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Loose Thoughts… January 4, 2011

All eggs in one basket now: Pietmond. Edwardston Station Gallery importance seems to have shrunk… can’t exist independently. Instead: projected new gallery in sky, kind of building on UFO I had to recently delete, reachable from Underground Pietmond (above-below dichotomy).

Although I probably can’t promote it in Second Life as much as I would want, Pietmond is already a great success. I’m friends with all exhibitors, which I think is important. I enjoyed exhibiting some established SL artists last year, but distance was still great — I was one of many places their art was shown, another stop. The artists’ works I’m showing now are all more distant from the Second Life virtual reality itself. Besides, my SL friend Flora Nordenskiold, who set up my first solo SL exhibit (and only one so far featuring my own work) is really starting to have the bases covered on providing great spaces for established SL artists, often numbering 4 for each new show at her Nordan Art gallery.

The original idea for the Blue Feather Gallery, starting in Noru, went along the lines of what Flora has evolved through Nordan Art (after what she would admit was a rather bumpy beginning; I was involved!). But it didn’t take me long to realize, 1) I didn’t have much of a talent for self promotion needed to be “successful” in the SL art scene, 2) my hours spent in SL are bunched together more in the middle of the night (2am-6am), when most of that virtual world is “asleep” — hard to promote/mingle when no one is around!, 3) I do not consider myself much of a real life artist, in that I’m not dedicated to any one craft in a totally artistic way, in contrast to many SL artists who are successful in real life art as well. (thinking here, for example, of Natsha Lemton, an early exhibitor at the Noru’s Blue Feather Gallery and who subsequently had a showing in Flora’s gallery as well), 4) I’m dedicated now to Linden mainland, and most inworldly successful artists or art galleries work on estate property — not exclusively but I just thought I’d add that in, since it naturally leads to, 5) I see SL as a giant piece of art itself, with mainland a great example of heterogeneous collage that represents a primary media interest. Because of this, I like to explore — I like to immerse myself in the artwork constantly surrounding me in this virtual world. I think for this reason, although I like to visit art galleries I mainly find them to be lacking in and of themselves. I always find myself poking around the vegetation surrounding the galleries. What makes this artist tick, and why are they involving themselves in SL?

So back to the Blue Feather Gallery, what it evolved into (some might say “devolved” here, hehe) was a type of personal shrine to this exoteric art known as mainland, specifically for the continent I call home: Jeogeot. “Jeogeot Through Art and Word,” condensed version, has become the permanent, final exhibit for this particular space. It will probably remain a cornerstone, again just on a personal scale, for any art or art promotion that I will be engaged in. It helps move me away from myself. And appropriately I’ve now been able to incorporate it into Pietmond, which is, on a larger scale, doing the same. And Pietmond itself becomes a small piece of Jeogeot, a fragment of a greater whole.



Very pleased with the development of the SoSo Gallery and all Pietmond Art Crawl Galleries. SoSo has grown from just showing the 20 collages of my Oblong series to also exhibiting works of others, starting with Mike Casey, an old synching buddy, shall we say, who I’ve corresponded with off and on for about 10 years now. The Oblong series is still within SoSo, true, but in an eastern side that now has a matching, somewhat larger, west part (Casey art).

In thinking about it now, Mike’s exhibit, like the Blue Feather Gallery mentioned before, may be “permanent”, or as permanent as I can promise in the ever shifting world of My Second Life. Connected with this is a very interesting and perhaps still developing set of coincidences surrounding the name origin of SoSo, a *conscious* or purposeful fusion of Peter Gabriel’s top selling So album and the comic corruption of the moniker Peter the Great to Peter the Good and then Peter the So So, or Peter SoSo. But what I didn’t realize until more recently is the *barely* unconscious connection with Led Zeppelin’s similarly archetypal album ZoSo, also generically called Led Zeppelin IV. Here’s the story behind the odd name in case you didn’t know or remember. In reading up myself on the origin, I was interested to see that ZoSo is also a nickname for Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. But all this becomes odder when I find out Mike’s most recent, larger synching project (more on the whole “synching” thing soon enough, I suppose) involves just this very album, and, in particular, the song “Stairway To Heaven” that ends the traditional side 1 of ZoSo/Led Zep IV. The resulting backwards synchronicity, combining this song with a section of The Wizard of Oz movie, is cleverly dubbed “Stairway From Heaven,” and you can see it here:

