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Hold on Hucka… June 5, 2012

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… I’m just going to copy my latest entry to the Synchronicity Phenomena Board over to this blog and see if we have anything to discuss about it.

Hucka D.:


Re: Little Glovie Wovie


Trip to S.C.D.M.A. went very well yesterday, although we weren’t able to the
find the 3rd Washington County Barker Cemetery. Got stuck on a maze of dirt
roads, and then the road that would have led us there, according to our map,
turned out to be a private driveway. We decided to abandon the chase at that
point and go forth to make a big circle around Gate City, Big Stone Gap, Norton,
St. Paul, and back to Abingdon, where, disappointed, we found the bar Rain to be
closed on a Sunday night. We *were* able to, once again, visit the other 2
Barker Cemeteries in Abingdon’s county and get some precise measurements of the
2 main headstones in question, the theory being they are sort of “animations” of
one another. Both are graves of a “Nannie” — we think — and both are very
similar in shape and, less, size; actually Nannie- annie(mation) — maybe
stretching it too far here. 🙂

The only time it rained on us on the trip was when we were in the smallest
Barker Cemetery at the heart of the Mystery Field. It started drizzling as soon
as we entered and ended as soon as we stepped out of its boundaries. Queer.

Another subject I thought about writing on here in connection with S.C.D.M.A.,
attempting to stretch it out in yet another direction, is what I call the
Billfork Agreement presently, involving audiovisual synchronicities (like Dark
Side of the Yellow Sub recently mentioned), and United States maps. Basically
the agreement is to code key aspects of the a/v syncs within the maps in a type
of fusion. As I see it, at least the initial states above the Mason-Dixon line
openly reveal the agreement if read properly, which then becomes hidden below
this line starting in West Virginia and perhaps elsewhere. “After” this an a/v
synchronicity called SID’s 1st Oz becomes king of the hill, representing a
direct higher octave creation of Dark Side of the Rainbow.

In contrast Dark Side of the Yellow Submarine dating from 1998 would be some
kind of more or less direct reflection of this ur-synchronicity, and not really
a big advancement of sorts over it, just fyi. Elsewhere I call it a “poor’s
mans’ DSotR”.

The map involvement here would be more connected with town *names* than exact
alignments or distances (thinking of Arthur Faram research here), although that
will factor in too.

The Mason-Dixon Line seems connected with this Art Line as well, lying just

So to the outside peering-in world, those who aren’t aware of the Billfork
Agreement, SID is baker b.’s most complex a/v sync and a member of that field’s
golden age synchronicities along with such works as Jesus Who?, Being Geddy Lee,
Darkest City, and Shared Fantasia, a golden age that had its brief moment and is
now gone/used up.

A related West Virginia town story, then, involving the “cover-up”.

I also believe the S.C.D.M.A. has something to do with the Billfork Agreement,
which probably ties into larger agreements within larger spheres.


Hucka D.:

I thought we agreed we weren’t going to discuss the Billfork Agreement[ in public]. Didn’t one of your avatars get murdered for that very reason?


Well, that’s what I guess we need to discuss.

Hucka D.:

Discuss the not-discussing.


Yeah. [I ]think.

Hucka D.:

What did you have in mind? The Billfork Agreement is about not discussing the details of the agreement. Pretty clear, I think.


What about [the villages of]Phillip and Lime Hill now. They’re open and viewable. Barker Cemetery midway between the two, and Philip Linden showing up in the cemetery, looking out over the tombstones from a corner position.

Hucka D.:

You were suppose to say that, and then I was suppose to say this. (pause)


This what?

Hucka D.:



Maybe we should move into other subjects of the recent SP forum entry — the 3rd Barker Cemetery.

[Hucka D. barks like a small dog here]: Stay away. Get out of my cemetery! My cemetery! Bad intruders! Bad!


Like the little dog at the smallest Barker Cemetery, I get it.

Hucka D.:

Small [watch]dog for a small cemetery.


The two, similar headstones make an animation.

Hucka D.:



This is going to be in a collage.

Hucka D.:

It already is, but, yeah, another one as well.


This will be in SoSo.

Hucka D.:

Could be. But you asked about the 3rd Barker Cemetery. You can’t get there from here.


The third is irrelevant.

Hucka D.:




Anything else?

Hucka D.:

Buy in Siliconicus. Then I’ll tell you some more about the Billfork Agreement.


