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Bumming Around, 02 July 14, 2011

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Firth of Fred in Sunell near Fisher Rig.

Firth of Fred in Sunell near Fisher Rig — narrow island choked neck of water connecting two main parts of firth.

Northeast of Firth of Fred — colorful trees.

Baker Bloch biking on the Nascera continent.

Much more water here than his original explorations of this continent right after it first formed in late 2009.

Boyd Doghouse, lord mayor of Parktown.

Nifty “Art or Porn?” gallery just south of Teepot, in the Saengseon sim.

Piet Mondrian painting replica in same that caught Baker’s eye for obvious reasons (Pietmond resonance).

Another colorful Jeogeot art gallery recently visited by Baker Bloch, just north of the Noru sim in Chieut and owned by Stinna Biddle.

Empty Red Leaf gallery only a couple of hundred meters north (ne corner of Hamnida) also visited this same night.


About Jeogeot, 04 August 28, 2010

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Honestly, I can’t even remember where I took this. A small pool in a concavity somewhere on Jeogeot, I suppose. Maybe west coast? Just can’t remember… sorry.

Ah, yes. Parktown. Boyd Doghouse, mayor/king/emperor of the still burgeoning Jeogeot metropolis, was incredibly generous in setting aside space to promote the Blue Feather Gallery and, in particular, the “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” exhibit in the Parktown Gallery. Thanks a bunch Boyd!!

Amazing landscape on a 3 sim long island in western Jeogeot. I have no mythological name for this island — as yet! — but it’s in the middle of the deep channel that splits this western “claw” of Jeogeot in two. To the north lies an approximately 36 sim island (also unnamed) that forms the nw corner of the continent.To the southwest of the island, and just across the channel, is the larger community of Sternberg discussed several times in this blog.

The cone shaped mtn. in the distance is called Buffalo Run Hill according to the property description at its top, where the elevation is 110 meters. It stands near the center of the island itself. The mountain Baker stands upon to take the snapshot looking toward Buffalo Run Hill (below) is a larger and more spread out massif topped by “Perfect Harmony”, a parcel which advertises, “dancing and romancing in a mystical mountain-top atmosphere.” Elevation there: about 125 meters.

Oh, woops!, wait… “Perfect Harmony” is on a mountain directly *south* of the island in question (and southwest of Buffalo Run Hill), and not on the island itself. Instead the mountain Baker hovers above here, similarly shaped, contains largely abandoned land. Its elevation appears to be about 120 meters, with a lone house sitting on top that Karoz (checking behind Baker Bloch today) cannot enter because it requires an age verification check. The mountain lies in both the Buffalo Run and Silver Creek sims.

Some ruins in this channel, to the north of the island I believe.

What I’ll call Star Waterfall, for obvious reasons, just to the north of the island, on land called Skyhighatry Designs and/or Molecular Estates. The land description: “Anjin & Elzbiet Meili’s playground, home of the NEW Sculpty Garden, and Sweet Sculpties Sandbox.” I personally think sculpties are super cool — who doesn’t, really — but they frustrate me because of the time it takes to completely rez in. In the meantime, you just get this amorphous blob or zigzaggy shape that makes no sense, as you try to guess what is forming. But, still, they’re cool, and part of the wave of the future of SL obviously in some form or another.

To give an example, those stars in front of the waterfall took about 30 seconds at least to fully form so that I could take a proper enough picture.

Another waterfall on the same stream, further into the hills. This whole area has to be the most mountainous part of Jeogeot, forming many dramatic rises from Linden water.

We are also *now* quite close to the Nowtown/Zen City region, and the old stomping grounds of Little Robert Plant Variant.

Very top of the waterfall pictured above. I like the way you can see into the much lower landscape just over the top of the falls.

And, yes, we’re now in Nowtown itself, on the other side of the very same mountain. This is the lava flow that heads down into the Fyre Maven temple where Plant worshipped as a child. Still don’t know whether the Fyre Maven itself was some type of creature or just an old, wisened sage of some sort. I don’t think Plant knows either. Should talk to him again sometime in this blog. Catch up.

Baker Bloch relaxing in the Toonie Territory home of the Smurfs (land descrip. again) near the eastern top of the double humped mountain. On the other hump is the Nowtown castle with lava stream issuing forth just beneath it. Let me get you some elevation figures just to be complete. Eastern hump (Houndsfield sim): about 130 meters. Actually both humps of this mountain, east and west, are at about this same elevation.


About Jeogeot, 03

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Parktown keeps expanding and improving. Watch out Chilbo!

Advertisement on Route 10 just east of Parktown for the city’s zoo. So both it and Chilbo have zoos… hmmm, wonder how many such civic zoos there are in SL?

And then a new and fairly large gallery has opened in-between Chilbo and Parktown on Route 10 called Gallerie Octaviana, run by the aoctavia1 group. As Karoz is checking today, looks like pictures are still being added; gallery still developing. Nice to see such a handsome art venue establishing itself near both burgs. Will keep monitoring progress.