In our correspondence, Dr. Casey has talked about, in some detail, the symbolism he finds embedded in the 8 minute synchronicity, which has been of some influence. Just off the top, what I like about it is that the cuing point between the 2 involved media (there’s only 1 cue, differentiating “Stairway From Oz” from a more manipulated audiovisual mashup) is what I’d call “natural” or “unforced”. It is simply “Stairway To Heaven” played backwards (otherwise unmanipulated) to a similarly backwards playing Wizard of Oz, starting right when Dorothy opens the front door of her just crashed farmhouse and enters Oz (Munchkinland) for the first time. Since the movie is playing backwards here, the synch starts with Dorothy *closing* this door, then, instead of opening it, and the backwards “Stairway To Heaven” matching this with what appears to be the phrase, “Love vanquished.”

Quite a powerful view with the subtitles and all, but Mike’s theories concerning SFO are what really struck me. I’d like to see him post these to the web somewhere. Perhaps on this blog?

But I found this little tangle of meaningful coincidences — synchronicities themselves, really, in a classical, Jungian manner — very interesting. In writing all this out, I think it means, on one, basic level, that Mike art should have a permanent place in the SoSo gallery, as mentioned before. I would not take it the logical, last step and rename his part of SoSo ZoSo (too obvious), but the link has nonetheless been locked in.


I must, then, move on the next gallery specifically created for the Pietmond Art Crawl: Norum. Julie Sadler is a newer friend who featured my involvement in Second Life art in a post on her large, influential Collage Clearinghouse back in 2009. Probably the great majority of *her* friends and followers, at the time, thought — what’s Julie on about here? Virtual art? Textures on prims?

More recently, I asked Julie’s permission to go through her flickr site and select various photo textures for creating art to hang in the brand spanking new Norum Gallery of Pietmond. I thought virtual representations of her collage/mixed media pieces would play well within that small, intimate space, and the final results appear to prove my instincts right. Ms. Sadler seems to agree; she’s even published her own post concerning the Norum Gallery and Pietmond in general to her wonderful blog.

More will develop of this. Besides managing her blog, Julie is super busy creating art in Real Life. Oh, and I believe she also has a regular, day job, like most of us struggling, creative types. The Collage Clearinghouse, while also acting as a podium for others to discuss their own collage efforts if they wish, remains primarily a place Julie shares with the world personal stories of trials and tribulations/successes and achievements with the same. Exposure for any type of artist is a high challenge, but the overall work of collage artists weave in added twists to this old problem. Copyright reverberations spring to mind immediately.

I have promised Julie that I’ll read her blog back to front in the coming months, with further questions from me forthcoming I’m sure. Pietmond is not finished with Julie, I don’t think.


Which brings us to the Something To CHRO About gallery just across the sidewalk from the Norum Gallery. STCA features a good number of photos by Edna Million, now a known “High Country” artist with several Real Life gallery showings garnishing her creative resume. Edna is also a writer who hopes to published — nay, *will* publish several, perhaps many novels and larger works in the coming years. Photography is a complementary, art focus. And like baker and Julie before her, Edna is also a collage artist, although she hasn’t worked in that medium for a number of years. *And,* Edna also happens to be my (baker b.’s) Real Life wife.

I am projecting a *really* big, future venture fusing our collage sensibilities (and Edna’s photography skills), but it will involve an extended “trip” to Britain, probably months and months in length and which may not happen until we are both retired. In the meantime, Edna has already visited England for 2 weeks with a friend this fall, and my virtual avatar Baker Bloch, aided by a touch of collage magic, hehe, was able to do the same this past spring, as recorded in Pietmond’s final, present gallery: the Tower of TILE.


And that concludes my little spiel about Pietmond art developments, still a work in progress!


“Where Are We On That?”: The Story of 4 Zip 5 Avatars, 1 in Spirit January 22, 2010

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After months and months and months, *finally* have added the pictures to the web posts for this exhibit that ran in my Healy gallery (“Something To CHRO About”) from mid-April to mid-June last year. Admittedly, it’s still probably the best, short introduction to the subjects of this blog. Enjoy!

