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About All This March 10, 2009

The Baker Blinker Blog is the sole personal blog by me, baker b., a man of modest means yet happy existence. The BB Blog is largely about my experiences inside the virtual reality called Second Life (SL), including my explorations and builds there. In-world I am now mainly known as Baker Bloch (male), but once dwelt in that realm largely as the female avatar Baker Blinker. Hence the blog’s name, since I was mostly “in” Baker Blinker at the time of its creation.*

As the SL categories listed in this blog are heavily geography oriented, a study of the SL Wikia concerning this subject may be handy, especially the mainland section.

Here’s a nice, quick overview from the Rabbit Sky Pirate Adventure Blog (their Satori is the same as my Maebaleia).

Here’s hopefully an interesting introduction to the various avatars that inhabit the posts of this blog, originally created as an art exhibit and called “Where are we on that?”.

The blog also contains numerous posts about what might be construed as unrelated subjects to SL, such as Toy Avatars, Collage Art, the g/p/r of TILE, and crop circles, among other things. It also contains a number of categories devoted to RL places, although the names have been altered a bit to protect the innocent. You know who you are. However, to me there are no sharp boundaries between RL (Real Life) and SL, or RL and any “virtual reality” for that matter. I would politely advise that you keep this open ended interpretation in mind when reading my sundry thoughts within. 🙂

Feel free to im me in-world regarding this blog, or email me at And feel free, certainly, to comment on individual subjects. Comments are set to show up in my email.

Thanks for visiting!


*Second Life FAQ