But the highlight of this particular evening’s exploring had to be this Alice in Wonderland themed house/ride, just to the east of Noru in Nari. Some picture of the exciting ride follow…


About… July 29, 2010


Parktown, 02 July 24, 2010

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And what a sewer system! Baker is greeted by none other than Mr. Bean upon entering the array of tunnels, standing knee deep in the green, flowing sewage and with his pants rolled up to his thighs. Clever!

Nearby graffiti. More funny stuff. Good to see that the sewer makers have a keen sense of humor… always a handy quality when working with, you know, sewage and shut.

Quite a vast honeycomb of rooms lie off the south side of the first sewer tunnel Baker explores.

OMG… a ghost!

Quickly exiting the haunted catacombs and into the somewhat more lighted sewer tunnels, Baker soon runs across an armadillo. Armadillo? Must be a zoo runaway, he rationalizes.

And we’re already over 100 meters from Mr. Bean and the beginning of our subterranean journey beneath Parktown.

Side tunnel; more knee deep sewage.

Baker Bloch runs past a corpse. Faster, Baker, faster!

More graffiti. “Glurp was here?” Maybe a Parktown kid having a bit of fun. But what of the corpse?… not so funny. But in checking behind Baker Bloch today, Baker Blinker makes the discovery that it may not be a corpse but just a passed out drunk who has wet himself, bottle still in hand. Still gross, true, but not as much now. Drunk pisser… not so scary, then. Ha ha.

Egads. The Great Cornholio! And then while he’s staring at Beavis, a bat lights upon his back. Ick!

Baker thanking his lucky stars that he made it out of the sewer system and back into the light of day.

Want to see for yourself? Start here, then.


Parktown, 01

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Biking across the Hanja Welcome Center sims once more, heading to Parktown this night.

The distant hills turn white in the light of the dawning sun. Interesting effect.

Parktown city limits. Right on the edge of Welcome Center property.

Baker first explores a bit north of the entrance sign above, taking in some of the more natural sites in Shiot..

… before entering back into the city through the Parktown Zoo, all within the same sim. Quite nice kinetic sculpture before Baker here, with two half-spheres rotating at different speeds inside a static half-sphere. Within the 3 fitted half-spheres is a stylized face, perhaps of an alien species and revealed in full only at certain times. Perhaps the Parktown blog mentions this sculpture as well… hafta check.

A manhole is in the middle of the turnaround in front of the south-facing statue. Baker knows from a previous trip that a sewer of some extent lies within, although he hasn’t explored it at any length until tonight. Down we go!


Wanderings… July 23, 2010

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Another interesting object from Crow’s Foot, found just outside the indie music club The Crow’s Foot itself.

Then this night, it was on to Parktown, which is really piquing my interest more and more. Picture from a non-denominational church below. And I found a blog about the town (!), with an article about this very church here.

Front page of the blog here:

I will check regularly now I know of its existence!*

Now I don’t go out of my way to try and track down really, really large SL structures. The biggest one I’ve personally created, sans any megaprims, is the Big E Gallery, a 90 meter high affair. But this is *really* big, apparently a duplicate of the Empire State Building dimensionally, which means it’s well over *300* meters high. The catch? Only a couple of the stories are actually filled out, those being — Karoz is checking behind Baker Bloch again here — the ground floor (lobby), the 2nd floor (big band dance floor), then, jumping up, the 33rd floor (a ball field), and then jumping way up, the 128th floor, which is an observation deck. Pictured below is Baker Bloch on this very deck, with the landscape just visible way, way below. Oh, and it’s called, playfully enough, the Umpire State Building. Very cute. 🙂

But I’m sure there are much higher structures than even this in SL, maybe even miles high? Hafta google that sometime.

Then a final snapshot for the night upon a return to Noru. Will be hard to beat this location, along with my temple’s place in Rubi. I’m all set, it seems.


* another great post from the blog here:

Sounds like Parktown and Chilbo should compare notes on +s/-s of mainland living (!)


Tug of Real War July 20, 2010

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Baker Blinker standing beside Unbaker’s Half Dozen Fish Pond and staring up at the newly grounded ESG.

One of the few things I really miss about the new layout is that the ESG now blocks the view of Sapphire’s House (of Truth) from Widow’s Knob.

But, overall, Baker Blinker’s not complaining very much. Nice to have a woman’s perspective. 🙂


“Let’s see if Hucka D. wants to show up tonight. Hucka?”

Hucka D.:

I was destined to chance… change. Magic in the aire. Faires. Fairies. Faire.



Hucka D.:

I am supported from the outside. Neighbors indeed, and good. Outside looking in. But attached.


Are you speaking for Chilbo, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

A warmth, a fire. Friends gather. They may have their own fires kindled from the central fire…


Like Norum.