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“Where Are We On That?” Floor 1: Baker Blinker April 30, 2009

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Baker Blinker 01

Baker Blinker was first photographed for the Baker Blinker Blog in Feb 08 in the Kerchal Forest of the Sansara continent. A planned link between SL and RL was being enacted there, namely between the forest itself and a place called Henry or Baker’s Island off the coast of Cape Breton in Canada.

Baker Blinker 02

Unfortunately in the process, the youngish Ms. Blinker, then only about 1 month old in SL terms, became ensnared by a powerful entity known as Shakenstein, most likely a warped Baker Blinker from a future probable reality. Long story short, the SL-RL link occurred, but at a huge price: time became mixed up, allowing Shakenstein to take over and fuse with Baker Blinker’s body and soul.

Baker Blinker 03

Only after counterpart Baker Bloch was born, resolved his own karma with an “Ancient” (see floor above), and discovered the Okinu glyphs, was Baker Blinker able to free herself from the evil clutches of the Ancients. She did this by expelling the harmful “Moon viruses” infecting her onto the healing glyphs. But traces of the symbiosis would remain — to name one obvious effect, Ms. Blinker would always retain the same white and pink colors as Shakenstein, and even combined in the exact same proportions relative to their respective surfaces. As I said, we have every belief that Shakenstein is a future Baker Blinker, and has locked her onto a particular aberrant course in order to control her destiny. We, as a family, are still working on the problem.

Baker Blinker 04

But Blinks, as we affectionately call her at times, grew use to this curse, and after the move to Azure Islands in April 08, even grew comfortable enough to include a replica of Shakenstein in her first house, calling it her lapdog.

Baker Blinker 05

Baker Blinker changed her appearance only once during her now well over 1 year existence in SL, increasing the length of her formerly cropped hair and doing some other relatively minor cosmetic alterations (such as making her eyes a bit less bulgy). Her hopes were to make herself more appealing to Baker Bloch, who she thought at the time would become a future love muffin.

Baker Blinker 06

Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch only met one time in SL, but it was a significant event for both, especially Ms. Blinker. The cottage they chose to initially meet was unfortunately bewitched — another curse! — causing the two counterparts to fall for each other.

Later The Bakers would understand they are actually two aspects of one user (baker b.), and thus closer than twins. A physical relationship was deemed unnecessary, since they would always be inwardly united.

Baker Blinker 07

After Baker Bloch and Hucka Doobie forged a more successful SL-RL link (see floors above), Baker Blinker was left alone in SL for a spell. She made the best of it, preparing what she hoped would be a small, underwater gallery for Baker Bloch’s art (“Just Call Me Ernie Banks”) that he was beginning to churn out through the effects of this link. This would be in a deep trench in the Cub sim, a 20 meter long, 3 meter wide, quite illegal build that has long since been derezzed. But it still represents the initial gallery of the Baker family that other, future and legal galleries built upon.

Baker Blinker 08

Baker Blinker is the only member of the family to contact their user, baker b., as recorded in this July 08 snapshot from Azure Islands. Here baker b. is mumbling to her something about a mashup called SID’s 1st Oz; frankly she wasn’t that impressed.

Baker Blinker 09

Although Baker Blinker’s role became more subsidiary to Baker Bloch’s after the family move to the Rubi sim on the Atoll continent in Aug 08, she still made some major contributions. An example would be the discovery of this hidden map inside the central Tyle Cube of the Temple of TILE. From it, the family was able to determine that the temple was suppose to reside in the Rubi sim, at least for several months, and that the move back to the mainland from Azure Islands was predestined.

“Holly Blue Holly Blue Holly Blue”

The 9th collage of the Hidalgo series from March-April 08 depicts an idealized self envisioned by Baker Blinker and manifesting, angel-like, before a despondent Baker Bloch still trapped inside RL.

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“Where Are We On That?” Floor 2: Baker Bloch

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Baker Bloch 01

Baker Bloch first showed up in SL immediately after Baker Blinker was absorbed into Shakenstein (see floor below). As briefly discussed before, Blochs, as we sometimes call him, came into this world with his own built-in problems with an Ancient, the sinister seeming Mr. Low who lived at the bottom of the Solomon Sea. At the time Baker Bloch, appropriately, mostly resided in the Baker sim, in particular on an isle in its sw corner (Isle of Baker). We look though its native vegetation here at the newborn Blochs.

