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Nordan Art pieces January 2, 2012

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Very nice review of the Edwardston Station Gallery by my old art pal Flora Nordenskiold, now a powerful and influential Second Life gallery owner. Well done Flora on developing your Nordan Art gallery and accompanying blog!

As the post says, I will have some collage pieces showing at her gallery beginning in February. Here’s a link to the post I created at the time of my first opening at Flora’s then fledgling gallery, later renamed:

I don’t believe I’ve been in a suit since then. Must – get – out – more. 🙂


Party Prep… March 1, 2010

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I totally messed this set of pictures up by leaving my “Show Attachments” option checked, but I thought I’d include this one anyway coz it’s so cute. It’s Edna and me (yes, rl Edna in a sl Edna body) just outside the Aotearoa cottage* I’m helping her fix her appearance for the opening gala party tonight at the Ahren Art Gallery owned by Linnea Ahren, showing about 15 of my 10×10 collages.

We had a great time, although the turnout was a bit lower than expected. Still, all in all, a nice success, especially since Linnea is new at this game and this is my first full exhibit outside my own galleries (which, I suppose, don’t really count). Below is a snapshot from the opening, with, left to right, Edna, myself and Linnea.

And, yeah, that’s the first time for me in any kind of suit. Found it in some default avatar’s clothing folder in my inventory. Fits pretty nice, though, and Edna and I are also outfitted with sort of matching jeans. Now I’m obviously not the dress up type, but we got a kick out of it, and I can see going to other places every once in a while as well dressed as such. I need to head back to my Pudding Hill neighbor’s music venue (Pudding Club) sometime — maybe that would be an excuse, but I think a suit would look out of place (?). Maybe not.


* rl Edna is my rl wife of almost 19 years now.

Note to self: create Sound of Music related post for some of the partygoers.