehorn thing suddenly locks in and fits.


“Hey, what the hey?? That foot is actually wet!!” Baker Bloch exclaims.

He knows he is at New Hope, the same place that Hucka D. went before him. And he knows that Hucka D. has brought him to this place through his own considerably enlarged power. He is at a beginning of the New.

After exploring several hours around the beautiful but rugged land below the beginning, mostly following the creek (three hours and 19 minutes to be exact), Baker Bloch happens across this strange but familiar sight.



Third March 8, 2008

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Baker Blinker:

Thanks for showing up Hucka D. Now let’s admit up front that after the humorous yet still disastrous meeting between Baker Bloch and myself, we’ve decided not to do this particular interview in SL “real time” shall we say. Instead it will be created as a Microsoft Works document at the home computer and retroactively plugged into our very short meeting on the dock here the other day, where I took several snapshots. These snapshots will merely serve as location shots now.

Hucka D.:

We’ve agreed.

Baker Blinker:

So let’s get this out of the way immediately. You’re not a small African American boy are you, or African in any way?

Hucka D.:

No, my color is black is all. I became small and condensed to fit into the eyeball avatar. All 3 of us decided it was the best thing to go through. I am the third “i”.

Baker Blinker:

Would you like to tell us about this transformation in Rodeo?

Hucka D.:

Well (walks a little closer to Baker Blinker on the deck they are standing on), we jointly know now that to get from Hucka D., the standard City Chic avatar provided by the Lindens, to Hucka D. the large purple custom designed avatar in the future, this transformation had to come about. Now it is a situation of connecting the lines to make a whole picture. We just knew that we had to start by drawing a line between point 1 and point 2, as it were.

Baker Blinker:

Why don’t we sit on the bench over here. You must be tired from your day of transformation. So this transformation happened in SL time only right before this interview?

Hucka D.:

Let’s say it happened several days ago. Although when you took the snapshots you will provide in this post, yes, the transformation just happened. Let’s treat real time as when the interview is actually being written, which is, well, now. Present time. I am able to step out of Hucka D. and view the letters on the screen being formed. That is when this is occuring.

Baker Blinker:

The transformation in the eyeball was prefigured by the collage I, Baker, and I suppose, we, Baker, created shortly before beginning this blog. I, we, tried to create something for Hucka D. to find in the future in the corner of the Rodeo sim, just in the gulch north of what we’ve been calling in spots the “Isle of Baker – Not”. Baker B. and Hucka D. went to this location before the blog. Another colleague called Booker T. did not make the trip, although he claims he did. He was there and not there at once. He also claims to have seen the eyeball in actuality, as a 3d object in SL that is, while I, baker b., only remember it retroactively through the collage I created, where I just stuck a cut out of an eyeball onto a screenshot of this location, this hot corner. Is this another place where time/space get mixed up, like the area around Enceladus-Tethys Falls perhaps?

Hucka D.:

Yes. That’s why I had to go back and finish the unfinished business. The eyeball had to be there. That was my responsibility. I am the third.

Baker Blinker:

When this occurred, you had, suddenly, knowledge of the future. Like Laura Dern’s character in INLAND EMPIRE.

Hucka D.:

Yes, a door opened.

Baker Blinker:

Well, this is why I’m interviewing you. We need you now, all 3 of us, to relay information about this future that you now have access to. I know it comes in bits and pieces, but we must start to tap.

Hucka D.:

Right. As we agreed. Let’s get up again and walk around the deck. I think better if I’m moving around.

Baker Blinker:

That’s fine. (both get up)

Hucka D.
(looking out at the bay surrounding the island they are on):

This place is special. More so, for us anyway, than other places in SL. This is where I will land my van. This is where I will show the Big Two. This is where it begins. In SL.

Baker Blinker:

By Big Two you mean Dark Side of the Rainbow and 2001-Echoes, or what Mike Johnston likes to call Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite.

Hucka D.:

Yes. They will be shown here. Or, more precisely, a little ways around the island. In that clearing. (Hucka D. points to the clearing, the tip of which is just visible from the deck.)

Baker Blinker:

And you’ll have your yellow submarine van.