Hucka D.:

We wish to speak of Crow’s Foot a bit tonight.


OK. (pause)

Hucka D.:

Battle took place there.


Mmmmm… between Chilbo and Parktown? Does Parktown represent a good neighbor for Chilbo?

Hucka D.:

Not really. Evil lives there. Maybe Elvis as well. But evil for certain.


Doubtful, Hucka D. It’s just another town on the continent, quite close to Chilbo.

Hucka D.:

There’s a relationship. Good and evil.


So you’re implying that Crow’s Foot represented a battlefield between these forces of good and evil. Sometime in the past, or future… whatever (playfully).

Hucka D.:

You were there. You served. Bakerswork. You were a Screamer but not a Benerson. Maybe a Benerson as well. Hmmmm… mmmm…


Are you saying Tommy “The Scream” Benerson is from Crow’s Foot, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

I’m not sure what I’m saying [to be honest].


At least you’re… hold on, who’s that?

Hucka D.:

Just a fairy. Fairie.


I was just pretending anyway, because I didn’t want to say the word “honest” again.

Hucka D.:

At least you’re being… hold on.


What is it, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

A firey. A fire. E. Over and done. Won’t be held for another 2 years. You missed it.


I know. I went a bit.

Hucka D.:

In the vacuum, in the void, is birthed the “Norum in the Gazebo” and attached woods and the ESG. I feel good. Fire separate from the main fire. You stole, but you give back. You are Chilbo too.


I don’t really think I’m Chilbo, Hucka D. I’m Norum.

Hucka D.:

You must remember more about Crow’s Foot.


Does this have anything to do with Red Leaf, perhaps Chief Red Leaf? What of Red Leaf and Blue Feather, Hucka D.?



So I cooked up a very raw map of the area around Crow’s Foot. You can see it’s almost exactly 1/2way between Chilbo to the SW and Parktown to the NE, and on a line with them as well. “The Scream” of the “Norum in the Gazebo” poster obviously refers to some of the bloodcurdling scenes of the play as crafted by Sapphire, including the shooting, I suppose, of Maj. Sweepy View by Chief Ironside and then the shooting of Ironside by Burr.

Hucka D.:

Needless violence all. All they needed to do was form a band. Like The Beetles.


Instead it was a Tug of Real War, which seems to tie in the red-blue polarity between the Blue Feather Gallery and Red Leaf Gallery — the locations indicated by blue and red stars respectively in the above map.


Hucka D.:

Orion’s Belt, as you’ve guessed.


So it *does* have something to do with Elvis because it’s about Memphis as well.

Hucka D.:

In the past Crow’s Foot played a more prominent role than present. Bakerswork.


I think back to my old Healy gallery, Something to CHRO About, Hucka D., and how I just revisted that place and talked to Kelly Yap for the first time in a long time the other night. She is doing well, she said.

Hucka D.:

That’s part of it. A web, like the fortune teller told Baker Blinker at Yapland. You should go back there.


To the fortune teller, you mean.

Hucka D.:

Yes. You have information now. Take It Away.




Around Noru(m), 01 July 15, 2010

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Baker bikes through mucho empty land just west of Noru in Megi. Looks like most of the land for sale here is going for about 2 lindens per sq. meter.

Then on the east edge of Koni just west, in turn, of Megi, comes a familiar sight of a rock path leading to a windmill along a ridge, a place both Karoz and Baker visited a number of times during their first Noru stay last year. Nice to see some things haven’t changed about the region.

It still looks like the great majority of Koni is owned by CaroForFun Oh and Mylene Mills, who have set up quite a complex of landmarks here, including the beautiful waterfall below that Baker’s taking a dip beneath.

Here’s just some of the attractions of the land. The Grace Temple, Cavern Waterfall, and Memorial Crypt are part of one underground system of tunnels and rooms that The Bakers have visited several times, more on the east side of the sim. We plan to return. 🙂

Then shifting over to a different direction from Noru, Baker also revisits a town called Parktown, chanced upon just a month or two ago for the first time, and finds some additional institutions there, like the quite stylish Parktown Art Gallery. Yet another place he plans to revisit now and then, along with, of course, the whole of Parktown itself, which is now spread out into quite a number of sims. A comparison to Chilbo is perhaps not out of line, although I seriously doubt it has the cohesive management structure of the latter, nor the same community support. Could the 2 perhaps form a kind of partnership in the future?

Finally this same night, Baker pops over to Baekdu from nearby Parktown to look in on the supposed site of Hucka Doobie’s old homestead, talked about, for instance, in this post from last May. The Cabron structure has long been de-rezzed, along with the building with the picture of “Bill” on it. However, Baker was very pleased to find some really nice 2 prim, freebie trees not known about before on the same parcel that contained Cabron, which Hucka D. later claimed to be a gift from himself to Baker. Hmmm…

Whatever the case, the inclusion of a good number of these colorful trees significantly adds to my Noru landscaping efforts.