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not quite ready for prime time March 20, 2008

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Oh great, you may be thinking. Baker’s put up another RL picture in his SL oriented blog, and it looks like from Google Earth again. Which does he like better?


But wait! Pull the camera back (yes, we have a camera) and you see that we are actually in my little *cubby* hole under the sea again. The Google Earth snapshot has been transposed to a SL texture.


I know, newbie enthusiasm for the old hat stuff for some, but still I thought it was pretty neat, and also may give me the excuse to give more background on that odd name “Just Call Me Ernie Banks?” for the cubby hole. Now Mr. Banks was also known as Mr. Cub, because he was a member of the MLB team the Chicago Cubs for such a long time.

But he started out in the Negro League with the Kansas City Monarchs in 1950, actually. It was not until 1953 that he became the first black member of the Cubs. In playing around with the database query form for USGS Geographic Names Information System , which I have a habit of doing runs on, noticed in searching for “Kansas City” that there were only two other population places named this besides the two famous ones in Kansas and Missouri, or the two twinned Kansas Cities, the larger of which (Missouri side) was the home of the Monarchs, I assume.

So the Google Earth snapshot here depicts one of the two other Kansas Cities in the US, the one in Washington County, Oregon. Curiously, perhaps, the only other Kansas City, in Tennessee, is also in a Washington County. But I thought I’d check the location in Google Earth and liked the visual enough to take a snapshot. My idea was that whatever those up-and-down rows are in the snapshot would make a good substitute for a book shelf for my cubby hole — they kind of look like shelves of books, don’t they??

So check this out. If you draw back from this snapshot and take in a larger scan of the area, you’ll find that a community named *Banks* is nearby, and also a Gales Creek, only several miles away from this tiny Kansas City in both cases. Get it?: Ernie Banks played for Kansas City when starting his famous professional career, and this association *seems* to be reinforced by the presense of a Gales Creek nearby, which may reference Dorothy *Gale*, another famous “Kansas” resident. Well, why do I think this? Because we know that the audiovisual synchronicity Kansas City Life, which uses almost all the Kansas scenes of The Wizard of Oz movie, stars this same Dorothy Gale. And we additionally know now that “Kansas City Life” can stand in for the phrase “Second Life” itself, because Kansas City is the *second* largest and most important city in the state of Missouri.

Kansas City Life = Second Life.

I know this seems a little unclear, but that’s definitely one direction I was thinking about when I named my new home. If you knew the location, and I want to keep this under wraps now, you’d understand a little more. But actually I only thought of the Mr. Cub-cubby hole association when crafting this particular blog post.


And then I also have this framed collage just hanging around in my studio now. I believe it to be the first one in the Hidalgo series I mentioned before. Baker Bloch dropped it in my inventory a couple of days ago, and promises more soon.

I’m still puzzled about what Lemon World actually is, and the relationship to my studio of curiously the same length. But I did read this perhaps disturbing but also sad news about the founder of Second Life stepping down recently, which may be connected as well.