At least we can say the name (!)

Hucka D.:

Siliconicus? Nah, just kidd’n, I know what you mean. Billfork. Well, it’s the name of your village on the Fork Creek of Herman Park, isn’t it?


Yeah. Good thing.

Hucka D.:

As Carcass-One is the name of your present village. I think you need to upgrade. Birthday gift. When will you get another chance like this?


One month, eh? One month of an upgrade.

Hucka D.:



Lemme study.


Several hours later I realized Hucka probably meant to set this up.


Synching Creek D.M.A. photos 03 May 22, 2012

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Synching Creek D.M.A. photos 02

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Synching Creek D.M.A. photos 01

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Parent/Child May 20, 2012

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Sink Lair Floor 02 May 16, 2012

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It seems that Hucka D. has left the scene, so I’ll just continue the tour of the newly created Sink Lair Gallery in Carcass-One’s The Tight region by myself. Maybe he’ll pop up again before we’re done.

In the Sink Lair Floor 01 post just below, I described the beginnings of the Sink Line, one of two identifiable ley lines forming the warp and woof of the Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area as a whole along with Sign Line. As pictured on that floor, Sink Line begins at what I call the Brainard Hole immediately west of Olde Farm Golf Course, and where Sinking Creek simply seems to disappear into the ground. We can continue this line up through Square Rock (also pictured on floor 1) and then, especially, Square *Island*, which is also one leg of The Triangle, probably the core of the Synching Creek D.M.A. as a whole. As it turns out, as the center of Square Rock is 0.99 mile up the Sink Line from its origin point at the Brainard Hole, so Square Island is exactly 1 mile up from Square Rock, and 1.99 miles from the Brainard Hole.

Square Island, pictured in front of Baker Bloch here on Floor 2 as it appears in GoogleEarth, can be seen as the seed for the whole S.C.D.M.A., outlined somewhat in my first blog posts on the subject here and here.

Below we have the entire Sink Line as exhibited in the Sink Lair Gallery presently, 2 pictures for each of the 2 floors making a total of 4. What I call “Round 2”, an unidentified dark circular object 4.01 miles from the Brainard Hole and not far above the source of Sinking Creek, seems to be a logical endpoint for the line, at least so far.

Next to the Square Island picture already discussed a bit above comes another GoogleEarth capture attempting to show the relationship of all places in the Synching Creek D.M.A. as especially associated with the Sink Line, the Sign Line, and also The Triangle connecting these two lines.

Synching Creek D.M.A. seems to have a special relationship with the White Horse alignments in Wiltshire County, England discovered by the writer in Spring 2010. More on that subject here.

Then we move on to a more detailed examination of the central Triangle, starting with these 3 Edna Million shots of, right to left, Square Island, Barker Cemetery, and Rock’s House w/proximate bamboo grove. Just like the 3 Sign Line pictures on Floor 1, these span the entire long wall of the gallery.

The Square Island photo in the above gallery shot toggles with another of the same seen below, one with the island viewed from a side and one from a corner. I see this as the beating heart of the Mystery Area, a two-chamber effect.

Above the central Barker Cemetery picture of this Floor 2 triptych comes a photo from another Washington County, Virginia Barker Cemetery, the largest of the three such named cemeteries in the county and containing 157 interments according to the handy (and huge!) Find A Grave database (Barker Cemetery in the Mystery Area is the smallest). This cemetery is noted so far for several things now, the first discovered being the presence of what looks like a person standing in the corner of the cemetery in GoogleEarth Streetview from a certain angle when none is there (not seen from other angles). I first bring this oddity up in a blog post last month and then expound upon it in some detail in this slightly later post.

I think it was very soon after I saw the “person” standing in the corner of this particular Barker Cemetery in Streetview that I made the association with the Philip Linden statue commonly found in Second Life, specifically through its posed position in my old “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” sign created Fall 2010 for my large Blue Feather Gallery exhibit of that name. This sign is seen in the upper right corner of the below photo beside the Barker Cemetery shot. Then a duplicate sign can be seen superimposed on the Barker Cemetery photo itself, except made transparent and shortened. The animation created between the two photos when you incrementally restore the sign’s correct height is found here. Basic storyline: the mystery figure in the corner and the Philip Linden sculpture appear to be one and the same (!).

