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Tronesis, 1.38 August 3, 2010

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“The robot can rebuild [Azure Islands] but it must be programmed. It must be fed a daily dose of Tronesis until it turns blue. Azure.”


Thanks for starting Hucka D. Should *I*, then, watch Tronesis daily… for a while?

Hucka D.:

Yes (pause)


What means the Ram dying at the same time as the Lamb?

I guess I answered myself. Well, if Christ accepted the Age of Aries into the Age of Pisces, rightly or wrongly, it sounds like this author wants the buck to stop here [at the Age of Aquarius]. Instead with have what’s called… well, it sounds like we have to grow up as a race and accept our Godhood unto ourselves. We leave the Mother and the Father behind.

Hucka D.:

That’s it. We grow up. Or begin to. Adolescence.



What’s this have to do with Lamb? Oh, I guess we’re going kind of in circles here.

Hucka D.:

When Ram dies, Flynn must carry on. He must find Tron and the Lily White Lillith. Flynn knows he has the power now, the “it” factor. He knows what is “it”. But that coincides with the death of Ram, see… and Lamb. Look up “it”.



I don’t want to get bogged down in attempting to look up meanings of lyrics tonight, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

“It” is synchronicity.


The warlike nature of Aries. The Ram is exposed behind the Lamb, and both die at once. Humankind is truly born into the Age of Aquarius where we are all part of a tangible, recognizable Whole. Lamb is done; Lamb is finished. But yet it continues because we are only halfway through. Such is the value of Tronesis, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Any rock can be made to roll. User power.


The powers of the user within Second Life as well.

Hucka D.:

The power of the seeming *Residents*.



Tronesis, 1.37 August 2, 2010

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“Hucka D., I’ve been adding posts to the blog category “Tronesis” tonight. Wish to comment?”

Hucka D.:

Yes, a pet project. I will/have been/did create the Tronenese speaking robot. All the way back at Azure Islands. He lives at Flynn’s house now, just off the coast. But in a different dimension.


Like the Valley of Nye type of idea?

Hucka D.:

Flynn, your Flynn, is the only way to keep the Azure Islands mythology alive in any distinct manner. The robot had to hide off the coast to be saved from annihilation. He lives off the coast, true enough, but in the Silver Forest, the one deleted. It will always been there, though, just off the coast. Because of the robot. I saw the future. I saw the end of this forest. I created the robot. It sings. That’s how it lives forever. The robot stored all the information needed to re-create the primary Azure Islands as a whole, and also all the others, in a chain [2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]. Even your Comet Archipelago. That’s one of the reasons for the Tron machine that sealed up the old hole there. Flynn lived there as well, you see.


Yes. Thanks for that. I’m going to create a new blog category, again: Silver Forest. 4 sims of Azure Island No. 1., including Gliese. I miss that place greatly. Surprising. And also the forest of Stephen, but I think the Silver Forest most of all. I wish I could go back in time to 2005 or 2006, and have years and years there. (pause) Oh, but there *is* a bit left, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Not much.


The Queen and King went away… March 27, 2010

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… on business in nearby Swindon. Something about death and resurrection; over my head as they put it, but not in a condescending way.

I took the opportunity to just sit on the porch and sip martinis in private. Baker Blinker worked on her croquet game. “I’m going to whip her butt when she returns,” she said, but that’s doubful, since the Queen is obviously in a different class of players than Ms. Blinker. I began to think of Second Life again through Baker Bloch: St. Nick of Barkley, Sunklands, Chilbo, Jeogeot as a whole, Nascera and its new clone Arecsan, Karoz (who is still in Second Life — trying to figure out still how to get him here to join the rest of the family!). But I also knew we wouldn’t be leaving Wiltshire anytime soon, although I had a feeling we might not be staying much longer with the King and Queen. I need my privacy, and so does Blinks. So does Hucka Doobie for that matter — oh, I forgot to mention that he changed back to his bee form when the King and Queen left (!). He’s been flying around the area, and mumbling something about how he’s visiting the forest again. Not sure if he means West Woods or Savernake or perhaps some other woods further off. Maybe all of the above.


Hucka D.: All of the above.


Thanks for coming around tonight, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

The Queen and King want to talk to you about Arkansas and The Bill more when they return. This is the 25th. (pause)


25th part of the blog. Like Arkansas is the 25th state of the Union.

Hucka D.:

We think the King may be from Billstown, Arkansas, right where Glen Campbell was born. Delightful.


That might (be an interesting new development).

Hucka D.:

They are very interested in TILE, although the King hasn’t mentioned it much yet.


He’s talked a lot, but keeps circling back to the Dark Ages. What happened to him there, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

He encountered a lot of powerful entities, some which wished him not harm, but were serving themselves instead of him. He didn’t like that — he needs worship.