Baker Bloch 02

Baker Bloch understood that he initially came here to perform certain tasks for Mr. Low, which fortunately turned out to be only 1 single task: the creation of this small graveyard near but not in the Solomon Sea. Blochs understood the gravestones represented some kind of fallen, compatriot Ancients; what he didn’t know was that the chair he is sitting on here represents the 4th headstone: that of Mr. Low himself! (see picture outside door).

Baker Bloch 03

Having completed his shorter-than-expected period of servitude, Baker Bloch was now free to roam and explore the waterscapes he had quickly grown fond of. Here he is hovering directly in front of the underwater Hilo Peak, the most sacred peak of the Ancients. Directly behind it in this snapshot is the considerably larger summit they called The Abomination, which, in contrast, represented their most hated peak. To the Ancients, The Abomination stood for the Linden ruled SL grid that would replace what they considered their own, much better one.

Baker Bloch 04

With the direct help of Hucka Doobie (see floor above), Baker Bloch was able to successfully transition between SL and RL in March 08 at Uli, one of the Volcanic Island Sims. A buzzing shape descended from the sky, quickly forming as a shoehorn around him. The shoehorn narrowed and narrowed and narrowed, until…

Baker Bloch 05

… Cinderella-like, Baker Bloch found that it became small enough to snugly fit around his left foot. Once this happened, the shoehorn dissolved, and he was no longer in SL but RL, atop a North Carolina mountain that, confusingly enough, is called Hilo Peak Mtn. in the Baker Blinker Blog. We now know this mountain is actually called Long Hope.

Baker Bloch 06

Like Baker Blinker, Baker Bloch only changed his appearance once during his SL existence. This was in Nov 09 at the Temple of TILE, when he decided to remove his mask, thereby disassociating himself more from his father.

Baker Bloch 07

Speak of which, although Blochs, unlike Blinks, never directly contacted their common user baker b., he was able to peek into RL in one instance through a time/space portal at Ross Falls, and see his real father looking back at him from just above the computer screen. Quite a moving experience.

Baker Bloch 08

Baker Bloch, ever since his beginnings, was nuts about exploring SL, and perhaps his best known travelogue comes from some of the earliest forays into the just risen Nautilus City island in Oct 08. Here he happens upon a remarkable treasure trove off a secondary island, protected by some kind of force field.

Baker Bloch 09

But as time progressed, Blochs took over more responsibility from Baker Blinker and Hucka Doobie on the building and decorating end as well, including this nicely designed interior in the Tyta house next to the Rubi Forest.

Baker Bloch 10

Baker also took on larger roles with each of the many revisions of the Temple of TILE itself, including this last version, with pipes, in Rubi before the move to Otherland in Jan 09. Baker Bloch is now the sole owner of the latest, mainland versions of both the Temple of TILE and the Edwardston Station Gallery, as well as “Something to CHRO About” itself.


Another collage from the March-April 08 Hidalgo series, this time the 5th in the series called “/After”. Baker is in the same inactive position as he is in Baker Bloch 05 of this particular collection. The rock he is standing on here represents Long Hope Mountain itself, and the waterfall below him is taken from this RL mountain as well.

Please visit Floor 5 of the Edwardston Station Gallery just across the road (accessible through the teleporter near the front door of the CHRO gallery) to see the rest of the Hidalgo series, as well as other series of baker b.’s 100 collage “art 10×10″ effort.

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“Where Are We On That?” Floor 3: Hucka Doobie

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Hucka Doobie 01

Hucka Doobie first showed up in his true, bee form in the Baker Blinker Blog in March 08, when he appeared to Baker Bloch atop RL Long Hope Mtn. At that time Hucka Doobie revealed to Blochs that he was the one who caused the Uli droning, and also manifested the shrinking shoe horn that translated him from SL to RL in that sim.

Hucka Doobie 02

Baker Bloch and Hucka Doobie subsequently watched the formation of the lemon shaped laboratory called Lemon World, an event that was happening simultaneously in the then present (2008), as well as in 2001. The 2001 version of this world/lab can be said to have formed at basically the same time as Linden World, the direct (alpha) precursor to (beta) Second Life. Droop, droop, drop!

Hucka Doobie 03

An even more mysterious thing happened, then: after the Baker Family’s move to Azure Islands in April, Hucka Doobie allowed the soul of the recently deceased New Mexico surrealist artist Charles Nelson Blinkerton to enter and possess his bee avatar. This snapshot shows the bee body in a hybrid form during this transition, with a strangely shrunk Mysti’s Big Blue House attached to it.