The map on the other side of this serves to powerfully reinforces the connection and make it basically straightforward, as it were. The two closest communities to this particular Barker Cemetery are Phillip and Lime Hill. Phillip seems to point out Philip Linden’s first name, and Lime Hill his last, due to the fact that American linden trees are called lime trees in Britain. Barker Cemetery even lies about halfway between the two villages, and on the only road directly connecting them.

Having hopefully reinforced the queerness of the Barker Cemetery archetype, let’s move on to another aspect of the central Triangle of the S.C.D.M.A.: Rock’s House, lying 0.12 miles from both Barker Cemetery (again this is the smallest Barker Cemtery in the county of the three, as opposed to the one we’ve been discussing just above which is the largest) and Square Island. Rock’s House isn’t any official name for the structure, which appears vacant. Instead my coined name comes from the sign in front of it advertising Rock’s Produce and Deli. The actual Rock’s P&D lies down the road a couple of mile, but the sign is unclear about that: it could appear to the outsider that *this* house is instead the deli, as Edna and I first thought. The sign is pictured below, to the right of the Jeogeot Through Art and Word exhibit sign in the gallery.

To the right of the Rock’s P&D sign photo, in turn, is a larger one of baker b. — me — attempting to enter the thick and super mysterious bamboo grove behind Rock’s House on our last visit to the Mystery Area, with limited success. The grove is just too dense. Nevertheless, this particular photo seems to portray a passageway into the grove which actually isn’t there.

Why is the bamboo grove so mysterious seeming? I can’t totally answer that at this time, except to say I believe it is a symbol of a collection of hidden things commonly called “carcasses” in this blog, which began in 2007 and continue up to present time, 6 in number so far with a 7th anticipated probably this year sometime. As the carcasses parallel the development of the blog (and carcasses are only called such within the confines of the Baker Blinker Blog), I believe the grove also represents the blog itself. In my first post on the S.C.D.M.A., I note how the bamboo grove seems to have greatly expanded since 2007, even encroaching on Rock’s House itself now (threatening it?).

Below the picture of me and the bamboo grove is another from the Mystery Area, the West End this time (the highest of a group of 3 West End photos on Floor 1), showing similar bamboo growing just behind the chain link fence surrounding R.C. Storage, harboring the pictured Robert E. Lee Motel and Rainbow Autel signs (among many others). Are the two clusters of bamboo related? At any rate, it seemed a logical photo juxtaposition to create at this point.

Then to the left and up from that photo is one of an almost collapsed shed of some kind found in the field behind Rock’s House (and beyond the bamboo grove), visited by Edna and me on our way up to Barker Cemetery at the top of the hill there. Might it related to the Mystery Shed pictured just beneath it as well? Another logical picture juxtaposition to make here even if not.

Across Hall’s Bottom Road from the Rock’s P&D sign comes one in a similarly “misleading” vein, advertising the Singingwood Stables which actually lie at the end of a side road off Hall’s Bottom Road, a distance of several miles probably. Here’s where some of Flynn’s own research/groundwork regarding the S.C.D.M.A ties into Edna’s and mine, for during her stay in Abingdon she found a book called “Confessions of a Dark-Barker” by Lowry Bowman just laying out in the open when she first entered the town’s public library. She had already known about our research into Barker Cemetery (at least the one of the Mystery Area, and perhaps both), and also knew about the Singingwood sign across from Rock’s House. Needless to say she was fairly shocked to see prominent Triangle names Bowman and Barker also combined together in this book.

When she mentioned it on the Synchronicity Phenomena Board I was immediately very intruigued. What, pray tell, was a “Dark-Barker”?? The answer came when I was able to read the 1st chapter, an introduction of sorts, to Bowman’s “Confession of A Dark-Barker” during our 3rd and last (so far) visit to the Abingdon and the Mystery Area. The chapter is called “All Scolds Are Common,” and I’ll just supply links to pictures I took of its two pages here and here.

Also during Flynn’s visit to Abingdon, she was able to find the location of Rock’s Produce and Deli and talk a bit with one of the owners. In later googling the name of the establishment, I came up with three links, the top 2 to this blog, and the third a link to the Maroon and White newsletter of Bristol, Tennessee High School advertising Rock’s as the best place in the area to buy hot *dogs*. I immediately saw the connection with Bowman’s “Dark-Barker” (dog on front of book) and The Triangle of the Mystery Area (Singingwood Bowmans’ sign immediately across road from Rock’s sign, both “misleading”).

