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Outside Space/Time (Probably), 2 March 4, 2008

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More photos from the Enceladus-Tethys Waterfall area.





Cracks In Space and probably time

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These shots were snapped in and around the Enceladus-Tethys Waterfall, described by the recently defunct Virtual Parks and Recreation System (sigh!) as the first permanent Linden made waterfall in SL. The whole underwater area from Atlas to Tethys and beyond is highly recommended for exploration fun. Plus if you’re attentive in the more difficult and tight navigation areas you get the bonus of seeing cracks and sometimes quite large gaps form in the space/time continuum. And sometimes you even seem to be located within them temporarily.

Of course Baker Blinker had to go see for herself this strange phenomenon. Judging by that one snapshot from the next post, she *really* fell into one of these gaps. Glad you made it back!

And I have to ask: do these cracks offer peaks into another world or series of worlds outside the SL grid? If so, my guess is that what we’re calling here the Ancient Ones had indepth knowledge of ’em.