Hucka D.:

Yes, that will be created/rezzed shortly, just as in your Sandbox post.

Baker Blinker:

Are you the 4th then as well?

(Hucka D. does not answer but keeps staring out at the water.)

Baker Blinker:

Well then, why is it so important to show the Big Two at this location?

Hucka D.:

Kansas City Life has already had a showing in the tree house in another part of the Sansara continent, to the south of us, considerably south. Kilometers and kilometers. That is also a special place. I am having some trouble triangulating between all the locations we have wanted to call home in this virtual reality so far. But Kansas City Life, in another way, is Second Life. Kansas City is the second city of Missouri — St. Louis being the first. Translated, that means “Second Life”, then. But the name, obviously, has nothing to do with Second Life causally. K.C. Life was created in 2002, I believe, before even the conception of Second Life, or at the very best around the same time. Interesting, perhaps.

Baker Blinker:

That would actually be 2001. Going on 7 years ago. Do you wish to talk about the relationship of Kansas City Life to Dark Side of the Rainbow?

Hucka D.:

That’s already been covered elsewhere mostly. K.C. Life is ½ of Dark Side of the Rainbow with an added hole or void. In this hole or void comes the possibility of two over and above one. Two movies. This begins the presence of the Second.

Baker Blinker:

Second Life, then.

Hucka D.:

Well, yeah, that too.

Baker Blinker:

Virtual reality.

Hucka D.:

In the future, as you’ve already guessed, Virtual Reality and what we call Reality itself will blend more seamlessly together. This is just the beginning. The synchronicities are strong even now. This is the pull of the future. Future possibilities. Future realities.

Baker Blinker:

This is information we need from you. This future version of Second Life.

Hucka D.:

It will not be called such. But it will also not be a game. We have excellent footing here. This is where it all begins. Second Life should not be forgotten. That’s your responsibility; that’s the responsibility of others. Second Life, like the Centerville of the *second source* of Kansas City Life, is a contrast of high and low, like your underwater peak that is claimed by the Ancient Ones to be the highest of the low peaks of this reality. 17.56 meters high — remember those numbers. It is also 57.61 feet high. This is a symbol of Second Life itself as seen by these Ancients. Now right next to the Hilo Peak is a much higher peak that the Ancients considered an abomination or basically worthless in comparison despite its greater height. You should insert a picture of that peak into your blog. It is called by the Ancients the Split Mound, even though it is not fractured in the way normally thought of. It is fractured because it is partly underwater and partly above. The surfacing of this mountain above water begins the life of Second Life beyond Ancient times. This begins the rule of the Lindens, the people of Lime. Lyme. I’m breaking down.


Baker Blinker:

I believe there’s a pitcher of water in the house here if you need refreshment. You’ve already talked quite a bit in this, um, interview. Interesting information.

Hucka D.:

I was also going to talk about Baker Bloch, and why Mr. Low had to meet him exactly 199 seconds after Bloch first manifested in Second Life. Now, Baker was one second late, which greatly irritated Mr. Low. Mr. Low is an Ancient. 200 seconds represents the second itself. There is a two minute hole in Kansas City Life that represents the city of Centerville, the very center of it all. This is virtual reality, but also virtual reality fitted seamlessly into reality reality. You will not be able to tell the difference between the two. *I* cannot tell the difference. In the end it doesn’t really matter. All realities are virtual.

Baker Blinker:

Something else will be shown here, won’t it?

Hucka D.:

Yes. A Strange movie. Dark Side of the Rainbow and 2001-Echoes are not movies themselves. To create a movie, you must have multiple movies.

Baker Blinker:

How’s that?

(Hucka D. does not answer, again.)

Baker Blinker:

Are you tired? Should we end here?

Hucka D.:

You need to ask more about Mr. Low and the Ancients.

Baker Blinker:

Ok, I’m asking. What’s the relationship?

