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“Where Are We On That?” Floor 3: Hucka Doobie April 30, 2009

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Hucka Doobie 01

Hucka Doobie first showed up in his true, bee form in the Baker Blinker Blog in March 08, when he appeared to Baker Bloch atop RL Long Hope Mtn. At that time Hucka Doobie revealed to Blochs that he was the one who caused the Uli droning, and also manifested the shrinking shoe horn that translated him from SL to RL in that sim.

Hucka Doobie 02

Baker Bloch and Hucka Doobie subsequently watched the formation of the lemon shaped laboratory called Lemon World, an event that was happening simultaneously in the then present (2008), as well as in 2001. The 2001 version of this world/lab can be said to have formed at basically the same time as Linden World, the direct (alpha) precursor to (beta) Second Life. Droop, droop, drop!

Hucka Doobie 03

An even more mysterious thing happened, then: after the Baker Family’s move to Azure Islands in April, Hucka Doobie allowed the soul of the recently deceased New Mexico surrealist artist Charles Nelson Blinkerton to enter and possess his bee avatar. This snapshot shows the bee body in a hybrid form during this transition, with a strangely shrunk Mysti’s Big Blue House attached to it.

Hucka Doobie 04

The Bakers then built the Blinkerton possessed Hucka Doobie a room in the basement of the new house, accepting him into their family. As Baker Bloch was out exploring most of the time, Hucka Doobie often remained alone with homebody Baker Blinker. Hucka, of course, liked Blinks, but desired the manly bonding that could only come from Blochs within the family.

Hucka Doobie 05

Hucka Doobie never once changed his appearance while in the bee body. However, he strongly desired to have a particular set of new eyeballs to replace what he considered his quite goofy, default ones. And from a particular object: a Starax goldfish. In fact, the search for such a fish would start his own SL journey separate from the other Bakers on Azure Islands, leading first to the Edwardston related sims (see floor above), and then to Otherland.

Hucka Doobie 06

And it was in Otherland, during July 08, that Hucka Doobie met what he considered his true soulmate at the time, Hurla Dontbee. His usual quip about why he believed this to be so was that she represented a “good ride”. In fact, as you can see from this snapshot, she’s actually a ride: a female bee-shaped springy one. But Hucka actually considered her a real avatar, perhaps, ahem, saddled with an immobility curse.

Much like Baker Blinker and Bake Bloch, though, Hucka Doobie later came to see Hurla Dontbee as an aspect of himself, and not a truly separate soul-entity.

Hucka Doobie 07

It was also in Otherland that Hucka learned he could fly really high, in fact to an unlimited height it seemed. This was in contrast to The Bakers, whose flight range, like most avatars, were capped at about 170 meters above ground.

Hucka Doobie 08

Hucka Doobie built the first and smallest of his several beehives in the Cub sim, directly above the space of the then still corporeal “Just Call Me Ernie Banks” gallery (see Baker Blinker’s collection)

But this was just the beginning, for Hucka soon built the considerably more impressive B_Hivia, whose combination of large space and prim economy frankly shocked both the still naive Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch at the time. Then B_Hivia was followed by what might have been the even more impressive Temple of TILE, also built in the Gliese sim on Azure Islands.

Hucka Doobie 09

Hucka D.’s largest beehive so far would only be constructed a number of months later, after the move of the family to the mainland and then back to Azure Islands a second time (Neith sim this time). The family called it the Ubertemple because of its relatively massive size: essentially it was made up of 6 B_Hivias and 3 Temple of TILEs, creating a 90 meter by 90 meter square on its largest side. The Ubertemple was quickly succeeded by the smaller but more efficient Otherland temple.

After the move away from Otherland in March 09, sole ownership of Hucka Doobie’s beehive designs were turned over to Baker Bloch, who decided to only use the single Temple of TILE beehive module for more portability and flexibility in the family’s post-Otherland wanderings.

“It’s Up To Us Now”

Along with the creation of beehives, undoubtedly Hucka Doobie’s most valuable role has been as a spiritual guide for user baker b. through his Baker Blinker Blog, where the two regularly “chat”.

“It’s Up To Us Now” is the only collage of baker b.’s 10×10 to feature Hucka Doobie. The fact that he’s staring straight out from the picture and pointing at the viewer may also be a symbol of his unique aspect to exteriorize, among family avatars, outside of SL and into RL, and least through the blog.

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