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Parent/Child May 20, 2012

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Abingdon is as Abingdon does April 25, 2012

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This is quite odd. The only other GoogleEarth based alignments of the Synching Creek D.M.A. sort I’ve concocted so far come primarily from Wiltshire County England, and are illustrated in this March 2009 BB Blog post. Both sets of alignments are located southwest of an Abingdon, the Virginia version for the second and newest and the most prominent English version for the first, renamed Abingdon-on-Thames just this year. In addition, Abingdon-on-Thames is the seat of the Vale of the White Horse district of Oxfordshire also containing the Uffington White Horse, and which it was named after. The Uffington White Horse can be viewed as a sort of “starting point” for the 2009 Wiltshire White Horse alignments.

The two GoogleEarth images below illustrate the relationship, with the respective Abingdons both featured in the upper right corners. Also notice the similar slope of the central lines of each set of terrestrial alignments, both of which seem to sort of point to Abingdon in the distance.*

“The Triangle [in the midst of the Synching Creek D.M.A.] seems to be an advancement of sorts over the Wiltshire White Horse alignments, despite the obvious advantages of the latter in terms of just sheer oddness.”

Hucka D.:

The Triangle’s meaning will become clearer soon. Dark-Barker.


Dark-Barker is Synchpatch, USA, built upon the old Dogpatch Theme Park. My original vision of virtual reality described on the Synchronicity Phenomena Board and other places. It’s a square little fellow buried in that [Barker] Cemetery. Let’s see if I can pull up an appropriate quote…,_Texas_UFO_incident

Hucka D.:

You can’t go there[ yet]. Donnie Darko — Dark-Barker. Bozo. Sirius. Dogon.


The Triangle is The Key.


* Abingdon, Virginia may have been named for Abingdon-on-Thames, England, per the wikipedia article about the former. In it, Abingdon-on-Thames is described as the ancestral home of Martha Washington.


Another early story which most every wide-eyed hopeful ufologist has read concerns the little Texas town of Aurora and the strange permanent inhabitant of the local cemetery, said to be the victim of a crashed airship. The Firesign Theatre wove this event into the storyline of their 1974 album Everything You Know Is Wrong. “Not from around here, but a real square little fellow” read the epitaph on the alien’s gravestone. The actual events surrounding the story are much stranger than even these formidable talents could make them.


Crabwoo(d), 01 May 18, 2011

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Several days ago, a curious reader of this blog wrote me asking if the name Crabwoo had anything to do with Crabwood, England and the famous crop circle appearing there in 2002. Yes! Here are some pertinent Youtube videos on the latter subject. I’ll have more to say further down the road, but in the meantime check here, for example, for older blog thoughts.

OH, and Carrcass-3 is also a directly related blog category.


Longer videos:


Greater Crabwoo crop circles reinvestigated. May 12, 2011

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First off, before starting this, I’d like to report a new crop circle in Wiltshire, info found here:

Not much to see on the surface, but I like the introductory comments enough to quote in full:

This is quite a startling discovery in very young barley. It certainly takes me back to over twenty years ago, from the 1990 days in Wiltshire. This is what we were all very used to seeing back then, very simple designs, with a sense of excitement of what they could become. It’s a great indication, that the earlier designs are very much part of what’s occurring today. The precursor of what was to be an evolutionary road in geometry and complexity. Perhaps the phenomenon is telling us not to ignore the purity of what was occurring at the very beginning.

Seems like wise words indeed, and reminds me quite a lot about how audiovisual synchronicity progressed from the very simple, early days of Dark Side of the Rainbow, although no one save a handful of people know the entire history of, what in my opinion, is a very similar type of development. In fact, there seem to be some direct connections between the Greater Crabwoo crop circle pictured in photos below and a/v synchs. I believe I’ll be going into considerably greater detail about all that soon enough.

There is a quite startling parallel between this set of virtual crop circles and a “real’ set appearing in Chesterton, England in mid-summer, 2009, centered upon the appearance of a working 4 sail windmill very nearby each — in fact, each set can be said to “point” directly to the windmill, or indicate it as part of the overall pattern.