Hucka D.:

The Ancients were trapped underwater, or their civilization sank in olden times, something like your Atlantis…

Baker Blinker:

Oh, I remember. I was going to ask about Baker’s Island! Ok, so I *went* to Baker’s Island, in reality, which is actually a small planet on the limit of the SL solar system, as it were. But it is also the moon of SL itself. But I was there. However, I was also merged with a shake creature, a cup formation, to create Shake ‘N Bake. You remember that post with the snapshots… it was waiting for me in the [delete name] sim. I now know this is connected to the entity that likes to call itself Shakenstein.

Hucka D.:

You will shortly meet Shakenstein again. He claims to have written The Bible plus all of Shakespeare’s plays at once. He fits angels on the head of a pin.

Baker Blinker:

I have no memory of actually getting free of this shake creature, though. The first memory I have again is of creating the art seen in the Mooniplutonianites post here.

Hucka D.:

Why do you think that is?

Baker Blinker:

I don’t know!

Hucka D.:

There’s a specific reason. Although I do know important bits and pieces of the future, I cannot actually tell you much. It is up to you to remember.

Baker Blinker:

I’m trying!

Hucka D.:

There were two pairs.

Baker Blinker:

Vague memories. Two… circles and squares. No, cubes and spheres.

Hucka D.:

Baker Bloch is the last pea in the pod.




Baker Bloch is inspired by the meeting w/ Baker Blinker to create works of art March 7, 2008

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i 4 u


tULIp ss 2 ki ss



2 Many In The Kitchen?! March 6, 2008

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[12:53] baker Blinker [to TG, who just walked in as the experiment began]: I have two avatars in the area. Both are me.
[12:53] TG: lol
[12:53] baker Blinker: Are you the owner?
[12:54] TG: NO!
[12:54] baker Blinker: Are you waiting for someone?
[12:54] TG: yes
[TG’s friend SS shows up and they go outside. We can still hear them talking, though, so I kept the dialog in here]
[12:54] TG: says they have bees here pink
[12:54] TG: lol
[12:55] baker Blinker: We meet at last.
[12:55] SS: this someone’s home TG?
[12:55] TG: was in sercah
[12:55] TG: said come feed the bees
[12:55] TG: lol
[12:55] TG: BUNNEH
[12:55] TG eeps.
[12:56] You: You’re lovely! Are you seeing anyone… anyone I know. Know very well.
[12:56] TG: u see the bees?
[12:56] baker Blinker: Well, you’re not Space Ghost you know. Can you do this interview or not? I think you can!
[12:57] SS: NO! bees ;(
[12:57] TG: OMG OTTERS
[12:57] TG: YEEEAAAAHH!!!
[12:57] TG: AWWWW
[12:57] SS: hahha
[12:57] SS: cool
[12:57] TG: TG Giggles:)
[12:57] You: I’m not Hucka D. I know you were expecting him. Can you hear them… the bees???
[12:57] SS: clap
[12:57] baker Blinker: Bees? Beehive?
[12:57] TG: here
[12:57] TG: pink
[12:57] TG: look
[12:57] You: Is this the place??????
[12:57] TG: i got the maker
[12:58] TG: perfect\
[12:58] TG squeeks!
[12:58] You: You’re dreamy. In a pinkish kind of freaky way.
[12:58] TG: TG Giggles:)
[12:58] TG: wait til she brakes on ya
[12:58] TG: lol
[12:58] baker Blinker: Well, you’re hunching over to gaze into my eyes and so am I so I must think you’re dreamy as well?
[12:59] You: Yes, a dream… come true.
[12:59] baker Blinker: Ok, can we get serious. But seriously, this talk of bees is freaking this little freaky pinkie out!
[13:00] You: I can’t stop staring at your skin. It’s so unusually freaky. In an interesting way, I mean.
[13:00] baker Blinker: Thanks I suppose.
[13:00] You: Did you just take a picture of me. For your scrapbook…er, diary… um…
[13:01] baker Blinker: Blog, you mean? It’s your blog too silly!
[13:01] You: Where are the bees?
[13:01] baker Blinker: That is freaky, and I should know freaky.
[13:01] SS: bees are right here
[13:01] You: I love the way your legs dangle like mine under the table. Enticingly close.
[13:02] baker Blinker: Can I kiss you Baker?
[13:02] You: Ooh la la. But alas despite your freakily beautiful appearance it would be like kissing my sister I suppose and some kind of Biblical sin then I guess. Bibles, eh?
[13:03] baker Blinker: Oh, are you dead? You’re hunched all over. Do you have — he he — do you have that sleeping disorder? I’ve yet to fall asleep myself so it must not be catching.
[13:03] You [waking up]: Let’s take a walk beautiful.
[13:04] baker Blinker: This should be fun!
[13:04] baker Blinker: Are you coming???
[13:05] You: Huh, oh what? Huh? What happened. Where are you?… oh there you are, in the garden.
[13:05] Feral Rabbit by Second Wildlife v0.05 watches baker Bloch intently.
[13:06] You: Is there a rodent nearby? Hopefully friendly.
[13:06] baker Blinker: I don’t know. I have the feeling I’m being stared at but…
[13:06] You: Rat got your tongue?
[13:07] baker Blinker: We must cut and paste this dialog into WordPerfect soon so’s not to loose. Is it worthless? I am closer than your sister yet I feel desire.
[13:07] You: Freaky momma!
[13:07] You: Right on.
[Blinker flies, then you, Bloch, follows]
[13:08] You: Uh this is not the island freaky mamma san.
[13:09] You: Have you been here before, other me?
[13:10] baker Blinker: Falling asleep again! Am I that boring? snapshot105_008small.jpg
[13:10] baker Blinker: I said, am I that boring!?!
[13:10] You: Wow, you zipped right in when I looked up, yet I thought, I sensed you were already there.
[13:11] baker Blinker: Shall we get serious, without hands, french tongues, or footsies?
[13:11] You: I’ll try to control myself lovely species of unknown origin.
[13:11] You: Hey, caught you. Now you’re asleep!
[baker Blinker pauses to im an SL friend to look in on this spectacle, and perhaps bring some needed stability to the queer goings on]
[13:15] baker Blinker: I think he’s tied up. Do you promise to behave? Maybe we should sit on that bench over there.
[13:16] You: Your eyes are hypnotizing. Mesmerizing. Deep pools of…
[13:16] baker Blinker: Shut up you foolish boy… go to the bench.
[13:17] baker Blinker: I’m here.
[13:17] You: Um, I lost track of who is talking. Bees, eh?
[13:18] baker Blinker: Now my turn. Yes, bees. Funny how someone would walk in just when we are starting. Maybe one of us should log out and see what’s been said. Worthless? Don’ know. I’ll log out… don’t say anything. Just sit there and look gorgeous.