Now we move into S.C.D.M.A.’s Barker Cemetery itself, which I will admit remains a loose end in all this queerness. Unlike Flynn during her visit, Edna and I were successfully able to enter the small cemetery not by the more direct route (up a driveway which dead ends at a private residence) but by diagonally traversing the meadow behind Rocks’ House. Certainly an added bonus to taking this route was the ability to snap pictures of the bamboo grove behind Rock’s House as well.

The cemetery seemed to contain somewhat more interments than the Find A Grave site presently claims: we counted maybe up to 8, while FAG gives 6. Part of the problem is what is obviously the most unusual and also most undecipherable of its marked gravestones, pictured to the left in the below Sink Lair Gallery photo.

At this point in time, I’ll simply state that the photo in the gallery toggles with another picture of a quite similar looking gravestone found in the *other* Barker Cemetery we visited this same day, and they may even be much more closely related than surface appearances given here.

And with that, I believe I’ll end my probably overlong tour of the Sink Lair as well until we are able to make another visit, with many more photos promised. Stay tuned as I like to say!


Sink Lair Floor 01

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So here we go. I’m going to employ Hucka D., if he’s awake today, to help me with the interpretation. Again, this is a still evolving exhibit, and what I’ve set up represents the groundwork and then additional research of 3 separate trips by Edna and me to the Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area near Abingdon in the past month or so, *plus* some additional groundwork/research by another regular to the Synchronicity Phenomena Board who amazingly was able to stay in this same area for a couple of days last month as well. I’ll call this person Flynn here, and she’s been mentioned in the blog in a number of places already, such as this post from 2009. In Second Life, we’ve “lived” near each other several times now, the first being when I owned my original mainland parcels in Rubi (Flynn’s abode was just on the other side of the Great Rubi Forest), and then also in the Comet Archipelago, as mentioned here and here.

It was even rumored at one time, Hucka D., that Flynn was going to take you away from me. You would be *her* familiar instead of my own.

Hucka D.:

That’s when I was still mad at you because of the beach thing. I got over it. Took a year, though.


Thanks for that. Thanks for forgiving me. I was mean to Edna at the beach. That’s what you are talking about.

Hucka D.:

I gave you a scare, though!


Yes. I knew it was you for sure. So in helping me decipher the Synching Creek D.M.A., you’re also helping Flynn; she may even *move* to the general area later on, she says.

Hucka D.:

That would be nice. She is already there[ in a probable reality]. She’s setting things up from her future self. Present self will find. Present self will always find. Future self sets up, like bowling pins. Present self has the balls. The nerve. The guts to try to find them… knock them down I mean.


Great. So let’s just move into the pictures themselves. The first is of the Sign Line, one of two obvious ley lines marking or crossing the area, one could say.

Hucka D.:

They are ley lines. Sign Line and Sink Line.


We’ll get to Sink Line in a moment. So Sign Line is a line across the landscape of about 2.3 miles in length that seemed to line up the energy of Highway 11 in this area as best as possible — buildings aligned with it, roads in part. And the line runs right through Rock’s mailbox, as we’re calling it. I describe Sign Line in this earlier B.B. Blog post. The 3 basically continuous contiguous GoogleEarth pictures of this line from the blog post are recreated in the gallery. This is on the first floor, spanning the entire lower part of the wall opposite where you walk in to the Sink Lair.

In the middle of the Sign Line comes the intersection with the Sink Line that you’ve already mentioned Hucka D. Hucka? Anyway, there’s also The Triangle to deal with in this place, seemingly the most direct link between the two lines — joining or even gluing them together, perhaps. The Triangle is made up of Square Island, Rock’s Place, and Barker Cemetery, and we’ll get more into those pictures when moving up to Floor 2.

Sign Line in West End, S.C.D.M.A.

Sign Line in East End of same.

Above the 3 sections of the Sign Line map in the gallery come images from the parts they lie directly atop of. We have the fantastic and meaningful Hilo Burgers sign from the middle of the Sign Line, the Rainbow Autel sign from West End, and then the Moonlite Theatre sign from East End.