Yet in looking over the Second Life profile of the avatar who owns both the virtual windmill and crop circle, I doubt his created, bucolic tableau is any type of homage to the former; it is merely chance or coincidence as we like to say. But I also believe there is meaning behind this coincidence, moving it into the realm of Jungian synchronicities, or, as Carl Jung himself variously put it, “acausal connecting principles”, “meaningful coincidences” or “acausal parallelisms”. Often these are described as also being part of a web of meaningful coincidence or appearing in various sets or relationships themselves.

Inside a watermill to the northwest of the crop circles.

Baker sits beside a nice stream next to the watermill, with crop circles visible in the background. The object in the middle of the pond between Baker and the crop circles is a beaver dam…

… better seen from this angle.

Baker relaxing in a rocking chair at the watermill, with both the windmill and the crop circles (right) in plain sight.

Baker enters the field containing the circles, which number 3. In addition, several paths lead off from the circles, mainly leading to other circles but with one exception, which is instead a dead end. It is difficult to determine, in this virtual setting, whether these are suppose to act as part of the crop circle design (like connecting lines first seen in 1990) or conversely represent merely manmade paths.

2 of the circles appear to be about the same size in the design, and their interior whirl of bent grains seem identical as well. A considerably smaller circle appears near the northeast corner of the field, more separate from the two although connected to both through the aforementioned paths.

A shot from near the ground across the center of one of the two larger circles, looking toward the windmill. Again, the path seems to point to the windmill, just like the triangle pattern of the Chesterton crop circle points to the counterpart, real life windmill.

I’ll have to dig deeper into the designer of the Greater Crabwoo circle’s profile to see if other, “meaningful coincidences” surface. It would probably also be appropriate to mention here that the Chesteron crop circles have already, er, cropped up in this blog, but in a totally different context. I’ll just leave you with the appropriate link to peruse if you wish, and save additional comments for later until I do some further study.*

Baker enters the windmill itself, but hastens his investigation when he discovers that the place contains black widow spiders. Ick!

Quick picture of windmill gears and then he’s outta there!

* See also this link for present perusal purposes if you wish:


Going Deeper… March 14, 2011

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(23) From an interview in 1980: G: “The land [on the farm where I lived as a child] used to belong to my grandfather, and there is a big house, Coxhill, which is lived in by a guru now. It’s the house where I imagined the story of ‘Musical Box’ taking place, a big Victorian manor with wood paneling, a billiard room, and croquet lawn. I used to look at the dragonflies – butterflies, flutterbies, gutterflies! They used to fly around the river on the farm and now, fifteen years later, they have all disappeared, which is sad.”

Now… google “Coxhill Farm” images and see what comes up.

I suspect Baker Bloch, etc. will be heading back there very, very soon.


ReBox March 13, 2011

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2010 Circles September 29, 2010

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Same article featured by another blog:

Yes I watched the Yahoo News featured video at the time and was upset as well:

The wikipedia article on cc’s is basically a joke.

So the question becomes not, “Are crop circles real?” as much as, “Why the disinformation campaign?” And if we start with crop circles — what *else* is being campaigned against? What if aspects of “pseudoscience” are actually more real and valid than our legitimatized science? Why do we think that Man is so smart that he’s figured out even a small percentage of what’s really “out there”? Why isn’t the phrase “We don’t know” more common?

It has been forgotten that intelligence which forsakes emotion and common sense is often groundless, sometimes dangerously so. To keep going down the path of science *in and of itself*, without a parallel development of empathy for what is being studied, is to enter a Chinese finger trap situation.

I know, W. was an easy target. 🙂

Is religion any better in and of itself, *without* scientific method? Probably not. And what about the “useless” or non-utilitarian Arts?

The future, if Man has one, is not down one of these paths but all of them (and more) *at once*. The blend starts with an individual or group on one path saying “I don’t know”, and then looking around for another on a different path for a possible new angle on the situation.

We as scientists, artists, worshipers, and more, have to find a way to cooperate with each other. We are one Man on one planet.


Wiltshire (RL UK County) September 26, 2010

Tonight the wife and I were watching the 3rd episode of Season 3 of Jam and Jerusalem (stateside: Clatterford), and I noticed that two of the locations mentioned in the show were homes of 2 famous Wiltshire white horses, namely Westbury and Pewsey. In the episode, called “Dinner Party”, a train carrying most members of the aforementioned party was stalled by floods in Wiltshire. At first, the host of the party was rung up to say that their train was in Westbury, then a second ring up gave news that their train had actually moved backwards to Pewsey.