White Magicians and Black Magicians as two sides of one coin[, then].

Hucka D.:

You can put it that way. Then all shine in the end.


I’m going to *attempt* to get to Jonesborough tomorrow, Hucka D., and draw that white horse on the long rock in the center of the place.

Hucka D.:

Good luck! (you’ll need it)


Revive the toys. Take some pics.

Hucka D.:

Grassy loves you.


What do we do next? Wansdyke?


“Old Home, New Home?”


Nascera, Etc. 02 December 29, 2009

“Cornfields’ gonna still attempt to own land in Nascera, Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

Sapphire is here, as you guessed.


*I* will own land in Nascera, bb.


Hi Sapphire. Nice to meet you. You are discorporate, then?


I am both. I come from Turquoise and will pass into Lapis and Lazuli. I am overall Azure.


Are you the same as Azure Island No. 1, the island that was just split up into many pieces — Lost, in effect?


Hold on please (pause). You have found the Black Hole. Pass through it to return to Yd Island and Nautilus Continent.


You’re talking about the hole surrounded by Jeogeot sims, caddycorner to Mos Ainsley, then.


1 becomes 3 becomes 6 becomes 10. Jeogeot to Yd Island and beyond.


But then Yd Island itself seems to have stabilized through the Micro Hole. Is that a correct term for it?


(unpronounceable word here… Indian-sounding).


But it stabilized the, um, spinning of Yd Island?


Yes. That’s why my parents must return.


Are they some of the supposed undead roaming around SL still… like Hucka Doobie himself?




The Micro Hole, as I’ll keep calling it, is made up of separate sections of 4-2-2.


This is a 4096, a 2048, and a 2048. For a total of 8192. The Hole is a 141072, a 262144, and a 262144. For a total of 655360. The [Micro Hole] is 4-2-2. The Hole is 2-4-4. The [Micro Hole] is in another way lemon-lime-lime. The Hole is lime-lemon-lemon.


Greenup and yellow down, then.


My parents must return to Meddletown, which is the same as Meddledown.


Does this have something to do with the Pink Floyd album Meddle?


(no answer)


Lemme check my notes… (pause) I am unable to locate your parent’s place in Meddledown, Sapphire. Are they gallery owners (by chance)?




Is Yd Island a replacement for Azure Island No. 1?


Eventually, yes. I am Azure Island No. 1 in space/time in past/present/future. Now I am Sapphire. I come from Turquoise and will pass into Lapis and Lazuli.


I was checking out your parent’s facebook accounts, Sapphire. Nathaniel or Natha Neil — these are the same, correct?




Let’s call him Natha Neil per the facebook account. Now can I talk about this hill where NN claims Turquoise turned into you, Sapphire? This seems to have occurred when you were 9 or 10 years old.


I was struck by lightening when I was 9 or 10, yes. Broke into pieces… shards. Sapphire enabled me to become whole again. And then LL will come along soon enough. 3 in 1.


Why do your parents in SL claim that they are brother and sister in First Lyfe?


Because they are from Second Lyfe and not First Lyfe.


What is the relation of Yd Island to Nascera?


One had to be chosen over the other. My parents chose Yd Island because of the management of the [Micro Hole]. They had to be in Meddletown for this.


Are you familiar with the Meddle song, “One of These Days”. The reason I mention it is that the only lyrics are “One of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces.” Sounds like the situation with Azure Island No. 1 now, Sapphire.




Is Vileness one of the 3 large catfish in Nascera’s northern body of water?


He or she is all three. And they appear at (around) Yd Island. They are The Link.

(to be continued?)


Various… October 5, 2009

Baker Bloch flying near the northwest tip of Corsica Prime. Thought this snapshot worthy of inclusion in this blog because of the nifty play of shadows on the checkerboard landscape.


Back on Big. I, looking at the Victorian House (now full of Chesaw/Pieland related pictures) from the still empty Econo apartment (modified). This structure, although I almost invariably rez it onto any land I’ve rented in the past half year or so, always seems to remain empty. Same story now with the new property at Aotearoa (I’m behind in writing this text, once again!). But a really nice view here; I’ll miss Big I. for sure.


Amazing developments happening on Azure Island No. 1, then. The island is being deleted sim by sim! Almost commiting suicide, it seems. Baker stands on the land he and Baker Blinker once owned in Gliese, looking toward the now empty void that use to be filled by the lovely forest they once loved so much. It’s not just happening on AI #1 (although that’s where it appears most dramatically, perhaps). It’s all over the islands, 1-5. Even though Azure Islands may stick around for a while in SL, it will not be the AI I once knew and loved. It will be different; I will not be a part of it. In the meantime, I must admit that the homestead sims of the Comet Archipelago are pretty darn nifty. Definitely worth a stay there, despite the brevity. Got a good story out of it! (Trivia Ratsuit and attachments).