Hucka Doobie 04

The Bakers then built the Blinkerton possessed Hucka Doobie a room in the basement of the new house, accepting him into their family. As Baker Bloch was out exploring most of the time, Hucka Doobie often remained alone with homebody Baker Blinker. Hucka, of course, liked Blinks, but desired the manly bonding that could only come from Blochs within the family.

Hucka Doobie 05

Hucka Doobie never once changed his appearance while in the bee body. However, he strongly desired to have a particular set of new eyeballs to replace what he considered his quite goofy, default ones. And from a particular object: a Starax goldfish. In fact, the search for such a fish would start his own SL journey separate from the other Bakers on Azure Islands, leading first to the Edwardston related sims (see floor above), and then to Otherland.

Hucka Doobie 06

And it was in Otherland, during July 08, that Hucka Doobie met what he considered his true soulmate at the time, Hurla Dontbee. His usual quip about why he believed this to be so was that she represented a “good ride”. In fact, as you can see from this snapshot, she’s actually a ride: a female bee-shaped springy one. But Hucka actually considered her a real avatar, perhaps, ahem, saddled with an immobility curse.

Much like Baker Blinker and Bake Bloch, though, Hucka Doobie later came to see Hurla Dontbee as an aspect of himself, and not a truly separate soul-entity.

Hucka Doobie 07

It was also in Otherland that Hucka learned he could fly really high, in fact to an unlimited height it seemed. This was in contrast to The Bakers, whose flight range, like most avatars, were capped at about 170 meters above ground.

Hucka Doobie 08

Hucka Doobie built the first and smallest of his several beehives in the Cub sim, directly above the space of the then still corporeal “Just Call Me Ernie Banks” gallery (see Baker Blinker’s collection)

But this was just the beginning, for Hucka soon built the considerably more impressive B_Hivia, whose combination of large space and prim economy frankly shocked both the still naive Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch at the time. Then B_Hivia was followed by what might have been the even more impressive Temple of TILE, also built in the Gliese sim on Azure Islands.

Hucka Doobie 09

Hucka D.’s largest beehive so far would only be constructed a number of months later, after the move of the family to the mainland and then back to Azure Islands a second time (Neith sim this time). The family called it the Ubertemple because of its relatively massive size: essentially it was made up of 6 B_Hivias and 3 Temple of TILEs, creating a 90 meter by 90 meter square on its largest side. The Ubertemple was quickly succeeded by the smaller but more efficient Otherland temple.

After the move away from Otherland in March 09, sole ownership of Hucka Doobie’s beehive designs were turned over to Baker Bloch, who decided to only use the single Temple of TILE beehive module for more portability and flexibility in the family’s post-Otherland wanderings.

“It’s Up To Us Now”

Along with the creation of beehives, undoubtedly Hucka Doobie’s most valuable role has been as a spiritual guide for user baker b. through his Baker Blinker Blog, where the two regularly “chat”.

“It’s Up To Us Now” is the only collage of baker b.’s 10×10 to feature Hucka Doobie. The fact that he’s staring straight out from the picture and pointing at the viewer may also be a symbol of his unique aspect to exteriorize, among family avatars, outside of SL and into RL, and least through the blog.

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“Where Are We On That?” Floor 4: Esbum Michigan

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Esbum Michigan 01

In July 08, Esbum Michigan, then known just as S-Bum, was born as a 2-dimensional avatar atop a hobo mattress in the recently completed Gliese Temple of TILE.

Esbum Michigan 02

Shaking herself into a 3d shape, she sat at what she called First Chair and stared into the central shaft of the temple w/ its spinning Tyle Cube. She then knew where she was and who she was. A freak.

Esbum Michigan 03

Although Esbum was designed as some kind of in-house caretaker for the Gliese temple, like Baker Bloch before her she quickly outgrew this initial, servitude role and began to explore the SL landscape. She attempted to retrace various family member’s exploration routes, and eventually came to the Edwardston sims, originally discovered and roughly mapped by Hucka Doobie.

Esbum Michigan 04

It was love at first sight. If other members of the family were enamored of avatars of the opposite sex that actually turned out to be soul-aspects of themselves, Esbum could be said to have loved these sims in the same way, especially the central sim of the 3. We can now safely say these sims were part of the Delphic Archipelago, with the central one called Alexandria instead of Edwardston (but for a reason).