Both of these locations are also mentioned in this March blog post concerning white horses. The Westbury horse is actually a part of the alignment weirdness described therein. The Pewsey horse, one of only a few horses left out of these alignments, is still shown in the map at the end of the post.

Purposeful nod by Jam and Jerusalem to the famous white horses? Might be. I’m researching Jennifer Saunders, who both co-wrote Jam and Jerusalem (and thus “Dinner Party”), and also starred in this particular episode as the host of the dinner party in question, and also the wife of the man who kept ringing her up about the train progress through Wiltshire. Saunders is probably most famous for her portrayal of Edina Monsoon in Absolutely Fabulous, and is also well known as half of the French and Saunders comedy team. Dawn French also stars in Jam and Jerusalem, and both French and Saunders have expanded roles in “Dinner Party”.

I basically only mention this because Wiltshire was brought up in my post from last night (immediately below), stating that The Bakers have left the company of The King and Queen in that county now that the 2010 UK crop circle season is apparently over. The King and Queen’s house in Rockley is very near another white horse at Hackpen Hill.

Instead of creating another new post tonight I’ll just chat with Hucka D., if he wishes, in this one. “Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

Train. Stall. Flood. Wiltshire. Pewsey, Westbury. White. Horses. All white horses are one white horses. Horse. Golden Horse. Eye eye. There was something in Wiltshire that the host of the party should have been aware of. White Horses. One. Eye. Opening. Closing.



Hmmm… that’s from a very old post of this blog about an eye found in the northeast corner of the Rodeo sim, even before Baker Bloch was born in this Second World. Let me find the post in question. (pause) Oh here it is — you left it open for me (!)


Hucka D.:

Your wife Edna thinks that you shouldn’t talk to me as much as you do, and that you should go back on your medication.


*You* are my medicine (smiles).

Hucka D.:

Right-o. So… you understand…


I understand that I may have to stay in Baker, Hucka D. Here’s a picture of what I created tonight there.

The Edwardston Station Gallery, larger version, seems to work quite well there. *But*, if I do stay in Baker, I’m going to have to downsize elsewhere. And that means Otaki Gorge, since that’s the only place I have to downsize from now.

Hucka D.:

I never liked you leaving the ESG behind, baker b. That is most closely identified with you as Baker. That is where you are *from*. The Blue Feather is an extension beyond yourself in an attempt to contact others. You need both: you need to be constantly reminded of where you come from and also where you are going. You need both past and future converged in the present.


Thanks, Hucka D. What of Wiltshire and The King and The Queen? The Queen and The King as well?

Hucka D.:

The season is over. There was a place of ultimate contact but only in the future will the past be revealed. You also had several communications from The Queen/King in Second Life.


Yes, the key hole shaped crop circle in Wiltshire, obviously, but also another Wiltshire crop circle that appeared to form a hole between 2 parts of Second Life or Second World, or between Magicland of the Bracket sim of Comma Islands and, on the other side, Ratcliff of Heterocera. That is a strong remainder of the grid before the Linden Lab grid. Reminder. Mickey’s hole, a mouse hole but perhaps also one for a rat. A particular Rat. Map Rat.

Hucka D.:

Map Rat, yes. Gang of Willard. Gang of One.


The Bill again, then.

Hucka D.:

Yes. (pause) Careful.


What of Bracket Jupiter, then?

Hucka D.:

He figured this[ part] out. He let the LL grid pass through Comma Islands but got rewarded in the process. Rat Hole. Mouse Hole/Rat Hole. Gang. Willard.

Marion Crane resurrected after her shower stabbing as doppleganger (“sister”) Lila Crane in Psychogumma (2000)


No, you’re not seeing double. August 1, 2010

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This is two separate crop circles of very similar design, and right across the road from each other at Wickham Green, Berkshire.

We are not alone.

Then again, we never were in all likelihood.

It is the heart of the season.


“Baker Bloch in England,” Spring 2010 July 28, 2010

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Exhibit at the Blue Feather Gallery, Noru: June and July 2010.

A mirror set can be found on my Pietmond flickr site.

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