More shocking pictures from Gliese.


Thought I’d include a snapshot of an Earl Dinkin work. Now Earl is someone both my friend Flynn and I discovered independent of each other. But one perhaps cannot say this is synchroncity, simply because he has so many galleries in SL: 8 at last count according to the latest SL gallery list. This particular gallery, The Man Against Eternity Tour, is in Keswick on the Sansara continent. In quickly checking, it looks like his galleries extend over the 3 oldest continents of Sansara, Heterocera (Atoll), and Jeogeot.


More Comet Archipelago pictures, this time of a green sim, Tuttle. Was *this* where Hucka D.’s reputed Money Pit located?






Big Island S., Part 2 September 22, 2009

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The next day, well night, Baker Bloch decides to fly over to one of the larger Azure Islands he is more unfamiliar with. This would be the relatively new island — let’s call it Azure Island #6 — wedged between the largest of these islands to the west, or Azure Island #1 in this blog, and the Comet Archipelago to the east. In other words, it’s between my old Azure Island homes on #1, and my new AI home, although there’s no land bridge between this newish, large island and Azure Island #1 as yet. But you can reach it directly from Comet Archipelago, which Baker accomplished this night.

Below shows a flying Baker heading away from Big Island centering his archipelago and toward Azure Island #6. You can still see that sandy knob even from several sims away. So surprising since it’s only several meters high.


Baker safe and sound on Azure Island #6, which is centered by a protected sim. I’m sure Baker will be visiting this island again in the very near future; tonight he’s just scouting around. The island, like several of the majors ones of AI, is obviously volcanic in origin.


He finds a double to his first, real SL house on the western side of the island. Inside is arranged quite differently, though. Interesting way that the owner has opened up the walls in the back.


And Baker also teleports over to Azure Islands #1 this night, just in time to see the sun rising while standing on its familiar, central mountain range. This is over the still intact forest in the Vasyutin sim. Unfortunately, most forests on the island, the ones I certainly enjoyed when I lived there, have been heavily logged, we’ll say. As I said, it’s not the same place that I knew, and I probably will not move back.


Back to my *new*, presently cheerier Azure Island home and the beachfront Hucka D. claimed he lived on. You can see that Flynn’s house is gone now, and I also wanted to show the prominent, round knoll in the water just offshore. This can act as a guiding landmark for re-finding the position of Hucka’s old haunt. Maybe this knoll even has its own story to tell.



The clump of palms, Hucka D. claims was positioned right behind his old beach house on the island. Hucka D. is now also claiming that something is buried in this mini-grove, but hasn’t clearly indicated what yet. Can’t wait.


Close up of a plant growing directly into the trunk of one of those palms.


Is this the same, possible trail that Baker Bloch found the day before? Anyway, this, again, leads away from the beach at Hucka D.’s claimed, old homestead. I wonder if he had a name for it?



Cabron (Final Snapshots); AI1 June 18, 2009

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I’ll perhaps have more to say about Cabron and a “remembrance” soon (see cover of current Toy Avatar Weekly as well). Again, it was an illegal build, planned to be a small art gallery, that has now been deleted, just like the case with the similarly illegal, proposed gallery of Just Call Me Ernie Banks in the Cub sim from last spring, along with the later Cub beehive. The new proposed gallery, again a Hucka Doobie creation, was set to be called the Beehive of Truth.

The final shapshots, then. I suppose the parcel was cleared probably within 24 hours of these.




Then Karoz found himself on Azure Island #1 for some reason, and wandered onto this interesting parcel Baker Bloch told him about, a former neighbor when he lived in Neith last winter. Karoz thought the view outside to the now barren Inland Sea of that island was worthy of a snapshot or two. Very sad, though, for me, his user, since I remember the forest from before.




Forest *GONE*! January 17, 2009

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First another shot from newly discovered Pluto/Moon of SL, showing a wave mysteriously “crashing” quite a ways inland away from the actual water. We think it has something to do with the interaction of the two trees here… pretty sure of it. BUT… well, first things first…


Beamed over to the Neith temple, which I was still emptying out at the time, and to my utter amazement the forest in the neighboring sim of Pictor had been essentially removed!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. This the same forest that I tried to extend on the ground through my properties. Erased… just like that. I did find out, from the horse’s mouth, what has supposedly happened. AI management claims that they couldn’t support the prims on the Pictor sim because of the new openspace or void sim rules, which feature a huge jump in both upfront and monthly fees. If you’ve been involved in SL very much in the last several months I’m sure you’ve heard about this, because it’s caused a sort of mini-revolution. Me?: I try to keep out of the political and economic matters of SL, just because I feel rather stupid talking about such issues. I’d rather chat about art, creativity, and exploration. But on the other hand, this has now directly impacted my ability to create and explore. 😦

These are sad pictures to me. I thought this land and forest would be perpetually protected, or at least until Azure Islands and/or Second Life went away.