Also found on the same property as the Rainbow Autel sign (R.C. Storage) is this larger one from the old Robert E. Lee motel, restored to most of its former glory sans neon. The actual motel existed just west of here, and also on Highway 11 or the Lee Highway. An article about the sign and motel is found on Edna’s recently conceived Signs Signs Signs blog…

… as is a post about the Moonlite Theatre and its own distinct sign from East End. Also seen in the below photograph is a picture of Dixie Pottery’s sign, whose property lies next to Moonlite Theatre’s. Unlike the latter, however, Dixie Pottery has recently gone out of business. Despite the derelict nature of the Moonlite sign, the theatre is very much in business now we’ve entered warmer months. Flynn was even able to catch the opening film of the season while staying in Abingdon: hit 2012 movie The Hunger Games.

One of the things that struck me personally when first visiting the Moonlite Theatre sign with Edna in late March (and which we had serious doubts about being still open at the time) is the missing “E” of the name looking from the east, as astutely picked up by Edna in her Sign Signs Signs blog post on the subject. From the back, the letters are blue colored, and the “fallen E” can still be found inside the triangle shaped interior. *

I’ve also dealt with a similarly colored “E” in Second Life, which likewise has a front and a back side. This would be “Big E” created from a map of the 30 sims of the Korean Channel of Second Life, one per side of the Big E except for the spine and also a missing sim. I tell the Big E story in the B.B. Blog here, among other places.

Maybe not an extremely convincing parallel in and of itself, but take a look at the beginning of the *Sink* Line of the Designated Mystery Area, its other percieved ley line to complement Sign Line. I call the pool seeming to form the beginning of Sink Line here the Brainard Hole, and it’s where Sinking Creek (real name of my “Synching Creek”) seems to simply vanish into the ground after its approximately 3 mile long flow starting at a source north of the middle of Sign Line. Notice a nearby sandtrap appears to have a distinct “E” shape. Now notice that Brainard Hole itself seems to represent an only slightly less obvious *backwards* “E”, and is even “facing” the smaller forwards E created by the sandtrap. I’ve placed a small Second Life Big E next to the Brainard Hole picture from GoogleEarth here to further highlight the resonance within the exhibit.

To the left in the next picture coming from the Sink Lair gallery we have a Moonlite Theatre sign photograph by Edna (most of the photos in the exhibit are her work, not mine… just take it as hers unless otherwise indicated) showing the fallen “E” within the marquee’s top. Notice it is shown backwards as well here. In the center hangs a collage from my Art 10×10 that also seems to play a role here. This would be Oblong 11, where we have a forwards and backwards pictured gravestone (same gravestone, though: that of singer/songwriter Burl Ives from Hunt City, Illinois) that has a green box labelled “Oblong” passing between the two. Notice from the above photo that there’s also a green, box shaped tee between the E shaped sandtrap and the backwards E shaped Brainard Hole, perhaps “passing” through them as well as in a flow of an 18 hole game of golf. I should also mention here that the involved golf course is the very prestigious Olde Farm Golf Course, which I’ll discuss just below in more detail. The tee under discussion would be for the 16th hole.

Other boxes or square shaped objects are even more strongly highlighted along the Sink Line’s course as we head north, basically paralleling Sinking Creek along the way. The first comes precisely 0.99 miles up from the Brainard Hole, or what I’ve termed Square Rock in an otherwise basically empty field just east of Olde Farm Golf Course. We continue the story of Sinking Line beyond this point on Floor 2.

Continuing our tour of the Sink Lair’s Floor 1, we have some now direct images from Olde Farm in a front corner, including a shot of Sinking Creek flowing through the course and also a picture from a 2009 charity tournament held there featuring the Big 3, or, left to right, the ultra famous golfers Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player. Then to the right of this we have Tiger Woods throwing a club in a more recent tournament. The basic story here is that in 2009, it seemed inevitable that Tiger Woods would catch and surpass Jack Nicklaus in most majors won over a career. Now, only 3 years later, what once seemed a foregone conclusion is now cast as iffy at best and doubtful by many, given Woods personal and professional woes in the intervening years. Whatever happens in that category, I have more serious doubts that Tiger will ever become a member of the beloved Big 3, joining them as another equal and compatriot. And that, I think, is the greatest shame of all. Tiger’s image is forever stained.