Esbum felt that Hucka Doobie did not understand the full worth of these sims, and also determined the location of what she called their geomantic center, a point of great power. She planned to move away from the rest of the family and live underneath and/or around the pictured pond here, hereafter famously known as “Esbum’s Pond”. As we shall see, this plan was destined to be short-lived.

Esbum Michigan 05

Esbum Michigan never changed her appearance, despite the fact of always complaining about the lack of respect she got from others because of it. But she seemed to get younger when in her favorite sims, and especially around her namesake pond, as witnessed, I think, in this snapshot.

Esbum Michigan 06

Specifically, Esbum planned to live in what’s now called the “Missing Piece”, a 6 prim, partially sanitized sewer pipe constructed tube she hid underneath her pond, as recorded in this snapshot. Her desire was to hoist it into the sky after figuring out exactly what to do with it. She later came to the perhaps insane determination that it would have functioned as a “portal hopper.”

Esbum Michigan 07

Then tragedy struck: the Alexandria sim and the whole, attached archipelago simply vanished in the middle of the night, perhaps the same night that Esbum hid the Missing Piece in its central pond. Here a considerably older looking Esbum stares at the resulting grid void. It was a loss she never recovered from.

Esbum Michigan 08

The family tried to compensate Esbum by building the Edwardston Station Gallery, named for her favorite sim and containing snapshots of it in a specially designed room. Pictures of another, older Edwardston, from RL in this case, appeared alongside the SL ones, including the 2 pictured here depicting what the family considered yet another Ancient named Max. But this could not truly sooth the gaping hole she felt.

Esbum Michigan 09

In the various iterations of the Temple of TILE down through the months, and in different locations, the family always prepared a room for Esbum similar to her original one in the Gliese temple, including a velvet Elvis she was particularly fond of. She did not like pictures showing a fat Elvis, though, and refused to believe that such an Elvis ever existed.

Unfortunately, Esbum took to drinking and hanging out at the Hobo RR Infohub in Calleta, making such a nuisance of herself that the family decided to deactivate her in Jan 09. A very difficult decision. She never got over the deletion of her sims, her pond, and her hoped-for home away from The Bakers.

“St. Michigan”

A collage in the 10×10 devoted to the memory of Esbum Michigan, changing her final status from grid removed psycho-bum to ascended saint.

Also as a special part of this collection, we’ve recreated the Missing Piece and decorated it in a style that Esbum herself might have chosen, had she had the chance (see above floor).

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“Where Are We On That?” Floor 5: Wilsonia (& Esbum’s Missing Piece!)

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Wilsonia Foxclaw 01

Although the other avatars would deny it if asked directly, newbie Wilsonia Foxclaw, born only several weeks after the grid deletion of Esbum, acted as her replacement, a new 4th for the family if you will. A decision was made to create a more normal looking form, albeit with a twist: Wilsonia had both male and female identities rolled into one. She was part Linden Boy Next Door and part Linden Girl Next Door. Like the other family members, she also had a specific place of birth: a remote valley in Otherland almost completely surrounded by granite mountains and, at that time, unpopulated.

This picture shows Wilsonia just after birth. The coffee cup (?) she’s throwing toward her head here was also found in this valley, an object she’s only let go of twice, and both times by mistake. It’s like Linus’ blanket to her.

Wilsonia Foxclaw 02

Like Esbum before her, Wilsonia was curious to see old and current family haunts, including the Calleta Infohub where her predecessor was known to taunt incoming “hottie” avatars she so detested. One said, “you can always change your form if you don’t like it.” “I don’t think so,” came back the icy reply along with an icy stare.

Wilsonia Foxclaw 03

Here Wilsonia visits the Otherland gallery for the first time, taking in the Edwardston snapshots/photographs and trying to grok Esbum’s love of her sims. Wilsonia was well aware that she was essentially a replacement for Esbum, and vowed never to forget it.

Wilsonia Foxclaw 04

After further exploration, Wilsonia eventually became quite drawn to the Snow Region of the oldest continent, Sansara, an area never fully explored by family members before. It was here that she determined she could possibly make her own niche, minus the fatal attraction that befell Esbum. As of the present, she has managed to remain quite objective to the attraction.

Wilsonia appears in no collages of the 10×10.

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