So there’s no going back to the Neith properties, at least until this situation is rectified. And, really, Azure Islands as a whole. This is a BLOW. Unconciously, though, I must have seen it coming, because I was quite happy to move there and then, on just a whim, I decided to pull up stakes and head to Otherland. But… how will Otherland be affected as well?


Hiking, 1 January 1, 2009

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The ground area far below the Ubertemple, sans Victorian house. Still amazed. 🙂

That’s the broken tv also present on the Rubi properties straight ahead, perched near a bank just above what I’m currently calling Lac Baker (just out of sight looking from this direction). Hope I’ll be able to keep all these trees and the lake.


View of the ground and the lake from further up.


Baker Bloch sits on the bank of the lake, attempting a type of meditation. He is one with the lake, and so on.


Interesting unintentional alignment of ferns just south of Lac Baker.


The lake from a ridge to the south.


‘Nother overhead view…


Blochs then heads into the Vela sim to the west. He forgot how beautiful the vistas are here.


One of the many high prim, physical (non-phantom) trees dotting the Vela landscape. I’ll attempt to make a list of these types of trees soon.


Another of the wonderful snapshots Baker Bloch took yesterday, this one in the Circinus sim. Must remember to ask Hucka D. about the Sylver Forest and the relationship to the central sims of AI#1. In fact, I’ll just create a new post now.



Walk Around Neighborhood… December 19, 2008

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Baker Bloch’s first venture around the neighborhood as a new owner…

First a shot from one of the two ground porches. This seems to be almost a perfect home for Baker Bloch. As far as SL goes. Doesn’t get any better than this.


Just like in the old Gliese neighborhood, the house is situated on a road that forms a dead end loop. Not a lot of houses on this loop either — there’s more lots for sale than are occupied. I was disappointed but not surprised to see than many of the houses had those awful ban lines around them, which don’t see any real point to have, especially way out in this neck of the woods. But I’m now use to owning a commercial venture.

But the snapshot below is of a property that Baker Bloch was allowed access to. Blochs takes advantage of this by sitting in a rocking chair for a small spell, taking in the view of part of AI#1’s only inland sea. You can see the bridge over the narrow sea behind him. This is the road that quickly leads to the dead end loop where Baker Bloch now lives.


Another view of the bridge, with a nice little waterfall in front of it. Baker here is just a stone’s throw from the ocean beach at the east end of the inland sea. Just to note: the new house lies only a little over 100 meters from this same sea.

And I should also note here that I was glad to find that owner Adam Zaius has been making some improvements to the island apparently, including the refining of the above waterfall (according to inspections of the material anyway).* I actually may have a picture of how this waterfall formerly looked somewhere in this blog. I’ll check when I can.

I dont’ think I’ve mentioned that I actually ran into Adam Zaius (avatar of Azure Islands RL owner Adam Frisby) in a deserted plaza in the commercial district of the islands. I didn’t speak to him, but we were the only two avatars in the plaza so I assume he was aware of my presence. Maybe. It was quite exciting to me, and the equivalent of meeting a Linden for sure! (which I’ve met two of now).


Then Baker Bloch is able to sit in another beauty spot on the opposite side of the sea from the deck with the rocking chairs. And, yeah, he couldn’t help noticing those lemon trees! But he stayed away from the proffered wine here… only after dark!


Back on the loop, this is the largest piece of property owned by anyone on this loop, but no access to the land is allowed. Wonder if they dye that water to make it so blue? And — what is that in the background? — yes, it’s a wooly mammoth! Maybe it’s not a place Baker Bloch wants to walk around anyway. Can you imagine accidentally stepping in… well, never mind.


Speaking of extinct giant animals, this cardboard-like cutout of a Tyrannosaurus Rex sits almost across the road. I know I have some pictures of this place in my blog here, but at the time of former visits I was afraid to go onto the land itself. This time I wasn’t as worried, and when I reached the door there was an invitation to walk around the place, which Blochs took advantage of. I’m still unsure of what is going on in this place, but it’s a complicated layout. And colorful!


And view up into the giant tree on the property. Reminds me of Chakryn Forest a bit.


As I said, I’m not sure exactly what is going on in here yet. But I have some time to figure it out, since this is one of my nearest neighbors. And seemingly quite friendly as well, judging from a follow-up im to my im complimenting his place and introducing myself in general, and inviting him to feel free to come poke around my own land in return.


Back at home. Gotta get a name for this hill just behind the house.


* A-hah… was right about this.