The first of several animations in the Synching Creek D.M.A. exhibit comes here when the picture of the Big 3 is toggled with a manipulated (or collaged) picture from this blog, also from 2009 and showing Jack similarly framed by two golfers, with Tiger himself to his right, the heir apparent at the time. Times have seemingly changed. But the main point of the animation is to insert a pictorial proof linking Olde Farm Golf Course, and its Sink Line and Sinking Creek and Brainard Hole, with Sunklands, a dominant subject of the B.B. Blog. More on that soon.

Then to complete the Floor 1 tour we have several other images from the Synching Creek D.M.A near Olde Farm Golf Course in this corner, including a willow lined lane (Ayres Lane) just downhill from Sink Line’s Square Rock, and then above Tiger’s club throwing pic a dilapidated structure simply called Mystery Shack in this blog.

Sink Lair Floor 2!


* On the other side of the marquee there are more missing letters, and all that remain are “M–NLI–_-HEA-R-“. Which means the missing on this side are, conversely, “-OO—TE_T—T-E”, or 2 O’s, 3 T’s and 2 E’s.



The Tight 03 May 15, 2012

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I believe the Sink Lair, Phase 1 at least, is basically done. I see it as still an evolving gallery/art project, though, and will probably remain the heart of The Tight even while other galleries may also develop around it, plugging into it even, perhaps. Within, again, is the current pictorial associations I see happening in the Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area of the Abingdon-Bristol, Virginia region. The closest match I can find with other Second Life exhibits I’ve created is to “Baker Bloch in England” (still found in the Quadtowers of TILE on the lower side of Carcass-One) and also the “Wall of Ass.” created for the Biggie Gallery of Aotearoa in late 2009. I’ll make a similar tour for the Sink Lair soon.

Now what to put in SoSo, Gallery 9/0, Something To CHRO About, and perhaps other potential gallery spaces in Carcass-One? Promises to be an exciting adventure. AND — still have over 600 prims for a skybox (!)

3 figg’rs


The Tight 02: The revelation of Dark-Barker as Philip Linden May 14, 2012

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“Ideas Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

Dark-Barker is Philip Linden. He is watching over the death of Second Life; as Jeogeot is dying so is his world. So is your [Second Lyfe] world. It is important you know this now. Carcass-One is a last gasp.


Thanks Hucka D. Very serious sounding indeed. I really like Carcass-One so far, and in ways it goes beyond Pietmond even. The Toxic Art Gallery seems like a way to (finally!) display the Art 10×10 in a practical manner, in-worldly speaking. And the twisty turny tale of The Tight will be fun to evolve — kind of a continuation and improvement of the central area of 7 Stones/Boris don’t you think?

Hucka D.:

The Tight is where it will all happen. Death of Second Life. Last gasp.


What of the two tombstones from the 2 Barker Cemeteries that might overlap to create a new…

Hucka D. (interrupting):

Last. Gasp.

Mr. Missing Bean


The Tight 01

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Into The Tight from the direction of the Toxic Art Gallery and The Mall. To Baker’s right is Town Hall. To his left is the Coolie Building.

Walking up the stairs brings him to a portal into the center of The Tight, the heart of its beating mysteries.

Some say The Tight is limited to this collection of 4 structures surrounding and almost completely hemming in a small, green area (Small Mall? Tight Mall?). This would be what I’m presently calling Home Orange (bottom), Yippie TILE 1 On (left), Gallery 9/0 (top) and SoSo (right). Others have discussed including the Town Hall, Coolie Building, Something To CHRO About, and even Castle E (Henry L. Cow estate?) in this designated region. More on the debate as it unfurls.

Billboard in The Tight, another Arcadia Asylum creation…

… as is this centrally placed slummy payphone w/ matching, slummy telephone books.

Baker Bloch rounds the corner to head up to Gallery 9/0 for an additional pic or two. Gallery 9/0 is still basically empty, but my idea right now is to set up a detailed analysis of 09 collages of the Art 10×10, sort of like I had in Healy in this particular exhibit from June-July 2009.

Looking back down into the meat of The Tight from the top of the stairs at one corner of 9/0.

Inside Yippie TILE 1 On now and a shot from the still evolving Synching Creek D.M.A. exhibit.

Another shot from upstairs — interesting juxtaposition of the similarly sized Baker Bloch and baker b. here, the latter attempting to enter the thick bamboo behind Rock’s House near the heart of the Mystery Area. Philip Linden looks on.