Monkey Shock

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On a mountaintop just to the west of the island mentioned in the “Finding the Niche Again” post below, I came upon this homage to the human-monkey raising consciousness scene in the fantastic 2001: A Space Odyssey movie, which I consider Kubrick’s best and perhaps the best science fiction movie of all time. It’s a perfect movie in its own way. Knowing that the *second* leap up in consciousness for humankind, when the black, rectangular monolith is used in this way for the second time, takes place in the Jupiter system, imagine my surpise when I spied a short distance away from the monkeys… the planet Jupiter! I should add that I don’t think this relative juxtaposition was created on purpose, most likely.

Baker Blinker later took a snapshot atop the spinning sphere, looking back toward the monkeys and the monolith. Then she added some closeups of same.

I had to email my friend Mike Johnston, webmaster of the Synchronicity Arkive, about this find, attaching the first snapshot below. He’s a huge fan of the audiovisual synchronicity I call 2001-Echoes but what he likes to call Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite on his website.






Bloch head (Where’s the i?) March 5, 2008

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Oh, *I* see!


Finding The Niche Again?

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Walking the more northern water passages of Sansara, came upon this lovely bay centered by a volcanic island. When surfacing out of the water was surprised and pleased to see my first lemon tree in SL, that I recalled anyway.  Lemon trees have a special significance in my collage art… one was at the very start of my 10×10 art collage series which I’ve completed 7 of 10 “tiers” now.  The collage is called “Finding The Niche“. My guess at the time was that finding this lemon tree, and in this particular spot, meant something — leads to things deeper — and I believe that’s how it’s subsequently turning out.

What followed were several little experiments in collage using this lemon tree as a centerpiece of sorts (see above post).